Volcanolypse 2010 Conquers Europe

As if Iceland needed to be in the news any more than it had in 2008 and 2009. When the rumors of a worldwide financial meltdown came to light in 2008, most people squarely blamed the small island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean called Iceland. Few people cared about the little country and even fewer ever visited the nation before then.

Soon after, Icelandic citizens were blamed for the world meltdown in the finance industry while failing to see the Wall Street gambling addiction. Iceland was just another catalyst in a series of wreck less, amoral decisions made by big American/British/pick another banks to make more money at the expenses of long term financial stability.

And now, the small Nordic nation has created a second global export: ash. While shellfish, scallops, lax, and other goods languish in the country because of the inability to reach Europe, Iceland is on the defense of “it really wasn’t our fault.” And it isn’t their fault.

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Volcanolypse 2010
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The Eyjaflällajökull glacier and volcano is wrecking havoc on the airline industry (estimated losses at 1.7 Billion dollars and counting), shipping, and travelers alike. More than 1.2 million passengers are affected and airline delays from the volcanic eruption are bringing the cargo world to a halt too. Now the airline industry is blaming governments for being too cautious and the governments are blaming the airline industry for being too wreck less.

Either way, the volcano eruption exported something much more than ash: few days of peace from the bustles of the 21st century world. We can at least admire in the awe of the Earth’s spectacular natural events of a volcanic eruption.

That’s why even though Volcanolypse 2010 conquers Europe, thank Iceland for giving us a few days of simplicity in life. Or enjoy a good laugh from the The Daily Show.

8 thoughts on “Volcanolypse 2010 Conquers Europe”

  1. absolutely agree:) if we look at the bright side of things – we’ve reduced the carbon footprint and enjoyed some clear blue skies:) shame that some people only see the $$$ and counting the “losses” – its the money they never had to begin with. If the airlines “lost” almost 2 billion in a few days – that means they will earn that in another few days, or am I missing smth there?

  2. @ moonlight
    Yes you are missing something. The formulae for calculating the economic effect of the airlines loss is $9. per every $1 lost. So 2×9= $18 Billion. This is an economic disaster at a time when Europe is struggling. I’m not against looking at the bright side, just don’t do it by invalidating the real and legitimate concerns that exist and the many people who will be adversely affected. The full extent of this disaster is yet to be realized, it will be months before that will be known.

  3. It is nice to see the peaceful side of not flying for a few days. And of course The Daily Show’s punting around of the disaster.

    But as Juni pointed out, the airline loses are in the billions, which could force government bailouts or collapse of certain companies. Plus millions have been lost from agriculture not arriving to its destinations (Spain, Thailand, Kenya).

    I wonder what the total loss in damages will be.

  4. ok, I wont be arguing since I dont believe in such a thing as economy, its just a thing made up by someone clever to manipulate people, count “losses” and moan about some FTSE going down. Its all artificial, money is just paper. The only losses I acknowledge are human lives – literally. But thats just my opinion:))) If it would be up to me – I’d live on a deserted island and survive on picking fruit and fishing, all just to be away from this money-based economy, which is destined to collapse sooner or later, because its just creating worldwide debt, nothing more.

  5. @ Moonlight
    Ok, but are you not able to have empathy and compassion for others who are experiencing suffering, even if what they believe is different from your own?

    That was my only point, to not invalidate others real and legitimate concerns just because they are not your own. Just because their suffering is coming from something you don’t believe in, doesn’t mean it is not real for them.

    Looking for an island with a collapsed financial system? Why not try Iceland:) Though you may have trouble living on fruit and fishing since it remains to be seen how much is damaged from the ash and volcanic eruption.

  6. @Juni

    :))) I simply dont see a point in suffering because of a paper shortage. I do feel sorry for those suffering, but only because they cant see the world through anything else but money, which is just another way to manipulate people and their feelings. You ever heard of The Venus Project? If you have – you’ll understand what I mean, if not – I recommend to google it and read a bit about it, my words might make more sense afterwards:)

    And no – I’m not looking for an island with a collapsed financial system, I’m looking for one with no financial system to begin with, I really wish people could co-exist and help each other without thinking – “And what am I gonna get out of it?”.

  7. Juni and Moonlight, good discussion ladies. Both of you are right but we’re getting a bit off topic on this post. =)

  8. @Saphire

    Sorry:) It would be nice if there was a forum where we could redirect good discussions if they go OT accidentaly:D

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