Dangerous Body Butters at a Store Near You

I love TheLocal.se. LOVE that newspaper. Basically they take Swedish news, translate it (through google translator), add opinions (because real news deserves opinions), check if the translated article and opinions make sense, and post. Voilà! You have a news worthy piece for the English audience in Sweden.

And then, The Local writes intense, heavy news articles about chocolate, STDs, speeding tickets, gay parties, and drunk people. But this latest article is the icing on the cake.

The Örebro municipality’s crime prevention unit visited The Body Shop to inform the lotion company that its posters gratuitously displaying the leaf of the Cannabis sativa plant (industrial hemp), was not acceptable.

Body butters + photo of a industrial hemp leaf = Drug promotion for teenagers

What on earth??

I know. Sweden has a lot of problems. Children see Pripps Blå commercials and immediately become beer drinking alcoholics on boats. Oh wait, they do that!

For a country that has one of the largest drug crime prevention units per capita, Swedes must be terrified of The Body Shop’s lotions. And for some idiots, industrial hemp, indica, must be the same as the marijuana plant leaf. That’s why it is legal to cultivate thousands of hectors of industrial hemp in more than 30 countries.

Karin Wickberg Taylar, press spokesperson for The Body Shop Sweden, said, “They (the Örebro municipal) argued that the use of the hemp leaf in the posters was offensive and provocative and that it undermined their work to tackle youth drug abuse.”

But yes, I understand. In a country dealing with political upheaval across the spectrum and racially inclined shootings in Malmö, the most important thing for a crime department to concentrate on is: photos of a plant leaf promoting moisturized skin.

Maybe that IS the enemy. Moisturized skin. Soft, supple, beautiful skin. The Swedish government doesn’t want us to know about body butters and other illicit lotions, lest the Swedes become even more sexy.

Some of the comments from the article were off the charts hilarious. I had to post them.

“Swedish customs agents are nabbing more body butter smugglers than in past years, and people traveling across the Öresund Bridge with small amounts of body butter figure prominently in the statistics.

Remember kids body butter kills! Just say NO!” — Soft Boiled

“”sweedy82: Because don’t you know, all drugs are bad. If you want to relax the only drug anyone should take is the one that’s Swede-accepted and Government approved; by buying overpriced and overtaxed booze from the monopolized stores that carry little selection – so big daddy gets his chunk of your cash.

Anything else is evil and unsafe.” — ISayWhatPeopleThink

“Yet alcohol is shown on Swedish TV programs all the time. Alcohol kills way more people in one day than have died of marijuana use since the days of Adam.

This is not conservatism or liberalism — it is just an insignificant municipality without any sense of perspective.” — Rebel

Next time you put lotion on, just think, are you taking a gateway drug?

20 thoughts on “Dangerous Body Butters at a Store Near You”

  1. Haha i read this the other day.. It’s hilarious. I might be jailed if I went to Sweden you know, I have a bag that is made of hemp plant. technically I’d be a “hemp user”. Surely that is worse than a mere photo on body butter. . craziness!

  2. You are on a dangerous path. Using hemp bags to store your hemp lotions is obviously wrong and promoting children to smoke plants.

  3. No need to get upset just because a city official gets a somewhat dimwitted idea. I don’t think they would be successful if the reseller were to assert their case in court.

  4. Ignorance is bliss!

    “Maybe that IS the enemy. Moisturized skin. Soft, supple, beautiful skin. The Swedish government doesn’t want us to know about body butters and other illicit lotions, lest the Swedes become even more sexy.”

    EPIC. Pure EPIC. I almost spit my coffee out reading that. Hahahaha.

  5. Didn’t think Sweden had discovered it yet really. Been here 2½ years and never been offered anything worse than a lick of a little girls icecream on the beach! Wouldn’t have a clue where to go to buy some even if i wanted it..which won’t make my mates happy when they come over next summer lmao! :)

    Can see their point really as the cannabis leaf is the symbol of “flipping the bird” as the yanks call it to authority. It’s on hats,badges,flags,shoulder bags,zippo’s…all kindsa stuff,so i can agree it could be contentious.
    Would be more fun watching kids try to roll body butter into a joint in my opinion..but i’m not in charge! :P

  6. Don’t know why the Body Shop sells it. I sniffed in the shop once over here ( and true to form squished some up my nose accidentally) and crikey moses, it stank to high heaven. I had to go home and clean my nose because I kept smelling it!

    Hehehe, would love to see someone trying to roll a joint from that – priceless ;-)

  7. Funny, reading your post I can see how ridiculous this is, yet looking at the poster I have to admit I don’t know why the leaf is there. It doesn’t look like it belongs in the photo, everyone knows what hemp is, but I don’t associate it with that leaf, so to me it’s a poor marketing choice.

  8. Mmmm, a joint rolled from body butter. Maybe people will start making body butter brownies too.

    Juni, I agree with you that the leaf looks bizarre in the ad. Photoshop fail in my opinion.

  9. it’s very harmless on the packaging… but looking so off placed on that advert..a single hemp leaf.
    you’re right though, maybe they dont wan’t others to know about the great Swedish secret of beauty and supple skin.

  10. @ Dano – To continue on the practicality of body butter joints, how would it even catch on fire? ;)

  11. @Juni: actually I don’t think everyone do know what hemp is. If everyone did, we would have a national panic over “drugs in our stores”.

    I remember a clip from Rapport several years ago, where a farmer had received a notice to seize his hemp production. It didn’t matter that the THC levels were so low, that you’d have to smoke a joint the size of a large wooden lamp pole, the same you can see standing by the roadside, he should seize his hemp farming immediately.

    I don’t know if things have changed though.

  12. @Formica

    The joint is where you get the treatment:

    “Butter me up please!”
    “Very good sir/ma’am, anything else?”
    “Oh what the heck, put on some Astroglide and snails too, it’s been a rough day.”

  13. @Mattias – Hahaha. You just made roll laughing.

    I have seen some hemp products at the natural stores in Stockholm but I do agree, if everyone in Sweden knew hemp was “related” to cannabis then there would be a national outrage. Laserman #2 would probably be forgotten.

    Sweden is not listed as one of the countries where industrial hemp is legal to grow. However, from what I gather, importing hemp products is acceptable.

    The United States also prohibits growing industrial hemp but allows for importation (the irony). There are several states that have legalized industrial hemp in the agr sector even though state laws fly in face of federal. Expect a showdown between state and federal rights, again, in another year.

    Here’s a list of countries that do produce: http://azhemp.org/Archive/Package/Countries/countries.html

  14. Well Formica mate that’s the beauty of it all you see? We fall about laughing watching them try to roll one…then roll about some more when they’re trying to light it! :)

  15. lmfao. Can I just say that I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one with thelocal.se as a guilty pleasure? That site just kills me.

  16. @ Sapphire: I walked past the Body Shop shop in the town I live and they had a poster in the window also advertising the hemp body butter, but the poster wa covered in hemp leaves! I will take a pic and post it, if you want. If there wasn’t a Body Shop sign on the shop, it could have been mistaken for a Dutch coffee shop!

  17. @Jessica – Speaking of coffee shops, is it true that most Dutch villages and towns have at least one; or is that a myth?

  18. @ Formicavirus: That is not a myth, it is true. At least, it was true. The government has been trying to crack down on the amount of coffee shops in various councils in Holland due to drug tourism.

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