Photo Friday: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Today isn’t Monday, but in the interest in staying on top of the blog, somewhat, I figured I should publish a post with new photos. I have been off of earth the past few weeks and it was amazing. I spent two awesome weeks in the US, followed by another week of ignoring the twitterati and blogosphere. Yes, real life stuff is great. ;) Now I’m back to real life in Sweden.

Here are photos from roadtrip in the southwest US in Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the world. At 6000 feet in depth, where the highest point is 8800 feet, the Canyon represents the finest representation of Earth’s evolutionary time periods. The oldest section of the canyon, located at the bottom of the shelf, is about 1.8 billion years old. When you look at the cliffs, you can see the striations of different periods in time.

To visit the Canyon, you have to decide to see the North Rim or South Rim; basically northern side or southern side of the canyon. We visited the North Rim (I visited the South Rim twice when I was younger) and it offers a much more staggering and sharp view of cliffs and landscape. Plus, the North Rim of the Canyon is only visited by 20% of the total visitors; less people to deal with and more parking spaces available.

Because we were not prepared for the roadtrip or any amount of real hiking, we hiked down only 800 feet to the Coconino Layer at 7400 feet. Nevertheless, the view was awesome. Here’s one photo below.
Grand Canyon in HDR

Afterward, we saw another point on the North Rim called the Northeast Viewpoint.
Northeast View, North Rim, Grand Canyon
For the Swedes out there, forget visiting NYC, go see the US Southwest and all the glorious natural beauty America has to offer. Swedish people always claim to love nature but few venture outside the Big Apple or San Francisco. Do something awesome. If you have questions about what to see, just drop a comment.

Next photo post will have photos from Vermilion Cliffs, Page Lake, and Bryce Canyon.

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Grand Canyon, Arizona”

  1. Very few people from outside the U.S. period venture anywhere except NYC or California. I always tell people there’s a lot more to see!

    And in response to your comment, we loved Oslo so much! We were sad we didn’t have more time there, but unfortunately the flights were already bought. But we’re already planning a trip back to go outside the city and see the rest of Norway…and hopefully Sweden too :)

  2. We went to Bryce Canyon a few years ago when we were visiting Las Vegas. It was beautiful! Can’t wait to see your other pictures.

  3. Wild West in America is truly wild and awesome. Did you take your Nikon D200 and used HDR (high dynamic range) to take pictures? Looking forward to seeing more pics.

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