Smelling Pickled Herring in the Wikileaks Arrest

When Wikileaks released the nearly 400,000 documents about the Iraq war, I was ambivalent. I did not like the idea of innocent civilians being exposed and possibly killed because of the information that leaked out. Or, having national security paraded on the internet. Then the diplomatic cables released and I thought the Wikileaks founder was a ballsy man willing to take the risk to get the truth out.

Around the same time, Julian Assange, the founder, engaged in alleged sexual molestation and rape, in which two Swedish girls came forward. And today, a week after the diplomatic cables were released to the public, he was arrested in London pending extradition charges to Sweden.

What bothers me most, is someone pulling the marionette? Did Sweden miraculously create a functioning legal system? No, because the first time they tried to the execute the warrant, it was filled out wrong. And in a country where less than 6% of extreme crimes are ever solved, the Swedish police now have a case against Assange? Is this the same Sweden which agreed with the CIA in covert and illegal operations to take a suspect in the middle of the night on a plane? And the same Sweden where municipalities equate hemp body lotion to drugs?

Two girls, of which the names cannot be released, claimed he stopped wearing a condom, ergo sex was nonconsensual. Why not call the guy a douchebag and leave? Since when was a man being an idiot and not wanting to wear a condom demand attention from the Swedish police and Interpol? And separate incidences of nearly the same nature? If this was a case of serial rape, why has Assange never been arrested before?

I smell pickled herring. Actually, I smell surströmming stinking out of the prosecutor’s office that organized the arrest. The city of Stockholm does not even have functioning street cameras, installed for security and safety, and they have evidence Assange committed a crime? The crime unit which tests crime scene materials for evidence took three months to test my husband’s jacket and scarf for blood and hair stains. But making a case against Assange took only a couple weeks. The line of reality for little people versus persecuting the famous seems to be dark and bold.

A computer programmer being beaten by a crazy with a gun is less important to solve for the people of Stockholm than some guy who didn’t wear a condom and is in charge of leaking documents of unimaginable proportions to the world.

Or is that the point? The little people, us, don’t mean crap to the security of the state. But a guy who leaks documents? We need to get that bastard at any expense. Did the Swedish government concont this story? How do we know those girls are real (not decoys)? How do we know those girls even met him? (he admits to meeting them but not saying anything else) And how do we know this is not a dirty trick to set him up? This guy can be an idiot and committed the crime, he’s known for being unstable. But the timing? It is just too perfect.

If you cannot arrest Julian Assange for espionage and treason, why not arrest him for not wearing a condom and call it molestation and rape?

The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said “that sounds like good news to me.” and Paypal have cancelled commercial ties to Wikileaks (grace à Sen. Joseph Lieberman). Twitter is supposedly suppressing wikileaks and cablegate hashtags from making the trending topics; though idiotic garbage like #twetot and #lemmeguess is at the top at 16.21 EST. Conspiracy, coincidence, Sveriges Demokraterna’s racism against Australians? We do not know, but we have responsibility to find the truth.

The Swedish justice system will either be hailed by the world for saving themselves against thousands more pages of sensitive information on the web; or, be considered a joke, unable to make a real case and make it harder in the future for victims to pursue real rape crimes.

There’s surströmming and it’s about to blow its top all over Sweden and the United Kingdom. Be sure to wear a gas mask. Or a non leaky condom.

7 thoughts on “Smelling Pickled Herring in the Wikileaks Arrest”

  1. WL is a queer project to put down the hetrosexual sociaty and dont forget consume only the gay network.

  2. @Gustaf – Is that supposed to be English? Or are you afraid Wikileaks will leak cables about your pottery business?

  3. There are several types of smelly herring at play here.

    First herring; over the last 20 years (or more) the situation for men in Sweden is getting smellier and smellier. Consensual intercourse can easily be turned into rape allegations – its almost like men are supposed to be able to read the mind of the opposite sex as well as guess which women are likely to waje up feeling dirty and deciding that they were “raped” even though the act was mutual.. It all links in with the general campaign portriting men as “animals” and “potential rapists” by the more militant cadres of feminists. What this results in is a general mistrust in “rape” allegations, which is really bad since women who ACTUALLY are raped will be looked upon as sluts or potential liars.

    Second herring: The women in question obviously made these allegations for their 15 min of fame in local tabloids. Nice.

    Third herring: Revisitation of a dropped warrant. What happened was most probably this. The initial warrant was retracted due to not eviugh evidence. Then US diplomats said “hey, why not get him while we can. Get a new warrant, then extradite him to us.”

    Herring four: When dissidents in dictatorships such as china stand up to their govmnts, they are awarded the nobel prize and praised by US and European countries. When we have a similar situation in the west, the US want to try our dissident for treason/espionage..

    The real sour herring in this is that journalists have completely dropped the ball. Wikileaks is doing the job that investigative reporters should b doing but fail to do. That and that now we really know we cant trust our goverments to adhere to laws on freedom of speech, on protection of sources, on following due process et cetera.

    It’s scary to find out we live in a totalitarian society only pretending to be free.

  4. Personally, this has now grown beyond the contents of the cables, it’s now about control and censorship of the internet. Look what companies have been doing to boycott wikileaks under pressure from governments

    PayPal – Closed their account
    Amazon – Closed their hosting
    everyDNS – Closed their DNS
    SwissFinance – Closed their banking
    Twitter – Censoring any wikileaks trending

    Old politicians who haven’t been keeping up to date on how the internet and flow of information works, will never be able to control this. Now wikileaks is mirrored across the globe on over 400 different sites, and growing daily. You can’t stop it. Wikileaks has proven their point (about how far government goes to control every aspect) so to me, this isn’t surprising. Governments have lost.

    What is happening to Assange is garbage, and completely influenced by the west. He hasn’t been charged with rape yet, they still want to question him in what happened. The case was dropped in Stockholm, yet picked-up in Gothenburg, wtf?! Isn’t that a little out of their jurisdiction? So, to get him questioned, they go to Interpol (with the wrong paperwork) and get it posted as a red notice (for fugitives) so they can extradite him back to Sweden.

    He is being used as a scapegoat, and the thing is knows (and almost wants) this to happen. Next, they will rake him across the coals for something else, but as long as they are wasting time on him, they are not focusing on wikileaks.

  5. Well first of all, the evidence of the crime is of course not released to the public, so speculating in “have they done it or not” is not really relevant.
    Secondly, he is being brought in for questioning since he has refused to do so, so they are not even sure he will be charged with the crime or not, that will be decided after the questioning.
    Thirdly, the US will probably have a lot harder to get him extradited from Sweden than from the UK since the US and the UK have very close ties to one another, so seeing Assange leaving the UK is not really in the US best interest.

    And the definition of rape varies depending on what country you are in, Sweden has one of the strongest laws for that. So it might very well be that a crime has been committed. I don’t know, and you don’t know.

    And you see, when you beloved country the US, “negotiates” with smaller countries like Sweden they usually say “give us what we want or we’ll make you regret your decision.” So in many cases, Sweden (or any other smaller country) usually does what the US says.

  6. I agree with you on all of this. I can’t even talk about the case with my husband because he so adamantly believes that Assange is guilty (for some reason). That Daily Mail article was certainly even more eye-opening.

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