Playing THE Game by Challenging Darwin’s Game

When Jeremy Soul first invited me to attend his day game pick up artist boot camp for Love Systems, I was really excited.  And then I felt really weird going to stalk a group a guys on learning how to pick up girls and then head out in the “field” to try out their newly learned skills.

Last week for eight hours I learned what men learned about women.  Before you give me the smack down that dating systems are stupid and full of douche bags, the aim is what we girls always wanted: a nice guy that can talk to girls.

The guys I met were your average Joes, average Svens you could say. They were good looking guys, all with jobs and some sort of life aspirations but missing a girl in their lives. The men attending are one of two types: 1. newly single and now thrown back to the wolverines; 2. men of good status looking to meet women.

As I found out and well suspected, men have tried for eons to successfully woe women.  It is in our DNA; humans are meant to procreate and those that don’t, clean up the gene pool a bit more and allow for stronger, smarter, more beautiful, more tactful creatures to evolve to the next generation.  That’s what so amazing about dating; at the end of the day there’s only one real goal: survival.  On one hand, being humans, we have slapped Darwin in the face and defied death, diseases, and now mating.  Okay, I’m being extremely harsh.

On the other hand, we are giving men who lack a certain je ne sais quoi to effectively compete on the mad race to find a suitable mate.   If we look at birds, it would be like teaching male birds how to build a better nest and increase the level and standards of competition.  That’s what Love Systems does; give men tools to bring the playing field to a move equitable level for men of different status levels.   And you know what? It’s a good thing.  Because somehow the human species is caught up in some perverse game of the most obnoxious men taking women and leaving the rest of the male species to duke it out at lower levels.   Well, fuck that.  There are plenty of men who without some sort of dating help would be at a loss, yet on a genetic level, are perfect mates.

Jeremy who teaches day game workshops turns concept of survival of the fittest on its head by bringing in the group of men that were excluded from the Darwin’s game because they couldn’t get past first base with women; and therefore would not survive to the next generation.  That’s profound.   Let’s teach good men to meet women.   And ladies, the female species is seeking exactly this: quality men of good social standing to produce offspring for the next generation.

But before I give you the whole lowdown on pick up artists as an interloper, what do you think men need to to do to meet women?

And girls, what are your worst stories of men hitting you, at the bar, in the club, on the street, whatever?

8 thoughts on “Playing THE Game by Challenging Darwin’s Game”

  1. Personally, and from my own experience, self confidence is a huge factor. Women can smell/taste/sense fear when a guy approaches them. On the flip side, they can also smell/taste/sense confidence.

    Make eye contact of someone you’re interested in and SMILE. Walk up to them and talk; something as simple as ‘Hi, how’s your evening going?’ works well, but also have a follow up! It’s your responsibility to control the conversation and lead it, as if it were a dance. If she brushes you off, don’t take it personally, learn from it and do what Jay-Z and Swift Beats say, “On to the next one”.

    It’s all about the law of numbers. Eventually, you’ll hit the home run!

  2. I agree with Andrew, being self confident is great but not being arrogant – it’s a fine line. And teaching good guys game is great until they start using it on the dark side. Realising they can get a lot of women with game and then turning into players, so hopefully that doesn’t happen a lot.

    The worst pick up line I’ve had used on me was a really confusing conversation I had with a guy on a street. I was wearing a headband that tied at the back of my head. The guy yelled at me “HEY YOU!” until I turned around to look at him and then went on and on about how much he liked my “tie” and we should trade ties (he was wearing cravat!)…he talked to me for a good five minutes while I was just trying to figure out what he meant…

    I’ve also had guys approach me and asked if I had a cigarette and when I said no, they’d say, “no I was wondering if you wanted one”…ALSO CONFUSING.

  3. Creepiest thing that happened to me was a guy coming up to me and begin blabbing about how he was a bodyguard and beat poeple up to protect this general and other crazy stuff I was supposed to be impressed about. This went on for 10 minutes without me getting a word in. I was really tired (waiting for a bus for 5 hours after already being on one for 9 hours) and basically asked him if he could leave because I was really tired and not in the mood to talk. He then said his appartment was close to where we were and that I could go over there to rest. I was seriously creeped out, don’t do anything this creepy ever guys, especially if the girl is half your age!!

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