Happy Thanksgiving from Sweden!

Wishing all of you a very happy turkey day. If you are not celebrating overeating, overindulging holiday where we supposedly thanked the Native Americans for helping Americans by more or less killing them, then well you have point.
Thanksgiving turkey

May you have a wonderful weekend Black Friday shopping at least!

Hugs and kisses,

PS- If you’re in Sweden and want turkey, head to Ingelsta Kalkon, they’re a local company and have very good quality products.

Update – Some photos from our thanksgiving lunch. Plus an awesome poem from my buddy SugarB
A nicely made turkey
From a girl, who’s from Berkeley.
Serving stuffing and wine.
A pumpkin pie, that smelled fine.

Inviting friends from all over.
Not a single left sober.
Sharing peace, love and food.
Getting people in-the-mood.

Leaving happy and full
To my place in Norrtull
Thanks for today.
Du är en duktig tjej!

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Sweden!”

  1. Thank you Sapphire! ;) Hugs from the states! We do Thanksgiving in my family, but I think it’s more a day just to get the whole family together. My grandmother is from a reservation and most people have no idea about the real history for our soverign nations. Ever have frybread? It’s yummy! :) If most people really thought about Thanksgiving, they would probably protest it lol. Had it not been for the indigenous tribes, those pilgrims would have been screwed! They would have never been able to survive, (unless they were vikings LOL). On the Poarch Creek rez, there is a big pow wow every Thanksgiving. I haven’t attended in ages. I have my old regalia..don’t think I’ll look good in it anymore. Wishing you a beautiful weekend! Take care! :) Getting ready to see the family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Being in India, this is something I really miss. Turkey, beer and Dallas Cowboys football game.

  3. Happy belated Turkey Day to you, Sapphire! I arrived permanently in Göteborg the day before Tgiving. I missed out on the usual cornucopia of turkey delights, but finally being with my Swede is well worth being thankful for!

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