Amazing Photos from the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

UPDATED: Added more photos on Sunday April 18th. They are the topmost photos.

The first eruption on March 27th by Fimmvörðuháls in the passage between Eyjafjallajökull (pronounce: Aye-ya-fyah-dla-jow-kudl – thanks Tinna) and Myrdalsjokull glaciers erupted and didn’t blow everyone’s minds away. Now, a volcano has again erupted in the glacier located in southern Iceland and the event is spectacular.

I am so excited that I would do anything to hop on a place and take photographs of this amazing event (because photographers are crazy). Some people are even getting photographs of the volcano with lightening, an amazing phenomena explained by Science Blogs. Too bad, most European airports are closed open under chaotic conditions.

Yesterday afternoon, airspace over Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom closed down because of the volcanic ash. Volcanic ash can cause engine failure because the ash is so fine and meld itself to the crevices in the engine. Ash can also increase the weight of the airplane, which not makes the plane heavier, but unevenly bulky. The Guardian posted a good article why ash is dangerous to planes and posted about the environmental effects of the volcano.

This is an experience few get to enjoy since volcanoes rarely erupt in the part of the northern hemisphere. With the first eruption from last month, Eyjafjallajökull is giving the world a great show and giving Iceland more attention than it ever wanted. As an anonymous person said,

Dear Iceland, we said send CASH … not ASH!

UPDATE: For those travelers coming into Sweden or leaving Sweden via Arlanda or any airports, please check LFV for updates. Airspace is still closed and Stockholm Arlanda is not expected to open until Saturday.

I gathered 1525 photos below of the volcanic eruption and ash that are being posted to Flickr as well as a video and a map. If you have a photo to share, please post the link below in the comments. It would be great to collect as many pictures as possible to share with everyone.

How to pronounce Eyjafjällajökull

Ash cloud detail
Photographed by: Pu the Owl

Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland
Photographed by: B&B Kristinsson

Photographed by: Anna Artist

3 just hangin'
Photographed by: Soleysk

photographed by jennifer greenland
Photographed by: Jennifer Greenland

Playing with the Devil
Photographed by: Skarphéðinn Þráinsson (thanks for sharing!)

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano
Photographed by: Solioli


AP Photo/Ragnar Axelsson

Photographed by: Snorri_s

NASA'S Terra Satellite Captures Ash Plume of Icelandic Volcano
Photographed by: GSFC

A Rock is Born - Eyjafjallajökull Eruption
Photographed by:

Steam Pump - Eyjafjallajökull Eruption
Photographed by:

Lava River - Eyjafjallajökull Eruption
Photographed by: Orvaratli

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano
Photographed by: Solioli

Lava falls
Photographed by: Fredrik Holm

Photographed by: Helgi58

Photographed by: Skarpi

gos í gíg 194 c copy
Photographed by: Steini3

30th of March 2010: Volcano at Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland
Photographed by: Now in Iceland

30th of March 2010: Volcano at Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland
Photographed by: Now in Iceland

Fimmvörðuháls eruption
Photographed by: Fredrik Holm

Volcanic Eruption/Aurora
Photographed by: David (thanks for sharing!)

Enjoy the volcano photos of Iceland!

15 thoughts on “Amazing Photos from the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland”

  1. Love the pics:) Apparently there are a few groups on Facebook saying they hate volcanos:))) How pointless is that??? I’d doubt that the volcanos care in the slightest about their moaning lol:)

    The flights are still suspended though, the other side of the Baltic are cautious, too. And today is the day when I was meant to fly for a romantic weekend with the swede I fell in love with… I guess, it just wasnt meant to be:))) Gee, if I was flying today – I would’ve probably joined the group pmsl:)

    So, for those thinking their love life isnt good – get into my shoes, when I make a romantic plan – bloody volcanos errupt in protest:)))

  2. Wow! What a spectacular show! I recognise those big white clouds and snow covered mountains as I saw the same scenery on my recent stay in nearby Faroe Islands! Its so different up there! Thanks for sharing great photos.

  3. @Moonlight – Hilarious that there are volcano hating groups. As if the volcano wants to ruin everyone’s lives.

    Some things are meant to be. Take this as the blessing in disguise.

    @Lydia – How long were you in the Faroe Islands? What brought you there? Did you like it? Many questions!

  4. complex life wouldn’t exit without this geological phenomenon, so do appreciate and enjoy its awe-inspiring beauty, even if it keeps you an extra day from seeing a beloved :)

  5. Julie and Moonlight – I understand tensions are high because people are not able to travel and see their loved ones right at this moment, but there’s no reason for flaming here.

    This post is about the beauty of the eruption and sharing photos from not just news journalists but anyone who had an opportunity to be there.

    You both continued to post flaming comments and they have ALL been removed now.

  6. These photos are awesome. This is somewhere near “Ring Road”. Is it? I remember you going there few years ago and taking award winning “Priceless” pictures.

  7. Yea, this area is a hundred kilometers or so from the Ring Road. You should check out my Ring Road photos if you already have not. And yes, did sell some Iceland photos to Mastercard a few years ago. =)

  8. Good post! I wish this terrible ash cloud will leave us alone. My cousin is stuck in Spain and she’s running out of cash. I heard the ash will be staying for at least another 2 weeks but I don’t know if I should believe it. Does anybody know if it’s true?

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