Famous Swedish Brands & Companies from A to Ö

Always wonder what more comes from Sweden besides Dancing Queen and Absolute Mango? Well, here’s a list of brands, companies, musicians, and stores that all originate from little nordic country called Sweden. From A to Ö.

A – ABBA, Absolut Vodka, AstraZeneca; Acne Jeans
B – Björn Borg
C – Cardigans
D – Dynamite, Dalahäst
E – Ericsson
F – Filippa K
G – Girls, Greta Garbo
H – H&M, Hasselblad, Hästens
I – IKEA, Ingmar Bergman
J – Jantelag
K – Koenigsegg, Kent
L – Läkerol, Lagom
M – Malaco, Midsummer, Movits, Marabou
N – Nordiska Kompaniet
O – Olle
P – Pirate Bay, Pripps Blå, Pacemaker, Permobil (thanks Natalie)
Q –
R – Roxette, Rebtel
S – Saab, Swedish Chef, Smörgåsbord, Snus, Scania, Spotify, SAS, Swedish Fish
T – Tetra Pak
U – Ullevi Stadium, Umeå
V – Volvo
W – Wallenstam
X –
Y – Yngve
Z – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zippers
Ä –
Å – Åhleans
Ö – Öland

Am still missing for Q, X, and Ä. Let me know if there are more companies to add for Sweden.  Hope you enjoyed fun facts from here.  And, there will be a post on Swedish food from A to Ö soon!

20 thoughts on “Famous Swedish Brands & Companies from A to Ö”

  1. I love that you have “lagom” on the list :)
    But you forgot two, the pacemaker, that is also a Swedish invention. And Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) :)

    It’s a shame that there are so many Swedish companies that are sold to other countries, for example Volvo that was bought by China a few months ago. We are loosing our pride :/

  2. @Nathalie – True, Absolut is no longer Swedish. Neither are Saab and Volvo. Nor AstraZeneca.

    Didn’t know the pacemaker was created by Swedes.

    @Ivy – Did you see Movits on The Colbert Report a few months ago? It was awesome!

  3. its very weird that Volvo was sold – they were just getting popular after “Twilight”:)))

  4. @Sapphire- yes! Now I completely adore Swedish rap; I don’t know about you, but I personally believe the Swedish language was meant to be rapped, not spoken ;)

  5. Maybe the producers of Twilight should have bought more Volvos. :p

    Speaking of movies, I always see Saabs in Hollywood films. Sideways is the one that comes to mind, but what’s with Swedish cars in the films?

    Haha, I never thought about Swedish rap that way! There’s another Swedish hip hop group I like…will have to look it up on Spotify and let you know.

  6. Shouldn’t it be THE Cardigans, the band? Or was a cardigan – the clothing invented in Sweden too?

    What about Alfred Nobel

    Astrid Lindgren

    Do all girls oroginate from Sweden?

    You forgot Marabou (the chocolate)

    Who’s Olle? And why is Umeå on the list? It’s a city in Sweden so ofcourse it’s from Sweden.

    You wrote that it’s a list of brands, companies and other famous things from Sweden, I don’t think Öland (or Umeå) belongs on it.

  7. Catherine, just being funny about some of the names on the list. Guess the joke got lost in translation. ;)

    If you know of companies/brands/bands that start with O or U that would be appreciated.

    Thought I had Marabou on the list, but will definitely add it.

  8. lol @ Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    I add to the list Wesc (We are the superlative conspiracy) and Cheap Monday

  9. What about Class Ohlsen? Not a bad chain, I always get my batteries and other electric stuff from there, I think its swedish, is it?

  10. This is slighly random, but it about Ikea! I actually went into the food shop today and bought stuff. I got Swedish cheese (v yum), biscuits, cinnamon rolls, sweets, elderflower and lingonberry drinks. Plus Princess cake. Excellent shopping. Bra!

  11. Hey,

    You forgot…

    A… Ace of Base
    F… Fredrik Ljunberg
    O… Ohlins Suspension (motorbikes and cars)


    PS> Love your blogs! Hopefully I get an opportunity to come to Sweden… :)

  12. Boycott all Swedish brands in support of Julian Assange. Send a message to the Swedish government by refusing to buy Swedish until they make the assurance Assange will not be extradited to the USA,

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