Take the Quiz! Find out What is Your Swedish Political Party

On September 19th, 2010 millions of Swedes and voting adults will take to the polls and vote on the national election for Parliament (riksdag). The newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, created a fun quiz to help you figure out what political party you best support based on a 25 question quiz.

You can also see the Swedish political barometer for the past four years (2006-2010) on a near monthly basis from Dn.se.

The quiz is in Swedish but I have translated the quiz questions into English below.

Take the quiz here, Valkompassen 2010. Let us know what Swedish political party you would vote for in the 2010 Valet!

1. Sverige ska delta i nato-ledda militära operationer som exempelvis i Afghanistan
Sweden will participate in the NATO-led military operations like in Afghanistan

2. En global skatt ska motverka valutaspekulation
A global tax will discourage currency speculation

3. Privata sjukvårdsförsäkringar ska kunna komplettera den offentliga sjukvården
Private health insurance shall supplement the national health system

4. Statliga museer ska ha fri entré
National museums will have free admission

5. Sverige ska snarast införa euro
Sweden shall soon adopt the euro

6. Licensjakt på varg ska tillåtas
Wolf hunting license shall be permitted

7. Värnskatten ska avskaffas
Shielding tax should be abolished

8. Det behövs en lag om kvotering i bolagsstyrelser
There needs to be a law on quotas in corporate boards

9. FRA:s signalspaning på kabelburen trafik ska inte tillåtas
FRA’s signal to cable-borne traffic is not allowed

10. Invandringen berikar Sverige
Immigration enriches Sweden

11. Fler unga kan få jobb om las ändras och regeln sist in först ut stryks
More young people can get jobs if the rule of “last in first out” is eliminated

12. Individualiserad föräldraförsäkring ökar jämställdheten
Individualized parental insurance enhances equality

13. Avdraget för hushållsnära tjänster ska avskaffas
The deduction for household services should be abolished

14. Det ska vara förbjudet att för eget bruk fritt ladda ner upphovsrättsskyddat material från internet.
It should be prohibited for personal use to freely download copyrighted material from the Internet.

15. Sjukförsäkringen ska vara tidsbegränsad
Health insurance should be limited

16. Betyg i årskurs sex behövs
Exam scores in grade six are needed

17. Gröna skatter behövs för att förbättra miljön
Green taxes are needed to improve the environment

18. Alkoholmonopolet ska avskaffas
The alcohol monopoly should be abolished

19. Förmögenhetsskatten ska återinföras
The wealth tax will be reinstated

20. Det behövs en lag som begränsar antalet friskolor
There needs to be a law limiting the number of independent schools

21. Inkomstskatten ska sänkas ytterligare
Income tax will be reduced further

22. Turkiet bör bli medlem i EU
Turkey should join the EU

23. Uranbrytning ska tillåtas i Sverige
Uranium mining is allowed in Sweden

24. Sextimmarsdag med bibehållen lön ska införas
Six hour work days should be given the same pay

25. Monarkin ska avskaffas
The monarchy should be abolished

18 thoughts on “Take the Quiz! Find out What is Your Swedish Political Party”

  1. Hmm, I just took the test and would answer if this was a Canadian election and what matters to me. I would consider myself a conservative libertarian (think Ron Paul) which is why I have a hard time adapting in Sweden.. this whole idea of community over individuality.

    Anyway, here were my results:

    M – 52.8%
    FP – 52.1%
    SD – 44.2%
    C – 43.5%
    KD – 43.5%
    MP – 30.7%
    V – 25.7%
    S – 24.2%
    FI – 22.1%
    PP – 17.1%

  2. My results:

    M – 50.7%
    FP – 48.5%
    SD – 42.1%
    V – 40%
    C – 39.2%
    MP – 37.8%
    KD – 37.8%
    FI – 36.4%
    S – 30%
    PP – 14.2%

  3. Well I just tried but despite your wonderful translations I was baffled…such a Brit…

  4. PS: Anyway I’m apathetic when it comes to politics so what do I care…as my old A-Level Government & Politics teahcer used to say (look Oxford didn’t accept Theatre Studies so I had to take another A Level) the only poltical system that works is a benign dictatorship…he seemed to be up for the job!

  5. 51.4% centerpartiet
    50.7% moderaterna
    50% folkpartiet
    45% kristdemokraterna
    29.2% miljopartiet
    29.2% sverigedemokraterna
    29.2% socialdemokraterna
    25.7% vansterpartiet
    23.5% feministiskt initiativ
    5% piratpartiet

    I don`t even know which party stands on right wing and which one on left..
    However my political view is center-right winged in korean politics”

  6. @Princess – I tell my dad (and everyone else who doesn’t vote) that he can’t bitch, complain or whine about government policy, taxation, or anything state run (medical, schools, olympics, crown corporations, etc) as he didn’t vote and thus didn’t want his voice heard. Even if you vote for the Marijuana Party or Marxist Party, Rhino Party or “Work Less” Party it’s still your voice being heard.

    Funny thing, in Australia, it’s illegal to NOT to vote under the Commonwealth Electoral Act of 1918. (http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/cea1918233/s101.html)

  7. @Andrew – don’t lecture me laddie – I didn’t say I didn’t vote (I do cos ladies have died to give me the right + I repect that immensely), but I vot Lib Dem for God’s sake. I grew up in a rabid Conservative area and now live in a Labour heartland so my vote never counts – that’s why I’m apathetic and lots of other people have to agree with me to make any difference and they don’t (well not in the consitituencies I live in). I have no faith in politicans either – so back off!

  8. @Princess – I apologize for my assumption. But from your tone and context, it sounded like you didn’t vote because the system has failed.

  9. I read this..then read it again while listening to the “Rocky training montage”.
    Much better the 2nd time around! GOOOOOOOO Cheshire!!! :)

  10. @Dano – it would have been pefection if not for that typo! Yeah don’t mess with a girl from the posh part of Cheshire, right!

  11. @Jae – Looks like you voted mostly conservative parties (moderanterna, folk partiet). Centerpartiet is slightly left of center here.

    @ Andrew & Princess – Cat fight with politics! J/K

  12. @Princess – I won’t assume what assumptions killed, but I do know what happens when you assume… you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.

    @Sapphire – Cat fight? More like a rainbow fight… correction, double rainbow fight with light sabres! :o

  13. Ha some good old fisty cuffs might make politics more interesting. Now who would win outta Cameron and Clegg??

  14. I say we go back to the 70’s greaser/west side story/the outsiders/beat it style combat. Tie our left hands together, get the switchblades out and then break into song, broadway style!

    “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way, from your frst cigarette to your last dyin’ day.”

  15. Somehow i can’t see the “bloods” “crypts” and “MS 13” playing by those rules?

    “Dayum fool waving yo lil toothpick around and singing yo silly whiteassed songs in a nigga’s face! BLAM..BLAM..BLAM..oh yeah,ah huh,now ya gots a few more holes to sing outta…fool!”

    Yup..i can see problems arising mate!

  16. Thanks for translation. My results were mostly as expected: Greens and Center as the top two, but having Communists in third and racist Sweden Democrats in fifth are surprising. Click on my username to read brief descriptions about the parties.

    47.1 – Green Party
    45.7 – Center Party
    40.7 – Left Party
    37.8 – Feminist Initiative
    35.7 – Sweden Democrats (I expected a much lower percent because I’m pro-immigration)
    35.7 – Liberal People’s Party
    32.8 – Moderate Party
    31.4 – Christian Democrats
    28.5 – Social Democratic Party
    15.0 – Pirate Party (I’m pro-file sharing…)

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