Yes We Can, Maybe: Nobel Prize Dinner 2009

It’s that time of the year. No, not stuffing yourself silly with lussekatter and glögg, nor putting up Christmas decorations. It’s …

wait for it…

wait for it…

(my hideous rendition of a once beautiful design from Depresident, a political t-shirt shop. )

It’s the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize with Obamarama!

If you missed out on the news, President Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize “for for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Now people, I love Obama because of what he stands for, but a Peace Prize barely a year into his presidency is pretty hilarious. Back in 2007 former Vice President Al Gore received the Peace Prize along with the IPCC and that was awesome. He has worked a lot with climate change and definitely deserves it.

Obama, now has huge expectations to fulfill. If he does not perform 501%, I’m sure some redneck Fox News psychos will bash him on his Swedish socialism style. Because you know, Sweden, Socialism, and Obama equal death for the conservatives.

Anyway, let’s leave the dude alone and see what happens.

On a more delicious side; the Nobel Prize Dinner. Here are some fun facts about the dinner:

  • 23,000 flowers from San Remo, Italy. Alfred Nobel lived there during the last years of his life.
  • 1300 Guests attend the ceremony today
  • 113 Male guests attended the first ceremony in 1901

So while peons like myself are not invited to celebrate in the festivities in Oslo or Stockholm, we can all watch it online here.

The 2009 Nobel Dinner Menu (for Stockholm):

Lobster consommé with shellfish tartare, lobster and Kalix bleak roe

Truffle-stuffed quail with parsley root, Brussels sprouts and port wine gravy (extremely delicious)

Lemon and fresh cheese mousse with sea-buckthorn sorbet (interesting and possibly delicious)

I still have not figured out what the vegetarians and shellfish allergic people eat though.

Jacquart Brut Millesime 2002, Magnum

Chateau la Dominique 2001, Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe

Tschida ba Seewinkel 2006, Neusiedlersee

Ohh, there are no photos up yet, but I’ll try to post a couple soon.

10 thoughts on “Yes We Can, Maybe: Nobel Prize Dinner 2009”

  1. After seeing the gala ball last night, I need to go there next year. I figure if I rent a limo, all dressed up looking formal, no one will question who I am. I mean, I did drive up in a limo! Maybe hire a few guys for security to run outside the limo. I can be the “Canadian” delegate!

  2. Hej! I left a reply on your comment on the “failed” Lussebullar. That’s too bad :( Check, check, check if the water is not too warm for the yeast — if your dough turned out dense and heavy and didn’t rise, that might be the problem, since the with-quark recipe doesn’t require too much kneading anyway.

    Hey… so, what did they eat in the Nobel dinner? (I didn’t watch it or surf about it), but that’s what I would have liked to know, heheh!

  3. Andrew, do it! definitely get some secret service looking type people to walk with you. LOL

    Joy – Thanks for the advice! This time may be better with the water temp. Will let you know in a bit.

    I found the menu and posted it above, but I’m really wondering what vegetarians eat at the Nobel Banquet. Or people who are allergic to shellfish. Surely there are people allergic to lobster and such…

  4. Ha! that’s awesome. Like two weeks ago when that random rich couple got through White House security to attend the state dinner. Pretty crazy…

  5. Easiest way (for us normal not so important ppl) to enter the Nobel Price Dinner:
    1. Become a registred student at the University.
    2. Buy plenty of student Nobel Price Dinner lottery tickets.
    3. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Yes, a lot of the dinner guest are students! I know people that managed to attend the dinner several times.

  6. Sabina – What?? Really? we need to conspire and buy lots and lots of tickets and hope to win!

    We can plan an outing together for “Nobel 2011, coming soon to the gatecrashers”

  7. Obama getting the Peace Prize for what he was EXPECTED to do in the future was absolutely ridiculous… and his NOT rejecting it was even more idiotic! The political agenda in all of this reeks to high heaven!! The man is a joke and has has proven himself to be a liar and a shameful offense to the true spirit of our Founders America. God help us all.

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