Stockholm’s First Suicide Bomber & “Parliament Princess” Douchebaggery

Yesterday a suicide bomber blew himself up on Drottningatan at the end of the shopping day in central Stockholm city.

In what appears to be a terrorist attack, this marks the first terrorist attack in Stockholm in decades. Little information has been released except a letter sent minutes before the attack warning Sweden of its “silent” involvement with the Prophet Mohammed cartoons.

It went on to state: “Now, your children — daughters and sisters — will die like our brothers and sisters and children die… Our actions will speak for themselves. As long as you do not end your war against Islam and the insult against the prophet and your stupid support for that pig Vilks.”

What I have never understood with suicide bombers is the ultimate purpose they serve. This idiot “failed” by succeeding to detonate one of six bombs and only kill himself. His actions will cause increased hostility between Muslims, immigrant Muslims, and Swedes. It’s the most moronic thing to do: increase strife and racism between contentious groups instead of raising awareness of peace and integration.

Look at the douchebag undersecretary of SverigesDemokraterna. We all know that Sveriges Demokraterna has racist ties but this girl, Alexander Brunell, selfishly calling herself the Parliament Princess, said on her Twitter account:

It translates to: “Is this when people will say ‘I told you so’? #finally” Notice the hashtag, #äntligen. Is this an attack that Sweden deserves a terrorist attack? It’s unfortunate that a racist pighead also flounts herself as a princess of the Swedish Parliament.

At least she’s a good target practice for people to find the Sweden Democrats a bunch of idiots. Like her comment calling someone a “muslimkramere” (read the cache of Wtf) Sounds like she watches Harry Potter too much and though of “blood traiter.” I suppose she will not be winning the Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon as she’s a political liability.

But my favorite is the photo of Alexandra sucking on a negroboll, I mean chockladboll.

At the end of a suicide bombing, we’re left to two polarized sides: the one advocating violence, and the one advocating racism.

22 thoughts on “Stockholm’s First Suicide Bomber & “Parliament Princess” Douchebaggery”

  1. Too be honest, I don’t think she really knows what she has gotten herself into, so I don’t really care about her. She probably got selected just because of her looks, personality and her “line of work” which is really sad. I guess that SD wants attention and be like “look, we’re not just a bunch of rednecks that are scared of immigrants, people in Stockholm have these opinions as well!”. I have a very hard time seeing her defend herself in a debate with real politicians. I mean, how old is she, is she even 20? Do you know really know anything about anything at that age? I mean, when you read her blog it’s obvious she is, uhm, pretty blond…

  2. I feel really bad for Sweden at this time. There is no reason for anyone to do a suicide bombing- it accomplishes nothing. I have no idea who this woman
    Alexandra is but I found it quite offensive that you called her chockladball a negroball, is that a real name for this? Who calls it that?

  3. @Juni

    What is now called “Chokladboll” used to be known as “negerboll” back in the day before the word “neger” was considered offensive. That wasn’t too long ago. It’s just a word. I certainly never connected the word with anything offensive before that meaning was imported from the USA. In fact, I certainly never connected the word “negerboll” with people. If the word is offensive in and of itself, then would you say that the name of the river Rio Negro in Brazil is offensive? How about the names of the countries Nigeria and Niger? Or the river Niger? It’s the same word. I also seem to remember Martin Luther King using the word “Negro” to describe people of sub saharan origin. At the same time some people found the word preferable to “coloured” or “Black”. In some places like Holland, Negro is still politically correct – but Black is considered offensive. In the 2010 US census, the word Negro is included among “Black” and “African American” because some (older) people self identify with that term.

    It’s just a word – A string of letters or sounds. The meaning of that word is whatever meaning we choose to put into that word. In Sweden, the word neger is now considered less than PC and suddenly the word negerboll became about people of african origin rather than the colour of the thing so nowadays only rather obstinate people use that name. While I’m on the subject of “neger”: Thing is, while “neger” has become a negative word, “negress” is not. Not yet at least. I guess because the meaning comes from how the word is used: I can’t really remember hearing it used other than to describe a black woman you find beautiful.


    Why would she defend herself in a debate with a “real politician”? She’s a SECRETARY! Asto how she got her job – it’s “who you know”, I guess. She’s been a member of the youth organization doing grassroots work for some years I gather. And I get the impression that her personal “fashion blog” that she had before this was rather popular. As for her “Äntligen” tag – which I presumed to not be about the suicide bomb itself was more than stupid. Some people fear/hope that the Sweden Democrats will gain from this. I’m somewhat doubtful at the moment. For the Sweden Democrats in general, Silence is Golden right about now. Alexandra Brunell broke that silence. I wonder how many more Sweden Democrats out in the country join her? The top members of the party are probably busy telling people to “shut the fuck up” right now.


    So basically Sweden Democrats and Suicide bombers two sides of the same coin? Really? Well I’ve seen the Sweden Democrats blamed for this attack so you’re certainly not alone in that view. That doesn’t really explain the six previous (known) suicide bombers with Swedish Citizenship that have carried out or tried to carry out attacks outside of Sweden. Nor the dozens of Swedish citizens that’ve died fighting as mujahedin warriors in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

    Sweden has been a Safe Haven for terrorist organizations from across the world and from all ideologies and religious beliefs. Since the Islamic Extremists could use Sweden as a base of their operations, it didn’t make sense for them to commit acts of terrorism here. You don’t shit in your own house or whatever it’s called. Now Sweden is starting to take criticism about this seriously and a few days ago, a couple of would-be suicide bombers were sent to prison for planning to commit acts of terrorism abroad.

    A few days later, Swedens first suicide bomber on Swedish soil is a fact.

  4. Oh, and when I wrote “from all ideologies and…”, you were to interpret that as “all left leaning anti-imperialist ideologies”

  5. @Juni – I would not normally use negerboll here, but I’ll make an exception for Alexandra who has a penchant for saying politically incorrect thoughts.

    Note though that the negerboll comes from negro not from N***er (an unacceptable term to use). I was confused for a long time.

    @Jacob_M – I would not personally say the Sweden Democrats should be blamed for the bombing. I also would not say this is the two sides of the same coin, though one may interpret it that way. You seem to have interpreted it that way.

    When suicide bombings happens it incites two very strong emotions: violence, advocated by the bomber, and intolerance/racism, advocated by groups reacting in a xenophobic way. 9/11 allowed many people to call those who wear anything on their head derogatory names. It also passively accepted racism in the form of extreme patriotism.

    Here, we have the suicide bomber and those making tacit racist comments.

  6. I still use “Negerboll”, although a bit more cautiously because of the political climate. I’ve always called it “negerboll” and probably always will, I do not connect it to ethnicity(although the name’s a bit dirty :D) and I have nothing against black people. It’s the name of a pastry dish. People i’ve met, mostly Swedes, chuckle at the idea that such a harmless thing can be considered offensive

    As to what this Alexandra meant by her twitter-post I think she meant it as a “vad var det jag sa”- a “what was it I said – to explain that she’s been expecting some crazy muslim to blow himself up in Sweden for a long time and therefore “finally” support her arguments of all immigrants being crazy extremists hellbent on turning the country into an islamic theocracy, if I judge her shallowness well enough; It’s a short but dangerous message..

  7. @ Jacob_M: With “defending herself against real politicians” I mean that if you join a political party as a secretary, you still have to have a fair amount of conviction in your beliefs and experience in expressing them, and I don’t think she has any of those.

  8. I usually don’t chime in on stuff like racism in Sweden. I let others do that, it feels a bit petty whenever I do that since my family went through some real racism

    Tbh, I don’t really care about the chocolate ball. If you want to call it the offensive name, then do so, but you make yourself look like an ignorant redneck. And I really don’t care about that blond dimwit.

    And this thing about Sverige demokraterna, at least we know who the enemy is and know who to shun. If you take for example the tea parties in America who claims it’s about taxes, which it can be to a lesser extent, but it’s really about the fact when it comes down to that is that the president is Coloured.

    I’m with Dano on this one.

  9. @ Jacob M
    Thanks for the history of the word in Swedish, however Sapphire used the English word Negro, a play on the word that was done on purpose to create a racial innuendo, which is why I made the comment I did. Perhaps you didn’t pick up on because it was in English?

    ‘I would not normally use negerboll here, but I’ll make an exception for Alexandra who has a penchant for saying politically incorrect thoughts.’

    @ Sapphire- Correction: You didn’t use the word negerboll- you said negroboll- an interesting and purposeful play on words considering you are from the U.S and know exactly how it will be taken- by your own admission, not something you would normally do.

    I’m sorry that you chose to lower your standards for someone you clearly dislike. Personally I think name-calling ( douchebag, referring to her as a girl instead of woman) and racial innuendos are beneath you. I’ve come to appreciate the informative nature of many of your posts with the exception of this one. Aren’t you afraid that making fun of this woman only makes you look bad? After all when a person throws mud- they merely become known as a mudslinger. I just don’t think this is a very effective means of communicating.

  10. LOL Dano!

    @Nkosazana – I agree that it is better to know the other side (SD) than not at all. It is exactly why the Tea Party scares me shitless.

    Hi Juni – Actually, I realized after posting that it’s negerboll not negroboll. I misheard the world from others and presumed negro was the same in Swedish as English (lesson of the day, it is not). Point is, I did not use negroboll on purpose.

    Calling people names is beneath me, but it does happen in order to exaggerate emotions. People who say ridiculous things will have ridiculous things done back to them. She possibly could be a nice person, but her writing demonstrates bigotry. And I would say being a bigot is far worse than being a douchebag.

    She’s definitely a girl in my eyes as her comments, photos, and attitude do not bequeath her of being an adult. With that said, I had not thought of the difference in usage of “woman” versus “girl.”

    In most instances, it is not derogatory to call women “girls.” If we had to ensure every women was called a women and not a girl, we would be political correct to the extreme. For example, you don’t say “hey women, how’s it going?” when you meet girlfriends (see the use of girl instead of women?). You would most likely say “hey girls, how’s it going?”

    But, I appreciate your disagreement and would have never known your thoughts if people’s buttons had not been pushed.

  11. I don’t get why you say stuff like melting pot. It’s sweden, not the US. The whole world is not America

  12. @ Sapphire
    I would prefer you call her a bigot if only because it has meaning while ‘douchbag’ is nothing more then name calling. My real concern is that isn’t informing anyone of anything other then your emotions towards the person, who may very well deserve to be named a bigot, racist, prejudice etc.. that’s why we have those words, because they provide information. Whereas a word like douchebag actually means nothing. It’s just profanity.

    here’s an article ( Titled : Erosion of Civility Threatens Democracy) that I really liked and may interest you and my favorite quote from it:

    “But civility is the bedrock of our democracy; a free society cannot function for long without it. At its core, civility is the golden rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. It encompasses courtesy, good manners and politeness. It is behaving ethically.”

    I do try to live my life this way, even when it’s difficult or dealing with difficult people and BELIEVE me there are many I too would put in that category.

  13. @Juni – If douchebag was profanity, I doubt national television or mainstream magazines would permit it:

    “Don’t get too caught up in the mercurial definition of “douchebag” when selecting clips of horrible people in movies and TV, since it’s a rather recently popular term. Just think of the douchebag as anyone who hasn’t really earned their own money, has horrible taste, is insanely crass, and gets off on being a shit to other people. ” –

    Perhaps you’re taking this term too seriously.

    The point of this post was to question why a political party in public turmoil could hire a moron with racist overtones and what the ultimate gain is for suicide bombers. But you’ve missed the point and focused instead on a nonsensical word that does not answer either of the questions.

  14. @ Sapphire- no I didn’t miss the point, not at all. I never disagreed with the meaning of your post or the questions you raised, only the delivery. I was expressing my disappointment and surprise that you used racial overtones and name-calling to make your point- about someone you accuse of exactly the same thing. I thought you were above that, I even thought that maybe you hadn’t been aware how it was coming across and so I attempted to point that out. I can see from your reply however it was I who was wrong; clearly you were using words and inferences in exactly the way you intended. Point noted.

  15. I find it funny that the reaction to racism in Sweden being pointed out, is to accuse the accuser or to point out “they are from the USA”. Having lived in Stockholm, Texas and California, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that cultural racism is stronger and more alive in Sweden than in Houston, TX… You may ‘accept’ foreigners, but how much power is actually given to them? At the end of the day everything is run by a monocultural government. Yeah, I was told many times that “you taken Sweden” as it is, and ‘don’t try to change things’. It makes sense when it is in broad strokes such as constitution, voting, etc (as in the ‘US citizenship test’). But it is completely insane if you are talking about improving on how things are done at work, accepting a new or different way of doing something, trying different foods, appreciating different cultures etc… This village thing drove me crazy. Everything went into ‘but in my village’ this and that LOL.

  16. Freetruth:

    Heh, I sometimes think the reason of us Swedes barely (as in: not) celebrating our national day is because we’re so bloody arrogant that it’s not needed. “We know we’re an old, dignified, unconquered (kinda) and evolved culture. There’s really no need to start shouting and waving flags about it.”

    However, lines such as “I find it funny that the reaction to racism in Sweden being pointed out, is to accuse the accuser or to point out “they are from the USA”.” doesn’t really… help with tolerance or a healthy debate, does it? I know, you most likely do not mean to imply that the entirity of Sweden is actually like this, but for a lesser man than me, wording such as that might be inflammatory ;)

    Other then that, you do raise valid points. “Vardagsrasimen” is a big fucking problem. And I’m not really sure how to cure it. A form of dilussional extreme cultural conservatism seems to be happening everywhere as an opposing response to the confusing change of globalization and it’s multi-culture. I believe the latter will continue to increase, yes, and tolerance in general to do the same – but so will the extreme characteristics of it’s opposition. It’s gotten to a point where I have no idea how to actually communicate with a sverigedemokrat. They’ve shut themself in (or have been shut in? another topic) to an extent where our frames of cultural references are no longer the same. And they’re not exactly known for widening thiers. Afraid this developement will only get worse, all over Europe, at least under a foreseeable future. Wont say anything about the US, since I really don’t know enough.

    Not sure I’m following you on the food though? There’s been foreign food around me my entire life, and not just the usual suspects :-)

  17. Sapphire:

    freetruth wrote: “But it is completely insane if you are talking about improving on how things are done at work, accepting a new or different way of doing something, >trying different foods<, appreciating different cultures etc…" That's what I'm refering to :-)

    As for your blogg entry, it's interesting to read in hindsight. I thought it would be the same, with extremism notably rising, but this entry was a reminder to me that it ever actually happened at all. I had forgotten, and no one seems to talk about it. I guess these sorts of things are to be expected? A global problem, and Sweden, however small, is part of the globalization. Also, there has of course entered an elephant named Breivik into the room. Tends to steal away attention.

    And the point of terrorism… I think it's a consequence of war, oppression, strife, death, sorrow etc. In the rational way to see it they should want to *end* these things, yes, and they will likely claim to be doing just that. But rationality left most of them long ago, when bombs started falling on weddings. It's ther way or nothing now. It's a loop of feedback, where each side strengthens the other and at the same time leaving scars in them. It's no coincidence that the people who treated the loosing nazis the worst tended to be the same who had gotten the worst treatment from the victorious nazis. So an escalated conflict with growing extremism? They shrive in it.

    That's the shallow abstract of my views. Disregarding "right or wrong" and looking at "cause and effect".

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