Holidays in Sweden

Holidays in Sweden are called red days or röda dager. The day before a holiday is considered a halv-dag or half day. Not all day before’s get a half day of work. If a red day is on a Tuesday or Thursday (thereby squashing one working day), it’s called a klämdag. Not all companies give the klämdag.

If you are unlucky, as in 2011, most holidays are occurring directly on the weekend. Unlike the United States which awards the Friday or Monday after as a day off, Sweden does not. For example December 31st and January 1st fall on Saturday and Sunday. You won’t get the Friday or Monday off unless you’re very lucky.

Here is the holiday schedule for 2011 in Sweden.

1 Jan New Year’s Day
6 Jan Epiphany
22 Apr Good Friday
24 Apr Easter Day
– mmm, chocolate bunnies!

25 Apr Easter Monday
1 May May 1st – AKA Valborg day
2 Jun Ascension Day
6 Jun National day

12 Jun Whit Sunday
24 Jun Midsummer Eve
25 Jun Midsummer Day
5 Nov All Saints

24 Dec Christmas Eve
25 Dec Christmas Day
26 Dec Boxing Day

31 Dec New Year’s Eve

*red days (government holidays) are marked in red.

* days marked in black are usual days off.

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