Happy Easter and Make Mine a Chocolate Bunny!

i like wearing bows - bunny

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter and Glad Påsk to friends, family, and readers all over the world from the Swede, my bunny rabbit (the little dude above), and I. =)

Påskeskum and Chocolate bunnies

For those celebrating, please encourage NOT giving real bunnies as gifts. Thousands of little rabbits each year are abandoned by summer because they were given as gifts to children. They’re real pets and need as much love and attention as dogs and cats.

This year, if your child wants a bunny, give them a delicious chocolate bunny instead. The non-profit group MMC (Make Mine Chocolate) encourages people to buy chocolate easter rabbits instead of real bunnies. Join their Facebook page and show your support.

make mine chocolate bunny

Get out there, eat chocolate, and save a bunny rabbit.

Colorful Easter bunnies

9 thoughts on “Happy Easter and Make Mine a Chocolate Bunny!”

  1. Happy Easter Puntino!

    Emily, the colorful bunnies were in Hannover, Germany. I took the photos a few years ago.

  2. Pros of a real bunny:
    – They are fluffy
    – They cuddle
    – They are adorable
    – They live a long time

    Cons of a real bunny:
    – They chew on everything
    – They poop a lot
    – They procreate a lot, and quickly!

    Pros of a chocolate bunny:
    – They are editable
    – They come in many flavours and fillings
    – You can give them as gifts
    – They lay chocolate eggs

    Cons of a chocolate bunny:
    – They end up on your hips, thighs, butt and gut
    – They do not procreate fast enough to eat
    – You can’t cuddle with them

  3. Mmmmmm… chocolate eggs.

    And don’t forget, real bunnies eat books and clothes too! :O

  4. Chocolate bunnies are delicious. Påskeskum is not delicious though, it’s like weird flavored marshmallows.

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