Love Stockholm 2010 and The Swedish Royal Wedding

The wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling is less than a month away on Saturday June 19th. For Sweden, this is akin to the late Lady Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles. Crown Princess Victoria will inherit the throne from her father King Carl XVI Gustaf. Oh, and daddy will walk her down the aisle.

For Stockholm, it means two weeks of partying and events for the city in the amorous events of Love Stockholm 2010. The two week celebrations begins on Swedish National Day, June 6th and concludes on the day of the wedding, June 19th. If you are not of the 660 invited guests taking part in the 20 million kronor wedding affair, be sure to see one of the special events organized by Love Stockholm.

Some highlights are:

Pop Up Art 100 – art exhibition by young Swedish artists
Pop Up Art is an organization for and by young artists. The aim is to create unique and interesting art exhibitions which serves as a meeting place between young art and our audience. Pop Up Art 100 consists of 100 artworks, 100 cm wide and 100 cm high, from 100 young Swedish artists.

Shake My World invites you to Single lunches with various lectures

A Princess Wedding – past and present
This guided tour will tell the story of Lovisa Ulrika, who came to Sweden to marry the Crown Prince in 1744. They had never met. Lovisa Ulrika was a Preussian princess, with taste for culture and music. The “Drottningholm music” was composed for her wedding and the Drottningholm theater built for her pleasure. In Duke Carl’s pavilion in front of the theater, there is an exhibition with opera costumes suitable for royalties.

We love the History of Sweden!
The exihibition ”History of Sweden” will give you an exciting experience of the last 1000 years of events and developments in Sweden. Meet kings and queens, rascals and clergymen, knights and maidens, craftsmen and workers, witches and common people from ten centuries in a captivating mixture!
Admission: Adults 70 SEK, senior citizens, students 50 SEK, groups (more than 8) 40 SEK. Free admission up to 19 years.

Love tour for singles in Swedish
”Thine for ever” is the inscription often used for example in wedding rings. People promise one another eternal fidelity and lifelong love. In the Middle Ages, however, love was seldom the cause of marriage. There were often other reasons, not least financial. A marriage might be of importance to the whole family. But of course there was love. Runic inscriptions on sticks and bone show that even people in medieval times were capable of writing passionate declarations of love. This tour in Swedish takes up a wide range of different themes.

Design Bernadotte in Örebro
During the summer an exhibition is displayed on Sigvard Bernadotte’s activities in the handicrafts and industrial design. Here are beloved and familiar objects Margret bowl, opener Red Clara and the classical laminate pattern “Virrvarr”. Visitors also encounter a rich selection of silverware, office appliances, spectacle frames and much more out of Sigvard Bernadotte’s production design.

Make Musik STHLM : We will rock you Stage
All the outdoor concerts of Make Musik STHLM are free and open to everyone. Come and join us to celebrate music, either you want to play or listen to it!

You can visit the Love Stockholm website to get the full program which will be available in June.

love stockholm 2010 map

I will also put together a fun facts and bits about the Royal Wedding in the next post.

13 thoughts on “Love Stockholm 2010 and The Swedish Royal Wedding”

  1. I didn’t realise that Swedish marriage tradition is quite different from British – in that the father doesn’t give away the bride and that Princess V has shocked people with her decision. It’s been called sexist and ‘foreign’! That’s us Brits!

    What do you Swedes do then???

  2. @Princess – If it’s like any other big day in Sweden, there will be a lot of alcohol involved, ergo, lots of drunkenness to celebrate.

  3. No – I mean who walks down the aisle etc – what’s the protocol if the father of the bride doesn’t walk the bride down the aisle? Does she skip down herself?? Does the father of the bride have a role in Swedish weddings? Does he give a speech?

    Why is it sexist?? I get the ‘foreign’ thing – but it’s symbolic and not a ugg ugg caveman – you’re my property and now you’re his kinda thing so am bit puzzled by the reaction.

  4. They both walk down the aisle, separately. The bride walks down the aisle herself as it is her free will to join in marriage with her man. A long time ago, the woman didn’t have a say. She was to marry whomever the family approved, (there was such a time when women didn’t have the right to vote either you know ;)

    I too consider it sexist, becuase I too see at as a man handing over a woman to another man. Why isn’t the mother handing over the man to the bride? To me the symbolism doesn’t go well with an equal society, where women are supposed to (supposed to, because in truth we’re still working on it) have equal rights as men, and this kind of ceremony makes me feel very uneasy. What does the symbolism stand for in your point of view?

    The father in a swedish wedding has the same role as the mother. He’s the parent, simple. They don’t have appointed tasks. If he wants to have a speech, he will do so. But’s it’s not something the man is “supposed to” do.

  5. I thought the wedding wasnt going ahead after the “groom” cheated on the princess???

  6. Moonlight- that’s Princess Madelaine’s wedding that is canceled. The Crown Princess Victoria is still getting married though. They are confusing!

  7. This is all v culturally interesting as I’ve never really analysed our English tradition(the other wedding post says is American but think we gave them this – gulp another thing that’s our fault).

    Historically it is about handing over the woman as a possession, yes from another man to another man, but I don’t think it’s viewed this way now. I regard it as symbolic as the father handing his daughter into her new life with her husband. But having said that the mother has no real role at the wedding (apart from nice frock) and it’s the men that give speeches (Groom, Father of the Bride. Best Man) the females are silent. However, my sis-in-law did stand up and make a speech (and a damn fine one at that). Hell, if I get wed I’ll be making myself heard.

    Perhaps we’ve just been too sheep-like and not questioned this tradition before. The Swedes have a point I think – in a equal fair world this important ceremony SHOULD be equal. Hmmm food for thought, blinkers from my eyes removed…

  8. @Andrew and Princess – Plenty of alcohol shall be involved.

    @Mattias – Do the bride and groom hold hands or not really when they go down the aisle?

    @Princess – Exactly, what about mom? Why are there no females present in the wedding and reception? It is mom that takes care of us and is there to constantly nag and move us ahead in life (not that dad doesn’t help out). I would like to see a movement in wedding traditions where we value women at the wedding, not just the bride.

    The irony of a wedding: the bride is most coveted but when she becomes older and is the mother of the bride, she’s least coveted.

  9. The Royal Wedding plan looks quite lavish. I hope I was one of the invitees. What’s the menu of the dinner?

  10. @Stockholm Expat – Really?! Do tell! Do you have more information about it? Sounds pretty awesome and crazy.

    @Christian Dating – No idea about the menu. Not released yet that I’m aware of.

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