Yes, Swedish Girls are Beautiful

The rumors are true. Swedish girls are pretty. They’re gorgeous. Swedish girls can really be hot; and I’m a girl saying this. In the US, you’re lucky to find girls that are 7 or above, the average is a 2 or 3. In Sweden, the average girl is at least 4 and it is easy to find 7s or 8s. Pretty amazing from coming from the polar land way north on Earth.

I collected some photos of the hot swedish women and posted them up. It’s summertime in these photos; surely it would be nice if our snowy dark weather ended and we could have this kind of fun. You can check out a full photo collection of Swedish girls.

Male readers out there, this should inspire you on how to find a Swedish women and also how to pick up girls. Or at the very least, enjoy the photos.

And to us mere mortals out there, we are still damn hot, not just in that Swedish way.

At Midsommar party:
swedish girls midsummer

Girls Love Sports Too

Celebrating Christmas in Stockholm

The Hottest Swedish Lingerie Model – Victoria Silvstedt
swedish lingerie model

svenska tjej victoria silvstedt

Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis: Stop staring at the screen
swedish girls bikini

Another beautiful blond
beautiful blonde swedish girl

Swedish Girls Celebrating Stockholm’s Summer

67 thoughts on “Yes, Swedish Girls are Beautiful”

  1. Woah, I think you’re being too hard on American women! A 2 or 3?!?!

    I know in Vancouver, I’d rate the average around 5 (it being average, the mean) but in here in Sweden I’d say it’s 6.5, using a “Canadian” standard. It seems Swedish women tend to take better care of themselves and dress to please and impress. Though, when you get to the stunners, the drop dead “wow, what was I saying again?” the 9s and 10s, I’d say it’s equal, Stockholm vs Vancouver. Though, we do have more colours of the rainbow available, if you know what I mean. ;)

  2. Det är faktiskt ett intressant ämne, då hela vida världen “vet om det”. Iallafall västvärlden. Men det tråkiga är ju att dem tycker att alla ser likadana ut^^. Söta, men likadana.

  3. Andrew – You’re right, I’m being a little harsh on the American girls. There are lots of pretty ones. But both men and women don’t care of themselves the way Europeans do.

    I’ll say American girls are 3-4 on the scale.

    Trees – Du är rätt. Svenska tjejer är vackert men alla är ser likadana: blong, lång, fint.

  4. In the first photo, notice there was only one Swedish guy. Perhaps you could also classify him as a woman too! “Sweden, where the women are women, and the men are too!” He’s definitely looking like a “stekare”.

  5. I’ve read that one of the reason Swedish women take such good care of themselves is because there are way more women than men so they have to work extra hard to find a relationship – do you find this to be true.

  6. Andrew – He qualifies as a girl, and definitely stekare

    Deirdre – I wouldn’t be surprised. I know that Stockholm has one of the highest single rates in the world, which also increases competition.

    Hahaha! @Riccardo

  7. Haha – nice one! That title should defnitely get you more visits, as was the point, right?! ;) And that first photo is insanely blonde, amazing really.

  8. The picture of the two blonds, I saw that one on the Stureplan site. Whilst I do think they are pretty, am I the only one who looks at the pictures posted on Stureplan and wonder what all the hype is over when it comes to the Swedish women?

    If someone was to take the collection of photos Stureplan publishes as a general look: nearly all of Sweden is filled with people with bright orange skin; hair bleached but still showing roots (natural blond as if) and – with the men- lots of greasy hair.

    By the way, just want to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have been for a while now (even though this is my first post in reply) and just want to say keep it up! Your insights are much appreciated, especially as I moving to Sweden and like to know what I am letting myself in for. Haha.

  9. They are, but you’re beautiful too Sapphire. :-) I agree with the Canadian. Maybe a little higher average in the US? Perhaps it depends on the state? =)

  10. Hmmmm… Interesting post. The ironic thing is that with the exception of the two girls from the “Swedish Party Tjejer” who I will admit are insanely beautiful to the point where as a woman you ask yourself “Why is life so unfair!?!,” I found the majority of the girls in the photos you posted to be average and a few to be actually quite unattractive. Also, I’m curious as to where you found these photos? Are these photos of your friends? Are they random photos of people you’ve encountered on the street? Or are these photos of people you found to be attractive and gleaned off of the internet? I can also quite easily post photos of hot chicks from American ads and claim that “Yes, American Girls are Beautiful.” Also, didn’t you have a previous post about the “famous hot Swedish women” in some beer ad that were actually American women? :)

    Anyway, my ultimate question that I would like to pose is “where’s your empirical data?”

    Are you comparing Sweden a country of 9 million to America a country of 300 million? Are you comparing the women of Stockholm to the women of rural Texas? Perhaps a more accurate assessment would be to make a comparison of the first 100 women ages 18-25 to pass by you on a specific street corner in Stockholm versus the first 100 women ages 18-25 to pass by you on a specific street corner in New York City, with a similar demographic in each location. And then to poll the same 100 men and ask them to rate each woman. Now that would be a post with some actual depth.

    And lastly, remember that beauty is all in the eye of the beholder…

  11. Sapphire, in a totally hetero and straight way, I think you are as lovely and hot looking as the women you have posted and moreso than some. Given that there are more Swedish women than men (Seems like in every country there are way more women than men. Is there any country with more men on the planet?! Women out there, please get busy having male babies to balance out the numbers.) and yet you managed to snatch a Swedish fiance right up from under them. Well, I rest my case.

    Interestingly, there’s been a huge turnaround over the years in the perception of Russian/Slavic women. The image went from a stereotype of big comrade-women in combat boots to frumpy women in babuskas. Then a complete turnaround on image happened, with Russian women now more typically thought of as being beauties and very hot. Also Czech women, who are considered great looking with long beautiful legs. However,my bet for more hot beauties on average in a country would be the world renowned Brazilian women.

  12. @ commqueen123

    slavic women are very popular around the world I think, that stereotype you mentioned was probably some result of anti soviet propaganda hehe. Im a swedish male and I dont think I know a single guy who does not have this small fantasy of slavic women=P. I think brazilian women are considered hot, not because how they look per se but more because of the bathing suits they use. As always, most men judge how hot a woman is on the amount of clothes she is wearing hehe.

  13. Err to clarify, when I said this small fantasy about slavic women, I meant that they think they are very hot. And not the old stereotype thing you mentioned.

  14. I agree with one comment (in Swedish): everyone looks pretty in the summers! I don’t think Swedes are prettier than usual though. However, they do know how to do make up and prettify themselves, especially in spring and summer. Actually most of the pretty girls probably don’t look like themselves without make up, nor with the blond hair (most Swedes actually have mouse brown hair). So, it’s a matter of flaunting your features.

    Somehow though, I think the blond made-up Swedish women are a bit tiring to look at sometimes because they tend to want to look all the same. Most of the party pictures in the tabloid newspapers look exactly like the two Swedish party girls you posted… it’s almost as if their faces were interchangeable (or forgettable)?

  15. Well I have to agree a lot of the swedish girls are incredibly gorgeous, and this is coming from a straight girl, but now it makes me wonder, about those swedish ladies that arent that beautiful but still act with that air of superiority, just because they are swedish, dont they know they dont look like a lot of the godesses we can see on the street sometimes? is a woman supposed to be beautiful just because she is swedish? dont take me wrong, I´ve had the pleasure to meet also the kind of beautiful(very blond and not so blond) smart and marvelous swedish women, they do exist, but the other girls just make me wonder, or maybe it is me, but, am I the only one that has seen this “Im the hottest thing on earth because I´m a swede” behavior?
    Thank you :D

  16. When we were in Stockholm, my older (and therefore wiser) friend did notice that many of the women had bad roots – so these goddess are not naturally blonde eh – cheats!!! We went on root watch but it was far more interesting oggling the blokes!

  17. Björn says:
    “March 5, 2010 at 03:24

    @ commqueen123

    slavic women are very popular around the world I think, that stereotype you mentioned was probably some result of anti soviet propaganda hehe. Im a swedish male and I dont think I know a single guy who does not have this small fantasy of slavic women=P. I think brazilian women are considered hot, not because how they look per se but more because of the bathing suits they use. As always, most men judge how hot a woman is on the amount of clothes she is wearing hehe.”

    As a Brazilian man I say, jealousy kills the soul gradually: the Brazilian model Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele Bundchen are among the five highest paid models in the world, and not because they wear short clothes, but because they are beautiful and represent the beauty of Brazilian women, which is incomparable. We live in a tropical country, with the sun all year round, you do not expect our women wear these warm clothes you wear in Europe. If they are beautiful and hot why hide it, by a false puritanism? Sorry, if we are sexy by nature.

  18. By the way, Swedish women are beautiful. Each woman has her own beauty. We need not make comparisons. I love blondes and I think Sweden are beautiful. And if someone say the opposite, do not accept that. A hug to all Swedes.

  19. If you search this globe, you will find beauty everywhere. I would never rate womens beauty on a national scale. What is the definition of beauty anyway? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? Is it some superficial on the exterior? Or can people look beyond it, and see that beauty is truly skin deep? As a woman period, not European, American, Asian, etc, I would say that I am happy with who I am. My mom, sisters and friends are beautiful, not because of their hair, eyes, etc. It would be because of their kindness, sense of humor, honesty and respect for others. In my heart, that should be more important to judge on a scale, than anything else. :)

  20. honestly? THESE girls are the “grädden-på-moset”?
    then you have not seen much, girl…
    /swedish girl

  21. commmme on! okey you think Sweden = blondes, AND I say NOOO! Sweden = brunettes, blondes, redheads!!!
    / Swedish girl

  22. swedish girls are whores, fake, orange, selfish and ugly. These pics just prove that, there is nothing natural about them. If swedish guys want whores then good for them.

  23. Hello folks, I’m Brazilian and as most men know that women enjoy beautifull, and like millions of men, I certainly think that con Swedish women are one of the most beautiful and hot women in the world, talking about the high level sen social Sweden, so that parents make Sweden a more perfect, I would like to congratulate the president of Sweden by the fine job he’s resurfaced, this wins many points for, for me and millions of other men who love the Swedish.

  24. Some of these women are attractive, but others are just plain and some are unattractive. Just because someone is blonde and blue-eyed doesn’t automatically mean they’re pretty.

  25. Some very pretty girls from Sweden, but the girls from Buenos Aires are the hottest I’ve ever seen.

  26. My longest girl relationships in my life were with blond hair-blue green eyed german-Norway American women. This is because I had no idea Sweden existed…WoW!!!! Type in google Images: swedish gils and be ready to be taken to heaven. I am DETERMINED to spend next summer in sweden. Swedish wman are the most attractive women in the world and I only date super hot women (very shallow) I am a very dark and for some reason I am attracted to very white chicks…I don’t get it. Why does the blond hair drive me so crazy?any help out there?

  27. Puerto vallrta, they attract you because they are different. Nothing else. Once you spend some time with them, you’ll get over it. All girls are the same inside: complicated. I have a lot of italian friends and they come to Jugoslavia (ex nowadays, but ‘ll keep living in it), and they all go crazy sick. Can’t have enough of our tall long legged brunettes. We Jugoslavs are very tall people… Particularly Dalmatians (like me) and Montenegrins.

    Funny thing is that I am luckier with Italian girls than Italian guys are. Whereas they have better luck with Jugoslav girls than I do.

    We all like different stuff. Exotic. I once had a swedish girlfreind rom Mura. All her girlfriends were models too… A heaven on earth. But, so is my Split. The most mediterranean girls, the most beautiful are Dalmatian girls.

    Until you see montenegrins, or Colombian, or Indian or Venezuelan, not to mention Thai chicks. Man, those Thai chicks, when they are good, they are unbelievably hot. But that is not widespread occurence. Majority are just ordinary chinese looking girls (flat bums, short legs, no tits).

    But confused Britts go for these like there’s no tomorrow, it is hillarious!!!!

  28. I’ve been to 54 countries. There are beautiful women everywhere, and while I lived in Stockholm I met and saw many beautiful women. It comes down to personal preference when a favorite is chosen. For me, when you add it all up, the girls of Buenos Aires are the best.

  29. Great stuff guys! Hey, does anyone know of a great site to meet ladies in Sweden? I am interested in Visiting Stockholm this summer as well and want to start meeting some ladies’
    Thanks in advance°

  30. Sorry to say that you’ve missed “this summer” and will have to be content with next summer!
    Most of the girls from Stockholm come down south for the summer anyhow,so fly into Copenhagen and then get the train across to Malmö,and upto Båstad.You’ll find them all on the beaches around here and at Tylösand in Halmstad. :)

    The blonde woman from the third picture (startind from top of page) , IS ROMANIAN ; although i’m not 100% sure , I remember reading an article about her , just that I can’t remember her name…
    The photo is from the internet or you have a source for it?
    Please “solve this mistery” for me!
    Nice site!

  32. Sweden has the most fake blond women in the world. Swedish women´s hair is rat-coloured, according to their own description but they spend so much money on bleaching their hair.

    Just one question to Swedish women:

    Why is it so important for you to look blond?

  33. Stop exaggerating. Anyone who’s been to Sweden knows this is a stereotype. And the phrase “insanely beautiful” is just weird. Beauty is flawlessness. Meaning, flaws cause a person to go “something is off” and feel a bit agitated at the imperfection. When everything is in its proper place, we are at rest, at peace. Excitement is weird. It’s bizarre. It’s more like, ugliness causes a disturbance, and beauty is peaceful.

    Also, that “blonde” with the brown eyes you have up there, you can clearly see she’s a bottle blonde, as many Swedes are.

  34. What’s a bottle blond?

    It would be nice to know why so many girls must bleach and strip their hair (it’s damaging and kills your hair at the end – ie. see old swedish women, their hair is dead).

  35. I laugh when they say that swedish women are the pretties in the world, most of them have mousy dirt blond hair, that they dye to death, they have very orange faces lol. I guess that is why most men from sweden and switzerland love me. they tell me they like darker women. im indian and black so i end up looking like a brazilian. naturally tanned skin, dark hair, natural bust and big, firm bottoms. men always like different things. Only american men would really like swedish women since they fall for the hype

  36. Yeah, I’ve always known that Swedish women are beautiful. I’ve known this fact as a very young boy at an age before you start noticing and admiring women. It’s not news to me that Swedish women are gorgeous. I hope to find (fall in love) and marry a gorgeous Swedish babe someday. If not, I’ll settle for a gorgeous Russian woman. They’re known for their extreme physical beauty, too. :)

  37. I don’t think theyre any different to any other women, they probably take more care of themselves unlike some nationalities, although I think the Slovak and Czech women are the most beautiful..

  38. I don’t have much experience of the US but I don’t think the reason is just that sewdish women take better care of themselves. I believe the reason is food. Swedes eat a lot more healthy food than many americans and we know for a fact that what you eat has much to do with how you look. Weight, body type, hair condition and skin complexion, everything has something to do with what you eat.

    It is just a theory I have though.

    Someone said something about the pics from Stureplan, they are NOT representative for the entire population of Sweden, just a little click of people rooming the pubs and bars in Stockholm’s nightlife. They believe they are good looking but everyone else thinks they’re just plain ugly and silly looking.

    Someone also mentioned there being more women in Sweden than men? That’s… I don’t even know what to say. That is not true. If there are, the diffrence is not noticable.

  39. @Swede – FYI “Someone also mentioned there being more women in Sweden than men? That’s… I don’t even know what to say. That is not true” — There are more women than men in Sweden. The ratio of males to females in the general population is .98, which is about the same of the Western nations. Most Asian (including Russia), Middle Eastern, and Africans have at least 1.01 males to females in the general population. This phenomena is human related since sex selection is common in poor nations; favoring males over females. You can see the full list here from the CIA factbook:

    Of course food plays a role in how healthy you are but it doesn’t change your hair or skin color. As it turns out, I wrongly assumed most Swedish women are naturally blond (at birth yes), though most use heavy chemical bleachers to make their hair blond. This is obviously not healthy for your hair but since the general fascination favors blonds over brunettes or black hair women, this continues.

    Definitely agree about the Stureplan part…some people just look so silly when they go to extremes to look “cool.”

  40. Det här är ett Stockholms-syndrom. I storstäder är folk generellt mer attraktiva, det går inte att dra slutsatser om Sverige baserade på Stockholm enbart. Det är som att åka till Manhattan och dra slutstsen att alla amerikaner har coola jobb, tjänar massor och ser jättebra ut.

  41. this post made me crack up. I’m an american woman of swedish descent, and i never thought of swedish women as being more beautiful than other race. I grew up wishing to be tan, with brown hair and brown eyes like my hispanic/italian/eastern european friends. Most members of my swedish family are about 6 ft. tall with BLACK hair and blue eyes and TAN really easily (sorry to bust your scandinavian stereotype, guys!).. im the first platinum blonde in generations who, sadly, doesn’t tan at all. we do all seem to be tall with blue eyes though.. maybe its ice age isolation? small gene pool? haha.

  42. This is one of the silliest thing I’ve read, and I am a Swedish girl. Beautiful women come from everywhere, and I think you’re very rude in saying your fellow American girls ‘have an average of 2 or 3’. Maybe it’s just you? And how did you even get your marking scheme? Are you aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Some people like tan skin, some like pale.. some like dark hair… some like light hair. It’s all personal preference.

    Morever a lot Swedish girls use A LOT of makeup at a very young age (and are kind of slutty). And yes, a lot of bottle blondes as well and fake tan lovers.
    Anyway.. pick up tips? LOL (and LOL to the extremely shallow comments up there)

  43. Well, I think I am agree with you !
    I met lots of swedish girls, and they are almost beautiful.
    They are tall,silm,nice body type.
    Also, lots of them are blonde.
    And their eyes are almost green,blue.

    But I don’t think they use a lot of makeup.
    The fact is Many Beautiful girls use it.
    When you just see their face sharp, eyes,you still can find they are more beautiful.
    It’s not just for “Makeup”.
    American girls also can do it, and lots of American chick do it.
    It’s normal.
    So if american girls and swedish girls all do it, I am sorry to say, Most of swedish girls will look better.

    But “beautiful” is not everything.
    I guess you were just talking about person’s “outside” here.
    “Iselin”, you don’t have to be mad like that.

    And honestly,I found most of swedish are cool.
    I meant, they are beautiful but if you don’t know them,you will see the beautiful “cold face”.
    But American girls looks more better about that.
    I would say they got more “warm face” when they meet new person.
    And the face is Swedish guys also look better than other county’s guys. LOL


    I am not from Sweden&American.
    I just saying what I saw here. No offence.

  44. Andrew:
    the hair colour on Swedish girls is really more diverse than just blonde, I don’t know why pictures on Swedish girls focus so much on blonde girls all the time. =P
    As a Swede I would say that brown or dark-blonde is the most common colour, in fact I think dark hair might be even more common in some parts of Sweden.

    All in all I think Swedish girls are very similar to American girls in terms of looks.

  45. Swedish girls are gorgeous.
    I’m what one would call a “lipstick” lesbian. And so is my girlfriend. She is a beautiful Swedish girl and her personality is…wow. I am an Indian-American girl (from Himachal Pradesh,India) with black hair and gray eyes, and I adore my girlfriend’s long light blonde hair, and gazing into her sapphire blue eyes. Every time I touch her soft skin, I am in heaven. This is sounding cheesy, probably, and some of you will laugh, but I am in love with her.
    In my eyes, she is the most beautiful girl, and I could not be more in love with her. I just want to sweep her off her feet like a hopeless romantic, and marry her.
    Anna, I will always love you.

    All in all, Swedish women are….amazing!

  46. Well , sure u didn’t checked the map right …:)), no ofence they are okay but they aren’t the most prettiest , i am sure if u come in Romania , u’ll change your opinion ……the girls there are blooming hotttt, very pretty natural

  47. that’s true, I heard romanian girls are beautiful, and I read somewhere that the girls from either Ukraine or the Czech Republic are the most beautiful in the world. Then again, everything is relative:)

  48. Beautiful people are everywhere, in every country…

    but the most beautiful women that I have personally ever seen come from the Ukraine and near areas.

    9’s and 10’s there, everywhere, and not talking about bleached hair, either, their facial features and eyes are simply gorgeous. On top of that, the stuck-up attitude of most Swedes cancels any physical beauty out. Shame.

    So sorry Swedish ladies, your country does take the cake the way you think it does.

  49. As a Swedish girl I have to give my opinion. I guess we Swedish people likes to follow trends and look our best, but still the majority don’t want it to look forced therefore we try to make our make-up to look natural.I’ve noticed that girls from other countries have tendencies to exaggerate their make-up.
    It’s not true that all the Swedish girls have blonde hair and that everyone is tall like supermodels. Actually the majority in Sweden has brown hair/dark blonde hair. Lots of people who was blonde when they were young, bleach their hair. Sometimes I’m getting the impression that everyone thinks Swedish girls are beautiful because of the blonde hair? There are blondes in other parts of the world too.
    Finally I want to crush one last fantasy about Swedish women; Sweden is a very equal country and therefore no one really cares if you’ve slept with many guys. BUT it doesn’t mean that you really do sleep with just anyone and that it doesn’t matter if you’re interested of the guy. I’ve many bad experiences of guys from other countries that think you’re open to sex just because you’re Swedish. Old men, creepy men and so on. Be respectful guys.

  50. @Sonia – Agree with you that no matter how women look, it’s no reason to say they’ll sleep with everyone. That is gross.

  51. Finally I want to crush one last fantasy about Swedish women; Sweden is a very equal country and therefore no one really cares if you’ve slept with many guys. BUT it doesn’t mean that you really do sleep with just anyone and that it doesn’t matter if you’re interested of the guy. I’ve many bad experiences of guys from other countries that think you’re open to sex just because you’re Swedish. Old men, creepy men and so on. Be respectful guys.

    Now let me crush your false statments realy fast so you can wake up from that dream.

    Equal country yes. By no means do you have respect in any way if your a slut, ppl wont like you more their just gonna take advantage of it more to get in your pants.
    Your blind and totaly need to reasess your current friends view on you since i doubt they even look att you as a friend anymore.

    And now to the second part of your “experience” im guessing your talking about the turkish old guys that come to the bar and give you a drink and try to have sex with you almost instantly.

    Yes their disgusting, but att the same time yes your drunk, yes you talk slutty, and yes your thong is falling out of your panties, excuse me i mean your hotpants.
    Nomather how good my friend wich i rate on a 10 and most rate on a 9.9-10 scale, she has never dressed as a disgusting trashy type and amazingly shes dazzling and hot, with her jeans on still.
    Most of you try to hard to impress, and attract the ones your not realy after, and then you blame others.

    Personaly ive moved to about 8 towns from Umeå, to sundsvall, to gbg to malmö and been in stockholm to and some towns inbetween those live gävle and umeå, studied in different towns and so on, ive even had my share of 3somes and that happend actualy fairly early.
    In each of those towns when ive gotten to know people for more than 2-3 months they start talking shit about their “friend” thats a slut. Each town. now i dont mean to say there is no good friends but realy im going for a majority consensus for now.
    Thats why i keep to my self alot. But alot of swedes dont.

  52. I think a little biological order must be introduced here. Men are generally more sexually attracted to lighter-skinned women and women are more sexually attracted to darker-skinned men which puts the lighter-skinned Scandanavian women at a premium for most men. So whether they are attractive or not, using common denominators for judging beauty, the Swedish women are going to be more sexually attractive to most men for biochemical reasons that go far beyond mere eyesight. Having said that, I must go against the biological norm because dark skin seems to turn me more than light skin. Perhaps it’s because the light skin shows more blemishes than dark skin, or perhaps it’s because light skin ages quicker, nonetheless, I can’t seem to control myself around mahogany skin tones that are the antithesis of the protypical Swedish “beauty.” Go figure.

  53. Scandinavian girls really are the standard by which all other caucacian girls are assessed. A 15 minute walk through Stockholm will test the neck muscles of any tourist.. The sheer numbers of beauties that one will see in those 15 minutes will outnumber what one would see for a week in time square NYC. Even in tiny Bergen, Norway, one will see this. I couldn’t believe it.

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