It’s Snowing!!! In Stockholm…Before Halloween

The first snow came down a few hours ago. I know most of you are sulking or muttering curse words under your breath. I love it!!!!

I love snow! There, I said it. I am crazy.

13 thoughts on “It’s Snowing!!! In Stockholm…Before Halloween”

  1. Hahaha, you’re not the only one. I love it too!
    But the kind of snow that doesn’t melt straight away is better of course :-)
    I’m coming over to Stockholm in two weeks, but i guess there will not be any ‘real’ snow then either :(

  2. I had heard that it had been snowing in Helsinki as well! So different than here in The Netherlands where it rarely snows before March! Enjoy your snow, sapphire!

  3. Title of the blog should now be changed to Lost in a Snowtrench” ;P

    It was snowing outside Malmö, as well :)

    When it’s summer i’m waiting for snow and once it’s winter i’m longing for the sun :D

  4. Question for you all…I mean we are talking about Halloween, snow, blah, blah. Is it only drunk, crazy Americans who like to dress up in costumes for Halloween? I admit..I love it! ;D I mean kids do of course. My costume is politically incorrect and involves Smirnoff! hehe However, I would love to see snow, considering that I live in Florida. Then again, I think I would be pleasantly surprised to see men dancing naked on national television for “America’s Got Talent”. Man…we are boring!!

  5. The traditional costume-and-ask-for-candy-holiday is easter, when kids dress up as witches. People used to believe that witches traveled to Blåkulla (blue hill) to meet with the devil during easter.

    Instead of halloween we celebrate all saint’s day when we go to the graves of people we have known to light a candle and remember.

    The toy manufacturers weren’t happy with the situation though, at easter children were dressed up in whatever rags were available at home, and during all saint’s day only the candle manufacturers got extra business. (=no sales!)
    They could have started selling witch costumes and toys at easter, but why not introduce halloween here instead? That way they wouldn’t have to have special toys manufactured for sweden, they could just import halloween stuff and ads. All said and done, after a massive marketing campaign over several years they have instilled halloween in the minds of the young ones. Adults don’t like it very much and see it as extremely commercial. Christmas is also extremely commercial, but then there’s at least some cause of celebration. No-one knows what is celebrated at halloween, except maybe the cashflow of toy manufacturers and resellers.

    I suspect they are trying to introduce the easter bunny as well, but I don’t have any hard evidence on that yet.

  6. I thought all the snow haters would go crazy here. They could be hiding under the covers pretending this never happened.

    @Lovedoctor – LOVE it! Lost in Snowtrench…possibly Lost in the Frozen Tundra

    @DeepSoul – I love wearing halloween costumes; possibly because I am weird or I really love costumes.

    @Mazui – Christmas is the worst in the US. I love Christmas but I hate all that commercial crap. What about baking cookies and putting up a christmas tree?!

  7. Yes, more money is spent at christmas, but at least people are pretending to celebrate the birth of a demigod.

    I think it is a bit sad when the last holiday (holy day) with any dignity left is being turned into a masquerade.

  8. Hey, you grew up in northern New York where yearly snowfall was over 150 inches (375 cms) and it was colder than hell from October to April. You loved playing in 4-5ft deep snow. I don’t think God makes the snow in Stockholm, the he/she makes it up state New York.

    Even though I hate cold weather, fresh first snowfall of the year is most beautiful. Sight of white snow on ever green pine trees is truly awesome.
    So enjoys the itsy-bitsy snow.

  9. @Sapphire..I’m with ya chica!! I LOVE wearing costumes as well. So, you are not weird. You are creative! ;)

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