World Nutella Day in Sweden … Mumms!

I stumbled across the best food holiday ever: World Nutella day. And with the terrible things that happened this week, i really needed something happy.

The founders of Bleeding Espresso, Ms. Adventures in Italy, and At Home in Rome have set up feb 5th to be international nutella day. What does mean for those in Sweden? Skip the sugary Swedish Nötcreme, it has nothing on our delicious goodness from Italy.

Why is Nutella better than Nötcreme?

  • Nutella is made from hazelnuts and chocolate, nötcrème is made from hazelnuts and vegetable fat and sugar.
  • Nutella comes in a delicious jar, nötcreme comes in a 20 gram plastic bag
  • Nötcreme, is light brown and looks a lot like something that came from the toilet….ewww.

Alright Swedes, so let’s Nutella Day tomorrow!

To celebrate Nutella day, eat Nutella on crêpes, waffles, or pancakes. Or make Nutella cupcakes. Mumms! And of course, share the love with friends.

And you can buy Nutella in Sweden at any grocery store. It’s usually found in the jams (sylt) section.

nutella day

If you take photos, be sure to post a link here.

8 thoughts on “World Nutella Day in Sweden … Mumms!”

  1. Do you think it’s okay to start celebrating a little early? I have some time on my hands, and a Nutella jar not far from them…

    Oh, and one thing that’s better with Nötcreme than Nutella is that it comes in the aforementioned 20 g bag, whereas Nutella comes in a jar. You add a spoon and there’s just no way of stopping!

  2. Nutella is one of those foods I classify as dangerous. Right up there with movie theater popcorn and dark chocolate. Most people simply lose control – I knew a guy who ate through a whole jar in one day. So in term of taste, Nutella wins easily. But in terms of health, perhaps Nötcreme is a better choice – easier to stop…

    Funny thing about Nutella, though. Apparently there are regional differences. According to my German roommate, the Nutella auf Deutschland is better than the American version. I didn’t really think he was serious, though, until he got back from a trip home and a jar of Nutella with a bunch of umlauts all over it appeared on our kitchen counter.

  3. A little curiosity for foreign freinds.

    Ferrero started its production of Nutella after the sanctions of the Former UN after the invasion of Italy in 1935 of Ethiopia. In fact, after these sanctions, Italy was not allowed to import cocoa anymore. So, being chocolate banned, a smart entrepeneur started its business of a piemontese speciality called “crema gianduja” made with nuts and tasting like chocolate.Of course formula changed during the years.

    Interesting to point out that many other italians typical products like fashion, movies etc. had a growing espansion for the same reason.This could be a good lesson for the politician (see Iran)but rarely thay take lessons from the past.

  4. I too have some Nutella on my counter. Or right next to me right now.

    I don’t think you should read up on the ingredients of Nutella, Sapphire. You would probably not like what you found out. You will especially not like finding out to two main ingredients, making up something like 70% of the total…

  5. Do it Emma! DO IT!!!

    I am going home right now to enjoy delicious nutella crepes.

    @Tony, I think the European version of Nutella is better, not as sweet either.

    @Riccardo – Thanks for the info! I had no idea of Nutella’s origin.

    @Jacob, I probably don’t want to know at all. Don’t ruin Nutella for me. ;)

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