Photo Monday: Bryce Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs, Utah

Nothing about Sweden or Swedish people today. It’s about our awesome roadtrip through California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. Here are a few photos from the roadtrip along with the map of our route. After sleeping the night in the car at an RV park, we drove to Bryce Canyon and continued north to Salt Lake City that very day. Below are a few photos from southern Utah. I love that state and want to see more of it in the future.

Below is the Vermillion Cliffs that borders Arizona and Utah. Part of the cliffs traverse Grand Escalante National Park. This is definitely worth seeing. We traveled on highway 89 east towards Page when night descended. However, go see the Vermillion Cliffs national park (we didn’t and wish we had). You can find information about it here.
Vermillion Cliffs

We slept in the Jimmy for the night at some RV park. It was near freezing outside and we were stupid enough to not have real blankets. Twice in the middle of the night we turned the car on to get some heat. At least we work up at sunrise and were able to enjoy the sun and the many hours to travel.
RV park in Utah

The awesome Bryce Canyon. It was around 6:30AM and you could see the moon!
Bryce Canyon

This was in a tiny town, Panguitch. I love the old style buildings, it really reminded me of the wild west. How cool!
Downtown in somewhere Utah

And finally a map of our trip. I will try to attach images later.

View Roadtrip SF-LA-Las Vegas-Grand Cayon-Salt Lake-Reno-SF in a larger map

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