101 Tasks to do in 1001 Days

There’s this one cool site (i forgot now the URL) that has a project to do 101 things in 1001 days (a little over three years). So far I have 36 things on the list but by the end of the month I hope to have the list done. This is way better than making a new year’s resolution as this just keeps on going.


  1. Visit 10 new countries
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. Go snorkeling in the Caribbean
  4. See friends in North Carolina
  5. Go to Svalbard (75N 75N)
  6. See the Northern Lights (auroras)
  7. Visit Japan and see two of my very good friends
  8. Have a pina colada in Mexico
  9. See some country in Africa…Morocco, Eqypt maybe
  10. Visit Finland by boat (hello weird drunken swedish-finnish boats!)
  11. Go to Australia / New Zealand
  12. Take the ship to Patagonia
  13. See penguins in their habitat
  14. Take a cruise in the Caribbean
  15. Visit Gotland during the summer
  16. Travel, travel, travel some more
  17. Personal

  18. Do henna / menhdi for girls at least five parties
  19. Learn skiing without a concussion
  20. Take the flight simulator course with Navin
  21. done!

  22. Read Swedish at least once a week to the SO
  23. Get a drivers license in Sweden
  24. Get engaged; just as any girl would want!
  25. Take a flying course
  26. Pass Level III in Swedish and take the exam
  27. Learn to make an excellent Cosmopolitan
  28. Get rid of this damn flabby belly! Go away flabby tummy!
  29. Read Harry Potter again and again and again
  30. Jog in a 10k marathon
  31. Write a book, long or short, doesn’t matter
  32. Find a Dunkin Donuts and eat the most delicious donuts ever!
  33. Career

  34. Really get down and dirty with the technical side of my work
  35. Get promoted to the next level
  36. Have 4-5 more training workshops to help fellow coworkers
  37. Rule the world, hehe
  38. Blog / Photography

  39. Reach 1000 visitors per day on the blog
  40. See the Love Refugee project to fruition
  41. Blog at least once a week
  42. Master my camera, the Nikon D200, before it kicks my ass
  43. Photo Mondays on the blog – share my photos
  44. Shoot 2-3 weddings (hired or otherwise)
  45. Get a tilt shift lens

If you write a list of your own, be sure to share the link here. =)

6 thoughts on “101 Tasks to do in 1001 Days”

  1. I’ll drink a pina colada for you while I’m in Cancun this weekend :) Does your swede ready your blog…maybe he will get the hint about #16 #21!

  2. Yay – she’s back! But geez, that’s one heck of a list! And now I’m quite curious about what you do…photographer? I’d be happy to help you with no. 12 (rule #1 – always wear a helmet) if you can help me with no. 16 21 ;)

  3. Hey, we now real B-747 flight simulator in the living room. Seriously no kidding. Next time, you are in town, let us know, give you a free training.

  4. @Chloe – Do that! And have a mojito too! I will keep an eye out to get you #21.

    @Emma – Hey there. Yep, back after a two week vacation and then refusal to get back to work. lol.

    @Ravi – the flight simulator in a living room is pretty crazy and amazing. i will have to check it out.

    @Sabina – It is flabby! But I know your class will tone it down.

    @Natasha – Yes, it is the Day Zero Project. Thanks for reminding me. I will update the post with this.

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