Techno Viking: The Dancing Swedish Police Officer

Wondering what the Swedish Police are doing on a sunny summer afternoon? Dancing. In Malmö. At Stortorget. At least one police officer.

Wow, amazingly awesome no words can describe it. Now we know how the police solve cases in Sweden: by dancing.

Even ABC news in America picked up on the story. Some cops just wanna have fun. And some cops just wanna chill out.

8 thoughts on “Techno Viking: The Dancing Swedish Police Officer”

  1. WOW! And to assume that he is doing this totally sober (we hope anyway)! What happened to the shy Swedish male stereotype? ;)

  2. Oh comedy, this guy has the moves! Lovely loose hips too. Don’t think PC Plod in the UK would be this groovy.

    @Kay – exactly he don’t seem that shy and reserved!It’s all a myth to make them Swedish men seem more mysterious than they really are I think

  3. See what happens once you give a man a pistol to carry in public? Pure happiness!
    “Go onnnnnnnnn..criticize my dancing…i dare ya!”

    Johnny Foriegner has no discipline like our plods Princess!

  4. Does the Swedish Justice system work then? Or do people dance around the courtroom too?


  5. Recently I’ve noticed that some Swedish men act like great entertainers. Recently the Medieval festival on Gotland took place and it was amazing to see just how many talented guys were performing, there was a wonderful jester group that even did pole dancing and a medieval boy band. It is so much fun. Sweden is indeed womens’ paradise.

    p.s. I hope the original Techno Viking (in Germany) is doing well.

  6. @Mattias – What a bummer. Still hilarious that an art group would produce videos about the Skåne polis.

    And I learned it was my friend who posted the video to youtube. Hilarious!

  7. I dig the moves HAHA He was really groovin’, even if he didn’t exactly have the best rhythm. Kudos to the cop!

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