Ryanair & Snow Adventures at Skavsta Airport

This week in Stockholm, traveling anywhere is a bad idea. The weather has been so bad that it’s better to stay at home than go to work, a so called, snödag. Schools were closed, and those who braved the weather took an adventure through the city to get home. Cuz of course SL, the local rail and bus transit system of Stockholm was broken most of the day.
stockholms city in the winter
I had a better adventure than trying to get to work on Monday. I was going to Skavsta airport on Sunday evening to travel to London. While Hairy Swede hates on Arlanda airport, I am going to hate on Skavsta, rather Ryan Air. Because Ryan Airline can not only be the silliest airline, it can have the stupidest bus service ever.

The flight was at 21hr (9pm) and I decided to take the Ryan Air bus at 17hr to get to the airport by 18.30. That would give me plenty of time to relax at the airport. Normally, I’m not the on time sort of person at the airports, but this time I felt it prudent to get there in a timely manner.

At 16.55, everyone has queued up at the bus area at Gate 15. At least this time, there was no City Terminalen chaos as the gate checkers were oblivious to bus passengers. At 17.05, a Ryan Air transfer bus passed came into the station, passed us, and went back out again. It never came back.

The Ryan Air bus in Stockholm’s station was empty. The ticket checker, of course sitting INSIDE the station said the bus was full. Because you know, being inside gives you better visibility to things outside than people standing outside.

She was pretty annoying and after 30min, we all got refunds and went to search for the next bus. Hell if I would trust the next Ryan Air bus at 18.15. It doesn’t beat the 0.00€ flights that Jason found, but a cash return is better than losing the bus ticket.

So I went downstairs to the lower gates to wait for Flygbussarna. At 17.30 people started boarding the bus for the departing 17.50. The bus filled. Another bus came to handle the overflow. That bus filled. So another came to take passengers, one of them being me. I got on the bus and it filled too. So guess what, Flygbussarna sent another bus to fill it in.

Finally at 19.30 I arrived to Skavsta. Checked in bag, had my passport checked. And the check-in counter man said, “You do know the flight is delayed, right?”


“Yea, it will leave at 23.25” … Boo … At Skavsta.

At 23.25 I boarded the plane, at a little past midnight we took off. We managed to get out of the airport and into the air, on the way to London. Better than the Skavsta airport chaos two weeks ago when Ryanair had the airport close. THAT was stupid. Who knew traveling from Sweden would be so difficult.

And at 04.00, I was sleeping in my bed. Finally. In London.

4 thoughts on “Ryanair & Snow Adventures at Skavsta Airport”

  1. Wow, that is brutal! But at least you didn’t miss your flight, but sucks it turned from late night to a red-eye flight. :(

    Isn’t there a rule in the EU, if a flight is delayed by 2 hours, you get some sort of financial compensation? I though I read that somewhere.

    But, having my flight delayed is a normal flight for me! I’ve NEVER had a flight on time. Never, EVER. EVER! It’s something I’ve learned to accept when flying, I will always be delayed.

  2. Don’t tell me that. Especially when considering the fact that I’m going to Stockholm between March the 12 and 17th.

    …I picked a bad date, didn’t I? :(

    Anywho, it really sucks you had to go through all that. I often complain about easyjet, but I’m starting to get the impression that all cheap airlines SUCK.

  3. Hey, did you know that from May, Norwegian are starting to run some new routes to/from Stockholm? A good one for me(Edinburgh to Stockholm), and to/from London also. It’s brilliant, because Norwegian are cheap (and for my next journey I compared them to Ryanair and Norwegian were cheaper). So there you have it-you never have to deal with crappy Ryanair and the exhausting flygbuss/ryanair bus scenario ever again, if you don’t want to. :-D

  4. I have had more issues flying to Skavsta than from it. An inch of snow at Gatwick and I was grounded for 2 days (but it did inspire my latest screenplay) yet when I get to Skavsta not only is there around a foot of snow but the plane lands as smooth as a babys bum

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