Swedish Olympics Withdrawal

I have an addiction. During the Winter Olympics I am addicted to the television. The Summer Olympics just are not the same. There are no crashes. Nothing crazy happens. What, a runner ran and tripped? Not exciting. A skiier flew off the track and into the tree? Crazy. A luge flies off the track? Okay, crazy and yet sad after this year’s death of the Georgian luge athlete. The world’s most dangerous Olympic Sport? Snowboard and his sister, Ski Cross.

And hey, nothing beats curling.

Or men’s hockey.

Or giant slalom.

Or the Super-G.

Now I have Swedish Olympics Withdrawal. And it’s made worse by SAD (seasonal affected disorder). Can you imagine SOW and SAD get together??!

On the fun/tragic/entertaining side, this year, Sweden set an Olympic record. Not official but the Swedes managed to have some of the most spectacular crashes. Anja Pärson crashed on her last jump on the Olympic Downhill skiing.

But she showed everyone off by winning the Bronze medal in the Super G Alpine race.

Then, the oldest Olympic competitor in skiing, Patrik Järbyn crash during the men’s Super G. It was a pretty horrible blasting apart of skis.

(can only be seen in Sweden, boo)
Patrik could not return to compete. He luckily suffered no major damages. Considering this was supposed to be his last Olympics, I wonder if he will return again.

On Sunday, the men’s hockey match battled between the North Americans: Canada and USA. Never fear though, a Swede felt it necessary to appear at the gold medal hockey game. An amazingly awesome game; well done to both team.

And here’s the list of medals Sweden received at the 2010 Vancouver Games:
Björn Ferry – 12.5km Biatholan Pursuit
Charlotte Kalla – 10km mass start
Marcus Hellner – Men’s 30 km Pursuit (15C+15F)
Daniel Richardsson, Johan Olsson, Anders Södergren, Marcus Hellner – Men’s 4×10 km Relay Classic/Free
Anette Norberg, Eva Lund, Christine Lindahl, Anna Le Moine, Kajsa Bergström – Women’s Curling

Anna Haag – Ladies’ 15 km Pursuit (7.5km Classic + 7.5km Free)
Anna Haag, Charlotte Kalla – Ladies’ Team Sprint Free

Johan Olsson – Men’s 30 km Pursuit (15C+15F)
Joan Olsson – Bronze Men’s 50 km, Mass Start Classic
Anja Pärson – Alpine Supercombination (Super G)
André Myhrer – Alpine Slalom

4th Place
Curling – Mens
Ice hockey – Ladies
Marcus Hellner – 15km long mass start
Anna Haag – 10km mass start
Anna Olsson – Sprint
Maria Pietilä-Holmner – Alpine Slalom
Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek – Biathlon

Tied 8th place with 11 medals against the other countries. Too bad Norway beat us with 23 medals.

And to that, the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games are over. Back to our real social lives.

7 thoughts on “Swedish Olympics Withdrawal”

  1. I am right with you on this one, experiencing a big let down now that the Olympics are finished. I loved being able to switch on the TV at anytime and watch some ski cross or ice skating etc.. In addition to missing all the sports, because I live in Vancouver I’m also missing all the people who were visiting us. It was simply amazing and awesome beyond words, everyday to see thousands of people from all over the world, many with their national colours on, walking around Vancouver. I never thought of Vancouver as boring, but I do now, it just seems to quiet and empty. Boo! I can’t wait to start traveling in Europe where hopefully I’ll meet more people from around the world :)

  2. Oh Juni! Being in Vancouver must have been spectacular. Do you have any photos to share?

    You will meet colorful people in Europe, but then again, you can do it anywhere in the world. Just have to look in the corners.

    Ohhhh, how I wish curling was on TV right now.

  3. Hey!
    I don’t even know how I found your blog but I’ve just spent the last 2 hrs drinking coffee and reading through the posts laughing out loud quite a few times! Being Swedish and engaged to an American man living in Sweden, this certainly offers a new perspective on things. Maybe Swedish guys are ok after all, but I do love my American who swept me off my feet in a manner that I’ve never experienced before.
    I will most definitely follow your blog from now on! Keep it up and thanks for making my day a good one! =)

  4. Haha – amen sister! It’s good to have a social life back, but I miss the guys from TV and the commentators SO MUCH!! They’re my friends, and now they’re gone… Thank God for Vasaloppet on Sunday when they’ll be back, if only for a day :)

  5. Hi ia! I am thrilled you enjoyed the blog while drinking a cup of coffee. And maybe with a smorgas? How long have you been with American guy? Did you meet in the US?

    Always fun to meet more people with the Swedish/American love.

    Emma – “And they go bananas!!!” Oh, I will miss the commentators. :P

  6. Hey Sapphire
    Yeah I have a few pics but not nearly as much as I should have. I had a terrible cold during the Olympics so it was enough just to get out and have fun. I did however get tickets to the Bronze curling event given to me and that was really awesome. I’ve never been to a curling event before, so it was very fun. sigh..still finding Vancouver super boring now and I have to say having all these men in town from Europe was pretty amazing too ;) You gals don’t know how lucky you are! Or maybe you do and that’s why you live there haha.

  7. I’ve been with my American for over 5yrs now. He’s got some Swedish family (that is connected to mine, but NOT by blood) so when he moved over here we got introduced and that’s where it started. He did a good job, wooing me with his American ways. =)
    I’ve gone with him to the US a few times now and I think the differences was what surprised me the most, therefor it so much fun reading about your experiences cause they seem quite similar! =)

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