The Batmobile Visits Stockholm

Spotted this Batmobile replica in front of the Hilton Slussen last week. It was stunning! Certainly beats the raggare cars floating around the city with hillbillies driving them.

Enjoy the pictures!
Smooth Blue Batmobile


The Batmobile

Leif Garvin built the replica car. It took him over 20 000 hours of work and $1 million to finish it. The engine is an 460 Ford big block V8, 700 hp and it’s built on a 1973 Lincoln Continental.

These are high dynamic range photos (HDR) compressed from 5 photos using Photomatix. Turns into fantasy like Batmobile photos.

4 thoughts on “The Batmobile Visits Stockholm”

  1. Leif, will you marry me? (the divorce will require an equitable 50/50 split, of course, but since you care about your car too much to see it cut in half, I would be happy to take it in exchange for the TV and microwave)

  2. LOL tony. not if i steal the car first!

    Tod – It is black, the reflection from the sun gives a blue tint.

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