Swedish National Day in Sweden or AKA Sunbathing

Today is June 6th, National Day in Sweden – Swedish flag day or a day off to sunbathe and drink Carlsberg if you will.

If you missed the blue and yellow flag waving, gun toting, candy eating, BBQ grilling and BudLite, well then, you’re probably dreaming of the American 4th of July celebrated in splendor of excess.
Cow with a Swedish flag
Of course being Sweden, National Day is a summer holiday to enjoy the weather and possibly wave Swedish flags. Nationaldagen became a red day in 2005 in the hopes of Swedes celebrating the independence from [Norway, Denmark, Finland, the darkness?]. This year, National Day is special because it commences Love Stockholm 2010, a 14 day celebration of the Swedish Royal Wedding.

Either way, I started with good intentions of going to Skansen to see the festivities and the King. I made it as far as huge rocks with a view to Kungsholmen and took a nap. Some people grilled, others made out, Swedish girls in bikinis suntanned, and I slept in the glorious sun.
Stockholm Stadshuset and view to Stockholm City
Being lagom people, no one was running down the streets screaming the national anthem and waving flags. Unless of course you’re a racist. In Sweden, waving flags and loving Sweden too much indicates racist tendencies. Obviously.

If you are not a racist and just like waving flags and singing songs (about small frogs and such), here is the de facto national anthem of Sweden, Du Gamla Du Fria. It is not the official national anthem of Sweden as attempts to make it the “official anthem” failed.

Du Gamla, Du Fria was originally known as Sång till Norden (Song to the North) written by Richard Dybeck in 1844. In 1938, Sveriges Radio played the song at the end of evening transmissions and the song was epitomized as Sweden’s national song, despite the lack of official recognition.

Du gamla, du fria

Du gamla, Du fria, Du fjällhöga nord
Du tysta, Du glädjerika sköna!
Jag hälsar Dig, vänaste land uppå jord,
Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna.
Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna.

Du tronar på minnen från fornstora dar,
då ärat Ditt namn flög över jorden.
Jag vet att Du är och Du blir vad du var.
Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.
Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.

Jag städs vill dig tjäna mitt älskade land,
din trohet till döden vill jag svära.
Din rätt, skall jag värna, med håg och med hand,
din fana, högt den bragderika bära.
din fana, högt den bragderika bära.

Med Gud skall jag kämpa, för hem och för härd,
för Sverige, den kära fosterjorden.
Jag byter Dig ej, mot allt i en värld
Nej, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.
Nej, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.

Now go ahead and sing your heart away to Sweden’s free and ancient most beautiful land on the earth.

28 thoughts on “Swedish National Day in Sweden or AKA Sunbathing”

  1. I took down my “ENGLAND” flag from the flagpole (up for the world cup) and stuck up the Swedish flag for the girlfriend,which i thought was magnanimous of me! :)
    That was about the extent of my celebrations.

  2. @Erik – thanks! I guess he was the first elected King to Sweden?

    @Dano – hahaha. Did you drink a Carlsberg, Guinness, or Pripps Blå? That is the more important question.

  3. I’m really, really sad that I will miss the Love Stockholm days, I’m sure it will be awesome and the city filled with interesting people. I hope you do some posts on the events you attend.

  4. I’m sure most Swedes knows as little about this day as you. I’m also sure a majority would support making Midsommarafton the National Day instead.

    Gustav Vasa he led the upraising after the Stockholm Bloodbath gathering men from Dalarna and finally capturing Stockholm – making us free from the evil Danes…

    He was, in fact, the last king to be elected in Sweden since he was the one who changed it to be hereditary. Before that we had elected kings since like prehistoric times. Altough there is so many myths it’s hard to know for sure.

  5. King Gustav Vasa was a king of Sweden, but not the first.
    He was the king who created the “modern” Sweden. He is (according to wikipedia) an important symbol of Sweden. Vasa changed the church’s roll in Sweden and turned Sweden into a protestantic country.
    But actually he did all of this to get more power and money… It’s not much to celebrate.

    One reason we don’t celebrate Nationaldagen that much is because nothing special happened that day. No one really cares that a king was crowned that day… We haven’t had a war for a very very long time, we have never been “owned” by another country (like for example Finland)… There for we don’t have this need to celebrate our country.

    But it’s always nice to have a day off. :)

  6. I must add that I also agree with Fred. Make Midsommar the Swedish national day, we celebrate that we’re Swedish that day anyway. :D

  7. @Princess – I’m actually one of a very select band of Brit’s who actually don’t drink! lol.

  8. @Dano – good for you. I’m a bit of a moderation gal or is it that i’m too much of a control freak to get totally twatted or that you’ve got one bod and you need to look after it??

    Anyway am I select band of Brits who know who Gustav Vasa is? Hey I remember my A-Level History – Sweden was a hoot. Eric XIV (think that’s right no) was our class hero. He asked Eliz I out bout 13 times then married a milk maid (or some such). Gotta love the mad old Europeans. The Spanish were the craziest though.

    Only just learnt (on trip to Stockholm) that you say Vasa with long RP ‘a’ not flat northern eng ‘a’. How wrong were we in History class? Oh well still got me an A!

  9. I actually feel awake today and fairly confident of what i’m saying,so with that in mind i’ll admit that my last reply should have been “@Sapphire” and not “@Princess”!!! lmao.
    (Got you on the brain woman!)

    All i know about Gustav Vasa is that his head needs to be on some coins i need to find while metal detecting! All i know of Swedish history is that Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis brought “The Vikings” over to beat up our monks and pillage our women!

    Ah huh Princess,pronunciation is the killer for me learning/speaking Swedish,I can’t roll my “R”s,or getting my head around things like “kyrk” being pronounced “shirk”.
    “Kyrka”-church = “shirka”.
    “Kyckling” – chicken =”shickling”!
    Blah! lol.

  10. @Sapphire

    Bah Im disapointed in you! out of those three beers your mentioned, only pripps blå is swedish!.

    Anyway, yeah alot of “political correct swedish pussies” dont sing du gamla du fria. But fortunatley there are still people like me who puts our flag out on the balcony and play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb4StCeHwFk on my stereo at highest volume.

    Some swedish people here might call me racist for listening to Ultima Thule. But they are in fact a non racist band. It all started with the racists movements in sweden that started to listening to them for their patriotic songs and shortly after they were black listed pretty much everywhere in sweden and even to this day people still think badly of them even if they havent even heard a single song that they have made or even would recognize any band member if they met them on the street.

    That is pretty much the biggest reason why we dont use our national anthem proudly here, too many pussies that dont want to appear as “racist”. Yup sweden is proabably the only country in the entire world were you are considered a racist if you are a patriot. Pretty pathetic.

    Maybe we as a people will actually grow a pair in the future, but as of right now, we are pretty fcuking laughably pathetic when it comes to national pride.

  11. hell we shouldnt celebrate

    we shoulde have a memorial day where all are sad and driking
    because we dont rule half of europe or even another country any more like we did back in the days:P

    not so strange why norway celebrates like us ..
    they are not controlled any more..
    but we in sweden was never really taken over so what the hell have we to celibrate?

  12. @Björn – “Yup sweden is proabably the only country in the entire world were you are considered a racist if you are a patriot”

    I beg to differ mate.The UK is going exactly the same way.Flying the union jack (UK) is frowned upon as it upsets people and reminds them of our “Empire”.
    Flying the cross of st george (England)is a definate “no no” as it was the symbol of the crusaders in the holy land and upsets Britains muslim population!
    Our council workers have been banned from having England flags on their vehicles showing support for the world cup!

    In the words of a pissed off Swede..”pretty fucking laughably pathetic!”
    And you really don’t want to hear what i think..trust me!!!
    My England flag is flying proudly above Skåne for our world cup bid,and if anyone has a problem with it then fuck ’em!!

  13. @Bjorn & Dano..


    I am with you both. I am so sick and tired of everybody trying to be “politically correct”, in order to please the weak minded masses. It doesn’t make you ethnocentric to be patriotic. I will say this though…even in America, people seem ashamed to wave our national flag. As far as I am concerned, I have no problem waving it. Sadly enough, if you have your American flag in your yard, people will think you are somewhat aggressive and a “War-monger”. That sh*t pisses me off, like you cannnot imagine! All the men in my family have served our military, and it is a disgrace that we have people in our government who continually mock and try to disgrace our men and women in uniform, past or present!

    They have done a good job of manipulating the American public to believe we are nothing but sh*t! Also, here is another horrible perception! People believe that Americans want to be “in control”. Truth is, we have so many issues here that the people would love to change! No wonder why there is such a strong “Grass Roots Movement”. The Speaker Of The House, aka The “B*tch Of The West, Nancy Pelosi”, called it “Un-American” and referred to the movement as “Astro-Turf”! I say that we will show her “Astro-Turf” can do to a White House! I am proud to be American, because at least many still have the balls to protest the arrogance of politicians, such as herself, and to stop the mockery of the American people. Being a patriot means taking action, and standing for what you believe in. Ohhh…and here comes the rain! LOL :D

  14. Yay!..Pissed off patriots of the world unite and cry..”REVOLUTION!”

    You see Deepsoul..the stars and bars now represents “Imperialism” and “Domination”! Welcome to the game of “most powerful nation”! lol.

    Just out of interest..” Sadly enough, if you have your American flag in your yard, people will think you are somewhat aggressive and a “War-monger”… “All the men in my family have served our military”…umm arn’t you saying they have a point?
    (Just joking lol,couldn’t resist.)

  15. @Dano

    LOL Embrace “Imperialism” :D “Most powerful nation, my @ss!” HAHA Oh goodness. I suppose I am not making myself clear. Yes..viva revolution..hehe! Come on! You see, I am just a citizen who is sick and tired of the corruption which is happening everyday. I am frustrated with the continuing and blatant arrogance of the politicians, feeding a bunch of “bs” to the American public. I think it is healthy to protest peacefully, using the First Amendment Of The United States Constitution. I mean f*ck us! LOL Actually, it is rather sad. I can almost imagine that if you did a poll around the world and asked the question, “What is the First Amendment Of The US Constitution”, and asked Americans, chances are the world would know better!

    Yes, a “War-monger” I must be LOL. You won’t be laughing when I become a dictator…:D Spoken like a true woman!! hehee Perhaps I should dress up like the Statue of Liberty, eat McDonalds, watch American Idol, shut up, allow brain cells to dissipate and say, “What is the US Constitution? Isn’t that a story book or something?” That’s it…I am moving to Sweden!!! ;D Will they welcome me after this posting? LOL Love you Sweden…kisses!! <3

  16. @Deepsoul – Lol! I admittedly only know your second amendment of the constitution.It’s the one that gives the world the impression you’re all “agressive and warmongering lunatics”!
    The one in my honest opinion,that is the most misinterpreted and abused piece of writing in history!
    The one that constantly destroys America from within!

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms!”

    The founding fathers would all be doing Homer Simpson impressions if they saw today the chaos they’ve caused…”DOH!!”.

    Anyhow..yes Sweden would welcome you.They welcome everybody. Then deport them again after 3 years when they’ve learnt the language and integrated!

  17. @Dano
    Damnit..point made! You would know one of the amendments of our constitution! LOL To be honest, I don’t own a gun. My father doesn’t even own a gun. He served as a submariner, on nuclear submarines. I can’t imagine why anybody likes violence. It is really unfortunate that in America, there is such a ridiculously high crime rate. Of course, if you look at most of the criminals committing the crimes, they did not purchase their firearms from any dealer, who puts them through an extensive background check. They are purchasing them via blackmarket, through those involved with gangs and drug dealers, etc. I haven’t run into any militia men yet, but if I do, I will let you know HAHAAA. They would scare the crap out of me, just for their mere extremism.

    A Homer Simpson? Possibly a Peter Griffith LMAO :D I think if the founding fathers of our nation saw it’s current state, they would be saying, “WTFFF!!” They are most likely turning in their graves. Well, I suppose I will have three great years in Sweden, but who knows, maybe more ;) <3

  18. So we’ve established in UK flag flying is a fraught area and I personally consider all the St George’s flags on display for World Cup to be totally chavvy. Does Sweden have the same ‘chav’ tag for it’s flag?? Do you have chavs?

    Read in another post somewhere that you’ve got you’re own version of Sloanes (or Hooray Henry’s) so do you have the lower common denominator version as well?

  19. @Deepsoul – I was being diplomatic! lol :P
    I have a friend in NC who has 15..yes FIFTEEN automatic weapons and a Barrett .50cal sniper rifle..LEGALLY!!!
    I think James Madison and Thomas Jefferson would be raising a few eyebrows and thinking “Hmm we need to amend that amendment again!”

    @Princess – I was going to answer you,but decided to sit and count how many years pass before a swede actually translates wtf you’re on about..and answers! lmao. :P

  20. @Dano – Hmm right, knew you’d know what I meant being fellow Brit and all. Shall I give them them chav definition? It’s Council House And Violent = lovely!

    C’mon then all you Swedish posters – what am I on about??

  21. @Princess – Lol,they don’t have “council house/estates” here.they do but i don’t know the Swedish term for them and the girlfriend’s out.
    What she means is teenage – 30 yrs old,wearing baseball caps and /or hoodies,who have no job,never want one,smoke weed/pot all day long,and just want to terrorize and fight everyone!

    Don’t think they do them over here Princess.While i have no doubt a similar version exists in places,my experience with young Swedish males is they’re all 6’3″ tall,skinny and gangly,geeky,and although they do wear baseball caps,they come in styles and colours that would shame a baseball fan!
    Any self respecting UK “chav” would struggle to beat them up due to laughing so much!!
    I’m actually the only “chav” in Sweden probably.My last address was a council estate,I wear a Nike baseball cap and hoodies,I’m flying my flag for England in the world cup.I’m the Nike/chav version of “the oldest swinger in town”! lmao.

  22. @Dano – sounds like you’re lonely mate and need some chav friends. I reckon that Sweden needs this experience. The Con-Dem party should be looking to off load some to Sweden as part of some Euro-cultural sharing scheme and we’ll have some of the gangly geeks with their silly hats!

    They’re a plenty of chavs where I am and I often wonder whether they know they’re a chav, do they have self-awareness? Or are they too dumb to have thoughts like that? Or do they simply not care?

  23. @Princess – Don’t know hun,”chav” is basically a southern invention so it’s out of my scope really lol.

    Oh i’m missing Hollands meat & potato pies,kebabs with donner meat and not fillet of pork like they use here,and a decent sausage.I’m not missing or lonely for chav’s!
    It’s nice to walk about over here and not have to carry CS gas and a gun! lol.
    Actually i can get perfectly good kebabs with proper meat in Sala,NW of Stockholm,when visiting the girlfriends mother,but the 600km trip is a killer and they won’t deliver!
    Down here in the south they don’t do anything right! A bit like the UK really.

  24. I live in the Swedish countryside,so i’m half way there.I don’t drink..bummer!
    Off to Torekov tonight to see my first midsommer bash.Should be….interesting. :)

  25. So now the question is: Did anyone hang an American flag for the 4th of July or a Canadian flag for Canada Day?

  26. I absolutely hung my flag! My family is made up of a combination of immigrants and american indians. (No, we don’t call ourselves “natives”…white people calling us natives only points out their being foreign…duh)
    We are viciously patriotic, and every generation of my family has served in the various branches of the armed forces. If it means imperialism to some, they an all sod off! To us, when we wave our flag, it means independence from imperialism.
    @Deepsoul: You are correct! The majority of Americans are very displeased with the current foreign policy, and Ron Paul is gaining ground, based entirely upon his “It’s none of our business; we have our own problems” platform. ;) lol

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