Våffledagen – Waffle Day in Sweden

waffle with whipped cream and strawberries

It is waffle day in Sweden. If you thought Swedes had a love for godis, they also are crazy for waffles.

This year I won’t be celebrating waffle day today but will over the weekend. For those interested my friend, E, gave me the best recipe for dinkelvåfflor. These are waffles made with spelt, a high fiber and protein flour. They are healthy and delicious!
Dinkelvåfflor recept:
2 ½ dl dinkelmjöl
1,25 tsk bakpulver
3 dl mjölk eller grädde
75 gram smör
2 ägg
1 tsk vanille

– All items should be at room temperature
– Make sure to melt the butter before incorporating into the mix
– Let sit for 10 minutes to allow the baking powder to activate

Toppings for Waffles:
Traditional toppings on waffles in Sweden are sylt (jam), fresh strawberries, and whipped cream. I enjoy all that and ice cream. That’s because I am crazy.

If you want a savory waffle, you can make waffles like mini sandwiches. Since waffles in Sweden are shaped as hearts, you can tear them apart and serve individually.
Some savory toppings on waffles: Basil cream (philly cream cheese mixed with fresh basil), ham, egg, mushroom, fresh shrimps (like a mini räksalad on top of toast).

What is your favorite topping on waffles?

double waffle iron

7 thoughts on “Våffledagen – Waffle Day in Sweden”

  1. OMG!!!! That’s the stuff from my childhood!!!:))) And I aint swedish!!! Looks like lithuanian and swedish cuisine has much more in common than just herrings with potatoes:))) Do they do herring-pineapple “salad” over there as well???:)))

  2. In north Italy especially in the Alps and south France we have something like that called Goffries.

    Probably, they were brought by the Germans/Swiss during the prosecution of the protestants. In fact many valleys are populated by protestants people and have a dialect coming from the german.

    A variety with Nutella is particular appreciated

  3. Moonlight – Not seen herring-pinapple salad but I’m not a fan of herring. Will look out though for it.

    Riccardo – Warm up a couple spoonfuls of Nutella in the microwave (15-20seconds) and add it into the batter. Mmmm, mumms!

    I love goffies! They are delicious. I ate them all the time in France.

  4. @Sapphire

    not sure will you find it, it could be more of a lithuanian thing – when I lived in London was always getting a “bucket” from a lithuanian shop although im not a big fan of herring myself – loved it:) not had it for years now since I moved to Manchester and there arent any lithuanian shops over here…:( Are there many potatoe dishes in Sweden? Potatoe pancakes, potatoe bakes or sml?

  5. Moonlight – There are not too many varied potato dishes, mainly boiled potato or roasted potato. Potato flour is used in quite a few baked dishes (to give fluffiness) but no potato pancakes (latkes).

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