Annoying Poker ads on Swedish TV

I just can’t take it anymore. Swedish television ads tend to repeat themselves 4-5 times over the course of a tv show. Then you add gambling ads into the mix and it becomes really annoying. Like so fucking annoying I want to through a shoe at the television (though I won’t since the TV does not belong to me).

In a country where the government controls how you drink because of a dictatorial alcohol monopoly system, it’s fun to see that all bets are off when it comes to advertising online poker, bingo, lotto, and other gambling products on the TV. Because you know, watching gaming ads is a good thing for your mental health. Play with and become a top winner. Or with Betsson 24 or even Unibet or Full Tilt or Mr. Green. Or to the stupid bingo ads which are so many I can’t remember anymore. I watch at least 5-10 poker commercials every night and frankly they so horrible because as a non-better, I don’t want to know how I can waste my money on a system that’s built against winning money.

Honestly, please stop with those playing online poker or finding bingo friends online, it’s not just totally annoying but stupid too. Now I understand that some of the these appear on television channels controlled outside of Sweden (how did you think they got away with showing alcohol commercials, the Swedish government can’t touch them), but really, there is a limit. There is a rational limit to how many gambling ads I have to suffer through on television.

I’ll put the money on black that we will continue to see commercials for online poker in Sweden until there is a gambling crisis.

5 thoughts on “Annoying Poker ads on Swedish TV”

  1. Yes, but I’m not sure that it is allowed to advertise for alcohol or gaming before 8pm (but no one seem to care though). That’s why there is a huuge amount of those advertisements in the evning. Every program is sponsored by vodka, wine or whisky and all the advertising is about gaming.

    And you might have noticed that L’oreal got a monopoly on advertisements before that?

    Soo, the consensus is that we in Swedes have to look good with the right beauty products (and of course no wrinkles) and drink alot of wine and do some gaming night time. What a fab life, I kinda like the idea, except the gaming part. But I guess you can replace that with less wrinkels or more wine, both works for me!

  2. That is why I’ve stopped watching live TV. Back home I can PVR what I want, skip the commercials and I’m done. What’s better are programs like MythTV that have the anti-commercial skip in them.

    Personally, I think it’s retarded that cable TV has commercials in it. I already pay to get a cable fee, why bust you then fill it with commercials! The fees I pay should then be subsidized to a minimum! Just like the music industry, they have failed to innovate, and use technology to improve TV.

    Or, you could go the way of the world, and just use BitTorrent and get your shows when you want, how you want, in high quality, and watch them when you want.

  3. LOL @Erik… L’Oreal and the wine in a box companies can do a joint advertisement: Want less wrinkles? Drink more wine!

    @Andrew, for sure!! I do like some commercials but when they get repetitive and annoying, ugh. And the fact the tv and music industries are incapable of innovating and the 21st century, makes tv watching in Sweden torturous.

  4. I do not gamble or drink and constantly seeing advertisements for these services reminds me that I am a different Swede. Also, I have yet understand why alcohol is controlled heavily by the government but the gambling industry has a free for all.

  5. I am a different Swede. Also, I have yet understand why alcohol is controlled heavily by the government but the gambling industry has a free for all.

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