A little bit of India in Sweden

Just finished two courses of Indian cooking with mom this week and they went off without a hitch. ::knock on wood:: Ever since she arrived before Midsommer, the weather in Stockholm has been fantastic: hot, bit humid, and sunny. Indian weather is here in Sweden. Yayyy!
fried indian goodness

The students in the classes were all awesome. Anne from Anne’s food joined us, Sabina from Orientalista, and Mattias Senchaholic’s Blog. English word of day: sencha. Sencha is a Japanese green tea where the tea leaves are not crushed (compared to match japanese tea which is powdered).

If you love tea definitely read his blog and if you love food, read Anne’s blog, and if you want to learn yoga or oriental dance, contact Sabina.

Next week, a couple more bloggers are joining us. Very awesome. I’m excited to hear their thoughts of Indian food and ” hur man lagar god och spännande Indisk mat”. Mumms!

Now that there’s more swedish girls sunbathing in the parks (some topless swedish men too), here’s a mango lassi recipe that will keep you cool and refreshed. A perfect non alcoholic Indian smoothie drink.

Mango Lassi – Serves 4
1/2 bag Coop’s Frozen Mango (available at Coop grocery store)
1/2 liter regular yogurt (here’s a full list of Swedish yogurt, don’t get confused!)
3-4 ice cubes
2 spoons sugar

Get a blender and put the ice, sugar, frozen mangos, and yogurt in. Putting the ice in first (at the bottom of the blender) ensure the ice is ground up.

Pour into glasses and drink straight away! Yogurt is great to keep the body cool and fresh. If you are able to find fresh mangoes or real mango puree use that instead. Absolut delicious!

3 thoughts on “A little bit of India in Sweden”

  1. Just had a mango lassi and it was indeed taaaaasty!

    Yes, we get mangoes here (imported) though they are not nearly as amazing as Filipino mangoes (best ever)!

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