Yum! Indian Cooking Classes in Stockholm


Update, April 18th, 2012: I will be holding a cooking class in May and June. After that, I’ll be taking a break for a few months so please contact me and let me know. We can work out a custom plan for you as well!

I love cooking and one of topics readers wanted covered from the polling was more posts about cooking and different cuisines.

Now that it is spring and the weather is still terrible, it’s time to cosy up and cook lovely food. I will host a few cooking classes over the spring for Indian food. If you love Indian cuisine from the restaurants (the few, the proud, the delicious), learning to cook that same kind of food at home is easy.

Truly, Indian cooking is easy once you master the basics and understanding of the spices. The classes are a bit intense if you are not accustomed to Asian spices but certainly not at the level of Kendall’s Chicago culinary arts colleges or the Swedish Chef.

What I’m planning is to host a course made of three sessions in a one week period.

My mom, a fantastic cook, knows Gujarati, vegetarian, Marathi, South Indian, traditional North Indian, and even some Burmese dishes. She will lead the cooking class as her depth and knowledge of Indian food is brilliant.

In honor of my mom’s fabulous cooking, I will lead two more sessions.

What will you learn?

Because it is summer, we will have lighter meals. Simple, quick Indian dishes.

For drinks: mango lassi, sweet lassi, Indian chai (don’t call it chai tea, that’s calling it tea tea then), or chaas (a favorite Gujarathi drink made of yogurt).

Food: Chole bhatura (chick pea curry), paneer bhurji, dahl, biryani, egg curry, and fresh home paneer (cheese!).

Grilling: Tandoori chicken

Side dishes: Raita, papad.

Dishes may change but chicken tikka masala will be on the menu!

Naan cannot officially be made at home because homes do not have a tandoor, an oven charcoal pit. Instead, we will make roti, another typical Indian bread.

Class schedule:

May and June 2012. Classes are open dates at this time.
They are three nights of session but email me so we can work something out!

If you want to have the class on the weekend, that can be organized as well, please email me.

If you are interested, or want to gift it to a friend. Please post a comment or email me directly at ablacksapphire at gmail dot com. Half the payment must be received before the class starts. It will be held at my home in Stockholm.

This will be wonderful for all of you Indian food lovers out there looking to bring India to your home! Besides, how often do you get a chance to learning Indian cooking in Stockholm, Sweden?

And mumms the word!

30 thoughts on “Yum! Indian Cooking Classes in Stockholm”

  1. Ahh, I wish I could be there. After making a lot of dietary changes in the past couple of years, I have become a newfound fan of Indian food. I have only had it a few times so far as a treat, because we don’t know how to prepare any of it yet. Once we learn some, I think it will be something we have around most often. Oh the spices!

  2. Hey, getting hungry, already.
    How about Indian “Deep fried Puri” or Samosa for appetizers?

  3. James, will definitely post some recipes to share. Indian food can be very simple and easy on the tummy. Glad you love the food.

    Ravi, considered samosas but at the moment do not have deep fryer and if it is too hot, this may not be so fun. But let’s see!

  4. Hi

    Would love to attend the June class? Are there any spots still open?

    Kind Regards

  5. Hi Annica. Spots are still available. Which class dates are you interested in?

  6. wow, this is so cool! and i would love to attend, are there any spots still available? since i live in gothenburg i need train tickets and so on.


  7. Hi Charlotta! Spots are still available. Email me for the class you’re interested in and we can sort this out. =)

  8. Hi
    I wonder if you are going to hold any more classes in the future or in the fall? Very intrested to learn :D

  9. Hi Vessie,

    Yes, I think we will have a class in August. Would you be around at that time?

  10. hi sapphire

    When will you conducting class in august? I am really interested and I kinda need it badly.I hope it will on the second half of the month.

  11. Fantastic idea Sapphire! :) I am planning a trip in winter time. I love indian food. If I was a resident, I would definitely take your class! ;) Good luck with that and I hope you have a large turn out!

  12. @Vessie and Darklight – We’re going to squeeze in one more class from 9th to 11th August. Darklight, I hope you are around!

  13. Hey Sapphire:
    Are these classes are same or each class will have unique dishes? Do you know how to make simple but spicy-hot mango pickles? Any deep fried papadam?

  14. Hi Jack – Hopefully in Oct. I have your email so will send a message later on and see what can be arranged.

  15. hi! are u doing more cooking classes in october? or, if not, do u have a suggestion for other classes in the stockholm area?

  16. hi

    is there any classes for this month and how long does you have the classes,1 2 3 4 or more months?

  17. Hi,

    Will you be offering this class again? I would love to get this as a birthday present for a friend living in Stockholm. If not, do you know of any other Indian Cooking classes available in the area?

  18. Hi Sapphire. Please send me the details on how I can pay you in advance for your next class. My friend’s birthday is just around the corner! Thanks.

  19. Hi Sapphire,
    I’m looking for something fun and social to do with our lab (about 10 ppl) and I thought about a cooking class. So I wondered how much a single class would cost for about 10 ppl.

  20. hi Sapphire!

    I just found your website and its a great idea to of you to offer courses.
    I was wondering when will you hold the next courses, as I am extremely interested to give this class to my boyfriend for his birthday, which is( o dear..!) next monday, 20.8.2012, but its ok to have the course as well later! he is vegetarian, can you offer that kind of yourse as well?
    please let me know as well about the prices, will it get cheaper if we organize more people?

    All best to you

  21. Hi, we will be in Stockholm and Malmo in June 12 Thur the 18, 2014, and will be looking for a cooking class… Will you be doing any or do you have any ideas for us? Thanks, Marjorie

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