Man Collapses at Midnattsloppet Finish

This was quite sad. We were watching the excitement of Midsnattsloppet Mål (sodermalms stockholm night running marathon), and while a few people collapsed from the running and heat exhaustion, one man went into cardiac arrest.

He was being revived by the paramedics for at least 20 minutes before he was taken to Södersjukhuset. I hope he lives but it did not look good from our position watching the tragic scene unfold.

Amen to his survival. He passed away and was declared dead on arrival.

A second man also collapsed and passed away. It was not a good night for them. Prayers go out to their families.

These photos are not graphic but are real and disturbing nevertheless. Please bear in mind.

This photo is on the cover of

Just read that health declarations maybe required in light of these two deaths in the upcoming races.

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