Sweden at the USA-Canada Olympics Gold Hockey Match

Couldn’t help but laugh at the Swede who’s routing for… Sweden … at the USA – Canada game? Whoops!

UPDATE: Canada scores first and “the place goes bananas.” USA ties the game with 24 seconds left in regulation. Canada wins the Gold medal in an overtime match against the US. Very awesome. Crosby puts it in. People are going crazy in Vancouver!

What about our Swedo? Evidently he wore this outfit so that his wife could find him on tv. Smart little Swede.
Where's Swedo? USA Canada Olympic Hockey Match

Medal Ceremony at the Hockey game. You can still spot the Swede.
Medal Ceremony Men's Olympic Hockey

Some Canadian fans know how to dress in style
Funny Canadians

What a way to end the Olympics!

5 thoughts on “Sweden at the USA-Canada Olympics Gold Hockey Match”

  1. It was a great game. Well played by both teams. I’m actually glad it wasn’t taken to a shootout in the end. Players work so hard as a team the whole tournament and then it’s a 1 on 1 to decide.

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