Google Wave Invite Contest: Write, Subscribe, Win

New UPDATE: Nov 17th: Lots of invites to share again. Please just follow below. Have issues, then Twitter me.

UPDATE WINNERS!: Here they are: Stefan (@lostinsweden), Demmos, Sam, Erik. Congrats guys!

I may be getting more invites tommorow, saturday, so stay tuned if you have not received one yet and want to participate in the contest.

I received a Google Wave invite today from my friend, RS and thanks dude. I evidently had no idea so many desire an invite and I have a few extra invites left. If you want to get a sneak peek at the GW preview and a free invite to it, you are in luck! I will pick four people who follow the rules below by tonight, Friday, at midnight (that’s Swedish time, whatever that may be for you).

What you need to do:

1. Subscribe to my RSS feed. Please don’t subscribe, only to unsubscribe, that’s not cool.
2. Link to this page or any other blog post you love/hate on Lost in Stockholm from your blog/website.
3. Write a comment below that you did it, yay!
4. Send me a confirmation by via the contact form below of the link and email addy you use to subscribe to the RSS feed. This is to keep things private for you.

Here is the contact form:

6 thoughts on “Google Wave Invite Contest: Write, Subscribe, Win”

  1. Waving to you from Ostermalm. Have we met? I too am an American in Stockholm. If you ever do any of the American expat stuff or international crowd expat stuff our paths may have crossed.

    Let me know if you’re into professional networking (via email) as I plan at least 4 year here in Stockholm for a well know business networking platform (at least it is well know in some sectors).

    ps: I found you through BlogHer as I’m in their ad network too.

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