Results of Poll 2010

Last week I asked what you would like to see on the blog for 2010. You can still take the poll for another week but here are the current results:

A whooping 21% want to see more stuff about dating. If people choose it because it was the first on list, this could result in a slight bias. Never fear, I will cover lots more about dating and sambo life in Sweden.

Next up 16% chose answers about living in Sweden and 10% chose anything about Sweden. Basically, I will do more to write about successfully moving, living, and surviving in Sweden for 2010.

At 11% people voted for more personal stuff. I dunno how person you guys want me to be. :P But I will try to talk more about life but still maintain my nebulous persona.

At a tie with 10% of the votes each are: foodalicious, travel photos, and hating on the Swedes. As I love cooking, I am going to make more of an effort to take photos and write recipes to share. Since I already have tons of travel photos, this should be easy to do. Since hating on the Swedes totally made me laugh, I will write more. Turns the 10 things I hate about Sweden is one of my post popular posts, even though I don’t hate the country (just Bolaget ;).

Fashion and news are going to be wiped off for 2010. There maybe one fashion post about it, we’ll see. And there maybe news if it’s really funny or controversial, like the Pirate Bay being acquitted accidentally.

And last, the Other category is screwed up. I cannot see what you wrote in there. Please write below what you would like to see. I know @mike_rooseboom wrote more stuff about Swedish bands.

Let me know! And thank you all for taking the time to do the poll.

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  1. regarding funny dating stuff ;) I just read in the danish paper, that a woman from UK used Facebook to set her man up… she made a fake profil and got into this roll as a 21 year old blond hottie, to see if her husband would be faithfull… they chatted for a few weeks and the husband was in a hurry to meet this young hottie, not knowing that it would end his married.

    So she setup a date as a blond with him and at the same time made plans with him, so see if he would cancel on her to be with this young hottie.. and the man came up with the excuse of a late biz meeting.. and guess what? his wife meet him at a bar waiting for someone ;)

    she left him.. and know i guess he has learn his lesson …

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