Job Opening in Sweden: Social Media Butterfly

I don’t post much if anything about my day job online. But I do want offer a great gem that we are interested in a freelance writer. Specifically a freelance writer that rocks at writing (common sense I know), social media, and is located anywhere on planet Earth.

That’s right, you do not need to be in Sweden for this job. Or you can be, doesn’t matter. You need to be a native English writer but with American writing style. Sorry colour is not going to work for us. You should be a Twitter bird (see that, my great use of pun) and well versed in digg, reddit, slashdot, delicious or one of the major bookmarking sites. Well versed meaning you are addicted to contributing to one of these networks, not lurking.

Please email me via the contact form with why you’re just an awesome person. From there, you’ll be requested to submit a CV and links to your publications and proof of reddit obsessing.

4 thoughts on “Job Opening in Sweden: Social Media Butterfly”

  1. BAH! Colour, neighbour, rumour, flavour, honour, humour are all acceptable spellings of words. Silly Americans and their desire to be different (imperial system anyone?)

    And oh, people still use Digg? I thought it got buried! (See that pun! Oh snap).

    Sounds like a good job opportunity though! I’ll pass the word around.

  2. Colouuuuuuuuur!

    Nice pun. ;)

    I’ll email you directly survivinginsweden. Sometimes the captchas suck.

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