The Swedish Bikini Team – Blond Goddesses who have a dirty secret

When I was small, I would hear about the Swedish Bikini team.  They were blond Swedish women who were of course busty and beautiful. They arrived in 1991 and remained part of pop culture legend. But the Swedish Bikini team has a dirty little secret, one that thousands, if not millions, of men did not know: the bikini girls were not Swedish.   They were not Scandinavian. The Swedish Bikini Team was made up of… Americans! American girls with blond wigs. The horror of it all, to be deceived that your blonde Swedish goddess is just an American girl, like Jane or Heather or Peggy.  Or Suzanna or Avalon even; okay those are the real life names of the women who played the Swedish women. Everyone was outraged over this, even NOW, the National Organization of Women. Well, I heard they protested on gender grounds though.

And who hired the American girls to be Swedes? Old Milwaukee beer.  The men in the ads (one is below) were saved by the Swedish girls with beer. Good, refreshing American beer. And that was it.  The ad ran for several months before protests popped up, and then the ad disappeared into pop infamy.   You can search online for Swedish bikini team photos, there are plenty out there.

So what happened to the original bikini team?  If you have a subscription to Playboy, you can see what’s over and under these scantily clad women.

Some of these ladies really capitalized on their ‘swedishness.’  But then as luck would have it, in 1999, the SBT franchise sought “real” Swedish women to be the bikini girls.   They called it:  Beauty, Brains Bravery.  Stop laughing, it’s not that lame, just enormously terrible. With the brilliant BBB slogan (DDD would have been more fun), the franchise found their Swedish blonde bombshells and off they went to make super cheesy movies.  One was titled, Never Say Never Mind.  And these girls are all about sci fi awesomeness.  I’ll stop there, in case you men are getting turned on by space fighting Swedish girls.

playboy swedish bikini team

And here is it the sad but beautiful truth of the Swedish bikini team.

4 thoughts on “The Swedish Bikini Team – Blond Goddesses who have a dirty secret”

  1. OMG, this is the most painful revelation since the truth behind Milli Vanilli, LOL! I suggest that DDD could be reserved for ‘Danish Double-Dandards’, if you don’t mind :)

  2. Damn, false advertising! The give-away should have been the sponsoring Old Milwaukee beer… BARF. I’d rather drink Stockholm’s Finest or Elk Brew over Old Milwaukee!

    BTW, Snowbunnies > BBB/DDD.

  3. Wow. I thought it was just something out of Dumb and Dumber. Turns out it was much more low-brow than that.

    Question: Was Anna Anka ever in one of the sci fi movies?

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