Stockholm’s Tunnelbanan #FAIL

This was just too funny not to post…

My fiance caught this on his camera last week at the Slussen tunnelbanan station. The conductor of the train forgot the mail case was still outside the train when it started moving. Metro, door, FAIL.

At least the driver stopped after 20 meters and reopened the doors. Now, who is it that gave me a lecture on Swedes being safe?? ;-)

“I think we forgot something”

5 thoughts on “Stockholm’s Tunnelbanan #FAIL”

  1. Hey when did you get engaged?? You should change the name of this blog to Love in Stockholm! Congrats! ;)

  2. Definitely lola!

    @Eve – Back in January … I should change the name but haven’t even thought of it. :)

  3. very funny, unfortunately our ‘skytrain’ has had a number of these mishaps but it’s automatic- no driver. I was on the train when a small boy had his hand caught in the door and screamed until the next station when the doors opened. He was ok, just scared. More recently though a dog for the blind had it’s leash caught in the door and was dragged- don’t know if it lived. I really wish we didn’t have automatic trains, it scares me to think what would happen if a person gets caught.

  4. Juni: Nasty. The Stockholm subway also continues to the next station when someone presses the emergency “break”. It’s supposed to be easier and faster for emergency workers to handle whatever it is there, but it doesn’t do a lot of good when someone gets stuck outside the train.

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