An Important Public Service Announcement from Sapphire

UPDATE: I have not had any problems yet. But swear words will have to be on the down low.


Evidently Google Adsense thinks I run “lewd” conduct on the site because of all our talk discussing Swedish men and women. The sad part is that there’s nothing more than PG-13 on this site, but because we do talk about how hot the Swedes are and the difficulty in dating them, Google thinks this is bad. Discussing your relationships is bad.

Well I have a lot of choice words for the Adsense team since neither an employee has done a manual check nor can they be contacted via email. It sucks.

It goes without saying that I am revolted that this blog is being grouped into far more explicit and adult orientated content. Lost is Stockholm is about love, dating, relationships and living in the frozen tundra. Anything that is explicit and of sexual nature is NOT tolerated here. It is also why I do not allow people to post “date me” messages.

PS – If you send me messages about “lookin 4 pretty wife 2 marry,” I will ban your IP address.

Sad that others don’t see it that way and that there is no way around it.

Here are some new rules:
Lay low on the F word – Use those awesome *** or f’ing instead

Be a bit more PG-13 when asking questions about swedish men/women.

I would like to eliminate Adsense but so far they bring in the best money (at $1 a day). But, their target can be off topic or a massive adsense fail (see image below).

As a result, I will be relying more heavily from affiliates (ones I love), BlogHer, and direct advertising.

Two ads I have added: Groupon and Rebtel. Groupon is very similar to the American version, so cool! Rebtel is like Skype calling but a bit cooler as well. If you want to call home (abroad) you currently get $5 extra with a $10 deposit. Please do that by Nov 30th. Click here to sign up.

Compromising the integrity and value of this blog will not help us in the long run for just few dollars in revenue.

Thank you all for your support over the past three years!

Love Sapphire

11 thoughts on “An Important Public Service Announcement from Sapphire”

  1. Have you actually spoken with them about how hypocritical it is that right now their adsense adverts are about meeting and marrying single swedish women? 3 out of your 5 ads are actually about what you write about? I think you should contact them, personally…

    I took screenshots if you want me to email it to you…

  2. Interesting! I thought you were going to say that you are now getting rid of google ads. I watched an interesting documentary on the Swedish program Cobra last week. It was about Google’s “free” world.

    Google is starting to scare me.

  3. @Abby – I would if I could. There’s no way to email the Adsense team.

    @Gabriel – I probably will leave adsense because the payout is low. And forcing people to watch what they write also sucks.

  4. That sucks. There are other ad networks out there. Not sure how well they pay, but they are more liberal on such content as your blog.

    Someone should tell Google how babies are made and born in graphic, scientific detail! :p

  5. That sucks, as I can say, it’s really mostly about helping each other figure out relationship woes and learning about difference in culture and all those things. Google is silly.

  6. This is what is expecting us for the future.
    Automatic censorship. Softwares will control us like the drones are making wars.Tools are stupid and do not analyze words
    Further,Blogs are annoying. People from all over the world can read about life abroad outside from the official press who is in hands of few people.But I still love them.You can interact with the writer and not to be a passive watcher.Best wishes. Rememeber to send me your new site if you’ll be evicted

  7. It’s rather frustrating to see the double standards.

    Digg, Reddit, Plenty of Fish and private forums (OffTopic, SA) has, or had, Google Adsense, yet the conversations are MUCH worse. It’s like Google wants to push around the little guys.

    Why not have Adsense that goes towards a target audience? When you apply, you say what “classification” your site is. If it falls as “family friendly” it must say in that. If it’s “adult only” then anything goes.

    There are more ad networks out there, plus space on your site. Setup an online shop? PayPay *shudder* donations? What about contacting dating sites in Sweden and showing them how good you rank in Google. I’m sure they’d love to pick up some space. :)

  8. Haha Tony, that was awesome.

    Yes, I might move to another ad network so that every profanity word here does not need to be edited. In the meantime, lay low on those awesome four letter words.

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