The End of November

Finally, this month is over. I had my hopes up last week that November was ending on Monday but alas, I was heartbroken to find it it would be the 29th. The 30th would be Tuesday, today.

Now that depressing November is over, we can move onto happy holidays and snow and Christmas in Sweden. Yayy for lots of candles and Christmas stars!

This year, I’ve barely planned anything for the holidays. I don’t even know what I want for Christmas let alone my birthday (at christmas). I have no idea what to do for the New Year’s and frankly, I find it an overrated holiday.

I also have either so much or no wedding planning to do, I’m stressed beyond recognition. Do I need to make sure there are decorations? What events? What days? What about guestbooks? What about housewarming (hotel warming rather) gifts? What is left to buy? What should my inlaws be buying? Do we need a wedding registry? Do people really want to pay for shipping for stuff that goes around the world to the most expensively, stupid country? Do I even care to get all new stuff for an apartment I don’t owe (and probably never will since housing sucks in Stockholm)? Arrrr!

Right now, I’m being part asshat and part 13 year old scared shitless.

On the upside, we had an awesome thanksgiving party (despite thanksgiving’s dirty history) and feed a lot of friends. I realized how many friends love me and have taken care of me since I moved here. I also know that my parents rock and have worked their whole lives so that I can have a better life. Kudos to Mom and Dad.

And yep, I’m being an ass**** because there’s a massive wedding coming up and I feel there’s no control anywhere. I could be paranoid, I could be crazy, I could be smelling of rotten tomatoes, but yep, when you’re a housewife, your mind has a meltdown.

Please don’t take any of this at face value. Or do.

2 thoughts on “The End of November”

  1. Dear Sapphire,
    I can’t say too much to help but just wanted to support. What you feel now is just normal for an adult responsible and, yes, loving and caring person. Just remember that everything you described is very positive, full of happines and joy – Christmas, Birthday, Wedding…And housewife is not a swear word ;), but both hard job and presence of someone dear at that “house”. The real home is in loving arms, it is not a property, rented or your own.
    Be brave, think of the reason instead of details, and enjoy! :)
    Wish you all the luck in happy December!

  2. Sapphire, the wedding is for you and your family to enjoy. Whatever you come up with will be wonderful – don’t pressure yourself into worrying about all the minutiae. Simple ceremonies are wonderful, and only superficial people think otherwise. Do what makes sense and no more.

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