Umm, you wanna be a Pick Up Artist?

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything about dating in Sweden. Frankly it’s a bit difficult when you are tied in a monogamous relationship that is quite happy. I mean, no one, not even myself, wants to hear about how happy and mushy gushy a relationship is.

But now it is winter and -25C outside and time to start writing, serious writing, Henry David Thoreau style.

In a week I will be joining in, as a special visitor to a day game seminar and field training on how to pick up beautiful women. And these beautiful women are in Sweden. In the cold-hearted country up north.

With whom? And why? And what’s wrong with you Sapphire? Those pick up artists guys are just douche bags trying to pick up hot chicks. Well, no not really. Pick up artists (though can hold a negative connotation) is a person who is skilled at seducing another person. These people are really seduction artists. The insanely famous book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss (the brilliant New York Times writer) delves into the world of meeting beautiful women who are smart and sexy and actually like you back.

Since I’ve become fascinated by PUAs, a couple months ago I went out for a beer with Jeremy Soul, the most famous day game master of all. And folks, he’s a really nice chill guy. So cool that I’m going to be attending his workshop to learn more and pick his brain about dating in Sweden. You can read a lot about the nature of relationships on his blog.

And follow along with me on how to pick up Swedish girls.

10 thoughts on “Umm, you wanna be a Pick Up Artist?”

  1. Love your blog normally, but HATE HATE HATE the new style graphics. It takes forever to load and is totally impossible to read for ages til it does so……please switch back!

  2. Julie, thanks! I’ve been noticing unusually long load times and well, don’t feel like fixing it.

    I’ve switched back to white and will load a lighter color, decorated background later…when i find one… that i like…

  3. I love this. Investigating Jane Goodall style is definitely the way to go. Just be careful when your research subjects start practicing on you…

  4. A guy I used to work with was totally into this nonsense. Some guy tried this on me in a bar, too, and I played along like I didn’t know any better. It is all totally rediculous. Guys, just be yourselves. No tricks or gimmicks. Just be yourselves.

  5. Thanks Tony!

    TR and Mircea, points taken, that’s why I’m going to check it out for myself (as a girl). It may be a marketing thing, but let’s face it, most men suck at talking to girls. It’s either because they’re jerks (and say stupid shit like “hey baby”) or they are too shy/nervous to talk.

    Let’s see, the workshop is in three days!

  6. Thanks Sapphire…much easier to read now :-) Incidentally, I thought the background you had when I first started reading a couple of months ago was really nice.

  7. Well Ive basically just noticed this blog and about to comment for my third time in one night woohoo! =P I have to say I will definitly follow your blog and thats a real compliment because I never liked blogging before, but your style is just awesome and I find myself almost addicted=D. Anyway this pickup artist thing is only about one thing. to get laid, and I beleive its strictly cultural aswell. For example american women (as far as I know) dont pick up guys, they wait for guys to pick them up. This alone makes this “game” a whole lot easier because then a woman doest have the same options in potential partners as man would. Its simply show some interesst in a approptiate way and then you get laid. I can safely say that in other cultures as for example my own (swedish) there is no game as such. Women can freely pickup guys as they please and if they feel like having a one night stand. All you really need to do is get out on the dance floor and dont be completely hopeless as far as rythm goes and your basically set, no dating involved. Just a one night stand. And no one will think there is anything wrong with that.

    I dare say thats why dating sites have been become such a huge hit lately. 10 years ago its was considered nerdy to find a girlfriend/boyfriend online but now atleast in sweden its widely accepted. I think the main thing about is that you learn the know the person before you see them for real instead of the other way around. With soceity as it is now its not that strange for people to have an easier time meeting others online since everyone focus too much on how they look and as a result they cant relax and be themselves when meeting new people. With that said, this game book will most likely if not already be obsolete in my opinion. What was lies and deception yesterday is honestly and faithfulnes today. Atleast Id like to beleive and hope that for some people that is true=)

    In either case this book alone makes me think that people concentrate too much on the dating itself instead of the person they are dating. And if thats true then no wonder so many singles are constantly dating and looking for their soulmate=P

  8. Greetings from Sweden. This is a cool blog. I’m wondering if you have any advice about staying out of the friend zone with women? Honestly I’m sick of women telling me they just want to be friends. Maybe I’m being too nice?

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