Sweet November and a Long December

Finally, November in Sweden is over. Well almost; squeaking in this post a few minutes shy to December.

Everywhere, November gets a bad name. People really hate the month because it’s cold and dark and cold and dark. Basically darkness envelopes society and turns humans into zombies craving for light. Especially in Sweden where the Swedish winter takes over people’s souls.

The irony is that November starts off with 8h 46m 54s of daylight and ends with 6h 40m 42s, a lose of 2 hours, 4 minutes and 12 seconds. Comparatively, October loses more daylight at 2 hours, 35 minutes and 56 seconds.

It’s not to say November rocks, besides Thanksgiving and Black Friday, most of the month is pretty bleak. Hairy Swede found out that November in Stockholm, experienced 17.5 hours of real daylight which amounted to 2.43%, a pretty low and useless number.

Plus we hit a low point this year because only two other years on record, the years 2000 and 1993, had darker months in November. They came out to a pity eight and nine hours of sunshine respectively. The average amount of sunshine in Stockholm? 54 hours.

Yep, 54 hours on the average versus 2009’s measly 17.5 hours of sun. Gooooo Sweden!

To make myself feel better about living in this dismal country during the dismal winter, I calculated the number of hours of civil daylight Stockholm had during the month of November.

Get ready and brace yourself …

november daylight in stockholm, sweden
november daylight in stockholm, sweden
From Time and Date website.

230 hours of daylight out of 720 hours in November.

That’s 31.9% daylight in November for Stockholm. See, not so bad is it now?

Just wait for the long December to roll by and plow us into dark, deep, soul of winter.

9 thoughts on “Sweet November and a Long December”

  1. Why can’t Stockholm be closer to the equator… Say…. 40 degrees south closer? :)

    And the kicker is, the “nice” days we had were on the weekend…. WHEN I WAS HUNG OVER AND SLEPT IN! I never win. :(

  2. And my partner cannot understand why someone like me, originally from Cape Town in sunny SA, is not super keen to move to Stockholm anytime soon. Come February in London I’m already depressed as hell & need a sun holiday booked! Brrrr…..

  3. I follow several blogs managed by people who come from “sunny” places and all them, like you, are complaining about the long dark November. Fortunately, December is on the way which brings less hours of sun, albeit !! But in December, you know, falls Christmas time that seems to make things go faster and more “sweetly”.
    In my country, Italy, November is really dismal month, indeed it starts up with a morose celebration: day of the dead…

  4. Ugh!!! I hate this darkness. I expected more Christmas lights up in Stockholm because of the darkness, but guess not.

  5. @Jessica – It is bad but I think people tend to exaggerate. But surround yourself with lots of people and candles (good for you) and the winter will not be so bad.

    @Lynn – Most defn! Those natural sunlamps are wonder I heard.

    @Puntino – Yeah, the great part of December is that there’s Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s and the month flies by. Even though it’s the darkest month, it’s my most favorite month!

    @dark in Sweden – Ditto. Thought that there would be more lights on the Christmas trees and more streetlamp snowflake lights or snowmen. Boo.

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