Valet 2010: Swedish National Elections

Excuse my long absense from here. It’s been a long, stressful month which I’ll update you all later.

First, the national Swedish elections are this Saturday, the 19th. If you have been registered here for at least 3 years (no EU citizen) you can vote in regional and local elections. Pretty cool!

Anyway, here is a collection of ads by the Swedish political parties including some controversial advertisements by Sveriges Demokraterna. Also, check out here and here and here if you want to take a survey and know which party to vote for.

Sveriges Demokraterna – The Swedish Democrats
“You choose to cut money from immigration budgets or from pensions”

Interesting quote via the far-right Danish People’s Party which formally supports SD but does not have representation in the Danish government. “What is happening in Sweden is more grotesque than in Eastern Europe,” party leader Pia Kjaersgaard told a Danish TV program. “You would think it’s a banana republic.” via spegiel deutschland. That definitely raises eyebrows and burqas when it comes to immigrants.

Feministiskt initiativ

The Conservative Alliance

Nya Moderaterna – The New Conservative Party
You can trust Minister Anders Borg– Borg does not compromise the responsibility of the Swedish economy. We promote discipline and order in public finances, saying no to the Left parties’ large unfunded expenditure.
Only a workers’ party can get jobs – Conservatives have a coherent policy for more jobs. We want to see further tax relief for low and middle income earners on the economic situation allows.
All schools should have MVG – All pupils should have the best possible start in life. We want to continue working for a school and a world class education through clearer objectives, national tests and grades from year six.
Security is more than more police – Sweden needs a policy that both attacks the causes of crime and respond with force when it is committed crimes. We want to see previous efforts against youth crime, more police, and tougher sentences for repeat offenses.
We take responsibility for Sweden – During a severe financial crisis, we have taken responsibility for Sweden. The alliance is united and has presented a joint election manifesto for the next mandate.

Kristdemokraterna – In the Jungle
“Vi vill ha ett mänskligare sverige!”

FolkPartiet – The People’s Party

Röd-Grön Allians – The Red Green Alliance (Left)
VänsterPartiet – The Left Party

Social Demokraterna – The Social Democrats

More jobs – We want to invest in 100,000 new jobs, work experience placements and education places. We want to cut the employer’s contribution for small businesses. We want to modernise homes and infrastructure and employ more people in the welfare sector.
More jobs for young people – Introduce active measures for unemployed young people who need them right from day one – abolish the Employment Service’s 3-month waiting period! Introduce 20,000 new work experience and education places geared towards young unemployed people.
Pensions and salaries should be taxed equally – Pensions are not government benefits, they are postponed salary payments. Pensions and salaries should be taxed equally. Working and having worked in the past should be rewarded.
Better care and education takes precedence over tax cuts– We want to invest in welfare jobs and increase quality in the health, care and education sectors.
Freedom of choice for patients – Quality assurance for health care. Ban queue jumping in the care sector – private insurance and money shouldn’t take precedence over need. Every- one must have the right to choose their care provider but care companies must not be allowed to exclude patients.
Quality assurance for health care – Ban queue jumping in the care sector – private insurance and money shouldn’t take precedence over need. Everyone must have the right to choose their care provider but care companies must not be allowed to exclude patients.

Miljöpartiet de Gröna
“Modernisera Sverige” – Modernize Sweden

Climate change is our greatest challenge. We want to invest in sustainable solutions that meet the climate challenge and create new jobs.

Anyone who is sick and does not get healthy soon enough end up today outside the security systems. We want to give more support and better rehabilitation of disease.

Many people without jobs in Sweden. We want to create jobs by lowering service tax, lower taxes for small businesses and large investment climate.
See more information here.

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  1. Yea, they really gained momentum these past few weeks.

    Let’s see in a few hours what happens in Sweden!

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