Best Bars and Pubs to Visit in Stockholm

12 Apr

Now that spring is arriving, Stockholmers will hit the streets in droves from their 6 months of hibernation in the catacombs.

Whether you want the hole in the pub in Stockholm or an upscale diva’licious bar, Stockholm has the selection of places to drink. Upon first glace, you may only see the super posh and somewhat pretentious bars in Stureplan, Riche and Spy Bar bear in mind, but after delving into each of small sections of the city, you will find the right watering hole for you and friends and the beautiful swedish girls.

I split the list into two groups: one group is more of casual bars and pubs that serve food but are about the beers, rather than charging for the ambiance. The second group consists of posh bars and cocktail lounges that specialize in both beers and mixed drinks.

The Standard Lot and Casual Bars:
Prices range anywhere from 32kr for a stor stark (the strong big beer) to 65kr. Be prepared when visiting the bars in Stockholm, finding cheap bars is hard. You may have to add a bit extra weight to your wallet.

Cafe Tranen – Odenplan, Vasastaden – A popular place in Vasastan for the 20 and 30somethings to meet.  It’s located downstairs and the bar restaurant serves both beer and food.  If you are in that part of town, definitely swing by.

Monks – Sveavägen, innstaden – The other of beer conaisseur bars in Stockholm, Monks has a large selection of beers on tab.

Spitfire– Östermalm – Joined together with Oxid bar, Spitfire is a great hole-in-the wall English style bar with good beer on tap.  Prices are reasonable and there is a happy hour until 6PM. It’s a cozy little pub perfect for the Friday’s afterwork beers.  I have been to both Spitfire and Oxid many times and the ambiance is great and the whole world doesn’t descend upon the places either.

Tudor Arms Pub & Restaurang – Östermalm – Another great English pub where they actually closes at 11PM. Yes, 11PM, because in Britain that’s what time pubs must close. I love this place because of the food, the crazy owner (a large, loud, flirtatious bloke), and the unassuming ambiance. Prices are reasonable for being in the expensive Östermalm district.

Debaser – Slussen & Humlegården – One of my favorite places for ut servering (outside service), Debaser Slussen is located between Gamla Stan and Södermalm islands.  At night, local bands play inside (there is an entry fee) but you can sit outside freely.  There is also Debaser Humlegården in Östermalm.  Food is on the pricey side for being a bar but beers are reasonably priced.
Debaser Slussen

Akkurat – Slussen, Södermalm – One of the two beer connoisseur bars in Stockholm, the other beings Monks, Akkurat has more beer than your eyeballs or belly can imagine. Prices start at reasonable and sky rocket to beyond belief if you decide to go for the classy, hand brewed beers. In the summer, mussels are served at the bar and are a popular choice with the patrons.

Kellys – Medborgaplatsen, Södermalm – One of the few exceptions to the rule, you can find cheap beer in Stockholm.  Pretty grungy and loud rock music, it’s the place for cheap beers.

Carmen – Medborgaplatsen, Södermalm – A true hole in the wall with grumpy staff, get yourself before the rest of the crowd shows up and takes the 12 seats in the bar. Cheap beer and no music means bring the office coworkers with you.

Southside Pub – Zinkensdamn, Södermalm – The best hamburgers in town (at around 132kr), this Irish pub also has English quiz nights on Thursdays.  A great local spot and a foreign hangout on the quiz nights.

Snaps – Medborgaplatsen, Södermalm – A great meet up place for friends. The location is perfect; lying smack in Medborgaplatsen, it’s the perfect outdoor serving bar. Prices are typical of Stockholm.

Posh Places to Get Delicious Drinks:

Bauer – Slussen – Södermalm –  Smiley face lamps and cartoons adorn the walls but don’t assume it is a place for the kids. They make great cosmopolitans and other hard drinks.

Kungsholmen – Kungsholmen – The restaurant and bar that bears the same name as the island it lays upon, Kungsholmen is part of the Grupp F12.  A more trendy and light hearted place for both the aspiring twenty somethings and those with families, Kungsholmen offers great food (from Asian to more South American) and drinks to complement.

Gondolen – Slussen, Södermalm – Excellent mojitos and other hard liquor drinks.  Your wallet will be lighter when you leave.

Vampire Lounge – Södermalm – Located in a celler, the Vampire Lounge is a low key classy place for cocktails.  As they specialize in mixed drinks, you should be able to find anything you want.  And anything you don’t want (I once had a nasty green drink…should have asked the waiter about it before).

Ute Companiet
(part of Sture Companiet) – Stureplan, Östermalm –  One of the many super posh bars and restaurants in the Stureplan, Ute Companiet is fun because the whole place is outside next to Svampen (that giant mushroom).  It’s a great spot to people watch and see the wanna be richies mingle with the richies and the richies try to be ultra cool.  If you want to see stekare men, this is definitely the place.  You can also visit Sturehof, Riche, and Birger Jarl which have similar clientele but fun to visit if you’re looking for super class and well dressed Swedish men and women. There’s also the infamous Spy Bar which in honestly, is the crappiest and most expensive bar I ever visited to get the full Stureplan experience.
Ute Companiet & Svampen

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21 Responses to Best Bars and Pubs to Visit in Stockholm



April 12th, 2010 at 10:55

I haven’t been to many bars yet, but I liked The Doors in Odengatan. It’s a small and a bit expensive bar, but it’s worth a visit.



April 12th, 2010 at 13:51

You forgot the Dubliner by Hötorget. :)

Pretty much all of Medborgaplatsen opens up into 1 giant outdoor restaurant/bar/pub. It’s amazing.



April 13th, 2010 at 08:33

Hey Lukas, thanks for the tip! BTW, loved your story about Taiwan and Hong Kong. They sure do have huge lunches.

D’oh! I knew I would forget some places. =)



April 13th, 2010 at 09:35

What about Strand or Anchor Pub for those “off beat” areas. ;)


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April 13th, 2010 at 10:50

The one on Odenplan is called Tranan (the crane) :)
My favourite is Snotty on Skånegatan; small, cozy and great music. Though La Dame Noire on Scheelegatan had kick-ass bartenders until a couple of weeks ago…don’t know where they moved on to. Yet.
Once summer hits Mälarpaviljongen becomes my hangout though. Aahhh…summer!



April 13th, 2010 at 13:42

Andrew, I must be so behind, I have no idea where these places are.

Emma, love the name Snotty! Where is Mälarpaviljongen?



April 13th, 2010 at 15:49

Mälarpaviljongen is on Norr Mälarstrand, fairly close to Rålambshovsparken. It has one or two pontoons (floats) on the water, and it’s soooo nice. People come in their boats even, very nice!



April 13th, 2010 at 21:07

Oh no wish I’d had this info last week when was in Stockholm – an insiders’s view is always really useful. Damn! Will just have to visit again then and try some of these out.

Have to say as non-beer drinker was impressed with the ready availability of cider – great stuff.

Not so sure why there are so many English pubs though – they’re not that great here. Actually some do stay open longer than 11pm – but usually something like 1pm unless they’re a club – ah great old Blighty and it’s strange ways (but that’s another blog)



April 13th, 2010 at 22:15

The entire area around Nytorget hosts a great number of fantastic bars (among others Snottys). Think you should add Ljungrens (Brunogallerian, Götgatsbacken) aswell, they got a fantastic big sushi plate you can share with your friends while sitting at their roof terrace in the summer and of course Mosebacke terrass!



April 14th, 2010 at 10:45

Princess, you’ll have to visit Stockholm in the summer then! There are some great ciders here (not like Belgium) but still good.

English pubs are the novelty item here. Just is cool to go to them.

Erik, thanks for the mentions.

I’ll put together a google map that people can their favorite bar locations so we can share this with everyone. =)



April 14th, 2010 at 12:20

Ladies. Just a word of advice. Look for the cool casual guys hanging near “Stora Baren” at Riche. Come up and say hi. And oh… Forget about all the other bars/pubs mentioned in the article. You just need to know about Riche.



April 20th, 2010 at 04:04

…………..:(……..? Pubs and Bars…….(much spoken and commented about)…… is there all to life…………..?


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May 6th, 2012 at 01:50

Oh you should make a list of your favorite coffee shops as well!! I love studying in coffee shops!!



May 29th, 2012 at 18:35

Yo, what are the best places for 18-19yo’s to hang out in Stockholm? I just noticed that you can’t buy normal alcohol (can you drink normal alcohol outside of pubs?) and I’m 19 with some 18 yo friends. Advice, please :)



August 11th, 2013 at 14:39

Great list!. I didn’t see this before I visited Stockholm, so I went on a pub crawl in Stockholm instead and that was a really good idea actually. They took us to lots of cool bars. I met a lot of cool people as well so that was a bonus ;) . The prices were quite cheap, or so.



February 10th, 2014 at 23:16

Anyone know of any bars that will be open during midsummer weekend? Thanks



March 2nd, 2014 at 01:43

Hi Chris! Hmmm, good question. I *think* Debaser Slussen will be open. Skansen has a big Midsommar festival, in case you are interest.

You may have to wander around a bit, to be honest.

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