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It’s Sweden’s Election day today. It’s not the biggest election in the world but definitely a momentous occasion. The Nya Moderaterna is vying to keep control of Parliament and PM while the RödGrön Allians of the Social Democrats and the Left Workers parties are claiming “more for the people.” On the far far right the underdogs Sveriges Democraterna, are considered by most an extremist, racist based party (some leaders have former ties to the Nazi parties) have strong enough hold to break 4% and earn representation in the Riksdag.

What does this mean for Sweden? People are decisive embittered over immigration, workers rights, and education. However, more-so to the former, which has allowed a third party (Sweden’s Democrats) to fill the gap for those seeking stricter to more extreme measures of governing immigrants.

Election results are coming in right now with 924 districts calling in the race. 28,2% M and 32,8% S. Many decisions to be made. Get up to the minute results here from DN (it’s part broken though).

For me, the election here is interesting because the topics debated in Sweden are nothing like those in the United States.

In America, I’m a left-wing, “blue state, caring capitalist” that supports gay marriage, abortion, and health care. I believe in the American Dream where people work to achieve their goals. But people still have inalienable, universal rights.

In Sweden, I’m a right-wing “blue alliance, ultra capitalist” where I support lower taxes, business friendly climate, tougher environmental policies, efficient ways for immigrants to assimilate, a citizenship test/ceremony.

But since Sweden doesn’t care for my vote, what do Swedes think about this year’s election? A collection from quotes from friends.

MF – “Hellre död än röd”

CM – Skåne till Danmark

Jan Björklund (reiterated by many on Facebook as status messages) – “Jag är liberal. Jag tror på den enskilda människans förmåga, mer än vad jag tror på statens makt och de stora systemen.

Människor som växer, växande individer, skapar växande samhällen och växande ekonomier. Det är så vi också får resurser till vår gemensamma sociala välfärd. Vi kallar den idén socialliberalism.

Vi liberaler tror på individuell frihet, socialt ansvar, jämställdhet mellan kvinnor och män, fri företagsamhet och internationell solidaritet.”

AB – It seems that the Swedish Democrats are like the Tea Partiers of Sweden

AR – “Vi Gillar Olika = We Like Different. Fair enough. But then, wouldn’t that also support different points of views, even if you do not agree with them?”

CU – “voted for the right Swedish party….. Wonder if I was right?… guess time will tell…”

GO – “Val i dag. Då måste man rösta, även om homo economicus inte recommenderar det. // Kosningar í dag. Hómó ekonómikus réð mér frá því, en ég hunsaði það og lét þetta vera mitt framlag til að fagna lýðræðinu.”

JP – “Nu jävlar!! F! Till riksdagen!!”

AJ – “Uuuuurk, VALU talar för SD i vågmästarroll, hoppas vid allt heligt att alliansen får egen majoritet. Kan bli en nagelbitare…”

AW – “Sverigedemokraterna – also die Schwedische Nazipartei kommt evtl in den Reichstag. Mehr wissen wir in einer Stunde. Ich wander wieder aus!! Bescheuert oder was?!”

MP – “låt oss leka lite med siffror och VALU; 7 123 651 är röstberättigade. Förra valet röstade c:a 82%, vilket ger 5 841 393 personer i detta val. Det skulle ge
268 704 personer som har röstat på SD. Är det allvarligt så att det finns fler stolpskott med total avsaknad av intelligens än det finns invånare i Malmö?”

7 thoughts on “Get the Vote Out Sweden!”

  1. I’m watching the election results now. I like this varied party election thing. I find it fascinating. Plus, I like the way they do the campaigning. We had little cottages in the square that were bright colors with people handing out information, and always a party representative speaking awkwardly into the speaker system answering questions.

    The Central party had the best cottage. It was pink and green with flowers.

  2. I love the rainbow assortment of Swedish political parties. KD is purple, M is blue, SD is dark blue, S is red, MP is orange.

    And have you noticed that all the parties are symbols of flowers?! Fascinating. Can you imagine an American politcal party with a flower in its logo?

  3. It’s because they’re socialist. In America our parties are associated with juvenile sexual acts. That’s democracy.

    P.S. I hope this means your back. We must chat sooonnnnn I have a mockup with your name on it.

  4. Hahaha, true Abby.

    I am back. Just emailed you. Find me on im to chat.

    SD has 10% vote in Malmö! wow…

  5. “Skåne till Danmark!” lol..they never change down here. I agree though because Denmark allows metal detecting! :D

    I got reviled today for not going to vote. I’ve only been here 5 minutes for Gods sake! Can’t even pronounce half the party names..yet they want me to vote! Scandalous lol.

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