The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Since we’re just returning back to reality from wedding madness and a server move over our honeymoon, I’m just going to share a few more photos from behind the scenes at our wedding.

Don’t be sad but there’s nothing to hate on Sweden today, although after being in India for this long, I do have a lot more love for Sweden and quite a few things to hate about India.

The best part of the whole wedding was taking 40 friends on a public transportation bus in Mumbai, BEST, that we rented. Can you imagine sticking 40 white people on a bus ride all over the city just to do shopping? Insane and hilarious. We did manage to tucker out the children by the end of the days but did not satiate their appetite for shopping.

Little yellow after the Haldi Ceremony
with the bride

In desperate need of wifi in Mumbai – turns out it was a pay wifi connection, the horror!

Mehndi on my feet
Feet Mehndi

Horn OK Please ?
water truck

One of the few photos we sneaked of the photographer
the photographer, waiting

Supari – digestive aids
digestive aids

It’s a shoe in the garden – Mumbai’s Malabar Hill
giant shoe

7 thoughts on “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”

  1. Oh I hope you had a good wedding!

    We actually had two, one for his family and one for mine. One in Sweden and one in South Africa.. Ah we only had 4 white people to take care of at our SA wedding.. Can’t imagine what it would be like to buss in 40 white people into my all black township, the people there haven’t seen that many white people there since apartheid lol

  2. That last picture brought back some childhood memories. I still remember that little shoe house and all the times my parents took me there. I can’t believe it’s still there but I’m so glad it is!

    Congratulations on your wedding! All the best :)

  3. Really cool pics and congrats on your wedding! I’m living in Sweden though not dating a Swedish man (yet!?) and enjoy reading your take and advice…

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