Photo Monday: Midnattsloppet 2009 – Stockholm’s Midnight Run

This Monday’s photos of Stockholm is from the Stockholm’s Midnattsloppet (August 15th, 2009) on Saturday night. Now a midnight run would entail running at midnight but for some odd reason, the first heat began at 22:00 and the race officially finished at 00:20. More than 21,000 people run the Midnattsloppet and even teenagers run in the Lilla Midnattsloppet.

The midnight race began in 1982 by a group of runners from Hammarby (a suburb of Stockholm) who wanted a more exciting way to train. It is a 10k run around the island Sodermalm, though previously was in Kungsholmen, and occurs every summer. If you want to join in on a great part marathon, this is the place to do it. And today, the race is also celebrated in Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

midnattsloppet 2009 - dancers!
The dancers crossing the finish line

midnattsloppet 2009 - The finish line
Buildings on Hornsgatan are lit up in beautiful colors as the runners cross the finish line.

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  1. It’s guess its called “Midnattsloppet” so the neighbours know when the noise is all gone and it’s safe to go to bed.

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