10 Things I Hate about Sweden

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Sometimes I go crazy in Sweden. It just drives me bonkers. Any place that one lives in long enough would drive you insane but there are days when I really wonder if Swedes are mentally okay in the head. Here are my ten reasons why I hate Sweden because I can bitch and whine just like any other Swede.

1. Fitted bedsheets that aren’t fitted. WTH? These Swedish bedsheets look like table clothes, they barely fit on the bed. I want a real sheet that covers the bed and doesn’t fall off when I toss and turn while sleeping.

2. Whiny Swedes; stop complaining about the weather! We know the weather is terrible and we know it’s dark for 3 full months but stop bitching. It’s shitty weather in NY, Maine, Idaho, Colorado, Alaska, and Ontario. They don’t whine all day about 30 inches of show, blasting blizzards every two weeks, -20F weather (that is minus 30C for those needing metric), and the need for studded tires in the winter. Suck it up Swedes, the more you complain, the worse life will be for you. Stop bitching about the glass being have empty and the weather being dark and cold. You’re a goddamn viking, be one!

3. System Bolaget. Monopolies are bad. Unnatural monopolies are even worse. Unnatural monopolies created by and run by the government is worst. Unnatural alcohol monopolies created by and run by the government is really really creepy. People who believe that it’s okay for their government to run a monopoly and “trust” their government wholeheartedly, are insane.
As an FYI to people who think only Sweden had alcohol related problems (which has nothing to do with the age of a country), the United States passed the 18th Amendment in 1920 to prohibit alcohol (sales, consumption) and Congress repealed it in 1933 under the 21st Amendment. That fact that America went so far as to ban alcohol via the Constitution was a telling sign of both alcoholism and rising power of the Protestant Temperance movement (mainly found in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland).

4. The shitty selection at the alcohol monopoly stores. YES, your choices suck. If you think you get a good selection of alcohol, you are from Mars. And ordering beer from the catalog? Are you nuts, are we doing 1890s Sears mail orders? Should I also order my drill set, bedsheets, and a toaster? Sorry to bust it to the Swedes, but if you have no taste in beer, I don’t trust your selection of other alcohols either.

5. No one has responsibilities; Swedish socialism. the government treats Swedes as a bunch breast sucking eternal babies. Grow up! Make decisions on your own! Give people the opportunity to take control and be responsible for their actions. O_o

6. Wearing horrible fashionable clothes. The 1980s fashion died for a reason, let it be dead. Leggings, stupid looking t-shirts, big belts, and oversized hobo bags make you like a bag lady not a classic lady. Stop looking like a douche from Flashdance.

7. Fear from others. It’s okay to speak to a stranger every once in a while. It won’t kill you; honestly I promise. Actually helping someone carry groceries or opening a door may be considered by some people to be courteous. OMG, what a concept! Being nice to others. I didn’t say you have to be a friendly cherub, just some common sense and a little smile. Might also help to stop whining too.

8. Idiotic Stockholm drivers. You guys suck ass. Why the hell spends thousands to get a drivers license when obviously in Stockholm it is okay to:
Go down a one way street the wrong way
Refuse to yield at a cross walk
Speed in the innerstaden area
Make illegal left turns on red
Park your car on the sidewalk and take up all the space
Make illegal right turns on red
Drive backwards for at least 100meters to only get back into the intersection and turn around to go the other way
Run people over in the middle of the crosswalk. Do you asshats have eyes or buttons?

9. Sucky Swedish beers. Sweden cannot make beer. They produce filter pee with malt flavoring and call it beer. I find it nauseating. How can Swedes drink such nasty stuff. There are days I feel that Miller or Budweiser beer tastes better than all these nasty Stockholm City, Pripps Blå, Lapin Kulta, Spendrups, and other various disgusting concoctions of alcoholic beverages.

10. An everything is better in Sweden attitude. No, your country is not awesome. You’re just damn lucky that millions of people aren’t running through the borders and that you live too far up north on Earth for anyone to give a shit to take over. (Unless you’re Norway, in that case I heard it is okay) Stop giving me the “in sweden we have this system and it works better because…”

11. American bashing. Probably because I am American, I get to hear all the complaints about Americans from the Swedes.
‘Why do you guys sue each other all the time?’ Because we have different legal system, it’s based on checks and balances and the right to challenge authority.
‘Why is there no universal health care?’ Agree, we suck there; I assert responsibility to the powerful pharmaceutical industry.
‘Why do you have checks at the bank?’ Because we fucking do.
‘Why does American have to such a large army?’ Because we want to be a hegemonic state and well, we like big toys.

What’s your “I hate Sweden” story? We’ll give the Swedes a happy post later on why we love Sweden, but for now, it’s time for Sweden bashing.

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  1. My “I hate Sweden” story:
    Endless debate with my Swedish roommates on Nutella (& peanut butter). I just don’t get why Nutella is put on the baking section of supermarkets instead next to the jams. Hello, isn’t it obvious that Nutella’s label has a picture of a bread being spread with the oh-so-good hazelnut spread!

  2. Yesterday a wise lady told me that the Oreos in Sweden and the US are not the same. That’s another thing that sucks.

  3. @Natasha I love Nutella! And the package says it’s supposed to go on bread and be eaten for breakfast.

    @natalie – damn those Oreo makers. It’s like M&M’s, not the same either.

  4. :O They are not the same??
    Why are they giving the American candy a Scandinavian touch??

  5. Indeed! I understood that the M&Ms got a new recipe because the food dyes were not safe for the Swedish market. So the Swedish government saved us all from terrible doom and gave us safer M&M candies. ;)

  6. 2. If you’re from Sweden, complaining about the weather is what gets you through the day, so no, it’s impossible to stop, sorry.

    5. Totally agree with you there, please, let me grow up.

    6. As an American, you really don’t get to comment on fashion, cus everytime I’m there it makes me cry. While the parts of the 80’s are trendy here AGAIN the US hasn’t really moved past 1998 when it comes to fashion. (I even got handpicked on the street in NY by Complex magazine because I had soo trendy clothes, same clothes most Swedes wear, and yes true story.)

    8. Yes, drivers in Stockholm do really suck, and it’s only because everyone thinks they are better than everyone else, so it justifies driving backwards 100 m (I mean, everyone is driving the wrong way if I’m driving backwards, right?)

    9. I’m not really a beer kinda guy, but since beer from the US tastes like water it’s okey to drink (some brands tastes like lukewarm piss though.)

    10. In case you hadn’t noticed, millions of people ARE running through the border. More than 1 million of Swedens 9 are made up of immigrants and more are coming. And of course we think our system is better, otherwise we wouldn’t use it. You obviously think that the American way is better. Take Systembolaget as an example of our different opinions.

    11. And yes, if you are the biggest and most powerful nation on earth with politics and an economy that effects most of the planets population you will have to endure more bashing than the rest of us. You will probaly have to endure that in most countries, not just in Sweden. Plus, I got kinda bashed in the US for not participating in the 2nd world war (yes, still) and not fighting with you and saving the planet in Iraq and Afganistan (we take all refugees though.) And most Americans I’ve spoke to think that Sweden is the capital of Germany or a part of Russia, so you’ll have to excuse us for the bashing.

    Fun blog to read though and don’t take everything I wrote too serious! ;)

  7. @erik – glad you’re enjoying the blog, be good to hear your opinion on dating in sweden on some of the other posts. =)

    As for the case of immigration in Sweden, I don’t think any country has it figured out. But credit should be given to Sweden for bringing in more refugees from the Iraq war than any other country. Because America did suck for accepting a few refugees.

    And for Bolaget, it’s not about the American system or even the Swedish system (as other countries have alcohol monopolies), it’s about free market and freedom of choice. And it’s about avoiding artificial monopolies controlled by the government, that just doesn’t sit right.

  8. Unorganized ramble

    Dont really mind the Systembolaget. Dont have much more to say really :) It’s been there for along time.

    About swedish beer.. well i got a few brands that i think is decent, though ive tasted alot better ones in say germany. Then again, whenever i go abroad and taste any of the water outside Sweden i think the water totally is worthless and taste like how i imagine used toilet water might taste. So it might just be all about getting used to it. Once you are addicted to the taste, everything will work itself out :) Just like swedish candy, love it. Marabou/Frazer/Malaco is awesome, and all the weight candy we got is also alot better than any other country ive tasted at least. Same with the chips, that is Estrella(not OLW). Then again ive never been in america, though i have been in China and an american international school so i got a idea what kind of candy you guys eat.

    About American bashing… Well i can truthfully say that i got as much prejudices against 08ors(stockholmers) as i got against the swedish american stereotype of a religious, trigger happy, ignorant and stupid american. Dont take the prejudices that serious, but they are still there >.<

  9. Oh you are having one of those days! Been there many times myself over the last 20 months and I am sure I still will.

    But you know somedays I take a walk or a bike ride and really appreciate the nature here or the architecture and it dawns on me that its worth all the bad stuff just to be able to go out and appreciate what Stockholm has to offer.

    But just for you and in keeping with your blog post. My pet hate…

    Why dont Swedes wait in the line at the bus stop? Why do some go straight to the front of the queue. It rude and shows no respects to the folks who have been waiting longer than you!!!

  10. 1. Systembolaget. Extremely inconvenient. If I want to buy alcohol on a Saturday evening, why the hell can’t I? (I used to think that the word ‘nannystate’ only applied to the UK) Moreso, whatever happened to picking up a crate of beers when they are on special offer and saving them for a rainy day?

    2. Apoteket. It’s expensive, the choice is massively limited. A bit like Systembolaget really! Also – why can’t I get ‘cold and flu’ sachets or co-codamol without a prescription?

    3. People freaking out over their bus being one minute late (or early). Your transport system is amazing. Stop complaining!

  11. Native swede. Agreeing with you. On ever single count. Well, sort of on the crappy
    beer since all of the named ones truly deserve a bashing, but we do have some sweet micro brewery stuff although the nicest ones never make it to Systembolaget because, as you pointed out, that institution sucks balls in the worst of ways.

  12. You are so funny. I was thinking of visiting Sweden in November, but maybe not if it is going to be -20F degrees!

  13. Two of my biggest pet hates in Sweden;

    1, open mouth coughing and sneezing on public transport, this is unforgivable. Swine flu will inevitably bring the nation to it’s knees based around this very point. You need to catch it, bin it and kill it, come on Sweden clean up your act!

    Find more info here

    2, Train etiquette, people here seem to be scared that they’ll be left behind if they don’t charge forward at the people trying to get off the train, weird indeed but true. At first I thought this can only be a minority, maybe some poor suckers with mummy daddy issues, but no, every man and his dog (literally) are doing this. In Japan you can go to jail for such behavior and I think they should start it here too.

    Form a orderly queue (kö in Swedish) wait for the little monkeys to get off and then proceed to get on the train, it’s not that hard!

  14. I would love to write a ‘things I hate about Switzerland’ post actually… perhaps you have inspired me to do so! ha! ;) Saw you via the BlogHer link on my blog. Nice site!

  15. One thing I hate about Sweden is the lack of diversity (and the fact that sometimes Swedes seem to be proud of it). I’ve noticed that while walking in Stockholm: always the same shops each 50 meters (H&M, Stadium, Jack Jones, McDonald’s, Systembolaget, 7-eleven, etc) selling the same merch as the one before, with people dressing and behaving almost everytime in the same way and so on. Obviously, the fact that many Swedes look like each other didn’t help to avert this sensation, on the contrary it increased it. Sometimes I ironically thought they mass produce themselves.

  16. In your blog you make it clear that you pretty much hate Sweden and Swedes so why don’t you just leave then?

  17. @ Dr Niklas – are you really a doctor? =) Yes, crappy beer on the whole. I did find a couple good beers at the SmakLust this weekend but that probably accounts for 5% of the whole beer population.

    @Chloe – upstate New York is -20 in the winter; Stockholm is -5… way big difference. But you should definitely visit.

    @moneyboy – teehee, you always make laugh.

    @. – when approving your comments at first, i couldn’t understand why there were three comments for one, then i giggled when i read them.

    @Jessica – Yes, you should write a “i hate a switzerland” post. a little bashing is always fun.

    @Stefano – Ditto. Quite possible that on any given Friday night all Swedes head to random shitty bar. Their clothes were bought from H&M and TopShop, their makeup from Face, and their shoes from some failed ballet store. After getting drunk on stor stark (normally terrible Spendrups), they all head to 7-Eleven to have a räkkorv. If they’re lucky enough to get laid, they will be using a condom from Profil. The day after, the Swedes will be at a Coffeehouse by George discussing the events of the night before and head to Coop/ICA on their way home to buy potatis, ost, and mjölk.
    … reproduce via photocopy machine. =)

    @Sven – Nope, don’t hate Sweden, just idiots like you who don’t bother to read the sarcasm and humor.

  18. About Swedish beer: There are some really good Swedish microbreweries making excellent beers. Try something from Oppigårds, Oceanbryggeriet, Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri, Dugges, Närkes Kulturbryggeri, just to name a few.
    Unfortunately, most people are still drinking crap lager (isn’t that the case with most Americans too, though?), but I think this microbrewery moment is growing stronger and stronger!

  19. Sweden is heaven. I know this because every shop in stockholm is H&M or Lush or a interior design shop. Foodwise I really liked those lingon pie things and that sort of fish potato pudding (laks) and that hurry curry place. I live in france so I think
    swedish people are very friendly and very trendy. America is a bit like the slobs version of europe from what I can remember (“budweiser is a eal good awesome beer”..yes, of course it is ..sigh)

  20. What about their compulsive dependence from cell phones? In public transports and on the street everybody is busy writing messages and talking to someone. I have never seen people using cell phones so much like here. I am wondering how they could live without before…

  21. I agree! I also agree with Stefano about the lack of diversity.

    Another thing I hate is that some Swedes stare at you, and when you notice and smile or nod at them, they look at the ground frowning. Seriously how hard can it be to simply smile! It’s not like I’m trying to be your best friend, I’m just trying to be polite and friendly.

    I also hate that Swedish people always say that they love meeting new people, but when they are in situations where meeting new people would be possible (social gatherings etc.) they are to shy to talk to anyone they don’t know. That is, until they get drunk, then they’ll talk to you. It’s like Swedes live by some unwritten rules, that I haven’t been informed about.

    Of course, all Swedes aren’t like this, some are very friendly and open, and it’s a great country to live in in many ways, but I still want to leave :(

  22. Sarah, do you mean to say that there are places in the world where there aren’t unwritten rules? Of course we live by unwritten rules. They may not always be understandable to outsiders. From an outsider perspective they may even be bad rules. But it has taken us a hundred generations to develop these rules and they’re our rules, dag nab it!

    …still, I suppose that if someone’s been “caught” intruding on your privacy, the least they could do is smile back. However, while I can see how that would be polite, shame is a VERY important part of the Swedish psyche. As is the right of privacy in public.

  23. Great list! Especially:

    5. No one has responsibilities
    6. Wearing horrible fashionable clothes
    10. An everything is better in Sweden attitude

    What I most hate are the sink stoppers! You would think the Swedes could design a useful sink stopper, and not a rubber flap that falls out every 3 seconds.

    And let’s not talk about the inability of companies to fire incompetent and lazy employees…

  24. hey there! So happy to see your blog and as I am one of those love-to-take-a-poke-at-a-swede bloggers ( not all the time , just more often than not) THIS just thrilled me.
    OK, my absolute faves- ‘ because your list is hilarious!
    1.) I go back to the US of A, I BUY FITTED sheets- nice real stuff 400 count instead of Hemtex’s “satin”( crap) ones… I show the Swedes in min familje how to use them, and make them feel the nice fabric. Darned if I don’t turn around and find the crappy ( my guess 90 count!?) cotton tablecloths back on their beds if they do the wash and I don’t. and yes, I find them all scrunched up and off all but one side,leaving the poly/cotton covered mattress “top?”-(whazzat!?) exposed ..don’t even get me going. HOW they can sleep like this is beyond me..beyond me…..

    4.) System Bolaget- and their”selection”- yes it DOES STINK! totally, and what’s to it, you can supposedly simply “order” any thing you want and they’ll get it for you…..right. like I was a wine bottle label collector in my former life( wish that I had been!) I just like good wines! I don’t have to be a freak about it,do I!?
    No idiot anyone arranges wines by PRICE! geesh! PRICE!? A brave editor took this up in a recent edition of the Goteborg’s Posten. I was so excited! will he start something – a movement- an outrage- protests? to stop this!?
    Never heard any more afterwards..bet the poor bloke was fired…..
    10. ) Everything is better in Sweden..min bonus-sonner is perfect at this. At the age of 19 he thinks everything here is “one of the best in the world, if not the best in the world”.Heard it a million times from him….. but the best was the other day: he announced to me that he definitely plans on growing old and APPARENTLY dying here….saying that he had decided( yes, already!?what da hell you thinkin’ about THIS at your age!?) that when he gets way old ,that he wants to go and die in the same old somewhat ratty nursing home that his 80 year old FarMor is in….because , you guessed it:”It’s one of the best in sweden…..”

    well, honey, with any luck ,it’ll still be there in….. oh, another 60 years!


  25. Jacob, I see your point and I agree that there are other places than Sweden where people live by unwritten rules; I was only saying that I have yet to understand all of the Swedish rules, maybe that’s just my problem.

    I don’t see how someone smiling at you could be an invasion of your public privacy and if that’s how the Swedish psyche works then it should be added to the list…

  26. First off monopoly is good when it works and in Sweden it dose, whould never work in the us becuse of the interest groups paying your politician. And second American beers have no taste come on :)

  27. I really like monopolies, and I think Systembolaget is very good compared to foreing liquor-stores I’ve been to. And Swedish fashion is not boring, on the contrary I think that Swedish people dress very well. Well I’m glad I haven’t moved to USA, since a list about stuff I hate with that country would take days to write :)

  28. @Sparkles – Thanks for the tips, will definitely check out those beers.

    @Denis – I never noticed, but you’re totally right. I think people use phones so much so they don’t have to talk to ‘strangers’

    @sarah – It is ironic that if Swedes say they want to meet new people and then they do nothing at a party (where foreigners are present), it seems to go in the wrong direction of “making new friends.”

    Yes, Sweden does have a lot of unwritten rules, many I am trying to figure out too.

    @Karen – I never noticed the price arrangement at bolaget! THAT is weird. Usually it’s by region or varietal followed by wine guide points and lastly followed by priced (cheapest on bottom shelf). The mere fact that bolaget arranges all their wine by price and mentions NOTHING about the ranking the wine, says a lot about the “awesome selection” of wine.

    @Langenbrunner – How is the monopoly successfully working? I really don’t know so please enlighten us.

    @Martin – It’s a good thing you haven’t moved to the US then.

    And with that, I’ll smile to my Swedes. =)

  29. What about the absolute lack of customer service, everywhere, and absolutely incompetent, bitchy salespeople with the I.Q. of drunken hedgehogs?

    Two incidents this month:

    One, my sambo bought me the wrong size panties at H&M. I wanted to return them (with the tag on, and a receipt, within 2 weeks). Never wore them, and they were 99 crowns. Not cheap, at all. I wanted to exchange them for my actual size, and the sales lady actually said, “That is disgusting! Of course we cannot let you return panties!” I tried to explain the situation, and she was noticeably upset. Maybe this is common in Sweden, but I have never experienced being bitched at by a saleswoman in the USA before.

    Incident number two: I bought a racetrack at BR Leksaker. It did not work. I returned it within 3 weeks, and they refused to take it back until I fought with them for 45 minutes, and then they would only give me store credit, even though they told me when I bought it that I could get my money back if it didn’t work (it was very expensive). The reason they refused? I had to have two separate receipts with me, even though the sales lady I originally bought it from only gave me one. I told them that, and they said, “But she should have known better, which means it must be your fault.” Wow.

    Incident number three (from about 3 months ago): I bought an overpriced, crap-quality (as all clothes in Sweden are), made-from-rice-paper (basically) dress at Lindex. It came unraveled in the back, as the seams were improperly sewn, and it was also faded on the back, which I did not notice at first. I went to return it at Lindex, and the sales lady actually said, “Are you kidding me? How are we to know you did not do this yourself?!” So I asked her if she thought that I had intentionally undone the seam and bleached the back or something to make it lighter. She told me they could not help me.

    While we’re on it: where did this myth about Swedish-made things being “of the best quality” come from? At any rate, it must have come before the age of sewn-by-monkeys clothes made out of toilet paper and IKEA assemble-it-yourself furniture that lacks character and falls apart within a year.

    Also…what about people that are extremely rude for absolutely no reason at all whatsoever? (This is not only in Sweden, but I find it happens more often here than in any of the other places I have lived).

    Incident from yesterday:

    I was in a café with a work group. We had rented out a room for ourselves, and a random couple walked in and sat down at our table. I told them that they were welcome to sit there, but that it was probably going to be less-than-comfortable for them, since we were going to get loud during the meeting. I told them we had another table reserved outside the private room they were welcome to use, at which point they mumbled a string of obscenities at me and called me “worthless”. Then, when the meeting DID get loud (as I had warned them it would), they left.

    I have to disagree with the woman above who said that she thinks that Swedes are “friendly”. I have not met very many genuinely friendly Swedes. I think that Swedes can be cordial (when they want to be, which they sometimes are), but I think they are rarely truly friendly. I am here because my sambo does not have his green card for the USA yet. As soon as he gets it (or a job anywhere else…in almost any other country on Earth) we are gone.

    That said, I really like the affordability of medical care here. And the buses are very nice and they come on time. Also, it is nice that education is virtually free, even at the higher levels. I think that all countries on Earth should adopt those three things. I wish that those three things were enough to make up for all the b.s. I have put up with in this country, but they are not.

  30. Jessica B- The procedure of the sales people in all 3 examples seems quite standard for even where I live and have visited. I’ll agree the couple with the obsenities seems odd. I myself am quite happy with my IKEA furnature I have no problems with it, if anything I enjoy the self assembly(i know i must be strange) Good luck with your hasty exit, its never good to have to live somewhere that doesn’t agree with you. As for things I hate, well I still have to visit Sweden and see about that. Sorry to say this Sapphire most of those hates are a reality in my life too and don’t bother me except the idiot drivers(i cycle)but as for your last hate, and this might be just me, I think should sometimes be a televised sport, no offense intended.

  31. Jessica B – That is just nuts. You’ve really had some horrible experiences, no matter where you are in the world.

    Possibly, though not a big help, write to the corporate office, especially for Lindex. You’ve inspired me to write a post for everyone to share terrible customer service experiences in the hopes of raising awareness.

    Jen – hehe, you reminded me of the ikea fail site (can’t remember the url now). I understand what you mean that it could be entertaining to do some America bashing, but sometimes people just spend insulting America without admitting to problems in their own country.

  32. You live in stockholm right? Stockholm is a beautiful city but i understand that you easily get a lot of negative aspects of sweden if you spend too much time there. It’s the only “real city” in sweden so of course a lot of things are different. You should try going down to Skåne instead, in my opinion people in general are more open minded and continental there..

  33. Swedes are not friendly and do not smile.
    I was in Nice last October for a conference during Höstlov. During the daily breakfast there were many children and their parents there (They were having their fall break in France as well). Every morning we got smiles and hellos and bonjours from many of the kids and their parents. On our 2nd to final day at the table across from us sat a couple with a young boy. When the young lad looked over I smiled and waved. What I got in return was a blank stare that seemed to question my behavior. I jokingly told my (Swedish) husband, “Oh they must be Swedish!” And guess what? Yep they were, and from Skåne at that!

    To Erik: I’ a NYer born and raised. Complex Magazine certainly does not set the standard nor trend. In addition, I have also lived in Paris. Want really fashion go to real clothing shops in NY, go to Paris, London and Italy and Hamburg. Certainly NOT Sweden.

    Sapphire: No one takes responsibility and they trust their government blind! Yes as Americans we love a conspiracy theory and we are paranoid.

    Karen: Hilarious about the sheets! When I moved I came with 15 boxes of bed and bath linen and my husband’s step mother has stolen my fitted flannel sheets (notice how you cannot get flannel bed linen here?). Must admit by “bonus” kids like them.

    “Bonus” kids? Um, a bonus is normally a good thing. does not always work when they’re Swedish tweens and teenagers! The bonus son seems to think that getting drunk at 15 is not a big deal!

    Jessica B: yes it is nice to have free education but I know first hand that the system here lacks a great deal. Kids are NOT graded until the 8th year (so they are 15 when they get graded for the first time in their lives) and the system moves them on to the next grade irrespective of the fact that some are failing. Then it’s a big shock when they do not get “VGs”. I once told my 9th year class that none of them had the standard of knowledge to actually get a passing grade in a NYC, British or French school and they told me I was rude. I now teach “modersmal English” to kids whose parents do not complaining about the homework I give nor the discipline I demand. Of course, by the time they are at university the kids who want to work and get good grades do: every year I have a class of final year engineering university students who never fail to impress!

  34. Ahh Americans whining about Swedens is always a blast.
    The majority of you guys
    1. Don’t speak the language
    2. Are too ignorant or retarded to even make the effort to learn the language
    3. Instead of adapting to the Swedish society learning the language, the culture etc. you just whine and whinge like the ignorant twats you are

    How about learning the language, stop asking questions like (hey this isn’t like in the USA) instead of trying to understand and adapt to the society.

    And wtf the girl whining about that she couldn’t return a pair of panties?? Are you fucking serious? You never return panties or any underwear for that matter it’s absolutely disgusting, and if you think that a pair 100kr panties are expensive I’m quite sure that your just as trashy as the American stereotype which keeps on flying around the globe.

    And the funniest thing is that most of you haven’t even been outside of Stockholm. IT’S THE SWEDISH CAPITAL, it’s an internationl city with a certain kind of “international people” how about travelling through the country? Truly experiencing Sweden.

    But that’s right since you can’t speak the language I guess that would be hard for you. Heck I might try to speak only French the next time i visit the USA.


    I’m happily integrated into the Swedish society, I’ve been around and Sweden (not Stockholm) is by far (according to me) the best country in the world. I couldn’t wish to live anywhere else.

    If you aren’t prepared to learn the language and adapt to the society, just get the fuck out. No one here wants a bunch of “hey I’m an adult but can only speak one language” ignorant retards running around in this country.

  35. @ Niklas: woha, easy there tiger

    Regarding the article:

    Why you hatin’ on us girl? Alright, I’ll bite.

    1. Fitted bedsheets that aren’t fitted. WTH?
    Yes, they’re much better in USA. Even the IKEA-ones. :)

    2. Whiny Swedes; stop complaining about the weather!
    Wait, you’re whining about Swedes whining?

    3. System Bolaget.
    Well, I don’t know about trusting the government. I mean, the worst thing that could realistically happen is that we don’t get any booze. It’s not like they’re controlling the food supplies or anything. There’s a very good reason that systembolaget exists. Basically, we were all alcoholics in the 19th century.
    I doubt that systembolaget will get to keep their monopoly for very long though.

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systembolaget#History

    4. The shitty selection at the alcohol monopoly stores.
    Depends on which store you go to, but the largest ones have a pretty wide selection. If it’s not to your liking you can always order pretty much anything you want.

    5. No one has responsibilities.
    Welcome to socialism.

    6. Wearing horrible fashionable clothes.
    Yes, we need to impose some kind of fashion laws. Like the hair cut laws of North Korea. Seriously though, let people wear what they like.

    7. Fear from others.
    Well, do unto others and all that. I don’t want strangers to start talking to me. I simply don’t like it. So, I don’t start random ass conversations when I’m on the bus or whatever. It’s a culture thing, not saying anything is, if not “being nice”, at least the “correct” thing to do. When you’re being “American-nice” you’re not being “Swedish-nice”. Perhaps you should consider that.
    That being said; we’re all individuals. Some like random conversations some don’t.

    9. Sucky Swedish beers.
    Oh yes. Swedish beer sucks copious amounts of ass. American beer is pretty terrible too, although arguably better. :)

    10. An everything is better in Sweden attitude., 11. American bashing.
    Yes, this is truly infuriating. No-one wants to hear that shit, people should stop it. Some do it more than others. You know who you are.

  36. why don’t you just leave if it’s so horrible in sweden?
    Is USA really that much better? just beacause it’s not like america it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, or is it?
    we’ll it was kinda funny reading though, to see what other ppl think of sweden.

    why don’t you just buy the correct size of bedsheets haha?

  37. Well here’s some Swedish friendliness for you then: Just get the fark out of here, it can’t be that hard, can it? It’s not like we need any more Americans who wont learn our language and can’t even sum up the wits to buy large enough bedsheets. We’ll do just fine without your friendly face around here… You probably haven’t even been outside of Stockholm, the city with the stiffest and most boring people of Sweden.

  38. Does every country have to be like USA? What the hell, in Sweden socialism is not a forbidden word, people tend to be more shy (not necessarily a bad thing: I’d take Swedish shyness any day rather than haveing to endure some fucking loud American) and alchool is restricted. So what? Get over it or get to another of the countless capitalist-free market heaven countries. The world is full of them.
    Swedes think everything is better in Sweden? Oh, I guess that’s crazy: I mean, I never heard an American saying that the American way is the best way. Never ever ever.
    Finally, it’s always funny hearing about the deep distrust of governments that Americans have. It’s just impossible for them to think that there may be countries where citizens feel that the government is actually a representation of the people, so they trust their government. I guess it’s just another side of the “me first” American attitude. Europe has a pretty long tradition of democracy, and I’d say that our system works much better then the USA and the quality of life is quite higher; I really don’t think we need to become more “americanized”. Quite the opposite, actually.

  39. Niklas, Simonize, and LutherB – Ironic to see that based on this one post you think I should “get the fuck out” of Sweden. Reminds me of the Americans who told dissidents of the Iraq War (back on 2002) to “go home” if they disagreed. Seems that some American traits, ignorance, has rubbed off on you.

    I never said Sweden should be like America. I also never said capitalism is better than socialism. On top of it, I never said America is better. On the contrary, I believe in voicing what’s wrong with my country in the hope of change.

    And what’s the deal; if I do or don’t speak the language, it has no bearing on my ability to criticize a country.

    But I guess it’s okay to criticize America on everything and anything but not Sweden. Because pointing out problems in this country is well…not accepted?

  40. Sweden!
    God what a people!
    The countryside is totally fantastic, pity about the inhabitants(of course I am generalising).
    Swedes seem to think that the rest of the world will one day be the same as Sweden.
    Swedes are the perfect people blond big beautiful and oh so phuqued up!
    I am so glad that there are lots of foreigners coming to the whinging centre of the world.
    Swedes cant do anything wrong. There are two ways of doing things in the world, no sorry, the known and unkown universe; the totally utterly wrong way and the Swedish way.
    Swedes aren’t shy they are just phuqued up and are slowly, oh so slowly begining to realize that there is a world out there and they just might be doing something right. But, hey the person who’s doing has with all certaintity Swedish ancesters!

    For a country with a population of nine million there are so many paragraph punchers and smart- ass “Gunillas and Saras” that it’s scary.

    My tip to anyone who has any plans for visiting this anus of the world is dont!
    Please dont!

  41. What’s with people believing that Swedes think our country is the best and that we’re going to make the rest of the world as us? Flashnews, we don’t. Some people might, but there are people in other countries who’d say the same.
    As for what @davo wrote, well we just think it’s cool if someone of success has Swedish ancestors, it’s not that we think they success because they have Swedish ancestors! And if you have plans on visiting Sweden, you should, I think it’s a beautiful country, but unless you like the cold, you shouldn’t go in the winter. July or June would probably be the best time to go, it’s the best weather then and Sweden has its most beauty.
    As for the fashion, well that’d depend on what you’re used to, wouldn’t it? I’d bet anything I wouldn’t like the american fashion at first if I went there, or if I went to, say German. Then it’s also about your own taste, but people may wear what they want. :)
    Okay, so all this about Swedes whining about the weather, WTF?! I very, VERY rarely hear anybody complaining about the weather, besides, I don’t think we’ve especially crappy weather, I could be warmer, but I like the changes.
    Though I agree on the cellphone part, I usually ask myself even, how I (we) could ever have lived without them.
    And you who was met by rude sales ladies, that has yet to happen to me (and I live here!) so I’m sure you’re just unlucky. But not all swedes are happy and polite, which I’ve gotten the feeling that most people seem to think. As we’re only humans we can also have bad days! :)
    And lots of you’ve been complaining about smiling to people who doesn’t smile back. I always do. My friends always do. The majority of the random people I smile to does (I often smile to random strangers). But you might have been in Stockholm then, people tend to be a little more stressed there, I live a trainride away and it’s so different from where I live.
    What I’m trying to say here is, Sweden most certainly isn’t the best country, no contry is, since all countrys has its flaws you just have to learn to live with them, but Sweden isn’t as bad as you’re making it seem. We in Sweden aren’t unusually polite or happy or anything, we have our culture which might make people see us in a special way, wheather or not they see us as rude or polite is another story, but as in any other country there are shy persons here, as well as outgoing ones. There are rude ones as well as there are polite ones.
    Yeah, well it was fun to know what foreign people think of Sweden, just wish it’d been a little more positive! Peace out! :)

  42. Davo – I would disagree about telling people to never visit. Sweden is a beautiful country and its cities are relatively the same because they have not seen war (cool because you can see how buildings evolved over time).

    Lovisa – I dunno, I have met only one Swede who hasn’t complained about the weather. I agree that the weather here isn’t terrible, a bit dull and cold in the winter, but not bad. But I get fed up with people discussing, “omg it’s so cold and dark!!! I want to go somewhere warm.” Duh, it’s Sweden, what do you want from the poor country?

    As for customer service, well like many European countries, it just doesn’t exist. I guess it’s not a bad thing if you’ve seen different, but honestly, if I’m going to spend 50, 100, 200, 400, or even 700kr for a meal, god damnit I deserve some politeness and courtesy.

    As for fashion, ditto. But since Sweden sits as one of the more fashion forward countries, ugh, 80s fashion just is crap. Sorry, I grew up in the 80s, there is NOTHING good about the fashion from that decade. What that crap fashion arrived in the US in 2007, I cried. Hehe.

  43. This 10 point is ridiculous. The first bad thing about Sweden is getting a goddamn job when you don’t speak their language. Give me a freaking break why would I ever learn a language which spoken in 1 country on Earth? You can’t say the same about french or spanish.

    Swedes are sly twaats, who living on the lands of milk and honey and have no idea about what’s like living in 2nd and 3rd world countries.
    The second thing I hate about Sweden is that it’s fucking expensive. You spend like 1K sek in Stockholm during a day just for food and travel then they throw you a low wage salary cause you are just a lousyass migrant oh and you pay almost half of it for tax…

  44. Well things are different in Sweden than they are in the US, just accept it. I can see the irony in your post Sapphire but some of the other posts are just completly retarded.

    Of course you can complain (which according to these posts apparently on swedes does) and hope it’ll change things for the better. But when you say we are completly stupid, ignorant, retarded and don’t know how to behave people might be offended or hurt. If you don’t like it then leave (yes I say so cus you obviously don’t like it here and have a bunch of bitter foreigner COMPLAINING all the time doesn’t really make this country a better place to live in.) And by the way, americans are experts on telling everyone how everything is better in the US (I’ve met them in Sweden, I’ve met abroad, I’ve met then in the US (yes, it’s true!) and I’ve seen ALOT of them in the comment section in this post.

    And Deedee, I didn’t say they “set the trend” in NY, I have no idea what sets the trend in NY, apparently fat/blind people do since everything is in size XXL, the model casual (which in fact people in Europe would call XL) or a combination of horrible colours. And no, I didn’t set foot in every store in NY but I went into all the major department stores along 5th and I was over in Brooklyn visiting all the vintage stores. You have to remember that Stockholm is a city of 2 million people, not 20 million people like in the NY, we can’t have the same amount of stores you got and people will eventually look a like since trends spread alot faster here than in bigger cities.


    Oh snap! :)

  45. I agree I don’t know how anyone saying that Swedes are “completly stupid, ignorant, retarded and don’t know how to behave” could ever begin to live enjoyably. Being that negative and not taking the time to learn anything is definitly not going to make any friends and it is just going to be hurtful and offensive. The best thing maybe is to pack and move elsewhere.

  46. I’ve been to Sweden a couple of times now, and all I can say is that I love it, LOVE it. Beautiful country (great architecture, unspoiled nature), friendly people (going out of their way to give me directions, tips on where to shop, where to eat, what to eat!), great fashion sense (yes, Scandinavians are trendsetter, and unfortunately for americans not everything comes in a triple XL, white sports socks or with a Nike logo). Of course Sweden isn’t perfect, jeez, which country is? I recognize a lot of these complaints, having heard them from expats (mostly americans) over here in the Netherlands as well. And some are indeed founded, though horribly exaggerated! All I can say is that you’re lucky to be living in such a great country, be grateful for the good aspects of living in Sweden (or anywhere in Northern/Western Europe!). I’ve lived abroad for more than 8 years, I’ve done my fair share of traveling, and I couldn’t think of a better place to live! Love ya Swedes! Kus (puss) from Amsterdam

  47. I’m sorry but i lived in Sweden for a month………(A MERE MONTH mind you!) and I felt like I was trapped in a world of robots. Swedes do everything the same, if it’s not ‘the Swedish way’ it’s like its some kind of toxin that will kill you if you even touch it.

    They are extremely narrow minded and have this haughty superior attitude that makes me want to puke, its no wonder they have only invented the cell phone and volvo…… anyone who has a new idea is just asking to be shunned and disliked.

    They think all Americans are fat, stupid, and redneck. (I’m none of those thank you very much!) WTH……They have no right to bash on the US just because we’re stronger, better, and more diverse than your narrow minded little snow country. Just because we do things in a way that “Is not Swedish” does not mean its wrong….. I know what you mean about American bashing…….I just want to bash Sweden right back in their face, how do they like it? Not so much……

    Sure the people are good looking, but they have robot brains……
    I came to Sweden ready to learn with an open mind and I can honesty say I have nightmares about Sweden to this day …… I’m not just an object that you can vent negative bashing on as if I dont feel a thing…..geez……

    Ok im done. And feel much better ( :

  48. Phil, I’m glad you love Sweden. I do love living here as well except it always makes better blog fodder to bash something than to be positive. ;) And I think this post has served as an outlet for many people having a bad day/week/month/year.

    Katrine, where did you stay for the month? I can agree that much of the people are the same because of the mentality swedes have (don’t be different). But, in the big cities, you can find a variety and depth of folks, though they may not be as crazy as the ones in San Francisco.

    I’m glad you feel a little better now though. ;) Do post again with more of your travels in Sweden.

  49. “And most Americans I’ve spoke to think that Sweden is the capital of Germany or a part of Russia, so you’ll have to excuse us for the bashing.”

    Enough with the whole Americans are too stupid for simple geography. Its bullshit.

    No one in America thinks Sweden is the capital of Germany you fucking idiot. And I highly doubt that ever happened to you. And certainly not more than once.

    Find something credible to bash American for if you are going to do that.


  50. 1. selfcentered swedes, it’s almost always “me, me, me” first, ugh. If I don’t gain anything by helping you, why should I….

    2. Ppl can’t do their job right or at all. They’re always passing the bucket. If there is a problem and you want their help, cos it’s their bloody job to have the knowledge and competence to help you, 9 times out of 10 you get “I don’t know” and I ask, “well whos resposibility is it then? ” “I don’t know” Aaarrgghh! And you can’t sue when ppl fuck your life up due to ignorance and lazyness.

    3.YES, the customer service does in most cases NOT exist. How dare I step into H&M and ask the snobby looking salesperson something, Can’t I see she’s busy looking for shoplifters or talking to her coworkers!? It’s H&M wake the fuck up and smell the coffee, you don’t work at Armani or what have you…

    4.Unless you binge drink atleast 3 times a week it’s almost impossible to have any sort of contact with swedes.
    Fortunately I don’t miss hanging with swedes so I don’t mind beeing sober.

    5.Yes, I you say hi or smile to someone they think your’re an alien . I remeber last summer, I commented about a girls hair cos I thought it was beautiful and I told her so, Wow, she looked at me like I was something the cat drug in… Sad but true.

    6. Unless you wear the latest and greatest (?) you’re just weird. Oh don’t forget to starve yourself to fit those skinny jeans.
    I don’t mind beeing weird in a swedes eye, means I’m not like ’em, LOL!

    7. You’ve gotta have bleached trashy hair and carry a tan booth or fake tan year round, which in most cases make you look 38 when you in fact are 25.

    8. Unless you listen to disco, techno or metal you can NEVER be in the Incrowd.
    Me myself listen to 40’s music. Oh crap there goes my ticket, lol!

    9. Don’t forget to sleep with everyone and everything and you MUST brag about how you got free booze last nite, all you had to do was sleep with a few dudes.

    10. It’s the land of papers and meetings. We have to have a meeting about the meeting we’re having next week, so if we could meet up and plan that meeting soon?

    Sigh, there are so many things about swedes that makes me ashamed to be a Swede, yup, I am born here but have never felt so alianated as I do when I’m in my home country.
    Fortunately I landed myself an american, lol, and we are gonna try to get the heck outta here when all the incompentent ppl can fix the mess they’ve put us thru.

    I most say, not all swedes are bad eggs but most are…

  51. LOL.. It’s the land of papers and meetings. We have to have a meeting about the meeting we’re having next week, so if we could meet up and plan that meeting soon? And by the way if you are lucky to get the job!!! After some shitty interviews which they only give to their own people.. what a drag?

  52. What I hate about sweden is:
    every 2nd shop in stockholm is hm.
    beer tastes like pee.
    this pee is to expensive.
    you can only purchase pee at peeshops.
    every guy looks like sven.
    sven has a small milk mustache.
    sven loves to drink milk.
    but only the warm one from mommie.

  53. Sweden is a bull-shat country!! I hate das fing system (comunism with coca cola). Living there for 16 crap years and no way– back to miami again! f d f’ing f’ers!.

    u forgot something very important about d swedish people = envy.

    Stockholm = bullcrap city .Ulf Lundell.

  54. Well after reading all of this and being an “Amerikan” who has livrd in the “south north” of Sweden for 10 years I have some serious bones to pick with Sweden and Sweeds in general, I from the get go did understand a word of swedish but managed to land a good steel working job here because of my Military education in Aviation and the fact that I had Great work ethic (something sweedes need to learn)

    Sadly I lost my First Job because of corruption the previous woners managed to embezzle 3 Million kr and hid it from the new owner this cost 6 people their jobs and this is after we all worked our asses off for 9 months to get rid of the debt all but 675,000 kr was made but that money was 6 peoples jobs IE 1 months gross payment of & peoples Jobs IE it cost 380kr and hour to pay me 89 kr an Hour! and this was in 99 to 03 cute eh?! So much for following Rules!

    Sweden has a great double standard when I took SFI at nights after work the teacher told me I didnt need the classes because I was American and had a Swedish Girlfriedn BIG MISTAKE! that has caused me problems ever since but alas jag har lart mig sjelv! granted my spelling suks but who needs to spell when you WELD for a living! “Svets” Many good friends of mine pushed me to learn swedish by immersian and i did so to you SWEEDS who dont think AMERICANS are CAPABLE STFU (shut the fark UP!) de håll käften Svensk javel!

    Now a Little history about Sweden and Swedish History: Sweden had a Brown History Just like Germany Sweden had Concentratiion camps for POW’s was allied with the GERMANS untill Feb 1944 and imported (%= MILLION tons Of Steel to Germany not to mention made munitions and weapons for them DOES THAT SOUND NUTURAL?

    Sweden is mostly raceist EXAMPLE: many many times I had people comment oh thank god we got an american immigrant better you than andother SVART SKULLE! I politly kept my mouth shut( I am Vehemetly anti Racist and PRO DEMOCRACY and EQUALITY Demographics and education are the root to a better world!)
    Not to mention the insane amount of Nazis I meet they are stupid enough to think because I am white and amercian I must be racist too DUMBASSES.

    MY Biggest Issue with Sweden at the moment is that I was injured 5 years ago because of NEGLIGENCE and I cannot sue I am stuck in a system with little or no way out and I am fighting the backwards so called swedisg social democracy all the way to the EU Courts as to prove a point about how SWEDEN DOESENT REALLY VALUE HUMAN INDIVIDALITY AND RIGHTS AS AMERICANS DO OR EVEN GERMANS DO
    I have been Misdiagnosed by 2 doctors how on earth can somone not think to have xrays taken after a fall???!!! I demanded MRI in 2008 and it showed EXACTLY what I told the dumbass doctors here 5 years ago that I had damaged the diskis and tissue in my back because I fell and why did I have an accident!!! (a whole other story showing swedish incompitence in the workplace,I’ll save it for later!)I still havent recived proper medical treatment am watitng for the FKassan to make a desion on sending me to German or USA for treatemnt and will recive a decision in April!and I am discusted with the SUPPOSED PERFECT SWEDISH WAY IT IS BULLCRAP,MYTH DOESEN’T EXIST, Exept if maybe I was a swedish Kändis or athelete but NOOO god forbid not an Avarage working class Person!

    I Thank GOD for the day I was born American and that My forefathers had the insight to create AMERICA and American Democracy because it is by far better than any Political System in the WORLD as We As American have UNALIANABLE RIGHTS UNDER GOD and they upheld by the courts system and you can SUE THE LIVING CRAP out of Incopitent BOOBS WHO DONT DO THEIR JOBS AND CAUSE HARM TO OTHER PEOPLE good luck with that here Sweden the land of pass the buck and incompitence (Lagom Svens slavighet!)only being made up for with more laws to supposedly protect the Public! it is a SHAM and so amazinly sickening that as soon as MY Girl finishes her military Training and moves up to Officer she will Be Looking for work with NATO so we can Move the Hell out of here and to a County LIKE Belgium that is at least the Caplital Country of the EU and has some more and better understanding of Human Rights and Negligance laws that SWEDEN DOES! Oh Yeah and that Maybe just Maybe I can get a Job working for the ABMC (American Battle Monumnets Commision) tending over the Graves of BRAVE MEN Who FOUGHT for FREEDOM instead of ebing trapped in a double standard System! Medical care what bullfart social protection what Bullfart! You Can keep your lagom Sverige and everyone same attitude this is why Sweden will end up a 3rd world country as it hasnt evolved past the 60’s enjoy your Ever Increasing Crime Impodent Justice and Police system and watch it Burn baby Burn SWEDEN has allot of Growing up to do and maybe my REALTY Check will help it WAKE THE HELL UP!
    As the late Adrian Rogers said, “you cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class.
    That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.
    The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”.
    All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.
    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.
    The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.
    As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.
    The second test average was a D!
    No one was happy.
    When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.
    The scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.
    All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

    EAT IT!

  55. Okay, here’s a few myths people in Sweden believe that should also be trashed:

    1) Sweden’s educational system (grades 1-12) is superior to the US.

    Fact: When my kids moved with me to Sweden they were in fact ahead of thier Swedish peers by about 2 years in math and science — even though they were at least 1 year younger than their classmates (since Swedes start school later than Americans).

    2) Sweden’s college system is superior.

    Fact: My oldest two sons spend far more time in liesure activities than I was able to in the US. They joke about how easy it is here.

    3) Swedes have superior analytical abilities.

    Fact: What is promoted in Sweden as “analytical” or “critical” thinking is, in reality just cynical thinking. Swedish children are taught that to understand a subject you have to look for the flaws — and pretty much nothing more. That is just going to promote depression and helplessness, not being able to accurately analyze an issue, idea or even possible marriage mate.

    4) Speaking of marriage — Swedes are always a good catch.

    Fact: Yeah, they have their good, bad and ugly just like all countries. However, Swedes generally play house with someone for several years (often starting in high school), then leave them and start again, then leave, then maybe around 30 hitch up with someone once the crop of potential singles starts to thin. Also, if Swedish people are such good catches, why do so many Swedish women prefer non-Swedish men?

    5) And speaking of Swedish men — they are Vikings, right?

    Fact: That is debatable. One could speculate that the men with balls around 1000 years ago were the ones who packed thier bags and settled in northern Germany, Poland, Russia and other areas — leaving the men who were less adventursome back home. Then the next purge of Swedish masculinity may have taken place when many men packed up and took their families to America. Maybe that explains why Swedish males are afraid to offer up any opinion and prefer to just go with the flow (and call it concensus building.

    6) Swedes are efficient.

    Fact, if Swedes had been in charge of creating the earth the Garden of Eden would still be in the planning stage. Swedes love their meetings…to the point of nausia! They might actually get something done if they cut their meetings in half and went out and worked!

    7) Swedes believe in individuality.

    Fact: They cannot even go out for a walk alone. Ever try passing one of their herds on the sidewalk when you want to go for a run? Also, you can’t even reporduce the way you want to in Sweden — a single woman has to travel to Denmark to get a baby through insemination and if you are a lesbian couple or a couple where the hubby shoots blanks you do not even have a right to choose the characteristics you want the donor to have. Also, donors, male or female, cannot be paid, which decreases supply and creates long waiting lists for people wanting families. Just a little advice for any healthy, intelligent andattractive Swedish women out there — check what you can earn in the US as a donor.
    Oh, and See how people will react if you are a woman and say that your ¤1 goal in life is to be a loving mother of a large family. No, you are supposed to be on par with the man, or woman, you marry economically and your kids should be raised by dagis personnel.

    8) Sweden’s economy is better than the US.

    Fact — while the per capita income seems to suggest at least equal levels of income, if you factor in taxes (direct and indirect, like energy taxes, VAT,etc.) you will find tht the average American couple can enjoy a Swedish lifestyle that it takes two people workiing full time to attain with only one income.

    9) Swedes have long and cherished traditions.

    Fact: The average Swede is totally in the dark about their proud heritage. Most have no clue about Viking accomplishments or even their basic history. And as for traditions, why do they have to steal all their holidays from other nations, i.e. Lucia?

    10) Sweden is the future.

    Fact: Not with their below-replacement birthrate they aren’t. And in a cultural sense, only if Orwell’s 1984, or the way the movie “The Time Machine” from 1960 presented the blonde, ambitionless human survivors of the future, is an accurate presentation of what humanity has to look forward to.

  56. LOL – sounds like you are having a bad experience. I have to say (honestly) I don’t recognise your gripes. I am English (proper English, not the septic version. Septic tank is slang for yank). I have lived here 18 months and have nothing but good to say about the place.

    Sure the opening times of system blogaret are a pain but the choice is fantastic – bears wines and spirits I have never heard with staff that are very knowledgeable.

    The rest of the suff is just you have a good whine – ironic in that is what you mon about Swedes for. You are obviously not adapter to living abroad.

    BTW, didn’t you realise everyone bashes dumb Americans the world over…?

  57. @Shira’s American Man – You raise a couple valid points:
    1. Some Swedes are secretly racist. Because it’s pretty much against the law to make racist comments or protest (peacefully!), no one really knows who the racists are.

    Because the US protects all, people can and do make racist comments. Alas, I rather know there’s a KKK in my city than having them be hidden. And by knowing your “enemies” other organizations can peacefully fight for the other side.

    As I am: American & Brown, most Swedes look at me as an American first. But there are those days, when club bouncers or bus riders look at me like dirt because I am brown. And those days when you hear about a robbery/theft and the first question is “Was he Arab?” WTF? The robber couldn’t be a white-trash Swede or white immigrant? The de facto is “Arab, Iraqi, Brown” etc. That makes me sad.

    2. There is no real system of “suing” in Sweden. Whether or not people agree, it’s about placing adequate blame on to whoever broke the law. It’s like the average “life sentence” in prison in Sweden is 7 years. Where’s the justice in that? And where’s the justice if you lose you arm in an accident at work because their equipment was faulty to begin with? You get social security benefits, but the company gets slapped with a minor fine, no harm done.


    @Brian – Haha, I learned a new phrase today, septic.

    I disagree about Bolaget’s fantastic choices. They buy wine/beer that will sell. Boutiques/small companies are far from Bolaget’s choice because they cannot provide the mass quantities nor guarantee for shipments. That leaves outs hundreds of small, exclusive companies that produce wonderful wines that Bolaget will never buy, and Swedes will never know about.

    Living in France and California has spoiled me. There’s no end to access of wonderful wines, beers and even spirits. Bolaget to me is like going to the airport newspaper shop; there’s a selection, but nothing to write home about. Frankly, I’m fed up of seeing the same shit over and over (even though stores have different selections).

    Lived in other countries as well. And on any day, I’d pick living in Sweden than France. For SURE!

  58. Having been living both in USA and Sweden for quite some time, I would say there are advantages and disadvantages in both.

    One major disadvantage of US, for us males, are predominance of grossly overweight, tasteless obnoxious females with princess attitude and with tendency to sue people around. Another one is ruthless serf serving legal system. Just make one mistake, like not being aware of particular law, and hordes of profiteers descend on you. One can be facing a long sentence for virtually nothing, a miserable experience with male on male rape not excluded, and little chance for employment thereafter as public record is available to any employer for a nominal fee. The highest incarceration rate in the world speaks by itself. The main advantages of US are significantly better pay (so far) for us professionals, availability of warm places, excellent service, politeness, friendliness, can do attitude and availability of medical services for those with insurance or savings, less and less so for those getting older.

    The major disadvantage of Sweden, besides climate, is sticking to some artificial proven to be detrimental values (welfare immigration is one example), too much drinking and smoking, expecting the worst from the stranger instead of the best, and of cause dysfunctional health services: I personally waited in Karolinska emergency room for 4 hours to get my temperature checked. And I had 41C with no clue what is going on. Too expensive due to VAT, and if Malmo is an example for anyone, without no long term future. The advantages are long vacation and sick leave, availability of ombudsman and consumer department, much better sense of style and quality of food, air and water, better product quality. Both nation grossly disregard their young and older population in my opinion.

    However, if given a choice I would still choose France or Israel instead of Sweden and USA, even with their lower wages, as the quality of medical service, in particularly after retirement makes more value for me than in both Sweden and USA by a large margin. And fun to live, communal attitude add to what both Sweden and USA lacks

  59. Since the territory of the United States is fairly equal to the entire size of Europe, and since the United States is populated from peoples of nearly every country in the world who have moved here for a better life, we agree we are not perfect. And if we can get back to personal freedom with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and away from socialism government control of life and business we will prosper again in life and economy.

  60. Wow. At least I know I’m not alone in my feelings. I cannot get over the level of CONFORMITY here. I am shocked and alarmed by the average Swedes level of naivety, and by the amount of xenophobia and all out rascism here.

    I am white and American; my wife, on the other hand, is black and hispanic, from South America. I am treated like gold everywhere I go, even though I dont speak a word of Swedish (for all their America bashing, mention you’re from NYC and watch how Swedes react.) My wife on the other hand, is treated like DIRT on a regular basis, even though she speaks perfect unaccented Swedish (she has lived here for most of her life). She has several college degrees, has lived in no less than 6 countries and speaks four languages, and yet to Swedes she is just another “invandrare,” here to steal their social security and wreck their economy. Swedes do not realize what they are missing out on by not taking advantage of what their immigrant population has to offer.

    There are many things I LOVE about this country! I just had to get that off my chest!

    Oh yeah…and why do people follow each other in herds when they walk on the street?? Its REALLY annoying. When I get off the train I watch everyone take the escalator, not one person takes the stairs. Then, I walk up the stairs (i like the exersice) and suddenly, a whole pack of people is behind me!! Try it some time! Its like everyone just follows the person in front of them!

    I can here my mother’s voice in my head “If so and so jumped off a bridge would you do it too?” Sometimes I think Swedes would!! :)

  61. The American bashing is tiresome (and I am not American). If America’s so bad, why amongst the European nations I’ve visited (which is many) are the Swedes the most anxious to wear American fashions, use American slang, adopt American sports (football), and American customs?

    Unfriendliness…geez, smile, say ‘hello’, things like that.

    The men…so self-consciously trendy it’s not funny. Being a fjortisar at 15 is almost forgivable. At 26, you look like a douchebag.

    The women…yes, a lot of them are good looking. However, they carry this whole ‘got an ATTITUDE but I am totally insecure’ thing to an extreme. Cold fish, but then they end up with some total douchebag because they are too insecure to be single or date someone that just might get attention from another women. Unless that is they end up with someone who has money…holy frikkin’ goldiggers.

  62. “Unless you binge drink at least 3 times a week it’s almost impossible to have any sort of contact with swedes.”

    It’s the only way they can interact. Take away alcohol and outside of work you’d live in a totally silent society.

    “Yeah, they have their good, bad and ugly just like all countries. However, Swedes generally play house with someone for several years (often starting in high school), then leave them and start again, then leave, then maybe around 30 hitch up with someone once the crop of potential singles starts to thin.”

    The high school part is shocking, but very true. I am glad they have fewer sexual hangups than North Americans, but letting your 14 year old daughter screw one guy after another isn’t liberated, it’s irresponsible. And, truthfully, when you are a 30 year old guy do you want to marry some chick whose looks are fading and has spent the last decade and a half being passed around like an open beer? No thanks.

    “Maybe that explains why Swedish males are afraid to offer up any opinion and prefer to just go with the flow”

    Going with the flow…more like desperately try to conform and only open your mouth once you are drunk off your ass.

    Funny, I have relatives in Sweden…from way back in the ancestral chain. I am still in touch with them and the 17 year old that I refer to as my niece keeps begging me to help her move away from Sweden.

  63. @ Chris

    You are exaggerating a bit much here. After reading what you have to say, I get the feeling that you base this out of what you have heard and not on any real experience of sweden and the people who live here. And about your niece, Im sure that she is a nice girl and all but really. A teenage girl wanting to get out and see the world? I mean no real job experience or anything that includes living on your own. might be funny to you but if you look around, you will see that most teenagers are like that.

    And please tell me how a trendy 26 year old look like a douchebag.

  64. I have a swedish friend is annoying. She is always like
    “why do you guys eat so much junk food?”
    “You guys change your clothes everyday? Why? In sweden we wear clothes 3 times!!”
    :-p sicko
    Once I was fixing my hair in the mirror and she said,”Am I the only person who doesn’t care about their clothes,hair and makeup!!!!!”
    She cries everyday and is obsessed with beanie babies. In sweden she had 1 friend and she has 2 friends here!! (Good job Carolina!)

  65. I totally agree with you!! I’m born in sweden but I can’t wait to go away from here! I looking for job in US right now! Bur I have one question, why are you in sweden if you hate it so much?

  66. As a swede this blog has been pretty intresting to read both about pos and negative stuff.

    I agree with some and disagree with other thing.

    And yes we swedes in generell are shy which can come out as rude or arrogant :(
    But i honestly dont think you have met many swedes if you think we only are able to talk to strangers when we are drunk that is not the case but it takes some doing on your part which you either accept or not.

    Best way to meet swedes is if you get to know one swede which will take you to friendly gathering with his swedish friends.

    Thats how i have meet strangers from other countries and have had great talks and also some of them is people im talking and meeting fairly regular.

    Also stockholm is not sweden so what you see or hear in stockhom where i live btw should not be taken for granted that it applies to the rest of the country.

    Regarding racism in sweden its a problem and we do have skeleton in the closet concerning ww2 which we are pretty open with and most people do know this its nothing we are trying to hide.

    We also have other problems with new racism and its sad that we dont have any answers for instance to Sweden Democrats which by the look of it may even be voted into the government next election :(

    I go by the mantra, You dont get respect for free you have to give respect to earn respect and it works wery well to bad not all people understand that.

    Also when it comes to bad service when you are shopping or whatever all depends on what store you go to.
    I honestly dont get bad service everywhere i go but sure sometimes i do and then i never comes back to that store or whatever it is.

    I can say a lot of bad things about us or other countries but this blog was about sweden so ill keep my answers to that :)

    Anyway very funny blogpost :)

  67. When do we get a Hate the US-page? We spendt 250 years getting rid of all the scum we didnt want and now no matter where U go the scum has returned as vulgar americans blablablaing about the world seen from their substanceless plastic-country.
    As a european travelling in the US one can only wonder how these people can believe that greedy, consumersick plasticland is so F…… fine.
    U yanks should apreciate the swedes they (for some bizarre reason)love your vulgar culture. Not like the rest of us Europeans who consider U shaved monkeys in cities of 0 culture…

  68. Well. I see that some of you all don’t like so much Sweden. From these coments maybe we can imagine that if you criticize other country (from eastern Europe or Asia and Africa), the comments will become deadly-negative. Please don’t forget that in the rest of the world there are people who will laugh on that kind of thinking. However I live now in a country with more than 1400 years of history and here most of the population gets less than 200 euros average salary in month. Here is expensive. Here the taxes are bigger. Some people say that if u r training for example football and u wear weights and therefore in the match u will fly baby… So it is same like if u live poor and go to wealthy country. However I don’t want to say that these things are not important. We must live better. We must demand better to us and our beloved ones.

  69. Well I have lived in Sweden all my life and well I really hate Sweden just not as a joke, I really do! I would be the first one attending a Swedish flag burning and I invite Russia, Finland or Norway, please take over this crappy place! Im serious.

  70. Oh dear. Swedes really take criticism well, don’t they?

    ..And really, if Americans are all so very stupid, why do you lot keep giving us Nobel prizes (usually in the sciences)? Sweden has won 28, The United States has 320 to date.

  71. Conny – Thanks for your comments. I agree that being shy should not be equated with being rude. And that you have to work to make friends, they don’t appear out of thin air (as many people imagine).

    Thomas – The irony is as you pointed, Swedes love America. There’s something twisted in that as well.

    Bgboy – I think any country can be criticized.

    RS – How come you hate Sweden so much? I’d love to know what got you ticked off about living here.

    Suze – LOL! So true though, Americans do do some good deeds.

  72. I am not American or not Swedish,I am Russian living most of the time in the year in Cayman Islands I also do travel alot mostly in latin America and to Europe. I just saw posts about Sweden and I been there many times.I visit many they citys.

    I think Sweden is not good place to live.Cose people do pay huge taxes and do not get the service that they pay for.Also taxes stop of the professional grow – what is the point to work hard and to studiy hard.Then big part of your money will be gone.

    As for people there.I feel they are not frendliy
    (as Finns are also) only they start talk then they are drunk.I guess it will be not so nice to live all the time with people that are not frendliy and not open to you.Also the weather it is dark for 6 mouths there.So is no point to live there there are much better and more frendliy locations with much less tax or no tax at all.

  73. This isn’t a hate thing just something I noticed when I visited and it puzzled me – why do Swedish doors open outwards?? In UK they all open inwards – is this a crafty methaphor for the difference between British and Swedish lookouts of life??

  74. To the russian girl/boy:

    Have you even visited Sweden?
    You are telling us that we aren’t open with people… Funny joke. When you are saying that the weather is dark for 6 months, do you mean that it’s cold or that Sweden doesn’t get any sun? If you talk about the weather, please let me laugh first. Russia and USA is colder…
    Why we got big taxes is because it makes everyone happy. You can be really damaged/sick and still get your money. Why? Because that is fair.

  75. Suze says:
    April 12, 2010 at 00:11
    Oh dear. Swedes really take criticism well, don’t they?

    ..And really, if Americans are all so very stupid, why do you lot keep giving us Nobel prizes (usually in the sciences)? Sweden has won 28, The United States has 320 to date.

    And Americans are gold medallists at being able to take criticism eh suze?You’re the worst in the world.

    If Americans are all so very intelligent..how come they don’t know Alfred Nobel,founder of the “Nobel prizes” was Swedish?and only handed out in Stockholm? And that giving the prize to very clever swedes every year wouldn’t go down too well,so they cheat and give them to you yanks to make you feel better!
    It’s on a level with like..say America having “the world series” competition and only allowing American teams in it.Makes people suspicious. ;)

    Nobel also invented Dynamite..without which you’d all still be crossing the states on wagon trains!
    Amazing what these Swedes invent when we’re not looking eh?

    @ Princess – Doors opening outwards is Swedens version of terrorism!
    There’ll be a huge video on youtube one day of us all making total t***s of ourselves!
    The only good thing about them is that they catch a lot of Swedes unawares too.

    There’s actually a very funny video on there with one of Suze’s clever Americans robbing a store.When the security gate falls and stops him getting the cash he turns to go out..but pushes the door instead of pulls.
    Thinking it’s a security lock thing he commences kicking,punching,threatening and falling on his arse,before he suddenly realises his mistake,pulls and runs out! Funny shit.

  76. @Dano

    Clever theory. Is that why the pedestrian crossings at traffic lights also sound like a ticking bomb? Scared the crap out of me at first being used to the British friendly beep beep beep. The Swedish tick is a tad aggressive for such a laid back country methinks. Are these noises also a methaphors for our cultural differences? Swedes tick – us Brits beep… hmmmm

  77. I have lived in Sweden (not Stockholm!) for 9 years after growing up in the UK. I can speak the language, I am married to a swedish girl, and I can pretty much say i feel the culture. Do I like Sweden?…yes and no. It has a beautiful landscape and I really enjoy exploring it. Politically, I am not a big fan of socialism, but I do see the positive effects from it when it is run efficiently. Thus you gain alot in welfare, transport, education etc..In other words, you are well looked after and it is certainly more efficient than britain.

    However, its the people that make a place. I have plenty of swedish friends and on a personal level swedes are very nice people (generally, as it is pretty much everywhere!). I do find though on mass swedes are just horrible. I think it is important to be able to communicate, and in the UK the general public are generally (amongst other things) very curtious, not afraid to talk to anybody, say hello, and not afraid to confront someone if needs be. It seems like here in sweden, alcholol is the only real way to break the ice and Swedes tend not to be very good at these qualities otherwise. Swedes, in britain atleast, are renound for being somewhat cold, lack respect for each other, and are a little dull. Interestingly enough my wife is not like this at all and is very outgoing and personble (so personable infact, I know a lot of swedes are or have been intimidated by her), but thats one of the main reasons why I married her, because its appealing! I think it would be arrogant of me to say that the british culture (and this includes all english speaking commonwealth countries and the USA) is supreme, but I think (as it is for anyone who lives aborad) it becomes very hard to accept when your cultural values are not met. My british values are obviously different from the general swedish population and it can get very very frustrating.

    As for fashion, yes i think swedes do live in some 80s time wharp, but on the other hand its a small country with a small economy, thus the demand is lower and there is a limited choice…especially for men! I do all my clothes shopping abroad basically!

    I am also a firm believer in “if you cant stand the heat, get of the kitchen”, but as I am married, and she has a great life here it would be selfish of me to just tell her to pack her bags and say we are leaving. I have a fulltime job in Canada, but am also able work from home in sweden. I love Canada and I feel like I “fit in” better, but then again its partially british and everyone has my values! This has made living in Sweden a little easier again due to this little cushty arrganement I have, but I have to still suck it up day in day out when im in sweden.
    At the end of the day, culture has alot to answer for!

  78. @Princess – To be honest i’ve not actually used a pedestrian crossing here yet! But i’ll take your word on it lol.
    Which brings me to Swedish driving!! All i know about pedestrian crossings is that i’m usually past it before i know it’s there!Talking the normal “zebra” crossings here (as we Brit’s know them).I’m used to ours which have big flashing lights on them.(Bleacher beacons)These swedish crossings are bloody deadly! No warning lights and many of them are so worn away from wear and tear it’s impossible to see them as a pedestrian sometimes never mind a as a driver!
    And they place them in such stupid places! Just over the brow of a hill..halfway around a bend…a second one 10 metres after the first one.WTF is that all about??
    People don’t even look before walking out!..I hope Swedish prisons are nice! :(

  79. Cont:( due to rushing the last post on the way to bed.)

    …I understand that pedestrians here now have “right of way” on crossings,but they all seem to have just abandoned the basic human self preservation and survival instincts that most of us apply when venturing across a busy road!
    Cycle paths in the middle of the pavement!..Ridiculous.
    Driving down a road..cars emerging from side roads to your right have right of way!..and they emerge like bats out of hell!
    The worst one for me is the fact that Sweden hasn’t invented “cats eyes” (reflective studs in the roads that tell you which way the roads bend at night in total darkness!) yet.
    This might not be a huge concern in Stockholm,but out here in the countryside where street lighting is in very short supply..it is!
    I’m a trucker by profession and i guess after years of night driving the brain is used to driving automatically just by using cats eyes as a guide.
    This was brought home to me in a recent very unplanned experiment when some fool turned off all the street lighting on a large roundabout at the end of a 90kph stretch of road. Enter yours truly..and a momentary lapse of concentration.Midnight – no lighting – no cats eyes for warning = a very short but fast scary trip across the aforementioned roundabout,halted only by one of the offending non working streetlights!

    Blah! Not really things i “hate about Sweden”..but certainly some serious bugbears!

  80. @Dano

    Hmm no cat’s eyes – that’s mad. Point of order though it’s A Belisha Beacon (named after some MOT guy). Jeez there were loads of the bleeping crossing things in Stockholm. Perhaps they just don’t have enough bomb scares cos that bloody sound wouldn’t wash in Blighty.

    Can’t say i thought the drivers were bad. Hey they’re not Italians (overtaking on blind bends and the like), or Indians (they don’t really seem to do lanes – come to that neither did the Eyptians). They just weren’t v many cars around but guess that just shows the the UK is too jam packed with cars. Do they have motorways on Sweden??

  81. @Grammar/spelling/punctuation police – Lol yes i knew the spelling was questionable,just couldn’t be bothered googling it. :P
    They have enough crossings down here too,(Skåne)i just don’t use them as i tend to follow the British rule of crossing where the bloody hell i like!

    I was never a student at Uni’..so i’ve not travelled the world much while i was supposed to be studying.Closest i’ve gotten is Paris in rush hour..was bad enough!

    They have “baby motorways” here,only 2 lanes,and a small strip that i think passes for a “hard shoulder”.Breaking down here isn’t recommended as a third of your car sticks out of the hard shoulder making you a spectacular target for sleepy truckers!!
    Also there are NO emergency phones situated every mile! In fact no phones situated anywhere!
    Break down without a cell phone and you’re in DEEP doo doo! (Although i’m reliably informed that that protocol demands that passing vehicles stop and see if you need help,which is illegal on motorways in the UK!)

    Some very weird rules here!

  82. @Dano – ha ha ha like my new name. Hey I’ve taught English what can I say – it’s in the blood to correct mistakes!!!

    People stop and help – well that’s just not British. Surely they’ve got enough room for a proper hard shoulder – how mean.

  83. Well..with a population of 10 million in a large country…you’d think they had enough space for 3 lanes and a big enough hard shoulder?
    Maybe Volvo’s just don’t break down?

  84. @Dano

    Well if that’s the case am gonna buy me a Volvo as my French piece of crap aka Renault Megane is rubbish and seems to love being in the garage to get fixed.

  85. @Dano – Yea, what’s with the lack of cat’s eyes reflectors on the road? I noticed that too as my inlaws live in the boondocks and there are no lights, no road markers, no emergency breaking points, nothing. How annoying!

  86. Lol,it’s more than annoying Sapphire,it’s outright terror sometimes! Sweden has a lot of twisty roads,most of them in the middle of huge pine forests and at night it can be a very dangerous state of affairs.Throw in wandering foxes,badgers,Elk Moose and suicidal joggers without a reflective jacket..and life gets pretty complicated!
    Countries without cats eyes are still living in the dark ages.Literally!!

    @Princess – They have some nice Volvos these days.You can barely see where the turret and 88mm cannon used to be now! :)

  87. I’m almost a year late with this reply but I am glad this is here.
    I’ve been here a month and dear god….I’ve been through culture shock, but THIS IS SOMETHING ELSE.
    Shops closing at 7-alcohol from one place???? And to go to bars and clubs is outrageous.
    Everything is so expensive, the food is ghastly. Chinese food isn’t even…Chinese food. I swear I thought the food here would be great but I don’t think they have as strict a regulation on restaurants here. Food looks old half the time. McDonalds is even different. Pay for restrooms almost everywhere and they are nasty, NASTY restrooms.
    Why does a license here cost so much? And who would want to drive here with the silent crosswalks and the tax, and parking meters jeeeesus.
    And for fashion, come on! I’ve never seen so many people dressed in drab. Ugly outfits everywhere I look. Men look ridiculous, short shorts, pastel spring colors…..jacket tied around their necks….sissy men. I was so excited to shop here-now I find myself paying extra buying off the a&f website.
    I’m from Orlando so I can complain about the weather-it is freezing and it’s the end of June. I was so excited for “sun all day long” but I didn’t know that meant sun with plenty of clouds and chilled air around me. UGH. I think this sums it up. Basically it’s not home is all. So I’m American, I like my fried foods, (not kebab) I like my 80 degree weather in the summer, (100 degree where I’m from) modern houses, bigger cars, and Wal-Mart —yea that’s right. Sue me, I love Wal-Mart and I didn’t even know it until just now. lol

    I give this to Stockholm though-transportation for the public is awesome.
    Also I have not met one mean or rude Swede. They have all been very nice and helpful-with no complaints about speaking English to me.
    Also I love how pet friendly this city is. And tanning beds are much cheaper here and they’re like vending machines! Really neat.

    That is all. I feel much better!

  88. I agree with you, Im from sweden myself and has grown up in this country and never had a big problem with it until now when i grew older… Im so tired of this place! The laws are too strict and I really garee with you! If I went out talking to someone on the bus for example they would belive I was high or something XD It sucks!
    And they are too nice to us! I met alot of people here who are such cowards, Everyone is afraid that the teachers or other people will get them in trouble, Blah blah blah XD Im just tired of living here now and im planning to move out as fast as i can! :D Im only 15 thou so gotta wait

  89. @Dano – Maybe we should appeal to Vägverket for common sense and to place cat eye lights on the side of the road. Surely, the Swedish government can afford to put little reflective lights to prevent accidents.

    @Meagan – American Chinese food is gross enough, but Swedish Chinese food is downright inedible. Been to the Mongonlian restaurant on Birger Jarlsgatan for lunch once; was terrible food. A couple Thai restaurants serve Thai and Sushi, even more gross.

    @Alexander – Time to rebel man. Push those jante laws out of the way.

  90. I wonder when the Swedish state will accept that they are a member of the European union and abolish the stupid illegal systembolagets monopoly.
    Allow alcohol to be sold in ordinary shops at ordinary times.
    The ilegal monopoly also creats unfair competition within the union.
    Sweden you are making a fool of yourself by joining Europe and then not complying by the rules set down.
    Sweden, play fair, comply to European rules or get out of our union.

  91. Hey Edward, thanks so much for your personal perspective of your life in Sweden! Spot-on, Man!! Wishing you success and a speedy recovery. God bless you and your girl!

  92. Hey Dano, while I don’t agree with you on most anything, one thing I will give you is this… Regarding America and its many winnings of the coveted Nobel Prize, we have many people I believe should have never received it and only did so do to false pretenses and political agendas. Case in point: Prez Obama getting the Nobel prize was the stupidest thing I had ever seen! (Okay, his NOT rejecting it was even more idiotic!!) He was just elected and hadn’t done a damn thing… It was a prize for what people EXPECTED him to do IN THE FUTURE! INSANE!!! The America we have now is NOT our Founders America. It is currently quite shameful, with a government even more ridiculous than Sweden’s! — at the moment. But I LOVE my country and what is was – and is still meant to be – and will fight til my last breath to bring back the America I know and love oh so very well.

  93. What’s with the bashing and over-generalization? This article is incredibly negative and full of “black and white” thinking and many of the comments go even further downhill. From what I see, it seems that when experiencing the discomfort of culture shock some decide to just bash the culture to make themselves feel better. The author of the article claims the article is just using sarcasm and humor (oh, the bashing is so funny and clever) but in reality there is a lot of underlying hostility.

  94. @betin Sometimes expats needs a place to vent frustrations but I agree that the negativity in here is a bit disturbing.
    The interesting thing is to see similarities between the different cultures that claim they do not understand each other.

    Both sides seem equally bad at hearing criticism about their countries. If it is acceptable to have a bash-Sweden thread I think people should be allowed to do a bit of of bashing outside of Sweden as well.

    Both sides seem to know fact from fiction and is eager to point out that what they say is the truth. A dose of humility perhaps?

    Both sides seem to point out how nasty and horrible the other culture is in a manner that makes you question if that person is any better than the culture he/she is criticizing.

    I have encountered open racism in most countries where I have lived and before accusing one culture of being the experts at it – maybe one should take an honest look at the situation at home.

    And last, if it really is necessary to start comparing what country has the largest….whatever (childish enough?) – one can at least try to compare fairly. Sweden has 9 million citizens, the U.S. about 310 million. If we compare at an equal number of citizens it is reasonable to assume that Sweden would then 964 Nobel prizes if they had as many citizens as the U.S. So it was not a very good argument.

    As I see it there are very few people here that is setting a good example when it comes to representing their own culture – but there is plenty of fingerpointing. But I do understand the need to vent frustration at times. I’ve been there.

  95. @Freddie – just to keep you calm – I have willingly taken the piss out of my own culture a lot of this blog. (NB: If Ben is reading this this will be the sarcasm thing). I’ll do it now for you – Britain is SH#%. We’re crap at everything. If you don’t belive me just wait for the Olympics…we’re useless…honest. Hope that makes you feel better :-)

  96. I think that the posters who are telling Sapphire to get out of Sweden are overreacting a bit. It’s unrealistic to think that one should like everything about a place, whether it is your home country or a foreign country. You might like living in a place 99% of the time but we all have our bad days, and I think that’s all this post was.

    I also think that this is pretty much a universal experience for expats. I am American, but I used to live in Italy and I currently live in the UK. There are things that I love about living in each country, and things that I hate about each as well. I do think it’s important to be respectful and to try your best to adapt to your new culture and home, but I fully understand that even then there will still be bad days and frustrations.

    When you live in a place for a long period of time, you learn about the reality of it– not the glossy finish that you may get during the first few weeks, and not the absolute worst that you get during your lowest days, but a point somewhere in the middle that both acknowledges flaws and appreciates beauty.

  97. I hate the Swedish restaurants. Besides serving the crappiest food on earth, they have no waiter service in 90% of the places!!!! If i wanted to pick up a tray, the fork and knife, the bread, the water and the plate and after eating leave the tray back in the designed place, I’D STAY AT MY FREAKING HOME. If I go to a restaurant I want to be served, don’t want to be like in a goddamn prison queueing with my tray to get my portion of turd

  98. I had to laugh outloud as I read your 10 reasons for hating Sweden! I lived there in the mid to late 80’s for 4 years and recognize much of what you dislike about Sweden. I could write a book. But it goes both ways. I was married to a Swede who came to America only to find just as many things to complain about, and believe me, Swedes know how to complain and be critical. I learned long ago that there is nothing right or wrong about another country, only different. You have to look at it that way or things will continually piss you off all the time and build up. I do have to admit, however, that just like you, Swedes are very big complainers and whiners and they start with the weather, a VERY BIG topic of conversation to most Swedes. They even complain about their own government to each other, but NEVER to us Americans….then they show their Swedish pride. We Americans complain less and are generally much more optimistic people. Negativity among Swedes is one reason I couldn’t stay there more than 4 years, I just didn’t fit in with that mentality.

  99. Ten things I hate about Sweden and the Swedes:

    1. They really think they’re beautiful when they’re actually REALLY NOT!! People around the world have bought into the big myth that Swedes should be attractive, because Greta Garbo and Agneta Ekberg were! Come to Sweden and see for yourselves! Most Swedes are not even blond – they dye their hair blond to live up to the myth that Swedes are blond.

    2. They love to scream out to the whole world that they speak English, and they all think they’re so good at it. What they don’t grasp is that their accents are almost as annoying as the English accent of Indians.

    3. Many Swedes are extremely two-faces – they can smile you in the face and be so kind, but behind your back they’ll make no secret of how they detest you.

    4. Swedes are among the rudest people in the world. The words “excuse me” don’t seem to exist in their vocabulary! They can do the most amazing things that you’d never get away with in other countries without excusing themselves!

    5. Swedes are very selfish people. They bitch about what other people, do but are not aware – it seems – that they’re doing the same things themselves.

    6. Swedes are very xenophobic. Even in this day and age, the xenophobia lives on deep inside their beings. They try to camouflage it and seem “worldly”, but don’t let that fool you!

    7. A lot of Swedes seem somewhat retarded! Way too many! They’re just not normal. You have to live here to see what I mean!

    8. Swedes can not walk in the streets like normal human beings. They either walk like erratic and confused rats, or like snails. With not regards to space and other people around them. They can stand right in front of the supermarket gate, not realizing that people behind them want to enter!

    9. Swedes are obnoxious and disgusting when they get drunk – and they get drunk every weekend! They make total fools out of themselves. Throw up – exclaim meaningless animalistic sounds – and will go to bed with anything.

    10. In Sweden one can’t be different than the boring mainstream. Everybody dresses in ugly clothes that look absolutely terrible. Fashion doesn’t exist. If anyone dresses up in nice clothes, they’re met with jealous dirty looks. Everybody puts up their “julstjarna” (Christmas star) in their windows at the same time every year! Every one puts up their flower boxes on their balconies at around the same time. Nobody dares to be different or do different. Being eccentric is a terrible thing in this country of boring mediocres!

    11. And heres a bonus 11th point: Swedes love to stare at people. The tiniest little thing that is different about you can subject you to people staring at your from miles away!

  100. @ella – Swedish people are trendy?? Ha!! I have never seen a people worse dressed than the Swedes! Fashion is non-existent in your country! And what are you talking about when you say that there are H&M’s and interior design stores everywhere? Your interior design sucks even more than your clothes! You have absolutely no taste, and yet you think so highly of yourselves. Sweden is a third world country when it comes to fashion, style and design. Those of you who think you are so very fashionable and hang around your pathetic “stureplan” are not aware of the fact that you’re wearing clothes that were in vogue in New York 15 years ago!

  101. Swedes love to bash Americans, but tell a Swede you’re American and they’ll bend over for you! They won’t admit it though, but the truth is that Swedes WORSHIP everything American! Tell them it’s American, and they’ll think it’s the coolest thing, no matter what it is. Take some dog crap and tell them it’s made in the U.S., they’ll eat it up! They have a super inferiority complex regarding Americans. SWEDES ARE THE BIGGEST WANNABE-AMERICANS IN THE WORLD! That’s the truth!

  102. Hmm..seems to be a little bitterness creeping into your comments there mate? lol.
    Where are you from then? Somewhere extremely hip and trendy i’m guessing?
    Swedes do have a worldwide reputation for being tall and blonde, sometimes true,sometimes false! It’s the same in any country,they all have their hot and cold people, Danes have a similar rep’, Can’t really blame the whole population of a country for it’s rep’ though mate!
    As for the American thing?..Seems to be right upto a certain extent.Lots of classic American cars and Harley’s around,no idea why because other than looking good..they’re CRAP! lol.
    Being force fed American tv and movies for decades can have that effect on people,but it’s the same in the UK and elsewhere..all “wannabe yanks” but violently loyal to their own nationality!

    Anyhow..your vitriolic broadside is basically wasted on this site as it’s mostly populated by Brit’s and Yank’s who either live here in Sweden or are planning to visit,so if you’re looking for a response for your antagonism i suggest you change it to effect us! :)

  103. I lived in Sweden for almost three years. Goteborg to be exact. As a Canadian, who lived in the states for 10 years before embarking on this debacle, I must say alot of the anti-swedes have smacked their perception dead on! With that said, I think by far the biggest insult I can throw this country is- get a new marketing/tourism staff to accurately depict what Sweden is really like. While I wholeheartedly agree much of the superficial observations, when I compare Sweden to Canada, I can’t help but get annoyed. Canada is a country full of respectful people representing all ethic backgrounds globally. We live in harmony and do not judge others for being different- in fact we embrace it. You can go anywhere in the city and see Muslims, Russians, Brits, South Asians etc, sharing and educating the rest of our fellow countrymen. Infact, the entire country get’s involved with no freakin ” I am better than you” attitude! That my friends is the fundamental difference, above and beyond all of this petty nonsense. Forget about the beer, customer service and wanna be superior Swedish attitude. As a country who touts itself as “Peace, love and Harmony” I can only say- ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? They make other cultures feel like aliens, don’t embrace change and segregate immigrants to the crappiest parts of town- when was the last time you saw an ethic family living in mainstream society? I couldn’t believe the level of racism, blatant racism I might add I experienced. The country maybe esthetically pretty (in the summer at that) but the people are rather ugly inside. Sweden is not as neutral as it would like the world to believe. Bottom line- if you are Born in Sweden, raised in Sweden and have never gone beyond the borders of Europe for an extended period of time (I am not talking about a 2 week vacation) I guarantee- for all those Swedes who make the venture out you will come back to your homeland with a MUCH broader picture and more appreciation of what is written by the nay sayers. There will come a day when Sweden will have to pay catch up to the rest of the world. If they don’t embrace change and diversify, much of the security they rely on will crumble. It really comes down to accountability and what the gov’t feeds the Swedes. It’s like the blind leading the blind. Socialism is not the answer for the future. One last thing, for all the Swedes out there, next time you are out and about, go to the parts of town where hardworking educated immigrants are forced to live and really- REALLY listen to what they have to say about your country, because they my friend have a much better understanding of what your country is really like- they probably come from the worst of the worst, and are perhaps not jaded like some of us. Note, nor do they have the nohow to cheat the Systems as 90 percent of you Swedes do- so they really can give you the honest feedback- do you dare?

  104. You just love some of these comments:

    “Aaarrgghh! And you can’t sue when ppl f*** your life up due to ignorance and lazyness”

    Oh, the HUMANITY!

    *rolls eyes*

    “I once told my 9th year class that none of them had the standard of knowledge to actually get a passing grade in a NYC”

    @Deedee: NYC’s educational system is a joke (and has been for decades)…but then again you’d already know that if you were a “born and raised NYer”

    To all expats: If you’re so annoyed by “Swedish socialism” and Swedish society, I suggest moving :) Either that, or take your own advice, and “suck it up”

    I was born and raised in America (I’m a native NYer, in fact).

    I’m not exactly fond of this country (or my hometown), but I DO have the option of leaving, and I intend to. However, I don’t see myself moving to a country and whining about the locals

    No one is obliged to adapt to your former way of life, standards, ect- if anything, it’s quite the opposite *

    * Interestingly, that’s something many RECENT immigrants to America don’t seem to understand

  105. I really had to laugh at this!! As an ex-pat (I am a South African) I have lived in The Netherlands for 16 years. From what I have heard what you people are saying what you dislike about Sweden, it could have been The Netherlands you were talking about! Point for point!

    The Dutch have no idea what forming an orderly queue for the bus, in the shop, at the bank etc. means. To get on public transport, you could have been there first but the rest of the crowd forms a rugby scrum and you are dragged onto the bus or whatever. Sometimes the bus will be full and you (the first to have arrived) will be the one the bus leaves without).

    The Dutch ALL complain continuously about the weather. It is ALWAYS too cold/ wet/ hot/ humid/ dry/ windy etc.

    Customer service – what is that, can you eat it??

    The Dutch are “known” to be the most tolerant people in the world. BULLSHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as you conform with mainstream society and think like everyone else, then you are welcomed with open arms. The moment you have an original thought or voice an opinion that is other than the rest of the population you are racist, a nazi or treated like you have an affliction.

    The Dutch pay WAY too much tax – people that earn minimum wages have to pay 45% tax and people that earn a top salary have to pay 60% tax – WTH???? Because the minimum wage earners pay so much tax, they are able to apply for a subsidy in which to pay for their health insurance and housing. The health insurance is extremely expensive with the subsidy, without the subsidy it is basically unaffordable. Added to which, the government has created jobs for people who work out the subsidies to pay people, and those people are payed by the taxes we pay. In addition, if people payed less tax then they would be able to pay their own damned health insurance without the having to be helped out by crappy subsidies.

    The health service is shiite!!! People are constantly misdiagnosed. The GP’s here couldn’t care whether you lived or died – they will get paid anyway. I hadn’t seen a doctor for five years as I am never sick, when I did go because I was sick he made out that I was a hypechondriac and wasting his time. When you go to the ER, they make you wait for hours before they even come to find out what is wrong. This has happened to many people I know and appears to be the normal run of things, one person could hardly breathe due to severe asthma and was in desperate need of an oxygen tank and they took 45 minutes to come and see her and then a further 30 minutes to actualyl bring her one.

    The Dutch will always push in front of everything, stand in door openings and block the rest of the people coming in. They stop at the head of esculators to look around and see something so there is a pile up of people behind them nearly falling down the esculators. They have bugger all table manners and all eat like pigs, they perceive manners in someone else as a sign of weakness (manners in general, not just table manners)and take advantage of people that are curteous and polite.

    In short their mentality is “ikke, ikke, ikke en de rest kan stikke” which basically means: me, me, me and the rest can choke. This is something they blame Americans for, but you see it everyday in The Netherlands.

    The only good thing about The Netherlands is that it is quite safe, esp for woman to walk the streets at night. I am originally from Johannesburg, so the safety thing is a huge factor to me.

    The burning question – why am i still living here? I am on the verge of finishing uni with a degree and then I am outta here!! I am really looking forward to leaving this place. And yes, there are plenty of nice Dutch people, esp the younger generation, but hell – as a whole, they really suck!

    And another thing, American bashing is fun! I have never been there (I am really looking forward to going there, but will be going to the southern states, Texas being very high on my list :-D)I always bash them about their lingo :-P. My teachers in SA had a heart attack if we tried the American spelling. My cousin and aunt have been to many places in the States and have absolutely loved the friendly, helpful people. The Dutch on the other hand think of them as superficial and retarded. But again, the Dutch have no idea what having manners mean.

    The point to this rant, even though it had nothing to do with Sweden, is that your country is always the best – it is your home! I am really proud of South Africa and miss it like hell, I think about it everyday and a big up yours to everyone who says white South Africans are racist!! Everyone immediatly compares a new country they are in to what they know – their own country. Just try and see the good wherever you are or you wind up being extremely miserable.

    love this blog!

  106. I’m currently on holiday in Stockholm and can not wait to get out of here. I’ve never met a people so collectively dismissive, self-absorbed, xenophobic or unfriendly in all my travels. Besides that, Stockholm looks like one giant mall. Its bursting with retail shops and all the buildings look exactly alike. The most antiseptic city I’ve ever laid eyes on.

  107. @Svenne..you are dead right on numbers 1, 4,6,8,11 IMO. ESPECIALLY the bit about staring. I catch people staring at me all the time and I am the type of person that will start a staring contest or I will simply say “hello” to the person. They never get that I am trying to show they’re doing something uncool. They either look away out of boredom or wave with a look on their face of “do we know each other?”

  108. You should try Manchester next…that’ll brighten your life up! lol.

    @Jessica Terrablanche – You REALLY don’t like Holland do ya lmao?
    Guessing you’re Dutch Afrikaans which is why you ended up there?
    Ain’t reality a shock? lol.
    From what i read here,Stockholm is the last place you want to go to see the real Sweden! Not been myself yet so can’t comment,but the parts i have been to don’t seem too bad really. People are friendly enough once they know you or you’re introduced by your Swedish partner,but as stated elsewhere,my social life isn’t the best in the world…so who knows? :)

  109. @ Dano: Jessica terrablanche LMAO!!!! You really crack me up Dano! My rant is based on the 16 years that I have been living here and there is so much more that I can rant about!! And I am an English speaking South African, I couldn’t speak a word of Afrikaans. My mom’s family is Dutch and my family is English on my dad’s side. My mom was not taught Dutch as a child and her parents are not from the great Voortrekker stock… I will probably end up in Uppsalla, so hopefully that part of Sweden is ok and I will meet some of these nice Swedes and not the horrible ones in Stokholm ;-)! I am just kidding by the way – I would like to go to Stokholm so I can make up my own mind on the subject.

  110. Apologies Jessica lol.
    I’m not saying don’t visit Stockholm,it looks a lovely city.I’l be going sometime.Girlfriends uncle is some high powered swedish ambassador,one of his daughters is dating a Baron,the other hangs around with princesses Madelleine and Victoria,so maybe i can meet them and show them how to play “hide the sausage!” :D

    It probably is full of arrogant,ignorant people,most capital cities are..but i’m sure there’s a lot more to it as well.

  111. I’m sorry but an American person complaining that another country makes terrible beer? Pot calling the kettle black methinks!

  112. My father (born and raised Italian) complains non-stop about American attitudes, customs, way of life ect…This despite living here for 40+ years

    My advice to him was simple:

    “Deal with it”

    A friend of mine was recently accused of being a “racist” for refusing to speak Spanish (you see, he was vacationing in Miami; and as some of you know, Miami has a large community of Cuban ex-pats who insist that, as Anglos, you adapt to THEIR way of life)

    In response to the accusation he said the following:

    “Miami is still America…in America we speak English”

    I have NO patience for those imposing their personal/ cultural “standards” upon me (particularly foreigners), as though I’m somehow obliged to think or behave in a manner more acceptable to them

    I, for one, share the Swedish view on self-reliance, deregulation, and rugged individualism; I’m sure that annoys many of you-

    Deal with it :)

  113. God I hate Stockholm and Sweden! I moved here almost 10 months ago from NYC and want to get the hell out of here. People are so incredibly rude and unfriendly and the food is overpriced garbage. Lets also mention the only 3 months of decent weather out of 12. Can’t wait to get the f*ck out of here!!!

  114. I hear a lot of negative voices in here, many appear to rooted in sexual desperation as you ugly asses failed to get laid while here in Sweden.

    F*ck it, go home then?

  115. ok swedish people arent that friendly but to be fair.. i was in stockholm a month ago for a week, to visit some friends i met on holiday.. and i had the best time.. they really looked after me and were just in general really lovely! they made a big effort in showing me around.. and most people i met seemed pretty decent..
    i live in london, so im pretty big up on fashion.. and the swedes seem to know how to dress.. im sick of seeing people dressed like hobos so it was a nice change..
    the only problem with sweden is that its crap expensive!!!!

  116. Oh, Forsberg…you do a great disservice to your name. Peter Forsberg is awesome. You, however, are clearly a dipshit. (This is not the same Jessica that corrected you before, by the way). I have had 2 relationships with Swedes…holy God, like making love to a wet saltine. Left much to be desired…and why would anyone be frustrated finding a mate here? Isn’t it the easiest thing in the world to do? Just wait until someone is drunk, and you have a zillion of them all over you?

    As for the people stating that “you Americans come here and don’t even learn the language”…Jag har faktiskt lärt mig språket. Och jag gjorde det inom de första 5 månaderna jag var här. Det här handlar inte om att inte förstå vad folk säger…jag tror faktiskt att jag mådde bättre här innan jag lärde mig att förstå alla rasistiska/idiotiska saker jag hör varje dag. I also speak French and Spanish. The people that come here come here to learn, and to experience a foreign country. However, some things are unacceptable, no matter where you are. Racism, rude (sales)people, bashing of (not just American but ALL) other cultures…these things are NOT OKAY. Just because you are Swedish and BELIEVE you are living in a utopia does not make them okay. And have no fear, oh Svenssons… I will be out of your hair in no time.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I have lived in Blekinge, Stockholm, and Göteborg…and when I say the U.S. is better (which I do not usually say to Swedes, to avoid hurting their feelings)…it’s because it is. I made more money, the taxes were lower, I felt safer (believe it or not). There was less racism, and the people were much friendlier. The food was better, and people were far more open-minded. My standard of living was so much better it is ridiculous.

    None of us that come here come here hating Europe. I really expected to love living here. I was naïve. I have learned my lesson.

    The U.S.A. could learn some things from Sweden, however: free(-ish) medical care would be nice, and I wish that our communal transportation systems worked as well as the Swedish model. That said, I (like the majority of us in the USA) am insured, and I feel that my doctors in the USA were far more competent than the ones I got stuck with here. That, though, I think is because Sweden has such a small population. Or maybe it’s because of the quality of the medical schools here?

  117. I hate being arrested when the moron Swedish bouncer beats you and your friends up and then you have to spend the night in a police cell.

  118. Oh and I also hate how Stockholmer’s have no manners and do not queue! Please smile and it is ok to look me in the eye.

  119. I’m going to make some lapel badges/pins – “I’m not a Swede.Please smile and say “hi”!” and sell them on Ebay! :)

  120. I will buy it Dano. Can you also sell some normal sized pillows for bed please? And invent a toilet you can fit in your bag so you don’t have to keep paying to use the toilets in the center?

  121. The “toilet in a purse” has already been invented.It’s called “freezer bags”! If enough women just pee in the street/shop then i foresee this toilet charging gimmick failing pretty quick!

  122. Most seem to go to Stockholm, my father’s a stockholmer and even he doesn’t want to go back there, it’s the hardest city to get friends in in Sweden he’s told me and I think the fact that many foreigners go there, in my opinion does Sweden a great disservice!

    @Jessica – USA’s been a modern multicultural society since the declaration of independence while Sweden started dealing with the same problems 60 years ago. We’re not dealing with the question of race either in such a large degree like in the US. The fact that i’ve heard stories from Swedes sitting in drunk-cells watching hispanics, blacks, and whites separating themselves within the cells isn’t what i’d picture a less racist society to be.. I’d understand if you spoke it out in rage.

    250 million live on a continent 3 times larger than Europe, Sweden’s about half the size of Texas, perhaps even smaller.. Onto Sweden, to fit such a complex society(a country, a sovereign state, 9 million inhabitants and rising) on such a limited space(50% living in cities, a footnote) paves the road for various complications. Consider it, and take into account that every country uses it’s resources to the maximum more or less.

    Yep, I could definately agree with you saying the USA’s better at taxes and income as they have more resources, although… I’m proud of the high BNP we’ve got and what we’ve achieved in 50 years.

    Have fun out there in the big world, Jessica

    /FormicaVirus, formerly known as Lovedoctor.

    The foodculture I agree is sparse but has to do with our heritage, we’ve always had a limited set of resources, around the start of the 1900s Sweden was the poorest country in Europe. until around the seventies Sweden was still an underdeveloped country.

    On the racial slurs, bare in mind that the Swedish language can sound harsh to even it’s closest neighbours except Finland ;) Again, I’m picking up the immigration politics, almost everyone agrees that it’s been quite a sham and the frustration shows. I’m actually surprised that you were surprised with the amount of racial slurs, I would’ve thought Americans were more outspoken. The impression I’ve gotten is that you’re more into argumentation and expressing your frustration. Interesting.

    Concerning the wet saltine bit, thank you very much I’ve had very good critique on my performance in bed ;P And most I’ve been with have been foreign. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a Svensson (which is a hopeless generalization anyway, much like the look on muslim or arabian immigrants up here.)

    Crap, I’m changing my name, it’s starting to sound pretentious ;P

    Have fun in the big world, Jessica

    /FormicaVirus, formerly known as Lovedoctor.

  123. @Meagan…whooohhoooo!! I’m a Florida gal too! ;) Space Coast, actually! Loving the weather right now. xoxo

    @Everybody else…excuse my english..my American english…HOLY SHIT!! LOL You have all painted an ugly picture for me! I mean I was told never to sing any ABBA songs, karaoking over in Sweden, but I never expected all this. Do you really have to pay to use a public bathroom? Some would just be shit out of luck (sorry for the antic), if they had no money on hand, unless they accept credit cards? There were booths like that in NYC as well. I thought it was wiser to just buy a slice of pizza and use their restroom. Cheaper, cleaner, and yummy NY pizza! :D Would people in Sweden really stare at you for no reason? I mean there is diversity there, I would assume. Not every Swedish person has blond hair, blue eyes. That sounds so stereotypical, and I am sure quite inaccurate. So far, every Swedish person I have come into contact with has been rather nice, and laughed at my horrible jokes and quirky sense of humor. So nice of them! ;) However, when I do visit, I am singing ABBA, dammit! I’m taking my chances and going to Sweden..watch out!! The loud, crazy, inquisitive American woman will be on her way! ^^

    @South African Jessica…Hiya chica! Hey….we Americans are retarded, superficial, loud, crazy, outrageous, friendly, accents from all over, have to have everything big, but come and join us, y’all! :) I hope you would enjoy your visit here. Especially in the south. We do have that southern hospitality and it just comes with the territory. :) Oh..and our food is yummy! Hugs! xoxo

    @Dano…please make me a badge that reads “Hello! I’m American! Talk to me if you dare, but I never shut up!” HAHA xoxo

    Have a super, fabuloso week! Oh, and don’t freeze your “arses” off! :D xoxoxo

  124. The Americans I have had classes with at the uni have all been shocked at the openness with which we conduct our debates here in Holland. They said that that was not done in America as it was viewed as politically incorrect. So just goes to show, it is the land of the free but with limits on the amount of freedom.

    When we immigrated to Holland 16 years ago, you could only choose from three different kinds of drink (soda for the Americans out there :-)) and three different kinds of potato chips. Now, you have a much bigger assortment. I am not sure exactly why this is, but the Dutch tended to be a bit suspicious of anything new and have a saying: the farmer doesn’t eat what he doesn’t know. In the cities this has changed a lot and people have embraced the change. Mind you, it may also have been caused by WW II and the amount of time they spent rebuilding Holland.

    @ Deepsoul: I am really looking forward to going to the deep south, my OH is going there for two weeks in next month (Texas). Lucky devil – I really wish I could go with. A friend of mine from uni loves going to the south and concurs on what you say about the grub there – she says it is wonderful ;-) And yes, I think the infamous southern hospitality is something that I am looking forward to experiencing myself!! And as for the loud yanks, I wonder if anything could be louder than the loud Dutch ;-)

    Just for any further clarification, I love cultural diversity and love to travel. So I am really looking forward to coming over to Sweden and being able to make up my own mind on the subject. Especially curious if they are going to laugh at my jokes and appreciate my sense of humour. As Formicavirus, formerly known as Lovedoctor, once pointed out – he doubted whether I had made any Swedes laugh. So I’m left wondering, how well am I going to do in Sweden (and have I made you laugh yet, mr. Formica virus)??

  125. @Formicavirus – formerly known as Lovedoctor – formerly known as Ben. You remind me of Prince – formally known as blah blah etc etc! :P

    Maybe it’s just me,but i find Swedes loud,especially on trains and cell phones. “Youtube” the Swedish series “Parliamentet”…they all sound like they’re about to invade Poland!!

    Making a “Hey ya’ll,imma good ole southern gal. Interesting Swedes to the left…suicide bombers to the right,thanks.” Badge for DeepSoul. :)
    (I sing ABBA all the time.It’s the only decent music they’ve ever made here!)

  126. Come on – gotta love ABBA! I grew up listening to ABBA (played by mom) and Black Sabbath (played by my dad)…

    When I am in Sweden, Dano, I am going to look you up and we will waddle across the beaches with your detector device and warble ABBA songs at the top of our lungs! We will give the Swedes a run for their money :-P

  127. Lmao,we’ll get locked up! Unless we bring ben along to hold a video camera.Then they’ll just think we’re making a music video for “Melodifestivalen”,the annual Swedish music festival.A program caught somewhere between Eurovision song contest and pub karaoke!
    Except worse! :))

  128. Could the two retards Dano and Jessica shut the fuck up?

    I’m a ethnic swede and while I agree to some degree with the list, you seem to have missed a lot. A lot of people also seem to accuse swedes of being “xenophobic” because our government are retarded enough to flood us in with uneducated somalians and arabs. It’s usually the bottom trash of the society who are “xenophobic” though, same goes for the people who are “politically correct” (I hate that phrase).

    A lot of swedish people are so called “stealth racists”, and a lot of them are political correct. If swedes were in fact racist then they wouldn’t let our shitty government flood us in with uneducated immigrants to poor suburbs.

    And to be honest we don’t want degenerated, short, inbred americans, britfags and what not to our country, you are parasites and you ruin our gene pool with your deficit sperm. On a side note I have never met any americans/british people in my daily life.

    Anyways, to be on topic here: Swedes lacks civilcourage, this is because they were living in farmersocieties before the industry skyrocketed in the ~60’s, they were always used to the police doing everything.

    In general “Swedes” also lacks their own thoughts, they can’t think for themselves and most swedish teenagers are playing World of Warcraft, and while swedes are cowards who don’t dare say shit to your face if they don’t know you, they see this as an oppertunity to be rude. There are also some swedes (like the rest of the north europeans, including britfags) that thinks they know everything because they sit on 4chan repeating the same memes 24/7, capitalizing their letters and adding punctuations just to seem smart.

    I would like to add one thing: you can get beaten up in the middle of the streets in Göteborg/Stockholm without anyone doing shit to stop it but instead walk away or stand there and watch, which is another proof how swedes live in a bubble and are afraid of conflicts. (This phenomenon has never happened to me)

    It might have been a bit harsh but whatever, take my post with a pinch of salt. I hope I won’t get any immature replies.

  129. I’m game ;) Make it fly, glammy foreign people!

    /Formica Virus formerly known as Lovedoctor, formerly known as Ben. The list is starting to grow out of proportion xD Well, the first name is too close to my real name and the second just seemed to much after some time, I’ll use my artist alias lol.

  130. Johan: Lmao!! Never met British or American people in your daily life but are worried about deficit sperm :-) Anyhoo, I am neither British or American.

    The point I was trying to make in all my rambling rants is that this topic addresses things that Sapphire hated about Sweden. I posted a comment because there are a lot of things I saw in the list that irritate me about Holland – I find the similarities very interesting. I am sorry if I offended you, be it through my comments or punctuation ;-) Now take a chill pill, I would like to get back to laughing with Dano!

    Dano and Formicavirus formerly known as etc. It’s a date – we will have a barrell of laughs and I will bring some lovely Dutch beer. And we will drink it all ourselves and not share it with Swedes called Johan – he was very strict with me just now and he has forgone any offers of beer :-D And i hope he does not think this is an immature reply ;-)

  131. @Andy – Far from it. American makes some of the best beer I have ever had. If you missed the microbrewery experience, it is a shame.

    @Common Sense – If you’re around, would you mind expanding your thoughts on, “share the Swedish view on self-reliance, deregulation, and rugged individualism; I’m sure that annoys many of you.”

    If you value deregulation then you must dislike Systembolaget. If you value individualism, then you’re more prone to liberalized free markets than communistic ones. — These are not very swedish ideas.

    @Laura – Sounds like you had a rough time in Stockholm. Bummer.

    @Johan – First, flaming other people is not allowed.

    I know I missed things on the list, I wrote it more than a year ago.

    Because you have never met an American/Brit you feel it is acceptable to call them, “degenerated, short, inbred americans, britfags and what not to our country, you are parasites?” Are you not then one of the “some swedes” that pretend to know everything? You have yet to met Americans or Brits (I presume you haven’t spent any time in the countries either), though you feel entitled to insult and call them names.

    And speaking of name calling, you are also a victim of “swedes are cowards who don’t dare say shit to your face if they don’t know you, they see this as an oppertunity to be rude.” You don’t know me but you find it perfectly acceptable to say shit about me and be rude.

    Perhaps you should not be so blatant about your ignorance.

    @Jessica, Dano, and the guy formerly know as our residence Price – ::waves:: hand for dutch beer! not heiniken though!

  132. Dear Sapphire: Agreed!!! I find Heineken foul and never drink it, that or Amstel. Hertog Jan is my personal favourite, I’ll bring some of that for you guys ;-) Can we still sing Abba songs though?

  133. ” On a side note I have never met any americans/british people in my daily life.”
    Yes,we can tell this because you’re still breathing!

    ” And to be honest we don’t want degenerated, short, inbred americans, britfags and what not to our country, you are parasites and you ruin our gene pool with your deficit sperm.”
    In other words – 1 or more of your girlfriends/wives preffered inbred Americans and/or Britfags over you,and dumped you?
    You sound very bitter about it all mate.Life’s too short.We enjoy giving your Swedish women a good sex life for a change.Odd really,of all the Swedish girls i’ve laid,none have ever called me a “Britfag”. I think you just made that up all by yourself out of jealousy?

    Jessica and Sapphire have said things a lot more eloquently than i could,so we’ll just leave it at that. Besides,mine would be just full of immature swearing and put downs,which Sapphire’s asked us to cut down on! :)

  134. @Johan, as I told Dano once before, although unfounded(now founded) would you mind shutting up? Du ger Svenskar ett dåligt namn, om du vill vara en skit och kalla britter för “britfags” och amerikaner efterblivna hänvisar jag dig till SDs forum eller Flashback. From the lack of logic in many parts of your message, and consistency, I’d take you for a troll(unless you’re mentally handicapped).

    I’ll take some inconsistencies which would prove your limited understanding, let’s start kids!

    I don’t even need to refer to seperate quotes on this one! For this I thank you:

    “A lot of people also seem to accuse swedes of being “xenophobic” because our government are retarded enough to flood us in with uneducated somalians and arabs”

    That’s taking up a false assumption(sweden’s considered one of the most tolerant and xenophilic countries in the world) then completely affirming it..

    Another one!

    “In general “Swedes” also lacks their own thoughts, they can’t think for themselves and most swedish teenagers are playing World of Warcraft, and while swedes are cowards who don’t dare say shit to your face if they don’t know you, they see this as an oppertunity to be rude. There are also some swedes (like the rest of the north europeans, including britfags) that thinks they know everything because they sit on 4chan repeating the same memes 24/7, capitalizing their letters and adding punctuations just to seem smart.”

    You want this to stay in our gene pool…?

    “And to be honest we don’t want degenerated, short, inbred americans, britfags and what not to our country, you are parasites and you ruin our gene pool with your deficit sperm. On a side note I have never met any americans/british people in my daily life.”

    *sighs* Apparently you do.

    “If swedes were in fact racist then they wouldn’t let our shitty government flood us in with uneducated immigrants to poor suburbs. ”

    You would be amazed at the amount of highly educated refugees slipping through our system, just because of our “shitty” government. I love the generalizations you make, I feel like a gymnast skipping across your “challenging” arguments :D

    Harsh? Harsh??! I had the impression you were on drugs, mannen ;)

    Good luck in life, lol.

  135. @Johan, as I told Dano once before, although unfounded(now founded) would you mind shutting up? Du ger Svenskar ett dåligt namn, om du vill vara en skit och kalla britter för “britfags” och amerikaner efterblivna hänvisar jag dig till SDs forum eller Flashback. From the lack of logic in many parts of your message, and consistency, I’d take you for a troll(unless you’re mentally handicapped).

    I’ll take some inconsistencies which would prove your limited understanding. Let’s start, kids!

    I don’t even need to refer to seperate quotes on this one! For this I thank you:

    “A lot of people also seem to accuse swedes of being “xenophobic” because our government are retarded enough to flood us in with uneducated somalians and arabs”

    That’s taking up a false assumption(sweden’s considered one of the most tolerant and xenophilic countries in the world) then completely affirming it..

    Another one!

    “In general “Swedes” also lacks their own thoughts, they can’t think for themselves and most swedish teenagers are playing World of Warcraft, and while swedes are cowards who don’t dare say shit to your face if they don’t know you, they see this as an oppertunity to be rude. There are also some swedes (like the rest of the north europeans, including britfags) that thinks they know everything because they sit on 4chan repeating the same memes 24/7, capitalizing their letters and adding punctuations just to seem smart.”

    You want this to stay in our gene pool…?

    “And to be honest we don’t want degenerated, short, inbred americans, britfags and what not to our country, you are parasites and you ruin our gene pool with your deficit sperm. On a side note I have never met any americans/british people in my daily life.”

    *sighs* Apparently you do.

    “If swedes were in fact racist then they wouldn’t let our shitty government flood us in with uneducated immigrants to poor suburbs. ”

    You would be amazed at the amount of highly educated refugees slipping through our system, just because of our “shitty” government. I love the generalizations you make, I feel like a gymnast skipping across your “challenging” arguments :D

    Harsh? Harsh??! I had the impression you were on drugs, mannen ;)

    Good luck in life, lol.

  136. In regards for Jessica and the author of the site: I’m sorry for using rude words which I really didn’t mean.


    If I interpreted you correctly the reason why I hate English people is because they stole one of my girlfriends? It seems like an appalling and pathetic excuse to make after being insulted. It’s like asking “Where did your father touch you”? I was a bit bitter at the morning I have to admit, I don’t have any hate whatsoever against Americans (which makes me regret my first comment) but English people are the lowlife of Europe. The funny part about your comment is that while your women are sleeping with immigrants (mainly africans and turks) you’re trying to insult swedish women for sleeping with british men. Do you see the irony in that? English people are also short and I didn’t find one straight teeth in the whole of britain (pun)

    @Formica Virus

    Den enda som ger svenskar ett dåligt namn här är du som beter dig som en imbecill, sluta upp med att försöka ge sken av att du kan någonting. Din mentala nivå är lika hög som en 12-åring efter att ha läst igenom ditt inlägg, gå tillbaka till existenz.se eller något som passar din outvecklade hjärna.

    För att bemöta ditt patetiska inlägg på engelska:
    You seem to suffer from some sort of a mental problem based on the low strandard of your comment, and you’re projecting your isues onto others. Instead of quoting all of my comments to hide your poor arguments and lack of comments except for some childish remarks and use of smileys you could have actually took your time to write something relevant.

    Actually, Sweden is mainly flooded with illiterates while countries like Denmark and Canada takes in the educated immigrants. Considering the fact that Sweden takes in over 100,000 immigrants a year I’m sure a few of them are educated, sadly the majority are uneducated which we can’t offer any jobs for since it exists a overwhelming overrepresentation of uneducated people in Sweden due to the above (same goes for England)

    P.S: Stop acting like a thick child if you decide to comment my reply, I may seem to be a douchebag but that’s nothing compared to how you behave. If someone here is giving swedes a bad name it’s kids like yourself which is the sole reason why swedes are so hated on games.

  137. I noticed I had a few typographic errors in my previous comment (I’m just here to practise English), but I don’t really think Formica Virus is a ethnic swede (if that’s not the case then it’s another reason why some people are ashamed of being swedish) regardless of how childish he may behave due to the selection of words he uses in swedish.

  138. @Johan – Sorry, the mental capacity card was already taken ;)

    Right, 12 year old. I give you a number of arguments and all I get is “praise and cheers”(that’s sarchasm to your part of the “gene pool”), come up with somehing smarter than bashing it when something doesn’t fit your description.

    Du vet ingenting om mig, Johan, bli inte personlig. You don’t know me Johan, don’t get personal.

    Bashing any immigrant because of their social status isn’t behaving well, or not acting like a child.

    FYI I’ve barely ever been to existenz, so you’re falling flat. Still giving swedes a bad name, Johan.

  139. @ Formica Virus

    Well, the difference between mine and your reply is that criticising your mental level was actually a valid remark due to how ignorant and childish you behave.

    Jag innehar en master-examen i Psykolog så jag är betydligt mer kompetent gentemot dig på att ställa en diagnos på någon, och av dina inlägg att döma så lider du av någon slags mental sjukdom vilket tydligt framgår när man läser igenom dina inlägg. Jag har ett par vänner som har autism vilket jag antar är en legitimerad diagnos på dig även fast det är tämligen svårt att fastställa vad du lider av.

    I don’t see you you interpreted my reply to me “bashing immigrants because of their social status”.

    Well, by your comments to judge that website seems rather fitting for someone at your mental level, you should try it out.

  140. Wow, Autism now? Unfortunately I don’t have a psychology degree. I do have a big douchebag radar though. Unfortunately you can’t decode someone’s mind through a couple of posts.

    I’m gonna answer the rest of your post later, gotta catch the bus

  141. Again, you don’t know anything about me, Johan, so don’t start making assumptions about my mental level. On the contrary, I’d be surprised if every frequenter in here wasn’t worried about yours right now.

    Me behaving childishly?! You just called all the brits “britfags”, and americans “degenerated, short and inbred” without knowing anything about them.

    Oh we know what the “bashing of immigrants because of their social status” is, and I think it’s a sad matter really.

    Why people are ashamed of being swedish is because they’re quiet, passive aggressive and closet-rasist and I’m trying to get away from that. Many are trying to get away from that, and that’s what makes me proud to be Swedish.

  142. Well, well…I’m a happy, American gal. :) Let me just say this..

    @Jessica..Heineken sucks indeed! However, I have tried Amstel. Not bad, all in all. I prefer to drink Corona, or as we Floridians who are closer to Cuba, call it “Mexican piss”. “Can you hear the drums Fernando!” Just seems to soothe my mood haha! Hugs! :) xoxo

    @Dano..please make me a badge. Yes, let’s all sing ABBA songs! ^^ Of course, I admit, I like the singer “Robyn” as well. Ace of Base is another we must perfect! Come on, Johan..you in? ;) Beer always helps! :)

    @Sapphire!! How are you beautiful? Keep up the good work! ^^

    @Formica Virus, aka Love Doctor, aka Ben…I am starting to think we should start scripting a new Austin Powers film. You in on it? HA! :D You have so many names, and a new nemesis I see…waauhhawwhaawww!! (Sorry, it is just that natural, American tendency of mine to be loud and retarded! :P)

    @BJORN>>>Where the hell are you? HAHA :D Gogo Yubari! ;)

    @Johan…not all of us are inbred Americans. Possibly a few in Arkansas, Kentucky, so forth. However, if you ever do come across an imbred, stick around..it’s a real hoot!! HA! :D You actually might become amused and possibly fall in love with our culture, as we are degenerates, who are usually quite independent, not parasites. Yes, I admit it, we as a culture are genetically diverse. That is the history of America. However, just because my crazy, Spanish grandmother chased my Mvskoke (Muskogee clan)grandfather around with a butcher knife, I would say possibly makes me genetically impaired and scarred for life. Yet, somehow, they made it work! Now I dream to carry on that legacy with a Swede! :D You should really hang out with us! We might change your mind! ;) As I mentioned earlier, beer helps! Beer just makes everything better! HA! :D

    Have a fabulous day everybody! Cheers! xoxo

  143. @ Deepsoul: You make me laugh!! Amstel is alright (in a pinch) but there are so many more better beers out there :-D I had a Carona the other for the first time and I must say I did not really like it. I much prefer Desperado. Do you know that? LMAO at the mental image of your granparents! Wonderful stuff… and on the subject of music – let us not forget Roxette!! Love her music ;-0

    @Johan: it has always been a pleasure talking to formicavirus on this forum. He has always listened to our questions and has always done his best to answer our questions. Above all, he has ALWAYS been polite. to my knowledge hae has never claimed to have a master degree in psychology and has just joined in the light hearted discussions we have been having on this forum (sorry, I mean blog). If master degrees were necessary to chat to other people on the internet, there would be a lot less chatting to other people on the internet :-P

    And yes, where has Bjorn buggered off to? He always had insightful comments too!

    Have a great day everyone :-)

  144. @Deepsoul – Yeah I’m crazy :P I’m kind of worried about my ego inflating and me not being aware of it, though I could need it I guess ;)

    Hah, I can just see the signs “Austin Powers in “The Man of Many Nicknames””!

    @Dano – If the beach thing’s really going to happen i’ll start preparing the camera and drinks!

    @All – Heineken rocks, it’s like soda water with alcohol ;)

    Thanks girls for lighting up the comments section, have a good day everyone :)

  145. @Johan – I see you managed to take what i said and get it arse upwards.That’s ok,you Swedes have a lot of things arse upwards so i guess it comes natural. I was under the misconception you’d be intelligent enough to work it out…wrong! Ah well,maybe you’ll get better as time goes on mate.
    So..down to business!
    The Africans and Turks,although most Turks go to Germany or here,not that many in England..are welcome to English women.Why the hell do you think i’m here instead?

    I can deal with being called “the lowlife of Europe”,not a problem lol. Would you mind explaining to me/us just why you think/believe this view? Humour me,i’m the curious type.

    You’re calling me and everyone else “retarded” “12 year olds mentality” and “your comments are childish” etc…and then come out with one of the most childish and stereotypical comments around! “All English are short,and have bad teeth”.
    How very mature of you,lol. That’s usually the American battlecry against us. Are you a wannabe yank?
    Let me help you out and cheer up your day:
    I’m a short English immigrant with bad teeth.Not such a bad deal as it sounds though as i’m a “kept man”, with a lovely Swedish “sambo” who’s pretty rich.We have a beautiful house and i drive a Lexus SUV…and i don’t even work! Don’t you just love us English lowlifes?

    Reading between the lines Johan you seem to just hate immigrants in general,and i’d show you a lot more respect if you just came right out of the closet and wore your swastika’s on your sleeve,and had the guts to say in public what you spout here.

    Formica’s a good guy, even if he did once tell me to shut up as well.(seems to be a common Swedish remark around me!).
    He’s very intelligent,he’s very helpful if he can be,he’s a lot more astute and forgiving than i am,patient too,and very artistic i believe. There’s no reason to try and degrade and insult him just because he tries to backup his friends here against a pretentious prick.(How your first post came across.)
    Most of us are here for a chat,some help maybe,offer our opinions and have a laugh.No need to come in and start a tree pissing contest because you’re having a bad day.Ok mate?

  146. @Formica Virus

    I never claimed I could decode someone, It was just an appraisal based on the way you write. It’s pretty amusing that you’re trying to answer my
    comment impartially after behaving like a child. If you do have a functional “douchebag radar” it should be ticking pretty high at all time (pun).

    So now it’s childish to state facts with a objective tone? You lack the ability to read proper sentences, if this is because you’re illiterate or because you lack proper arguments I can’t answer.

    You didn’t answer my question at all, you’re a delusional political correct child who tries to conceal answers to questions. I asked you a open question what you meant with “bashing immigrants social status” and you reply saying “we all know what it means”, if you claim something I expect you to explain what you meant.

    So now swedish people are trying to get away from their negative attributes and you’re proud of being swedish due to that? You really lack connections to reality and I reckon you’re not even ethnic swedish (which you didn’t answer) if you express yourself like that kind of way.

    I like americans, disregard my first comment. I’ve been in Colorado and it’s a great place, you have kfc/friday/pizza hut which we don’t in Sweden, even though your beer tastes like warm piss.

    Well that might be the case but if you read through his comments you can find he has a childish behaviour which glows just as light as a bulb. If you had any kind of common sense you would stop rambling about me stating I hold a master-degree in psychology, it was just something to amend my comment.

  147. I was pondering whether you were half joking in your first two comments, oh well. You’re as dry as a desert.

    Heh, I was expeting you to pick up on the douchebag-radar gimmick. The fact that we both see each other as douchebags really helps the conversation.

    You don’t make the connection between your flaming comments and my apparent intolerant behaviour? My tolerance for your “objective tone” dropped somewhere around “britfags” and “12 year old” you really know what insults to pick to be instantly disliked. You’re expecting me to appear tolerant when intolerance is your guiding star?

    Your generalizations have really reached a new low, just because someone’s an ethinc swede doesn’t mean he/she’s not in touch with reality..

    What does my heritage have to do with anything? I’m part ethnic swede part fennoswede for all it’s worth. If you want to get into “racial psychology” leave me out of it. We’ve had german, danish and baltic genes added to our genepool during the Hansaperiod several times as well as being out in the world mixing and dealing with other cultures since the bronze age, it’s not a new thing.

    I’m not delusional, I know very well that the immigration politics is a sham and has been for several years. I think they’re taking in way too many on a year to year basis.

    My solution though isn’t to get the immigrants out(and lose valuable workforce) but to integrate. I’m not aggressive by nature(i admit to being emotional) and I do not lack empathy to let the system flush out people because they’re poor and haven’t gotten help to be integrated(there’s my argument against bashing immigrants because of their social status). Gilla läget, then make it better.

  148. Hmm, well hello Johan, I am an English woman and if you want to practice the language then the first thing to learn is politeness!

  149. Well, this doesn’t feel good, calling each other names. I admit to being a little bit of a shit, you sparked my ugly side Johan.

  150. Hiya all. I just have to say this. Yes, some American beer tastes like piss, but doesn’t beer just make everything better? :D I am sorry. I could be serious if I wanted, but you know..life is short! Humor can bond humanity, on a global scale, because it is a commonality we all share. Now, if people don’t have a sense of humor, there is always a solution, and that was beer, smiles, and really horrible karaoke! :D Just don’t drink it while handling a butcher knife. Not a recommended combination! Don’t know how my grandfather lived to be 93 with my crazy grandmother! I will tell you this, having the police call your family because he rode his lawn mower to the grocery store..priceless!! That is when we began to realize, “Yep, he’s lost it!”

    @Jessica..Yes, “Desperado” a fantastic tune by “The Eagles”! Didn’t care for Corona? I will admit..my favorite beer is Guinness! :D Once I was told by somebody they felt like they were drinking a loaf of bread when they had it. Then I thought “That’s one fantastic beer!” I do everything I can to avoid Budweiser, Coors, etc.

    @Johan..So, where in Colorado did you go? Great place, lots of Native American history and influence. Beautiful scenery, vast nature. KFC, TGI Friday, and Pizza Hut! HA! Marvelous, but when I travel overseas and find them, I try to avoid them like the plague and try traditional, national restaurants. When I was in Cairo, I don’t think I could count how many McDonalds there were, along with Starbucks, Burger King, etc. I wasn’t shocked, but I decided to say “Hello Mr.Falafel stand guy!” Hours after eating the falafel, I was screwed! HAHA! We do have great food in America, however it is very unhealthy when people take it in extreme consumptions. Moderation is the key. :) Unfortunately, I can openly say that people in my culture have to learn moderation, and not overindulge. I am thinking when it comes to beer, the Irish have it!! :)

    @Formica Virus..Yes, a script should be written! However, it should be “Lost In Stockholm”! HAHA Sorry Sapphire, what can I say? It’s catchy! Don’t worry! Ben will give you some of the royalties!!

    @Dano..Gotta say for me being a yank and having English friends, they all have nice chompers! :D Go to the Appalacian mountains and you will find people with their teeth rotting. It is referred to as “Mountain Dew Mouth” and that is a horrifying fact! :O Actually, quite sad in reality.

    Bjorn is drinking a beer! HAHA!! :D

    Have a good one everybody!! xoxo

  151. @Johan: I think our resident Lovedoctor admitted to being grossly underage at one point, 21 to be exact, lol! For someone who is explaining something in a foreign language, I think he is doing very well. I will never be able to speak Swedish as well as you Swedes speak English – kudos to you all. I have a lot of common sense thank you very much – if you do not want people to quote you don’t write silly things like master degrees and psychology (can we please stop using that word – it is a bitch to spell :-P) I think you have misunderstood this blog – it is all light hearted fun, but this has been pointed out to you already. And yes – politeness goes a long way in the English speaking world – even the Britfags are still capable of it.

    @ Formicavirus: Nooooeessssss to the Heineken!! You cheeky Swede :-D I beg you to reserve judgement until you have tasted more Dutch beer. Hertog Jan for teh win :-D

  152. @Jessica – I like all kinds of beer but when it comes to quenching your thirst to something dangerously similar to alcoholic water I pick Heineken ;) The german Jeven is still my favourite.

  153. Hehehe, we call Heineken Pisswasser here in Holland ;-) I have never had Jeven, although I am inclined to believe you about German beer, honestly – how can Germans be wrong with beer?

  154. I was gonna answer Formica Virus but I couldn’t be arsed, I can guarantee I’m much more social than you except for some formal comments on this blog.
    I was just expressing my opinion about swedes but sadly I get some mindless PC-drones who reacted when I wrote britfag. English people hates Americans in general even though England is a poor country which lives on old merits. English people are now the fattest nationality in Europe yet they generalize Americans of being fat. They are flooded with immigrants and their women obviously prefers to sleep with africans before pale and short Englishmen, yet they claim they sleep with other nationalities women. Which makes the whole thing pretty ironic. France and Germany are both richer than England aswell, England as a country is pathetic and they have the most brainwashed and inbred population in Europe. Luckily for us who hates that poor country is that their economy is going down the drain quicker than Usain bolt manages to run 100m.


    “Nearly two-thirds of Britons are overweight or obese – making us the fattest country in Europe, new research shows.”

  155. @Johan

    Yes, this blog does seem to have twists and turns. Sometimes we tend to get off the subject matter. I admit that. In all honesty, I am not aware of all the immigration policies that Sweden follows. In America, we have a lot of problems. Now here is something which is really debatable in my country. America does not have an official language, like many world nations. Some people assume that it is english, but we simply don’t have an official one. We have used english as the most common language because of the population percentages. Now the Latino population is growing, and therefore the spanish language is becoming more commonplace. It is such a touchy subject over here, and there seems to be a divide. I live in Florida, and there are many spanish speaking immigrants. There is a problem I have. I have friends who are teachers. There are students in their classes who are non english speaking immigrants. What is happening is they cannot keep the class up to pace, as they are trying to accomodate these students as well. You would think that the immediate solution would be to take those students out of class and put them in a special language course, right? Wrong. People would classify that as a racist act. I don’t find it racist. I think it is a diservice to many, to keep things the way they are. It is important to integrate these children in our educational systems. It is apparent that they are not learning english at home, thus the possibility that their parents do not speak it is probable. When people cannot integrate into society, there is going to be segregation by nature. There are also violent acts, “hatred crimes”, all kinds of issues that Americans should really address. Some do, and some sweep it under the rug, as they want to seem politically correct. Truth of the matter is, there is a solution for every problem. When people don’t face their issues, it only becomes a larger obstacle.

    I don’t know how Sweden deals with their immigrants. Do the immigrants intergrate or learn Swedish? Are they productive members of society? (As in; are they a part of the workforce?) Do Swedes really lack civil courage and cannot think for themselves? Do you think it is all individualistic? I must say that is pretty horrible if you can just walk past somebody and watch them get beaten up without intervening. I just find that hard to believe that a whole culture of people would not prevent or intervene something which is violent and unjust. I have watched some social experiments on a few major networks here. They actually tested peoples reactions to circumstances such as the one you mentioned in your thread. The majority of the people stepped in and tried to prevent altercations. I do not know anybody who could just walk by and watch this happen to another human being or animal for that matter. You studied psychology. What do you think? When it comes to courage, I believe it is on a personal level. I think mankind as a whole, can use their conscience to think on a higher level. Perhaps I am just idealistic.

    I also wanted to mention that I have many immigrant friends from all over the world, who have become successful in America, and have now considered it their home. Perhaps it is my own belief,many who uphold the same. This does not stem from our Constitution, but there’s that old saying;” Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. I strongly believe in equality and not being ethnocentric. Then again, I also believe in self fulfilling prophecies. I believe that every human being is accountable for their actions, should pursue their destiny in life, anywhere that may be. I believe that they should respect the ways and traditions of a culture that they intergrate themselves into. We are all human and should have compassion for one another.

    Off the topic matter, I was not aware that the English hate Americans. Of course that would be a generalization. I have friends in England whom I adore and vice versa. Also obesity is a serious health matter, no matter where it is in the world. I was shocked that even in a third world country I visited, obesity was on the rise. I believe a lot of this has to do with fast food organizations. (Sadly enough, they are American corporations, which have expanded their operations.) It’s no different that the tobacco companies. They cannot advertise on television, and I do not see them in magazine ads anymore. However, in other counties it is still allowed. It’s all about marketing and people living fast lives. It would be great if perhaps we all just took a breath, went back to some basics. A part of that would be turning off the television while people eat, and carrying a conversation. Families, idividuals should take time out to smell the roses, a walk in the park. Get away from the sedentary lifestyle. There are so many more illnesses out there now, it is alarming. It has to do with lifestyle, environment, and “progression”, if you want to call it that.

    Okay, I bantered enough. Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  156. Johan, you still do not seem to understand that there were no PC reactions. Rather, people reacted to your post the way they did because you were bloody rude!! Not only that, your comment came out of no-where. It sounded very angry and aggressive and there was no reason for it. Telling people to shut the f $#% up and that they are retards… I have no problem with people saying what they think, PC or not, but I do object most strongly to people who are rude.

    As for obesity, the English do not hate Americans because they are obese – that is something that the rest of Europe looks down on America for. The English (and the following is a gross generalization!) tease the Americans who claim that they speak English – when they actually speak American :-p (no offence to the American readers…) And possibly what the English also object to is the fact that Americans say and do silly things. Like ask if Jane Austen will be available for book signings or do we celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe etc. But then, that is just human nature -. we are all so full of ourselves and we all think we are better than everyone else…

    I think it was in Finland that they had a high rate of people with heart disease until a couple (possibly 20 years) of years ago and thanks to a huge government campaign finally reduced the amount of couch potatoes in that country and also the heart disease factor. Healthy eating is a hot topic in England right now, that people are trying to become more healthy there. At least they are aware of the problem and are trying to deal with it. It is never going to be fixed over night. Also in Norway people are eating way more healthily than they have in a long time. Parents are paranoid about their children drinking orange juice (I heard that from a afriend of mine who is friends with an au pair there)!

    Anyhoo – stop being so angry and just try and enter into the duscussions without attacking people. I am interested in hearing your view points, politically incorrect ones too :-D

  157. @Jessica…LMAOOO!! If I ever met an American who asked if Jane Austen was available for a book reading, I hope I had a pair of vintage, leather gloves to slap them with! HUGS :) xoxo

    Only America and Canada celebrate their own Thanksgivings. However, I was a bit surprised when I was in Egypt and a school was celebrating it. It was odd… :O Here in the states, it is people stuffing themselves with a ton of food, getting sedated by tryptophan, until they scream their heads off watching American football! Yep, that about explains it nowadays. I am happy that people want to take on healthier lifestyles, globally. I hope it continues and grows. Besides, I hate clowns and Ronald McDonald is a clown!!

    @Emilie.. :D

  158. Without giving away the country that I’m from or even where I live, I will say that it takes a special kind of idiot to generalize the entire population of another nation. I’ve lived in Europe, (including Sweden, near Lund), the eastern USA, and East Asia, and each location has had its strengths and weaknesses, as you would expect. I don’t need to list these, as most are apparent, but at least some have merit.

    Americans tend to be fatter than Swedes, and most certainly Asians. Multilingualism is not as common in the States either, (let’s not even get into that argument though, their country is so massive that they don’t NEED to learn another language if they want to move around it for a job or whatever). American men are more traditionally masculine than Swedish men, and certainly more masculine than Asian men.

    Anyway, in regards to this article, I can definitely agree with many of the points and enjoyed reading it, and yes, I understand that part of it was satirical / tongue in cheek.

  159. @johan – Have you entered the “village idiot of the year” contest or something? Because your giving out a world class performance son! lol.

    You can’t be arsed answering Formica? I find that odd as you slated him for not answering one of your questions! I also find it odd as you’ve adroitly avoided or just ignored the question i asked you and the one DeepSoul asked you.Were they beyond your capabilities maybe?

    I see you’re resorting to believing newsprint.When you or anyone else for that matter can show a survey that says “We personally interviewed 56 million people in Britain,and it turns out they’re the most obese nation in Europe!”…get back to me. All this “our survey says…” is just BS,as the yanks say!

    You seem to know very little about England,other than the fact it’s there. What have we done to you to merit such venom and vitriolic nonsense?
    No matter really. Brit’s don’t hate Americans,though as most Swedes are wannabe Americans anyway, i can understand you get as confused about the issue as they do themselves! Like them you’re confusing “International rivalry” with “hate”. We also dislike the fact that where world history is concerned if America wasn’t involved..and won..or it happened before 1776,then it just never happened at all or isn’t worth mentioning!
    In other words, most of the USA’s historical school books are printed in the USA and brainwash their children with very biased and usually totally wrong facts!
    But it’s “dislike” not “hate” lol.

    Shouldn’t a (not so) closet racist such as yourself be more bothered about your own country? After all, you’re puny 10 million population will be totally outnumbered within the next 15-20 years the way your shovelling in the Africans,Iraqi’s, Iranians,poles,Kosavans,Croatians,Romanians,Bulgarians,Turks..not to mention us Brits and yanks who your women seem to prefer over the homegrown Lanky,scrawny badly dressed and in the main,going off this blog and others…totally useless chaps they breed here…your days are numbered quicker than Englands son!
    2 generations and a “natural” Swedish blonde will be in the same list as the yeti,bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster!

    Yes,i’m babbling.The “sambo” is out of the country and the dogs are refusing to talk to me anymore!
    I’ll leave you with this,lets see if you can comprehend it?…You can’t antagonize an antagonist mate! ;)

  160. I’m from the US, and I find this article to be preposterous and ignorant. I absolutely admire Swedish culture, and the citizens lead a very progressive and valued quality of life. Writings like this are a disgrace and misrepresent many US citizens. Please don’t think all of us are like this! :)

  161. I don’t think any less of US citizens because of this, Johnnie. On the contrary, it’s a very inviting atmosphere here. This is after all a thread dedicated to take up things you might avoid discussing about Swedish culture. Those who often post things they don’t enjoy so much(“hate” sounds so absolute so it could come around as ignorant using such an absolute) have been in Sweden or live in Sweden and I’d say compare the culture with their culture. Understand that it’s a thread for venting, not at all an inflammatory thread(I name no names to some of those who had wanted it to be so, but you know who you are). Many who have posted here also love Sweden, as has been seen in other posts on this blog.

    Enjoy your visit, and tell us in another thread about what you know about Swedish culture. Check out “The Endless Dream on a Winter Night” for example: http://lostinstockholm.com/2010/10/27/the-endless-dream-on-a-winter-night/#comment-30527

    Have fun, Johnnie!

  162. I’m trapped in a world of conformist robots. Self-righteous robots, who think they know everything about society, politics and life in general. It’s the robot way or no way. Excuse me, dear robots, but you’re all gonna fail very soon. Your Robotland only works because you all run the same software. You run the same routines every day, week, month, year, decade. Dissent is frowned upon, there’s no room for conflicting lines of command. Problem is, the viruses are growing, multiplying. Soon, very soon, your system will collapse badly. You won’t be able to recognize your own hardware. Then I will stop, smile and ask with a smile in my face, just before punching CTRL+ALT+DEL: “Where is your microprocessor now?”

    Yes, I do live in Sweden i.e. Robotland. No, I’m not American or British. I’m trapped here because my wife and daughter are both Swedes. On a side note, my wife has lived more than 10 years outside Sweden, so she’s also highly critical of Robotland. She decided to give it a shot, but until now it’s been “skit”. People here are just wrong on many levels. Good thing is, we’re not going to stay here forever. Bad experience though.

  163. Hi Sapphire,

    everything’s probably already been said in the 182 comments above.. :) but as a Swede living in America, I wanted to pipe in too.

    First off, I don’t find your post offensive. I thought it was funny. And I agree at least in part with most of it. But some of these comments, wow, there really are some unbelievable fucktards on both sides of the fence.

    1. Totally agree with you there, I don’t know why Sweden hasn’t caught on to the possibility of making fitted bedsheets yet. Although if you have a good mattress and the right sized sheet it’s not that bad.

    2. Seriously, people don’t whine about the weather in NY, Maine, Ontario, Idaho, Colorado or Alaska? Do they not whine about anything else either? Is everyone in NY, Maine, Ontario, Idaho, Colorado and Alaska content and optimistic at all times? Like how you never whine about Sweden? Yes, complaing gets old and doesn’t really make anything better, but sometimes you need to bitch and moan. Oh and by the way, you’re supposed to use studded tires during the winter in Sweden too.

    3. Yup, Systembolaget sucks. There’s a good reason it got created in the first place, but now it’s completely ridiculous. It’s hardly going to survive for many more years anyway. It’ll be wonderful when it finally disappears.

    4. Honestly, I don’t think the selection is that bad. I think it’s gotten better in recent years. But I don’t drink beer much. And about the wines being arranged after price range – they’re not ONLY arranged in that way. If you go to, say, the less than 99 SEK section you’ll find that within that section the wines are arranged after region. But yes, it is pretty weird that they’re sorted by price at all. Why are you complaining about the possibility to order from a catalog? Would you prefer to be stuck with the shitty selection in the store?

    5. Haha. You’re funny. Could you specify in what ways you think we don’t have responsibilites? In my world Swedish people have always had to get up in the morning, go to work and make a living, take care of their kids, handle their money, file their taxes. There are slackers and there are hard workers. I don’t see in what way we have less responsibilites in general than any other country. Because we get more vacation days? Go ahead and enlighten me.

    6. It’s fashion. Yes, it’s ugly. It just happens to be what’s fashionable in Sweden right now. It hasn’t always been, it won’t always be. I’ve barely ever worn the typical leggins + flowery wide dress outfit, because that makes me look like a tent. I’ve never had a problem finding nice, feminine, flattering clothes. And no, I’m not rich. I’ve shopped at H&M and the likes all my life. I’ve barely ever bought anything at Lindex, a truly shitty store imo. If you like clothes that cling to your body more and accent curves, check out bonprix.se. They have a lot of great, sexy clothes.

    7. You’re totally right. I love how friendly and helpful people are here in the US. However, you ARE in Stockholm. If you go to, say, Karlskrona, you will find that people make a looot of small talk, even with strangers (but it’s on the other hand quite hard to get to know people intimately there… kinda like Americans). If you go to the Lund/Malmö region, people will be less rushed and arrogant than Stockholmers generally are. And by the way, have you noticed how on the first few spring days everyone suddenly smiles at total strangers? I really think that it’s the gloomy Swedish weather that’s fucked us up. It’d be interesting to conduct an experiment to see how many hours of sun different places get, in comparison to how happy the inhabitants are.

    8. That sounds terrible. I’ve never driven in Stockholm. But I can say that people do pretty much all of those things here in Tampa, FL too.

    9. Yeah, those beers aren’t much to get excited about. I like Carlsberg. It’s Danish. Here in the US I like Yuengling. Samuel Adams has no flavor. Haven’t tried Budweiser yet. I’m not really that big on beer.

    10. Well that is an annoying attitude. About as annoying as the attitude of Americans who think Sweden is a country made up by communists, alcoholics and sluts, and that everything is better in the US. Let’s face it though. It’s like wanting your food the way your mom used to make it.

    11. I agree that it is way too acceptable in Sweden to bash America. Try attacking any other country in the same way and you’ll be labelled as a racist. However, America is a huge ass country that HAS done a lot of shit to the world quite recently (Sweden’s got skeletons too… but most of them are a few centuries old). When you’re that big and impose that much on the rest of us, both culturally and politically, you’re gonna have to take more criticism than an underdog.

    Btw it’s quite possible to sue someone in Sweden too. Even to challenge authority. I would have thought that was more of an American thing, respecting authority. There have for instance been cases where people have sued their schools for bullying and been well compensated. Do you understand Swedish? http://lawline.se/answers/7850

    That’s just my two cents. No hard feelings. :)

  164. HI,

    I´m starting to hate Sweden, because there is no published works for foreigns. I am starting to think WHY. Maybe they don´t accept FOREIGNS.

    yes, I think so

    bye all

  165. I see the comment above mine. There is sentence:
    Do you understand Swedish? http://lawline.se/answers/7850





    f..k, do you understand SWEDEN??

  166. Nice list. I lived in Sweden awhile back and this list brought back memories. I visited twice for a few weeks this past summer and to my surprise, things still hadn’t changed much. And, yes the Swedish women are some of the worst dressed women I’ve seen in a major city. There are some who are fashionable, but you see so much bad fashion that you can hardly notice the ones who’ve made an effort to put something attractive together. And, BTW: Wearing a dress so short if you bend over your ass will show is also not good fashion…it’s trashy. Men on the other hand seem to care more about putting together a good outfit.

    But, with all that said…I love Sweden. I’ve met some friendly Swedes (more men then women) and I’ve met some real assholes (more women than men). I’d visit more if I didn’t have to deal with my in-laws who live there.

  167. @Maya – Well…that’s the swearing quota used up for November,now what are the rest of us gonna do??? :(

    @Tami – There’s lots of publications in Sweden for foriegners…as long as you speak English that is! :D

    The “do you speak Swedish” comment was aimed at Sapphire,nobody else..so she could go and read up on Swedish law..in Swedish.(And yes she’s fluent)

    Most Swedes understand English due to being taught it in school from age 8 – 16. Foriegn kids are not taught Swedish at all…which is why Swede’s all speak decent,if not excellent English,while the rest of us have to spend 3 years on SFI to learn about cooking and going to weddings!

  168. @Dano – Is there a possibility Dano turning lawful for a month?


    @Lautremont – Really bad trip man, sad you don’t enjoy it :\ But on a different plane I know what you’re talking about, I need space for myself. I’m not gonna get it in here so i’m probably gonna move abroad and settle down in a warmer climate.

    Vi ses på andra sidan :)

  169. Anyone miss Johan? LOL it is a little boring… :-D I think I made him run off. Well I have to say Sweden is growing me as I have made a very good Swedish male pen pal :-) (FB pal then). I came to this blog to get clarity about the Swedish male and I have to say my friend has done his race proud. I had best stop there or be accused of being to fuzzy and flirty ;-)

  170. Swedish saying ´´People not fluent in Swedish: Fun to have at parties, but we don´t want them working for us´´

  171. Well, even though you’re pointing at the sarcasm in your blog, there are some things that needs to be said about your comment about my country.
    We do have a system that is meant to take care of our people, yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of our selfes. We pay higher taxes here than you do, and for that we’re more able to look out for those who, of various reasons, needs more help in life. We don’t need to take a bank loan to get a surgery when needed, and if we of some reason can’t get a job we don’t risk to end up in a box on the street. The only thing that we don’t get when paying our taxes is dental care. Many people can’t afford to go to the dentist to get their teeth fixed, as it’s just too expensive. I don’t understand why this cost isn’t lower when other health care is. Ok, there are many countries that can’t make good beer, and I’ll never claim that we do in Sweden. I like imported beer better. Not american beer though ;) What is it with you and driving??? I don’t believe that people drive better anywhere else. I myself don’t like to drive in Stockholm, as I feel that they seem to believe that you need to win the race to get a prize. In Gothenburg people knows where they’re going, and we know that there’s no use driving like crazy, as you won’t get there any faster anyway :) Well, we’re all different, right?
    SystemBolaget… In Sweden one part of us think that alcohol should be sold in every store, and the others think that we have a good system.
    Think about it, USA is a young country if you compare to Sweden. We have a history when it comes to alcohol that, ofcourse, every country has, but the alcohol problems we have depends mostly on where we’re located in this world. It IS pretty dark from november – march, it IS cold and some people get depressed by it. In our history vodka has been what a teddy bear is for a child. “It makes us feel better”. Today we might not need SystemBolaget as much as before, but it’s a dangerous thing to let it all go just like that, when our people could get more harmed by it compared with how things are right now. It’s not at all about making our own decisions or that we won’t or can’t. We’re just aware of what can happen if we change this. We’re just as free as you, but we have a system that’s meant to take good care of us. You don’t.
    Anyway, it’s been fun to read what people think about us without knowing the first thing about Sweden :) It’s even more fun to listen to when american students can’t explain where Sweden is located, or when so many doesn’t have the slightest idea about where EUROPE is located… As an american woman in here 20th told me:
    “Europe is the capital of Germany”, and “Europe is a country” :)
    In Sweden we learn what we need to know to be world citizens.

    Thanx :)

    Oh, one more thing. Sweden is NOT a communist state :)

  172. @ Emilie: Hi :) I read your story with the Swedish-English guy and I’m very curious what happened with you and him. I know this is not the right thread to ask, but the other one is closed.

    @ Dadno: You just used up more than the permitted amount of words you may utter in a year. Swedish police are coming for you. Run! ;)

  173. Ooh thanks for that Mike, I found tour post very interesting. You are right, we know little (that is whaty I came to this blog!) and the English welfare state is certainly failing.

    @ Summer… Hi :) no problem, I would have probably continued on the other thread about it and hey, you are the boss so if you say I can post it here I shall! Limbo-land continued for a while with the Swedish-English guy… the usual, encouraging to a certain extent but never replying with any evident intent of romance. So I decided that contact had to be cut (particularly as I have a new partner) to help me move forward from the “crush”. I told him so and heard nothing in return (no surprise). So that either says I mean little to him or he thinks it’s a game (possible) or he just has very little maturity (equally possible!) So perhaps he will find he misses what he no longer has as time passes, as I did give him a lot of attention and praise. Or maybe he won’t… either way I am moving on now, which is the important thing :-) no more Limbo-land for me! x

  174. @ Emilie: Thanks for replying :) I read everything you wrote and it’s absolutely FREAKY how much my situation resembles yours. Thank you for sharing your story!
    I also could not agree more with your analysis about what happened. In my case, I might just add ‘unable to balance several things at the same time’ and ‘lack of self esteem’ as possibilities. No that it matters really.. In the end everything amounts to the first reason you mentioned: one person not liking the other enough in order to make an extra effort. I’m very happy to hear you have moved on! Hugs to you, my dear :)

  175. Hey Mike, en redigt intressant och väl sammansatt kommentar, 4/5 köttbullar! A very interesting and well put together comment, 4/5 meatballs! :D

  176. @ Summer – wow it amazes me how many similarities we find! You are very welcome. I so agree, a total lack of self esteem… which is probably why he does a job which involves being in the public eye, to get what he needs to bolster himself. However, it is at a distance, which, I would say, is exactly the way he treated the whole (non?) affair with me! To begin with it was endearing, you know, the shy, unassuming, respectful one. Yet after a while it became I want a man! Not a distant possibility. He just didn’t seem ABLE to make the effort, as if he wasnt quite present. I so agree with you on the not making enough effort thing. The fact of the matter is that the man I am with now continually tells me and shows me how he feels and leaves me in no doubt whatsoever that I mean everything to him… and hey, isn’t that what us swomen deserve? ;-)

  177. @Emilie…Glad to hear that you have moved on to bigger and better things. :) Is this Swedish guy in your local? You are in England, right? Hope it all workds out for you. I have sort of started to loose hope in my situation. It started good, and haven’t heard anything for a bit. Not sure why.

  178. Well, I hated it so much I did leave, after six years, but this seems like an opportunity to do what I never did at the time and get all this off my chest.

    In no particular order of seriousness:

    1) The coffee. They burn it.

    2) The way they go ON AND ON about their coffee being the best in the world. It isn’t. There is a difference between roasting coffee beans and burning them. Roasted coffee beans make good coffee. Burnt coffee beans make Swedish coffee.

    3) The word “rättvisa”, the expression on their smug faces when they use it, and the fact that, although they wouldn’t dream of actually living in Fittja or Rosengård, they do their ethnic shopping there for their smug dinner parties at which they will use the word “rättvisa” and put that smug expression on their faces.

    4) April.

    5) March.

    6) The emotional constipation of only ever using five adjectives to talk about how life is: “rolig”, “jobbig”, “tråkig”, “kul”, “dålig”.

    7) The pathetic attempt to ameliorate (6) by the use of the prefix “jätte-“.

    8) February.

    9) Party girls living it up on their rich parents’ child benefit.

    10) The overuse of saffron.

    11) Husmanskost chauvinism.

    12) The universal defence against any complaint, whatsoever: “Men så är det väl för alla?”

    13) The inexplicable Lucia/feminism paradox.

    14) Lockrop. The mental breakdown of a woman wandering around the mountains on her own shouting at cattle, elevated to a “feminist folk art form”.

    15) Jantelagen and the fact the Swedes never realised “En flyktning krysser sitt spor” is a SATIRICAL NOVEL.

    16) Nostalgia about the Tage Erlander regime. In particular, the teary-eyed use of the word “folkhemmet”.

    17) Beer (Pripps, Spendrups) that tastes of metal.

    I think that’ll do. I feel a bit better.

  179. Så du menar att inget får vara just bara BRA, David? “You mean that nothing can be just GOOD, David?”
    Well, it seems to me that you need a bra…you’re a bit girly in your childish tone. I still don’t have a clue whether you’re swedish or not. All I can read here is that you lived here for some time (or not) and left. Wow…you see, I couldn’t care less, but to make another mans country to something that is ok to spread bad shit about, that’s not just making you look stupid, but also ignorant. Ok, I have my THOUGHTS about what I don’t know anything about, but I refuse to make a country and it’s people look like clowns. I you wanna talk history, I’m in, and as much as you wanna kick Sweden and speak well about…oh, which country was it again…?
    Sweden is an old country on old land. Nothing here have changed just like that in no time at all. You said something about vikings…LOL! Isn’t almost every country in this world old enough to put you in place with all they’ve got? America is one of the few places in this world that
    1. Was taken from it’s owners, even though the native americans don’t even have the word OWN.

    2. Americans from the beginning, are nothing but europeans that moved there.

    I’m not sure where your family came from when they went to America. If you see yourself as an american, that is. Where do you think everything you know comes from? That ignorant behaviour of yours, or because “americans” are all that great, more great than any other people? Well, we could talk about politics too if you want. Wanna talk about true democracy? Ok, you don’t have it, we don’t have it anymore, since Palme was murdered. Too bad! But we struggle to make our politics work for EVERYONE in our country. Not just for those who own the money. In Sweden people should be equals and have the same rights. Do you have that??? Nope…
    I’m sorry if there are any americans in here reading. I don’t mean to say anything bad about your country and your people. I’m just trying to make a point here.

    David, if you hate Sweden this much, why even bother to write about it??? Something tells me that you might be swedish, and that you’re trying that old “please love me” bullshit by telling untrue stories about Sweden (in this example). Do you even see how stupid you’re making yourself look?

    For all of you that’s at least a little interested about the truth, most people coming to Sweden for vacation usually LOVES it here. It’s magically beautiful here, and not at all such a disaster as David want you to think. Oh, Sweden IS in colour and 3D too… Sometimes I believe that people from outside Sweden think that our country is some kind of old Soviet copy. That’s not right, and never were, never will be.
    Welcome here anytime you want! :)


  180. So. America and sweden suck. Although America is definitly worse… I mean its full of idiotic bigots who believe the’re so important, however, the truth of the matter is that no one gives a sh*t about America anymore! We seriously don’t care about them! If they vanished off the face off the earth no one would actually would care, heck, the world would probably be a better place if they went back into a period of isolationism and let the world continue on without them…

  181. Ut ohh…fighting talk!!! :o

    In my esteemed opinion EVERYWHERE sucks these days! I’m still experimenting with Swedish sucking for now! :)

  182. @jim bob thoty..You sound like a typical, American redneck from Kentucky! Obviously you must have had a bad experience in the states, or you are generalizing. Being an American southern gal, I’ll be kind enough to watch my manners. It is rather difficult for nations to be isolated these days, as everything in the world is inter-connected. Just like a domino effect. Please give me an example of a utopian society nowadays. No matter where you go in this world, you will find the good and bad. There’s no “perfect nation”, or person for that matter.

  183. @Mike (Quote) It’s even more fun to listen to when american students can’t explain where Sweden is located, or when so many doesn’t have the slightest idea about where EUROPE is located… As an american woman in here 20th told me:
    “Europe is the capital of Germany”, and “Europe is a country” :)

    Let me just say that it’s completely embarrassing that you have come across Americans who cannot explain where Sweden or European is located. I cannot believe that they did not pay attention to world geography and recognize Europe as a continent. Calling “Europe the capitol of Germany” makes me speechless. I am American, and fortunately for me, I had an excellent education. I have no idea where those students or women came from. It’s actually a shame. I certainly hope they don’t teach their future children or generations such ridiculous stupidity.

    Also, to go along your quotes: 1. Was taken from it’s owners, even though the native americans don’t even have the word OWN.

    2. Americans from the beginning, are nothing but europeans that moved there.

    This is absolutely true. Also, just to let you know something. Recognized nations (Native American tribes) have soverign governments and land. We are Muscogee on my dad’s side, and we have our reservation in Alabama. At least tribal governments still withhold laws and traditions. Every nation is different. I haven’t been on that rez for awhile, but the last time I traveled to a rez was for my friend’s funeral. She was Hunkpapa Lakota, from Standing Rock and I visited my other friend on Pine Ridge, which is really dangerous. What amazes me are the towns outside the reservations. I really hate it when those old timers call Lakota guys “Young bucks”. They are so patronizing and ignorant. Also, the Seminole tribe is the only tribe to this day who NEVER signed a peace treaty with the US government. I still have some regalia and have danced at pow wows, but we don’t have them all the time. There’s always one around Thanksgiving. :) Check it out.

  184. We knew what you meant hun lol. ;)
    Sounds like he’s been talking to “online yanks” who’ve never been out of their state.A lot of Americans have, and probably always will, been travelling around Europe. It can be true though a lot of the time. For many years i’ve argued,antagonized and bullied Americans online lol…and some of the things they come out with are truly bizarre! The American schooling system below college has always had a very bad rep’ for “insular teaching”. You’ll sometimes see me say to or about (some) Americans that they see things as “If it happened outside the USA…it never happened!”…and that’s how some of them really come across!
    It’s a shame…and also shameful on other better educated Americans, “better” includes kids who actually bothered to listen and learn in classes. It’s a sad fact though that many Ignorant Americans in worldly matters do abound at times.

  185. I effin HATE Sweden! I hate it here so much!

    My husband is Swedish and we have 3 children otherwise I would have left a long time ago.
    Swedish people are so racist (and I am Irish) They think they are better than everyone. The women are rude, and drama filled hussys that sleep around with everyone and try to break up marriages or relationship for the fun of it. They are mean and judgmental.

    Swedes think they are so much better at everything. They are so weak, they couldn’t handle real tragedy if it came down to it, if they have a stressful work week then they need a sick leave because they cant take it.
    Nobody really works unless its the lower class factory workers. Everyone sits on their bums all day taking fikas.

    Sweden would rather loan Ireland billions but cant afford to open new dagis/skolan or have a childrens emergency ward int he local hospital here instead if an emergency happens one has to drive over an hour to get their child cared for. But that’s too long hence the emergency.

    Swedish food sucks! Swedes are pretty lame, your holidays and board game karaoke parties are a snore fest.

    Swedes dress like the Cosby’s it wasn’t cool then and still is not cool.

    They expect you to learn the language to get a job but then give you no financial means while learning it. So ether way you’re screwed.

    Swedish people are emotionally handicapped.

    Swedish people think that ramming your with things or pushing you hard out of their way is more polite than saying “Excuse me”.

    Swedish schools force your child to go to christian events and learn about the bible and “god” from an early age even if you don’t follow Christianity. And their excuses is “Sweden is a christian country” So effin what does not mean that I have to be nor my children.

    I hate it here, I hate the mean people, culture (I used to love until these mean swedes drove the love outta me), the we are better attitude.

    I wish i could leave.

  186. 10 Things I Hate About America

    1. They call themselves home of the free and the brave. But they take away so many innocent rights like freedom of marriage, freedom of PETS etc. You can’t even have a ferret! And please explain to me how jumping into someone elses fight and making them want to kill your own people is brave? Stupid is a better term to use.

    2. They punish people for doing drugs instead of the crime the drugs made them commit. You should make the crime itself illegal not the drug.

    3. They always need to feel supperior by bashing other peoples countries. Have you seen the viking episode of “Spongbob Squarepants”? How about the harry potter stereotyped english boy in “Fanboy & Chumchum”? Oh and the Norwegian farm boy in “Ed, Ed, & Eddie”? That was so mature *she says sarcastically*.

    4. They teach their kids that the Americans were smart to start the war known as “The American Revolution”. The war was started over pointless taxes that most Americans could EASILY pay. And then after the war-due to all the damage they ended up chargeing themselves taxes. OH THAT’S O MUCH BETTER??? Innocent people died over that. Queen Elizabeth should be running that country it’d be so much better.

    5. They are so stupid that they think making a bull live a life of anger and misery til death is a “sport”.

    6. They hate on French people just because France won’t get involved in their wars. Well I’m so sorry the French are smarter than you *she says sarcastically*.


    8. America loves stereotypes.. “All Swedish girls have blonde hair, blue eyes, and are freakishly tall”. You just desricbed an elf. WE INVENTED ELVES TO BE THE ULTIMATE PERFECTION! SO WHY WOULD WE MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE US IF WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE IMPERFECT!

    9. All their women are jealous because all their men want to marry us. Not our fault we’re genetically gorgeous.

    10. There always complaing. “OMG I hate you mom you never understand me!!!”. “Why am I so worthless!!!”. “OMG I DON’T ANYTHING ABOUT THE 2013 LEGEND BUT I THINK I’LL GO ON ABOUT IT ANYWAYS!!!”

    Hey you asked for a war.

  187. @ Emilie: I have an update!!
    My Swedish story began and ended exactly like yours! I just sent him a final message that I just can’t put up with this any longer, and removed him from Facebook and Skype.
    I thought he was shy initally so I tried to be patient, understanding, etc… but OMG he’s just such a selfish a**. He took me for granted, said he liked me but did nothing to show it. He could not tolerate any reminder that he isn’t perfect, meaning that he doesn’t follow through on his promises. I was so disappointed about one of those, and instead of showing some empathy, he got mad that I even brought it up! I’m sick of tiptoeing around his needs. I just can’t put up with this. There is too little positive and too much s***.

  188. I’m just lurking now, but this page is becoming gold to read, thank you all angry people! *he says frankly*

    Oh, and Rieka, I think you just made a friend ;)

  189. Guys,

    I’m an educated and well-traveled (not your stereo-type) american guy thinking of coming to Stockholm for a year to attend Uni based on awesome experiences I had from all the Swedes and other Nordic friends I met during my travels in SE Asia. But after reading all these comments, I’m wondering if it’s a good idea come there for 1 year to experience the culture and crate some beautiful experiences before returning home in LA.

    Please advise.


  190. @ Summer – oh. my. goodness. I cannot believe how similar your situation is to mine! The taking for granted, the taking of what i gave and not returning the favour, the general laziness in attitude, the slackness around promises, the lack of empathy, the getting mad when I made a point about his less than OK behaviour and finally, feeling like you have to tiptoe around them! But then when you start to move on they seem somehow interested again? I mean, go play with someone else’s emotions!!
    But Summer… are you also the same as me in that he still has a part of your heart… :-/
    huuuugggggggs x

  191. @ Emilie: The breaking point for me was when he got mad and showed his true nature. Before that I blamed myself for not understanding this shy and silent man. He manipulated me into feeling like that by giving me a new excuse every time. He made me feel as if there was something wrong with me, as if I was acting crazy and making unreasonable demands while he was just being so busy and stressed out and blaaaa.

    I speak from experience: it’s all just a game. He doesn’t care, maybe he can’t really care. He just likes to flatter his ego, and he uses you to feed his fantasy about what a great man he is. He is not willing to put himself out there as he knows he cannot offer you anything in the real world. Dont feel sorry about him! He is not a victim! There is nothing sweet about it, it is rather vicious actually.

    Conflict avoidance might be Swedish to a point, but they can also be very direct. If he was a good man, he would have the decency to tell you that he doesnt like you. But he is a coward, and he enjoys living in his fantasy world.

    If he would care about you, his actions would be different. The version of the song Teardrop by Swedish singer Jose Gonzalez is so appropriate and kind of says it all: “Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word.” Once I realized the obvious but painful truth that he didnt really care a rats a**, something completely changed in my mind.
    So about your Swede: just forget about him honey, he has nothing to offer you. He is an air castle, he s not for real and that’s why he doesnt make things real with you.

    I can only recommend you to read this website: http://hubpages.com/hub/Hes_Too_Busy_For_Her_Should_They_Keep_Dating
    The last post is mine btw, with quite a lot of typos, I was tired and in a rush.

    BTW: I dont hate Sweden for this, I am just disgusted by this one man and I m sorry for ever thinking this behavior had anything to do with cultural traits.

  192. Rahul…Don’t judge Sweden on what we all say here. They’re our opinions and personal experiences only. It’s like taking the words of movie,video game and book reviewers as law! A bad way of going about things!
    As an “educated and well travelled man” you should be very aware of this,and be used to biting the bullet and throwing caution to the wind…and just doing it?
    If you have the balls to travel around the world..alone?..then Sweden is NOT the gateway to the underworld!
    It’s a beautiful country,with many beautiful people,a year here can only enhance your lifes adventures and experiences. If you want to really taste Sweden?..i’d suggest avoiding Uni in Stockholm, and spend your year at one of the others, Uppsala or Lund for example. Capital cities are always very different than the rest of the country, and this reflects in the attitudes of a lot of it’s “elitist” people.
    Your choice my friend..but don’t not come here purely on our say so…we’re mostly just a bunch of foriegners or immigrants anyhow! lol.

  193. @ Rahul: I would recommend you to avoid Umea as well. A Dutch friend of mine (tall, blond, goodlooking) gets laid a couple of times a week by different women, but despite the abundance of physical contact he feels extremely lonely and can’t wait to come back. He and his expat friends booze up every night to numb themselves.

    Quite funny: This guy used to take pride in laying women and used to think that talking and emotions were such sissy BS. After 3 months of Sweden he has become the opposite!

    I think we should send all our ‘player’ types to Sweden for 3 months. They come back quite mature and begging for commitment. THANK YOU SWEDEN! ;) :D

  194. I love this site, I really do. It’s brilliant. Nothing quite like getting an outsider’s perspective. And that whole post about the awesomeness of Swedish men is great for the ego.

    My two cents as a blonde, blue-eyed, late 20’s Swedish male:
    I agree with pretty much all your points, more or less. One thing you didn’t mention that drives me insane here is the conformity. It’s murderous, and it’s not mainly about eating trendy clothes and all buying the same stuff, either.

    As a Swede, you have to love government intervention, regulation, and control. You must adore the fact that more than half your income in gigantic taxes go to lazy losers sitting at home playing WoW and no doubt bitching about America on some forum. When you pay 95 SEK for a drink, you can complain, but always remember it’s for “the greater good”.

    It’s kind of a secret handshake in Sweden to bash the US, as you mentioned. The true reason for this is that as conformists, we think it is very embarassing to get loud and aggressive regarding politics, and if you toss a moderate and a social democrat in the same room and actually force them to debate politics, it’ll quickly go straight to hell. As such, 80% of Swedes (the stupid 80%, and I readily admit I just made that percentage up) then compromise: they agree to disagree quietly on domestic policies, and then join together in bashing those ignorant, aggressive, imperalist Americans.

    I think my problem is that I’m too cosmopolitan. I’ve lived in the US for a few years. I’ve lived in China. Prefer the former. I will readily admit that some things about Sweden are really great. I will be just as likely to admit that many other things suck. But my biggest problem is that when a Swede starts bashing the US, I roll my eyes and then hit back. Hard. It’s never pretty.

    A few lovely facts:
    * So the US criminal justice system is evil? Fine. Our retarded system has political party members instead of a jury (nämndemän), a fact which most Swedes don’t even know, and a murdered is out after 6.7 years. (10 years for first degree murder today, all prisoners are automatically released after two thirds served, multiple crimes do not stack, etc.)
    * The US has no welfare! Erm. Actually, it does. Medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. Yeah, we’ve got more money to dish out to lazy communists who sit at home drinking Spendrups and playing WoW, but is that a good thing? I don’t want to pay for them, not one penny. And even worse, our government welfare has pretty much killed off civil society. When was the last time a Swede you knew volunteered at a hospital or retirement home? Honestly? I haven’t met a single one, and still we’re smug as our grandparents lay rotting to death in cold sterile rooms, getting one visit a month. Heck, the Chinese are more compassionate!
    * Free healthcare! Free healthcare!! Yeah. Yeah yeah. Only problem is you get what you pay for. A friend needed a specialist for a stomach ulcer. Swedish friend, naturally. Took her 3 months to get an appointment, and then they started with the weakest doses. Only bright side is that her diet of water and plain rice helped her get in better shape. Gallows humor from her, I should add. As for me, I got ill once, and ended up with an unneccesary operation because the cheap bastards delayed the stronger medicine until it was too late. Thanks, Sweden! Also, it is an open secret that we not only ration the good medicine until desperate, we also allow less “useful” members of society to wait as long as necessary, while important people get to go first. Doctor even told me I got prioritized. Thanks, I guess…? Hey, wait, that’s like America!
    * Living standards. Ugh. Swedish people pay maximum prices for small apartments and tiny houses without so much as air conditioning, enormous prices for food, barely anyone can afford nice cars, and we’re the heaviest in debt in Europe. The government reads all our emails, the TV and radio was government-run until 1994, and if you want to find a store that’s not McDonalds, Vero Moda, H&M or Kapp Ahl in the city, you’re SOL. On top of that the school system is falling apart, bullies can beat the **** out of other kids and not even get detention, and (more or less mandatory) public daycare consists of high school dropouts teaching your kids the virtues of socialism. Brilliant.
    * Tolerance? In Sweden? Don’t make me laugh. There are so many racist comments in this country it’s not even funny. Have you tried reading the comment section of DN or SvD or even Swedish YouTube? It’s 1938! And of course the Chinese are either a huge threat or incompetent copy-cats, and the Americans are fat idiots, and the French are smelly cowards, and the Germans are nazis. GOD. I speak fluent German and English (with an American accent). Every time I pretend, for laughs, to be American or German at a party, it takes about 3 seconds before an ignorant Swede starts making offensive jokes. Tolerance my ***.
    * We’re more intelligent, really? God. Don’t get me started. Swedes love to be smug about how Americans don’t know **** about Sweden. And to be fair, why should they? Do Swedes know who is the governor of Ohio? Can they name the three big C cities there? Of course not. But they can tell you the US president (whichever one) is an idiot, and can ramble about 4000 American evils, all while pirating American media. Same thing with China. They know it is “so bad”, but not a single Swede knows what Harbin is, which has more people than Sweden. And no, silly socialist Swedes, don’t use Google and WikiP to look it up to “prove me wrong”. Hell, most Swedes I know (university educated, succesful) can’t even name the ruling political parties of Norway, Denmark and Finland. That wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for your self-righteous moralizing. Ugh. Sad when your only standards are double standards.
    * The US government is EVIL! Right. Hey, in Sweden we threw people who played private radio in jail until 1994, and lobotomized minorities until the mid 1970’s. But the big thing I see about the suckyness of our political system is reflected in a single little fact: virtually every American I’ve ever talked to can name his or her congress-person. Can you name your chosen representatives for the riksdag, sosse-svennar? Ja/nej? The answer is, of course, no. Toss a note in a box once every 4 years, like sheep, then let the government appoint police chiefs and judges, jury members and social ministers, ombudsmän and TV chairmen and alcohol directors. SHEEP.
    *Americans don’t know their own history!! Oh? And you do? No. We don’t know how industry by industry, sector by sector was nationalized. How the social democrats reshaped our entire country by threat of force or outright takeovers. How we were one vote away in the early 1980’s from handing over every, single Swedish company to the labor unions (löntagarfonder, look it up), or how private media was and is heavily controlled and regulated. Of how the government controls virtually all research via grants and politics at our, you guessed it, government-funded and owned universities.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m just so G*dd*mn tired of the Swedish sense of superiority, and even more so of the fact that every time that I (as a born and raised, 100% Swede going back 50 or so generations) questions the fact that hey, maybe we’re kinda screwed up too and should start FIXING THINGS….. well.. as an American you probably can’t really imagine the sheer amount of hatred that causes.

    And the saddest thing of all is that while I’m in the US, I’m considerate moderate to left-wing in most cases. But in Sweden, wanting REAL life in prison for murder, no alcohol monopoly, a right to fire lazy workers, and let’s say 10 percent sales tax makes you THE EVIL ARCH VILLAIN OF EVIL(tm).

    And unlike in Hollywood, I still don’t even get a theme song. :-(

    Oh… also, to the people who say “If you don’t like it, leave!!!11”, I can only say you’re the ones who sucks, why should I have to leave? You morons can go to Zimbabwe or North Korea instead.

  195. I love a good well informed and vicious rant! Well done Johan. Though had you not pointed things out a number of times i’d have you pegged as a pissed off yank! lol.

    Maybe this will bring FV in from the sidelines,or summer or Deepsoul.They’re the eloquent intellectuals on this site. I enjoy a bit of “yank bashing” myself,but that’s purely because i’m a bit of an antagonist and love watching them try to defend themselves or just indignantly exploding or imploding…depending on subject and knowledge (or usually..lack of..).

    I’m sure the yanks are happy to have you on their side mate. :)

  196. Hi Johan. I just read your comment in my email (where all my comments go and where I tend to read first).

    Thank you very much for the compliment on enjoying my blog. Makes me happy that people like reading a foreigner’s viewpoint.

    I LOVED your points. A few points stand out. First, people who have written here to “go f’ing home or get the f*** out” should consider what they are saying. Aren’t they being closed minded and judgmental?

    Second, Swedes (and many Europeans) hate the American justice system because they think we sue each other all the time. True, we do sue each other but that is because we have the ability to so. In Sweden, it is almost impossible to sue. More importantly though, the American justice system is based on checks and balances between federal and state and different branches of the legislature.

    Third, tolerance. I find Sweden more religiously tolerating (preface- I am a brown American Hindu so no one ever cares) in the sense that I’m not “going to hell for not going to church.” Personally, it is a big plus of living in Sweden where people are not discussing church activities or Jesus in a derogatory way to make one feel left out.

    However, what I find blinding about the Swedes is how ignorant they are at accepting racism in the country. People were astounded the SD could win. They were convinced only 5% of Swedes are racist. That thought is naive in itself; how could so many people be perfectly open and acceptable to others? No one is. Human nature is not open; we herd and support people who believe in the same ideologies while disliking people who break the status quo.

    So, welcome to Lost in Stockholm. =)

  197. @ Dano: Thanks, you just ruined my chances of ever getting a date by calling me an intellectual. Also, why me?! Mental note to self: must spend less time on this forum! Looking at the length of my post and… this really aint good, my friend :D LOL

    @ Johan:
    Robert Kennedy agrees with you: “The sharpest criticism often goes hand in hand with the deepest idealism and love of country.” :)

    You hit a sore spot with me. We in The Netherlands are in a very similar position. Therefore my sincere thanks for your rant, although given the level of educated reasoning and rationality I would hardly call it a rant. A real rant would need less facts and more s***, a**, b***, f***, etc… I will try to cater to this in my response :)

    Where you pointed out several inconsistencies in the logic of the die-hard defenders of the current political climate/system of Sweden, I thought I might hypothesize a bit as to why people cannot / will not see these inconsistencies.

    I think the relationship of the state with its citizens can generally best be described as one of a parent and a child. Too much involvement is not good, and too little involvement is not good. In the case of Sweden and The Netherlands, I think our state has been overbearing. This has resulted in citizens which do not know how to function as mature individuals outside their little protected world. One expression of this emotional immaturity is the very (verbally) aggressive and immature reaction to any criticism to the beloved state.

    Don’t misunderstand: I think it is only normal to want be loyal to our parents/ country. We have a lot to be thankful for. But there is a balance there. Everything has their flaws. We need to be able to discuss these flaws as grown ups, in order to understand the consequences, take responsibility for them in our lives thus far and maybe even improve the system in the future.

    Now back to business:
    Imagine a mother who loves her son soooo much, that she wants to make sure he reaches his full potential. Meaning well, the mother will eliminate all risk for him, and minimize decision stress for him: she will tell him what he wants and likes, for example what hobbies are good, what career to pursue, what to eat and drink.
    The question is: does this approach to parenting work? On one hand it does: Children of such overbearing parents get good meals, have nice, clean and ironed clothes, and a roof over their head. They are well educated as study conditions are optimal and the parents encourage that homework is made. Such children will feel save and be relatively happy.

    Yet, later on they will get into serious trouble. Once they break loose from mummy, the children will become emotionally unstable, depressed, and fearful adults with abandonment issues. At the same time, they feel an enormous sense of entitlement and superiority that is really quite contradictive. The list of psychological disorders that such an overbearing parent-child relationship can create really aint pretty, so I wont go into it into detail. But I just cant resist these two ‘fun facts’ of such parenting styles: A) such children have usually been unable to talk openly and/or have been overly restricted when it comes to alcohol, s**, etc. They do not know the healthy borders of such things. As adults they are prone to go way overboard, rebel against the parents and damage themselves in the process. B) such children are likely to have been focusing on study outcomes and achievement in hobbies. They have been quite isolated from social interaction from their pears, and are especially weak in the romantic department (as mummy didnt see the point in teaching such skills).

    You may already see the resemblance of this home situation and what is going on in Sweden (and The Netherlands)… But I want to see if I can write a longer post than Johan. :P Therefore, let me explain further why such overbearing state parenting is very dangerous:

    1) because such “child-citizens” cannot love themselves.
    Our current political systems result in emotional terror. People cannot love themselves as they do not know who they are. They have exactly been told what to want and how to act. Any deviation from the norm will lead to social outcasting. As a result, citizens are very dependent for their self-worth on fulfilling the norms of the state. They are not loved for who they are, but because they fulfil their part in the collective. Such self-worth based on performance that is judged by others, creates a dependence that is a constant source of uncertainty, fear and terror.

    2) because they cannot feel empathy or love for others.
    Now, why do I claim that when in fact, children-citizens vigorously defend their concern and solidarity for others, and the state who stands for these things. Well, strangely enough, such people are unable to deal with people that ARE actually others. Their care for ‘others’ only goes as far as these ‘others’ are defined within very narrow and superficial bounds of what they themselves are like.
    As soon as someone expresses a different view on life and what they want out of it, the s*** hits the fence. There is sheer panic, and then others are dogmatized as EVIL, told to go somewhere else if they don’t like it, etc.
    The question is: why such a fearful and negative response? Why is there zero effort to try to understand the validity of the perspective of others? Answer: Because it is safe and easy. Referring to my previous point 1): if you are insecure about your worth as a person, everything that is different from what the state taught you, undermines its authority. As you use the same authority to define your self worth, this is a direct attack on you personally. This is very upsetting and aggression as a defense will be the response. You will lash out in blind rage and dismiss, destroy and demonize everything that is different. That is hardly love for others, is it?
    The point is that when one cannot love themselves they can also not love others. People do altruistic things (such as donate money) because they feel obliged by society to show their superior morale. In other words: they are not kind because they are intrinsically motivated to do so, but because they are forced under threat of withholding acceptance and self-worth.

    3) because it f***s up the foundation of society: family.
    It is a very basic need of people to find a romantic mate and found a family. Here the first problem arises:
    People who are not used to think about their own desires will be very indecisive and will indefinitely keep their options open when it comes to romance.
    Second, they will not know how to handle themselves as their authority figure (the state) never taught them about romance (and if they weren’t taught, it must not be important). As the state can not go on dates with you and flirt, you have a serious problem. This will be a case where you are on your own, which will create major anxiety issues.
    Third, it may feel as betrayal to the cause, i.e. betrayal to the state. You have not been raised by the state to put some people above others. Emotional closeness to others is bad, this might imply that not everyone is equal but that some people are special. This undermines what you have been taught. See point 2) for what happens when authority is undermined (hint: panic attack, withdrawal, rage).

    4) because there is a huge potential for conflict / rage in society.
    Suppressed desires are a big cause of frustration. As everyone has different talents, there will always be differences in capability between people. The more uniform a society becomes, the more such differences are covered up and the more people’s inherent talents are oppressed. As a result, more inner conflict and bottled up aggression will be created. In the end, it takes only a mild spark at the right time for the emotions to erupt and the pendulum will swing from one extreme to the other. Reason will fail to do its duty, although there might be temporary release and a feeling of liberation. We will go from one problem into the other.

    Concluding, I believe the Swedish/Dutch system is

    a) OUTDATED. Like I said: a big bonus of the Swedish (and Dutch) system is that everyone has their physical needs met. This used to be very valuable in times of crisis, when food and protection from the elements were a first priority. But when the crisis is over, the system becomes a prison when there is no need for such restriction. Life is more than just eat, sleep and poo. I think many people in Sweden (and The Netherlands) have lost any sense of purpose and free choice. They were born into a system that is about denial of self.

    It’s quite ironic to me that Sweden (and The Netherlands), who claim to want to do the best for the individual, do not let them develop freely. How can a country hate the oppression by the church, the oppression by the capital, the oppression of women by men, but enslave its own people by predefining what GOOD and BAD thoughts and behavior are and outcast those who don’t conform? By imposing such a rigid perspective on life, and prescribing what should make people happy, Sweden has created a new dogma that has taken oppression to the next level.
    And I’m not even sure that intent behind the current system is evil. I’m inclined to believe it’s not. In my previous example about mother and son, mum really means well, but she makes a couple of thinking flaws. She assumes that:
    i) she knows her son better than he knows himself
    ii) due to her own life experiences she can make better decisions for him
    iii) the process of the child to intellectually explore who he is and what he wants, and make his own mistakes on the way, is useless
    These are the same thinking errors on which our current political systems are based.

    c) RAPIDLY GOING DOWNHILL. Self-righteousness, inflexibility and rigidness come before the fall: the Roman Empire, the empty churches in Western Europe, communism, capitalism (f.e. the recent banking disasters). The lesson is that nothing is forever, adaption is always needed. I hope that Sweden and The Netherlands are able to capture the good things in their systems and reform them in order to go with modern times.
    Yet, I m afraid that once people are in a cozy position they are afraid to lose it and will use every tool (also denial) in order to remain in their shiny happy world. Perishability is a natural part of life but instead of facing that, we like to put things on a pedestal and worship it as the eternal truth. It is in human nature to cling to such false securities. Most people think they would rather be certainly unhappy, than risk being happy. Ah well..

    In any case, I think everything starts with the individual and every structure that is created should be meant to serve the happiness of the individual. And don’t be mistaken: I define the individual as an entity with social and romantic needs, not as an isolated island. Surely, there must be a way to keep the good in the Swedish/Dutch system and let it evolve?

    Anyways… if I have not insulted Sweden enough already, I thought I should piss off every America-hating person on this forum even more, by ending with 2 quotes by Thomas Jefferson. I hope Sweden and The Netherlands will take them at heart in the following years:

    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.”

    “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.”

    Cheers to you, Johan! And many thanks to you for this forum, Sapphire!

    Summer, not from the US, but from The Netherlands.
    (Although I have studied in the US and therefore might also have been brainwashed by the evil capital! So I do want my own theme evil song too!!)

    PS: I m most probably going to Sweden in March for a salsa thingy. OMG I cant wait to observe the Swedes!! Yihaaaaaaa!!! (and by that I dont mean political observation, but s*xistly staring men down.. and maybe.. yes maybe.. I ll even smile at some of you!! The shock! THE HORROR!! ;) )
    PS2: I m big mouthing now but last time when I was in Sweden and tried to dance in a club in Stockholm, I got indecently proposed within 5 mins “Do you want a tour of my one bedroom appartment?”… Uhm… sorry but WTF?!!! So yeah, I ran. Forgive me but I have some shocking back to do… :)
    PS3: Now the first two PSs should have cancelled out the ‘intellectual’ in me somewhat I hope… It’s all in the lagom… aint it? ;)

  198. Thank you, both Dano and Sapphire. I actually got cold feet after I clicked “post comment” on my rant, and I might have gone a -little- overboard. Still, it’s good to get things off your chest every now and then. ;)

    Anyway, please keep up the good blogging!

  199. @Summer
    Gah! Massive post! I’m just on my way out the door to catch a flight. I’ll try and write something insightful and poignant in response next week.

    Also, your: ““Do you want a tour of my one bedroom apartment?”… Uhm… sorry but WTF?!!! So yeah, I ran.” is the answer to why Swedish guys often wait for ‘the look’ before hitting on a girl. ;-)

  200. @Summer – NEVER in a million years,no matter whether you resemble Megan Fox’s secret twin sister or not, are you EVER going to be able to get a date now!!!
    WTH are they breeding over there?
    Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you never ever put your 17,000 word thesis on psychology,English literature and anti-social human behaviour on a blog??? Jey-sus!

    Now we’ll have to work super hard to get you laid! Meh.
    If you’re not gonna fall for the “Hi fancy a tour of my 1 bedroomed apt?” trick, then i suggest you go out and get some “I’m totally not an intellectual” type clothes.
    Riding jodpurs and sexy lil’ ankle boots and a tight tee-shirt bearing “It’s summer! Let’s get hot and sweaty!” ..should give you the “classy..but not an intellectual” kind of look! (Though i admit this may have a tiny little bit of personal bias of my own tastes within it,i think many men would agree! lol)

    No..don’t thank me. I enjoy helping the overly educated and “pfftt..i’m WAY out of your league sunshine!” types. :)

  201. O no.. I got a ‘Meh’ from Dano..
    My sincere appologies @ all followers and @ Sapphire too.. :(
    The topic is very close to me, but I know I went overboard with my post. In retrospect, I was rather shocked at the amount of text. I still agree with what I wrote, but this forum is no place for such lengthy monologues on political systems. I’ll lay low for a while to make up for it.

    I m kind of new to forums, I only posted on 2 thus far. I m not intending to post too much anymore as my personal Swedish situation has been resolved, and I do have an actual life outside the web. But Johans post was so interesting that I couldnt help myself.. shite. ;)

    And Dano, I am no twin of Megan, more like a not too shabby girl nextdoor kind of type. I will take your dating-advise at heart and start perfecting my bend-and-snap as we speak. I really do try so hard to hide my dark secret but somehow that bloody intellect always comes out in the end. :S
    *Helplessly twists lock of hair and pouts at computer*

  202. Admittedly it was heavy reading..no tits ‘n ass,no big guns,no car chases etc..But it’s something as you say “close to your heart”, and so the subject came up and you said your piece.Simple!
    Nothing wrong in that. You can buy the drinks when you get the cheque for the movie rights, and we’ll forgive you! :)

  203. LOL! Love it! Thanks Johan and Summer :) I actually went and got the chocolate ice cream out the freezer… that was soooo much better than being at the cinema! :D

  204. not everyone from Sweden are like that and just because you have met a few people from Sweden who are like that you can´t gudge other people. It is like this: I don´t like all thai people but my friend are from Thailand.. so there you go ! Stop talking like every people from Sweden would be as crazy as you said!

  205. Terrorists are called terrorists only if Sweden itself is suffering from them. Terrorists of other countries are called “freedom fighters” by many Swedes if sweden is not threatened by them and swedes will really feel sorry for these people and refuse to give back these terrorists to the original countries.

  206. I agree with Hanna, people who comment on how people(and I mean “people, not the apparent generalization that is “Swedes”) in Sweden behave.

    Oh, and the “it’s damn cold” is a conversation opener, not to be seen as whining. Learn more about the society before you make rash assumptions!

    Objectivity isn’t a hot flame, try it for a few months. It’s not only “us” we’re talking about, other groups in our society is actively targeting us because they’re often too chaotic to think for a second.

    To think that we’re more phuqed up, just think of all the wars others have had. We’re proud, yes, but not narrowminded. The donations we make to make the world better is if not the highest, among the highest in the world. I myself donate to “save the children”. Part of the Swedish shame is that we have such comfort.

    This wasn’t really aimed to anyone, just venting.

    Sorry for not having written in Ages! I seem to have lost interest in the blog lately

    Sincerely Formica V

  207. Ah, it’s all in good fun! That top ten complaints list could just as well have been written by me (ie a swede) on a bad day. Also, sure we are smug, and what could make us even more so? Americans not getting how great we are! I mean how could they? Silly loudmouthed happy-go-lucky capitalists that they are ;)

  208. HAHA…the yank is here, but only briefly! I am looking forward to reading these threads. ^^ Quite amusing I must say.

    @Olle…Yep, all in good fun. I also tend to enjoy being a silly, loud-mouthed, happy-go-lucky capitalist! ;)

    @Rieka Hrolfrsson…I am more than happy to respond to your thread ma belle! ;) Thing is, we all have to be lighthearted, right?

    For everybody in Sweden, I am sorry to hear about the terrorist attack. Hope everybody’s not freezing their @sses off, while I am still wearing normal clothes in the south USA. You asked for it, and you shall get it LOL :D xoxoxo’s and hope everybody has a great week! Take care!

  209. The WORLD hates Sweden (and America) after their ongoing persecution of Julian Assange.

    I wonder, do Swedes really realize how stupid their government is making them look? I always wanted to go to Sweden. Now I’ll never set foot there nor buy another Swedish product. The Julian Assange case is a PR NIGHTMARE for Sweden. The world’s fools.

  210. And wow, you’re a typical American aren’t you. Why not go back to your own cesspool of a country. I’m sure Sweden would be happier for it.

  211. @Leo Sigh…Please do elaborate on the “typical American”. I am really interested in your perception. Yes, please lump together over 300 million people, all in one. I am sure your assertion is inaccurate and possibly absurd. You seem a bit over dramatic. ;)

  212. @ DeepSoul
    An over dramatic “Leo”? I daresay… could it possibly be? Nah. ^^ That’s too over the top even for him :)

  213. @Leo Sigh
    I suppose we are a terrible, evil country for taking rape allegations seriously enough to at least investigate them. Are you perchance from one of those darling countries in which a woman wearing jeans automatically cannot be considered raped, since clearly she must have removed them of her own volition?

    As for herr Assange, I believe we recently had the benefit of enjoying his online dating profile from 2006 on OK Cupid. Google it. Isn’t “information transparency” always a good thing? No? Here are some juicy details from him:
    ¤ “I have asian teengirl stalkers. Hello.”
    ¤ “I like women from countries that have sustained political turmoil. Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane. OK.”
    ¤ Women who are “spirited, erotic, non-confomist [sic]” with “innate perceptiveness and spunk.”
    Deliciously clichéd, but at least inadvertantly funny. Even better that he took 42 (!) dating tests. Now why don’t you kneel down and resume the hero worship, Leo?

    To the rest of you, Merry Christmas and God Jul and Happy Holidays. :)

  214. Okay native Swede here. First of all I think you list is great, it really does point out the flaws all Swedes refuse to accept. But my list would’ve looked a bit different, here it goes:

    1. Living off old merits. Seriously Sweden needs to be refreshed.
    2. Tiny amount of products available in Sweden. There’s no variety.
    3. Government believing it knows best. Need I say more?
    4. Government bending over to, for instance, the USA.
    5. Too many socialists.
    6. Success is virtually, at least socially, not acceptable. Everything has to be Lagom, salary included.
    7. Sky-high taxation. I’m glad if I’m able to keep any of my hard earned money.
    8. Pride. Instead of actually showing any numbers or figures, Swedish politicians find it sufficient to point out that “it’s going well” or “a head of other European countries”.
    9. Completely unable to be humble, everyone’s an expert on everything.
    10. Prohibitionist. If the law says its wrong then surly no one would do it, right?
    11. Weather sucks. ;)

  215. Hi all, I am new to posting so please forgive me in advance for any faux pas. I found this blog through serching for information on life in Sweden as my lovely daughter chose to come there for a university semester in two weeks. We are of Greek origin but living in Australia, and frankly I am now super worried that she might be unhappy and face discrimination etc. Following all your postings I feel that you are all intelligent and caring people because you views are so passionate. I just hope that she has a positive experience and sees only the best in people around her whatever their race or nationality. Any tips will be welcome :) Happy New Year to all

  216. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for posting. I have not been to university in Sweden but I have attended for a year in France.

    It was a blast. Yes, it was difficult to make French friends (France is also a more formal society) and there were some idiots but overall, the experience was wonderful.

    I think your daughter will have a great time in Sweden as spring is upcoming and the country becomes “bright” again. Swedish universities are very international and I believe she will have a good opportunity to make friends.

    As an fyi though, Sweden is a liberal culture. I don’t know how old your daughter is, but Swedes do treat sex more casually. That means, a one night stand can be a one night stand. The positive benefit is that women are labeled less as “sluts” if it happens. Just something you should be aware of as mom but to not worry too much either. You shouldn’t expect the man to swoon after you either.

    Just make sure your daughter has street smarts, a happy spirit, and an open mind.

    <3 sapphire

  217. Thank you Sapphire, she’s 22 and will always be my baby lol ! She has a happy positive spirit and personality, also a beautiful girl and sensible, hope Sweden is a more welcoming place than other posters make it out to be :)

  218. Very welcome Mary!

    I love Sweden, but I do have gripes (as with any place). Being a permanent resident here is also a very different experience than staying for a definite period (e.g. exchange student).

    Please tell your daughter to visit the site and share her story and questions she may have.


  219. I have enjoyed all your threads so much and have already forwarded the link to your site to her, thanks very much Sapphire and all the very best :)

  220. I think Uni’ life,like anywhere else is a totally different thing to the long term living experience.
    Most of the young folks have a “don’t care about that” attitude towards the miserable and ignorant waiter/ess,the shitty attitude of shop assistants and the pro’s and con’s of the word “lagom”..that most of us on this site bitch about!
    They’re more bothered about the high cost of alcohol,where to buy some weed, and which protest march to go with on saturday?
    If she’s pretty,then sex will raise it’s ugly head, and then that’s all down to her own nature and desires as to how she handles it.
    Most if not all of her fellow Swedish students will speak good English,which is a huge plus when making friends or needing to ask questions etc.
    The only problem i can foresee is if her teachers..in whatever she’s studying…only teach in Swedish,and she doesn’t understand.

    It’ll be a massive experience for her if nothing else, and i guess the same goes for anyone who goes to study “abroad”. She’ll have memories for life, and hopefully a lot of friends too! :)

  221. Yeah, i agree, thank you Dano for your insights, i am sure she will have a great time! A few years ago in a visit to sunny Greece I saw a lot of young Swedes partying and though they were all so gorgeous….. boy they were a scary lot when drunk :) Some lagom seems a good thing then :)lol

  222. Haha funny post… My contribution:

    Why I hate US fucking…A so much:

    You always think you are the best. You always have to stick your nose in everything…

    The true fact is that you all wear truckdriver jeans, majority of your inhabitants are just stupid (do you even know where Sweden is located on the map?), and yeah… You DO NOT know how beer should taste! Water is not beer! Dohhh!!!

    Just to mild things out… You do have some good stuff though… The simpsons, family dad… yepp thats about it!

  223. Thank you for writing this. Who cares if it pissed some people off.

    My new line is. “Sweden is a really good country. Just not nearly as good as Swedes think it is”

    The ignorance in Sweden is incredible. At least Americans have a poor education system to blame.

    Learning the language only makes it worse because you understand more of the idiotic things people say here.

    It’s not that easy to pick up your family and leave, like some idiot suggested here.

    But I’m going to do it anyway. I’ve had enough, life is too short to be so unhappy, and live in such an unfriendly place. A few more months in this prison and then the Swedes can have it all to themselves. Enjoy !

  224. Wow!!! whoever made this is obviously an arrogant American!!! People live differently than YOU?!?! no way!!!!! Swedes do not actually bash Americans all that much anyway (I am an American who has lived in Sweden for 2 years) Maybe you should check out all the people Americans bash???????????????? Ex — EVERYONE EXCEPT AMERICANS!!!!

  225. So many complain??!!I cant understand how someone can complain so much about a country such as Sweden. Sometimes is weird to me see things like this. Im from Portugal and i dont know how you would feel if you lived here. Theres so many bad things due to bad governments that i cant describe.Corrupt politics, awful economy. Government invest in stupid roads instead of invest in people education and culture. Youngsters are forced to skip school and precarious jobs increase. There are people are getting something like 4000 kr. Average salary is 600 euro, almost the same as 5000 kr. Only if you get a bachelor degree you can try bettter, but even so is very very difficult.About weather…i know that most people like warm weather but i m so tired of hot days from May to October. Forests burn every summer. Our original forest is almost gone… is horrible!!!Well im fond of winter time-my fave- ive been quite a while in Sweden in winter, and Autumn too and i feel way better in fresh cold air then in warm weather. And you care about clothes and sheets? Here old people are not respected and many of them sick with no suport from government …and they starve in abandoned villages. Children cannot play in the street safely. Few gardens, no outdoor activities here (my faves…), nowhere to go at weekends. Most people has a stupid car culture and all take cars to downtown. Polution is huge. The only good thing here are some remote countriside areas, quite nice and quiet, but you get no jobs there! This is terrible here.. I would do something to change but i cannot do it alone. Honest and hard-workers as me are victims caught in the midle of this turrent. This is a everiday strife for survival. Everiday .I dont know how you would feel if you were from Portugal…you who live in Sweden, dont you realize the luck you have!?

  226. this was an interesting read, I’ve met some Swedish friends last year and they were overall friendly, but I did notice the “Lagom” in them (not sure if that makes sense).

  227. All in all, what I hate the most is that many Swedes act as if they live in Heaven on Earth. This is a big discussion within me and my Swedish girlfriend’s relationship. Overall, I do agree with all points that were published. I like, no let me rephrase that, love Swedes and Sweden in many ways as well. But that is their main flaw. YOU ARE NOT PERFECT, DON’T ACT LIKE IT EITHER.

  228. Swedes are retards, next time. Go to Skåne, (the south part of Sweden that isn’t swedish) Skåne is Denmark/Swedish, but mostly a OWN country. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and that means its the most shitty city in Sweden. Just a tip!

  229. Hello! I found your post rather entertaining! : )
    I do agree on some points, our driving skills, for example. But don’t tell us socialism is to fear, because it’s actually the best political ideology you can have if you want to care about each other, which I think you want to based on #7.

    Bye, have a nice day,(please keep posting!)! : )

  230. A) It’s funny to me that a post about why Sweden sucks has so many people talking about why America sucks. If I wanted to know, I’d go to the blog post about that topic.

    B) Threads like this seem to be about 90% bullshit, personal opinions and no hard facts.

    C) Every place has it’s good and bad sides, instead of flinging crap at other countries, feel free to calmly compare the pros and cons.

    D) Lastly, how many Americans / Europeans move to Sweden? How many Swedes move abroad. I am trying to find the answer myself (also about Sweden’s National Debt) but, on the off chance I revisit this juvenile site, you are of course, encouraged to answer about those things.

  231. I find it interesting that people can take the freedom and state “facts” that Sweden and Swedes are racist. Sure you have the right to do so but don`t expect it to go unchallanged. I have the same rights.

    Sure, we had German troops using our railroads during the second world war, we provided Germany with metal and ammunition. Then again which country doesn`t have a dark patch in their history? Is our dark patch worse then yours? At the same time during the second world war when German troops where moving within Swedens boarders, metal and ammunition was shipped to Germany and logs for workcamps was beeing stacked there was some good aswell. We took in refugees from our neighbouring countries, we shipped jewish refugees to the shores of Sweden to escape the Nazi, there were several Swedes who went abroad and took up arms against the Axis power. But people seem to forget this. My point is that we made mistakes but atleast we are honest about it and show it oppenly, and our goverment have made excusses to several of those mistakes today. That`s big steps ahead of most countries.

    And regarding the issue that most Swedes are racist is laughable. If you really know any Swede they don`t see people according to what race they are and treat them worse because of that. A few might but that has to do with predjudice against things that are foreign and not race. Calling it racist is in my eyes not only wrong but leaves a bad taste in ones mouth.

    Some might be narrowminded but it`s better that they keep it in their mind then take action, which some other people arond the world do without any thougt. Some European countries and America has a far darker history then Sweden and Swedes. A few Swedes might look down on others because of predjudice but they do nothing more. In America they hanged black people mere 50 years ago, I wonder which country or people has the darkest history.

    Regarding everything else it`s your right to think what you want and Sweden certainly isn`t perfect. It`s a great site which gives one perspective and it`s a great read. I agree on many points aswell but regarding racism in Sweden it`s not even close to racism in other countries. And the fact that you as the blogger on this site has entertained such a discussion to the point where people like Mary feels unsecure about sending her daughter here to Uni because she is of a different ethnicity is just sad.

    I bet you will stamp me as a Swede which fits in to point 10. and 11. in your list but as I said at the begining you are free to challenge what I said just as I did you but I have the same right to state “facts” just as you.

  232. Goddamnit, you Swedes are haters.
    Just because you don’t like what us Americans write, you start rambling about how much you hate us and start bashing our country.


    1. We are diverse and accept all races and (legal) immigrants, unlike Sweden, where all immigrants and foreigners get stared at.

    2. We’ve kept our heads up throughout difficult times like the Great Depression, 9/11, and yes, George Bush. This shows that we can lift up even in hard times, instead of bitching about them like Swedes.

    3. America may have a dark history, but now we are strong with all races. Sweden will never be tolerant of other cultures, they are too narrow minded. Also, Sweden is not all pure and almighty, as I have heard stories of race related murders and hater gangs.

    4. More Swedes have immigrated to American than Americans have immigrated to Sweden. I really wonder why.

    5. Swedes don’t celebrate any other cultures other than their own. Here in America there’s Chinatown, Mexican festivals, Scandinavian celebrations, high class Indian restaurants on every corner, etc. Heck, where I live there’s even a nationwide known Scandinavian festival every year.

    6. Comparing Sweden to America is like comparing The Beatles to some unknown local band. No non Swede really gives a shit about Sweden unless they are interested in a university or exchange school there, or have a spouse living there. My best friend is part Swede and part French Canadian and she only calls herself French Canadian.

    7. We don’t constantly bash on Sweden, we only bash on Sweden when they attack us. Swedes are always offending Americans, even though many Swedish teenagers listen to our music and steal some of what we do.

    8. We respect other countries and help as much as we can when there is a disaster. Examples are Haiti and the extremely recent tsunami in Japan.

    9. We have almost unlimited job options. You can be almost anything you imagine if you put your mind to it no matter if you were born poor or rich.

    10. Want constant sunshine, a high tech life, quiet towns, and warmth? Go to California. Want art, fashion, and a busy lifestyle? Head up to New York. We have rain… snow… tundra… beaches… we have it all. Big cities, quiet mountain towns, suburbs, and whatever is in between.

    Suck it. Sweden is just a little blob compared to America and Canada. You can’t really compare Sweden to us because almost no one really gives a f**k about Sweden.

  233. Lol Madison. You give a fantastic impression of someone who was born and brought up in some kooky commune high in the Colorado mountains! Have you ever been outside of the sterile room you live in over there? Your vision of the USA (Don’t count Canada,it belongs to us Brit’s ) is a million miles away from most Americans i bump into on blogs and forums.

    1/ That’s where all your problems started!

    2/ Most Americans spend most of their time bitching about the new great depression of tomorrow, 9/11, and how Bush was a misjudged saint as far as Obama is concerned now! (They also bitch constantly about the weather..but then we all do..the price of gas, loss of American jobs to China and the far east etc, Obama, muslims,Libya, muslims and Obama!

    3/ Strong with other nations? Most i know hate Mexico and it’s “illegals”. The common cry is to “build a wall and machine gun them all!”
    They hate the muslims due to 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan, and wanting to build a mosque on the 9/11 site!
    White racism against blacks is still a huge problem, as is black hatred against whites!
    The Spanish are hated because Spanish is rapidly becoming the national language!
    “Strong with other nations”..my ass! I could go on and on.

    4/ Do you really wonder why? A lot of people like new opportunities. America is warm and sunny for longer than Sweden is, and when it snows and it’s cold..Swedes are used to it!

    5/ Swedes have been left alone for centuries. Why the hell should they celebrate other cultures??

    6/ And why do any non-Americans really give a shit about America other than the reasons you stated? Because they make good movies? For the culture? Sureee..we all love seeing our kids with their waistbands around their knees and wanting a gun!
    The only time non-Americans give a shit about America is if they’re about to be invaded and massacred under some obscure pretext or they have a lot of oil!
    (Your friend must be a masochist,ugly,or a lesbian. She’d get a lot more attention playing on her Swedish heritage. Who goes through life dreaming of a tall big breasted blonde French Canadian for Gods sake??)

    7/ Ah the famous American cry of “we don’t attack we only retaliate!”….lol, please.

    8/ So does every other western country! It’s just America and the UK get all the attention in the news, the smaller countries who help and send supplies and medical aid don’t!

    9/ I know a few million Americans who’d argue with that statement hun! (see # 2)

    10/ So does Sweden. Have you ever been here? maybe not constant sunshine i’ll admit, but the summers are nice down south for the most part.

    Suck it America. You’re just a big festering boil on the ass of humanity…and the best thing about that is that it’s just about ready to burst!

    You should get out and about sometimes sweetie and see what the real America is like! Don’t whine about other countries calling you names, it’s an International pastime, we all call everyone else because…we can! And Americans are major players at it too. :)

  234. I’ve read 3/5 of the comment section and i must say many of you have generalized your opinion on the people of the “great capital of Stockholm”. I assure you the rest the population of the somewhat great Sweden is nothing like that.

  235. Thank you Dano for pointing out Canada should not be lumped in with the USA, I have to say I do know some great Americans, but I’m sick of the Americans that are buying up Canada’s natural resources and equally sick of the Canadians selling to the Americans and the loss of doctors and other good people listening to the crap idealism of what America is and the American dream that Madison was detailing. As Dano mentioned I also know plenty of people in the states who are struggling with employment and racism has not died and been replaced with total rainbows coming out of your ass acceptance of all peoples! The calling Canada “Americas little brother” grates my nerves to no end too, please stop, even if any of you Americans are really tempted! Canada has for the past 80 years been independent from Britain(sorry Dano), but I’d say we are still close in some regards, military has done a lot together and as some agreement that seemed to be made we put the Queens face on our money the royals come and visit every once and a while, wave, make speeches and have dinners ;) There also is Quebec though and I think if anyone France would have ownership there, or we could go with what the indigenous people to Canada say and the whole lot of us should go back to Europe or wherever we’re from! :P As David said “many of you have generalized your opinion” and I think that’s what a lot of people really do, if some place is unfamiliar its easy to generalise, to feel more comfortable, that we have some understanding, even if it is blindly cast, from there it’s possible to glorify where they have come from for the selfish needs to feel better than others.

  236. Thanks for the original post. Comments are always bound to get a bit unwieldly on such a delicate topic, but I say better to have the conversation than simply ignore it. Bravo to the commenters that are working hard to prevent the idiots completely ruining it…

    I don’t like the idea that people reading these comments will overreact in ways that will 1) sour them on going to Sweden or 2) further tarnishing their view of Americans, so I’ll offer my observations. For those who want to peek behind the curtain for curiosity or pre-judging, I’m an American that has lived in 9 different cities w/in America, lived in Switzerland, is moving to Sweden, and has worked extensively in Germany, Japan, China, India and Israel. I’m no expert, but I’m no backwoods moron either.

    – National pride is really a funny thing. It’s hard for most of us to admit that if we were there for another country’s entire history, more likely than not we would do the exact same thing. Now it’s great for us to examine each other, decide what we like, don’t, etc. to build a better world, but we should always do so with a dose of humility. Because as individuals we’re all products of our environments; change the environments and Swedes would be Americans, Amercians Swedes, etc.

    – I don’t really understand why Americans get so vicious in their defense of America. Leave all the pros/cons aside, if you really think you’re being unfairly picked on because you’re the best and everyone’s jealous, then shut up about it and take the comments with a grain of salt. A vicious, ignorant response only plays into their worst fears about us. Yes it’s true that some people mock America because it’s the biggest, easiest target. It’s also true that some are being more objective and they’re truly pissed off.

    – A strong, uniform culture has its pros and cons, as already pointed out in many of the comments on Sweden. Whatever your opinions of the Swiss, I found that one thing I was secretly jealous of was the fact that there was enough common cultural views to solve some of society’s problems in very common-sense ways. That consensus leads to all sorts of benefits, e.g,. 4 year old kids taking the train by themselves all over the country and experiencing that naive sort of freedom American kids struggle to find these days. America’s simply to big and diverse to ever reach consensus on many issues. Tradeoff.

    – Neither side can call the other more sheltered. Someone earlier made the comment around necessity in travel and knowledge, and I think it’s spot on. Sure, it’s embarrassing that many Americans confuse Swedes and Swiss, but for most of them, how much does that lack of knowledge impact their lives? That doesn’t make it ok, but there’s a difference between WANTING to know about other cultures and HAVING to know about other cultures. Swedes can’t help knowing more languages or news about countries outside of their own. Americans can’t help knowing what it’s like to live and compete in a dynamic economy where nothing is sacred, nothing is guaranteed, and you only get what you fight for. We’re simply sheltered in different ways. The one thing I’d give Sweden is they try to educate as much as possible, where Americans give a foundation and then expect if you want more education you’ll go into debt to pay for it.

    – The whole point of traveling is not to love everything you see, it’s to see the good and the bad. Don’t attack the blogger for being open about what she sees. It’s her blog and for those who can be mature about it, there’s value to discussion. This is how we improve ourselves. I realize cultures differ on how much they like to talk about bad things, but like it or not this is a function of change. Japan still doesn’t like to own up to what they did in China, and shame on them for it. There are many Americans that don’t want to own up to our problems as well, and shame on them, but you can’t claim that the country as a whole doesn’t debate its flaws. Every issue non-Americans complain about is already being complained about within America. Sure, it’s often a minority raising the complaints, but they’re usually the early wave, and these things spread throughout society over time. We have a very strong culture of discussion and argument.

    – Right now America is in a tough spot. We’re getting a bit lazy, entitled, etc. We’re in too much debt (so is Europe but not uniformly so). We need to knock ourselves down a bit, pull back / cut back the military, accept whatever consequences come from higher energy costs and find other ways, etc. A more balanced world would be a good thing. But the schadenfreude of wanting America to fail is stupid at best. It’s not like socialist Europe will ascend to take its place. We all know who will ascend in global energy/resource accumulation. It’s China. I only hope that their rise and our “relative” descent goes “relatively” smoothly. Europe should as well, because if it doesn’t go well we’re all screwed.

  237. Just came back from a long weekend in Stockholm with 4 other guys, I found this website by searching in google: “Stockholm is shit”.

    Here are my gripes with the city:

    1. Price: I live in expensive old London and even I was so shocked at the prices of everything apart from cigarettes. When I arrived at the coach station in Stockholm CL I bought a RedBull, sandwich and 20-pack of Marlborough Lights = 190kr (£19)… That set the tone for the rest of the holiday costs…

    2. People: I was endlessly barged in nearly every area I walked in, no apologies and most of them saw me before walking straight into my path just to ‘get in front’. rude arseholes. The only politely mannered people I met were the tourists.

    3. Nightclubs: During a Saturday night I found out how endemically racists the populous of Stockholm’s workers are. Bouncers routinely refused us entry when they saw my friends (who are black african guys) – but when I initially spoke to them (I’m white african) – they couldn’t have been more welcoming. Only when I called over my ‘black’ friends to come in with me did the bouncers suddenly remember that it’s guest-list only… Another example was me and my friend were sitting on the train to Gamla Stan and two old ladies muttered something in Swedish while looking at my friend and moved to the next carriage. Christ you Swedes are ignorant! The drink prices in the nightclubs are around 110kr (£11) for a single JD & Coke and 35kr for a small Redbull (£3.50).

    4. Taxis: Maniac drivers, Taxis are actually in competition with each other; while we were in a taxi we were cut up on to the central reservation because another taxi (same taxi company car) was racing for a customer.

    5. Girls: In terms of nightlife – completely loose ladies. Shameful behaviour – especially when some of them were beautiful looking but acted like cheap tramps. One girl saw the wedding ring on my finger and made a joke of trying to remove it with her teeth… WTF! If I was a single guy looking for some action then this would have been a massacre – but I just wanted to enjoy the music and time with friends but it got almost embarrassing during the night.

    6. Hotel: Stayed at the Elite Hotel Arcadia, very clean rooms but don’t eat the breakfast!

    7. Sightseeing: With the exception of the old town, WHAT A BORING CITY!

    Argh! Never again, will happily spend 2.5 hrs on a plane to hell instead.

  238. I love this blogger and just being honest on how things are…..it would never stop me from visiting Sweden and let’s all take stock, the US is in termoil…I found the blog very funny, she has the same sense of humor I do! I laughed out loud! That’s hard to find these days! Coming from a Swedish American, and avid traveler, I would can’t wait to experience Sweden, to appreciate the bad and good of every Country, is what true traveling is about.

  239. Let’s all get along, shall we? My boyfriend is from Sweden, Grew up mostly in the U.S. He speaks fluent Swedish, I’m trying to learn. I love to hear his stories of Sweden and why he misses it and loves it so much…to get all opinions is what makes the world go round!

  240. Well put Gretchen. There’s good and bad things everything. This is just a rant. :)

  241. I hate Sweden, too.
    I think social democrats brain-washed Swedes, and Swedes still believe that. So pathetic.
    Swedes say that Swedes all go back to Sweden because it’s better, but I think they go back to Sweden because they can’t make it outside (especially in the US).

  242. lol, you are right haha.. swedish people complain ALOT!
    if is not the weather.. is the food.. the cat , the clothes… everything!
    they just make everything look soo difficult and bad! haha

  243. I’m a Swede and I have to admit that that it is true that Swedish people are more introvert than in other countries, even in places where it is normal to make interaction Swedes don’t do it unless there is enough alcohol in the blood. This is something I have started to realize after spending time outside of Sweden. Maybe this can also explain why depression and social anxiety are so common among people here.

  244. The Swedes have a saying, instilled in them from childhood, which explains everything about their defensiveness, shyness, snootiness: “Sverige är bäst!”. Consequently, they believe they morally rank on a par with USA, economically on a par with Germany, culturally on a par with France – and nothing could be further from the truth. A tiny population in a huge, dark forest, endowed with great natural resources. Fearful above all of Russia, selling the crown jewels to China, refusing to join NATO, always one-upping their siblings in Norway, Denmark, Finland. Selling weapons to any buyer, yet touting their neutrality like a religion. You will never find true and honest humility in this nation, only fear and loathing. A nation of aliens in a civilized Europe

  245. OMG you are too witty. I loved this.
    You have a great sense of humor.

  246. Thanks, I’m Danish. I had to explain the troubling fact that the Swedes posting replies here all take the blogging very, very seriously, trying to explain away every jibe with a sermon. Instead of loosening up and shrugging it off. Here’s another typical Swedish saying, which you may try out on your Swedish friends: “Nej, du är bara så osvensk!” It is actually meant as a compliment.

  247. Been here 20 years and can say that although Service has gotten better it still sucks. 20 years ago it was not too far off from – when you walked into a store – the staff just started spitting in your face. Ok, that never happened, but my point is, it didn’t feel that far off.

    20 years later…. Took my car to the garage today. Had an appointment and all. Its a Ford certified place and Auto dealership. In other words, it is not just some Joe at the gas station. I won’t go into how expensive it is because we all know that already. I will, however, go into how a person is treated here when they are spending all their hard earned cash.

    The staff at customer service just have no clue. First off, just walking in the one gal I had to deal with had an expression on her face that basically says, “I’m annoyed and pissed off”. Of course, me actually having to ask her some questions and leave the keys to my car seemed (IM not saying it did – Im saying it SEEMED this way – her whole person expressed it loud and clear) seemed to make her just annoyed that I had interupted her day. She probably wanted to read her Iphone messages or whatever.

    I won’t go through the whole scenerio just point out something that has always bothered me here – it is so frustrating. As a customer, you often have to ASK every single specific question. Often the sales/service people here will not offer you any information even though pure logic, common sense – not to mention just plain old smart salesmanship points to the fact that I (customer) need to know and would be interested in the information. Let me demonstrate – a scenerio that has happened so many times.

    Lets say I’m remodeling my kitchen and I need a new refrigerator. This is just an example. Walk into store that sells appliences. Let’s say I ask a clerk. “Hi may I ask you, do you sell refrigerators?”. The answer, and only reply could very well be simply, “Yes”. I might stand there and wait for more information. I would think that the salesman/woman might at least let me know where they are in the store, or perhaps which models they sell. Come on! I walk in off the street and want to give you my money and you do is say “yes”. ???? So, you have to ask every….goddam….question…its like pulling teeth – they don’t even try to help.

    Anyway, that is my experience. And yes, I know that in the US it can be a bit of pain that salespeople are so “on you” all the time. I’m not saying that is the way to go. But it sure is bizarre and irritating to have to ask all the questions.

    Speaking of questions being asked – I couple times I got a strange question by doctors here in Sweden. Basically it goes down like this- you go to the doctor’s office and you tell them whats wrong – as you would at an American Doctor’s office. You tell them what your ailment is, where it hurts or whatever how long you have had a fever etc. A couple times it has been my experience that the doctor asks me – again after I have explained how I feel – “Do you feel sick?”.

    DO I feel sick???? !!! OF COURSE I feel sick asshole, I just told you that.

    I’ve never quite understood that question – maybe someone here can shed some light?


  248. Just curious, how do Swedish people feel about Australians?? I know one Swedish girl who was going out with a mate of mine, she seems quiet but lovely, she has since returned to Sweden.

  249. okay sweden is not a bad country, there ar a few bad things but usa has bad things too, i’m not saying its a bad country, no i loveit here. But you can’t judge a hole country just because of a few people.

  250. Hello Sapphire, et. al.,

    Looks like I joined this blog a little late, but feel that I should share some of my family’s experiences with the Swedish culture.

    I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley to be exact, for most of my life. I love living here for it’s cultural diversity, climate and access to a wide variety of cultural activities. BTW – not everyone in San Francisco is crazy. It one of the most beautiful, diverse and interesting cities I’ve ever visited. As a point of reference, my ancestors can be traced back to the 14th century and include American Indians, so, yes, I consider myself to be an American.

    As in any society, you have to take the good with the bad. I’m distrustful of our government and feel disgraced by our corporate system. I do, however, feel that it is unjustified when people who have never visited the US or choose to really understand our society, attack us and make gross generalizations. Yes, we do have rednecks and hillbillies (I’ve known more than a few), but this is a vast country with many people at different levels of education, tolerance, etc. Please don’t make judgments based upon what you’ve seen in movies and on TV. I don’t.

    I’m writing now not to judge the Swedish culture, but to convey a few observations and ask a few questions.

    My son visited Sweden for two extended stays over the past year (long story). He now has an adopted family in Sweden whom he loves, especially his adopted Farmor. I communicate with these folks regularly and think they are lovely and caring. My son will fondly remember his visits to Sweden for the rest of his life. Here are some of his observations and my questions if you care to respond:

    1) The decor of all homes he visited were very similar. He showed me photos of one of the kitchens and explained that all kitchens are arranged in the same manner. For example, they all have the exact same spices (limited), arranged in the exact same way. Why would there be so much conformity? Variety is the spice of life (sorry for the pun). This would be a real problem for me, since I cook international food and regularly collect spices from around the world.

    2) There are only three choices of house paint colors at the hardware store and the colors, white, red and one other I can’t recall, designate your social status.

    3) Good California wine doesn’t exist. Apparently, only Franzia or Fetzer (bottom of the barrel, in my opinion) is available at the System. I wanted to ship some nice wine to our Swedish friends, but found out that it’s illegal for me to do so. What gives?

    4) Drinking party binges are a regular occurrence. Of course, my son participated, but fortunately only drinks an occasional beer now that he’s back in the States.

    5) He experienced the “staring on the bus” syndrome. The person who was staring was aghast when my son spoke to her. When he explained he was from California, she understood. Ahhh…

    6) Sorry to mention this, but my son says it seems like there are far more people with Downs Syndrome in Sweden than he has seen at home. Was his observation true? If so, is there a known cause for this?

    7) There’s a general lack of good international food. This may be different in Stockholm, but he was staying in a different city. He took his reluctant adopted family out to sushi while he was there. They wouldn’t try anything, which was probably a good thing, since the place smelled like fish. Smelly sashimi is not a good thing.

    As I mentioned, I communicate with our Swedish friends on a regular basis, via Facebook. Based upon Facebook posts, what’s with all the girls taking photos of themselves in the mirror with their mouths pursed out like ducks? Haha.

    Also, I was wondering why so many young Swedes are coming to the US for upper education. My son’s college has a large Swedish student body. Further, several of my son’s Swedish friends want to move to the US. Is this because of the movies and TV?

    8) The Swedish people are enamored with anything American, yet everything American is stupid. They love our movies, TV, cars and especially our red party cups. My son was a huge hit when he brought 10 red party cups with him on his last visit.

    We had a disturbing experience last year with a Swedish student staying at our house. She was a member of the family my son had visited the previously summer. We openly invited this young woman to stay with us while she attended a local college openly welcomed her into our home. She had full access to anything in our home, her own room she could decorate as she pleased, all the food she wished to eat and invitations to all family outings. She was one of the rudest people we had ever met and we ended up spending 3 months in hell. I won’t go into details, but here are a few observations:

    1) Everything that was different from Sweden was “stupid” and she told us so to our face. Electric toothbrushes were “stupid”, even though she had never tried one. Garbage disposals were”stupid” eventhough she didn’t know that we recycle 90% of our waste through a recycling program, vermiculture, home composting, etc. We use the disposal only for small amounts of food waste that we did not want to send to the landfill, such as meat fat.

    The list goes on and on. My point is, don’t form opinions of something you know nothing about. Is this common in Sweden or just this one young woman?

    2) All non-Swedish food was inedible, except for McDonald’s, which we don’t eat.

    3) She would never say thank you, explaining that she only thanked people when she asked for something. I really hope this isn’t common in Sweden!

    4)She often spoke fondly of when her father would die, that she would be set up for life with his inheritance. Unfortunately, my son heard this from a number of other young people during his visit to Sweden.

    5) She would refuse to leave a tip at a restaurant. I know that tipping is not practiced in Sweden, but it is the primary compensation to the server in the US. One should adopt the local customs when traveling abroad.

    Anyway, I could go on and on, but let’s just say it was an ugly experience. Is this behavior common to the Swedish culture or was it just his young woman?

    Thanks for the blog, Sapphire. It’s been really interesting and enlightening.

  251. Oh, one more comment/question:

    Why are Ikea stores designed like rat mazes? One day, I was lost in a local Ikea when a crying, elderly woman grabbed my arm and pleaded to help her find her way out. Fortunately, we both survived and made it to the exit. True story.

    Ikea product review:

    The cabinets are pretty sturdy and easy to assemble. We like the lingonberry sauce and the salmon is a bargain for our area. On the other hand, the furniture and most other items are substandard and break easily.

  252. hahahhah, i lol’d reading this. but i find it hard to hate sweden, considering the 2 billion asians stealing our jobs and the 1 billion muslims wanting to blow us up, we’ve got enough enemies as it is. although, once they’re all taken care watch our swedes ;)

  253. @NinAus Swedes kinda love Australians, been there myself and we feel a special similarity to Dutch and Australians.

    Everybody stop taking and sending crap, I know this is a blog and you are allowed to bash eachother. But please all of you, dont judge the swedes after the nasty people in Stockholm.

    I live in Helsingborg, South part of Sweden and yes, even we hate the robots in Stockholm. If you want to visit the real sweden, i suggest Skåne or in the far north where ALL people is openminded and friendly.

    Have a nice day.

  254. I am neither Swedish nor American, but i have experienced that swedes don’t trust non-swedes easily. It takes a lot of time to find a swedish friend in Sweden. maybe its because of their climate. They want to be like that :)

    But to those americans who complain the swedish attitude, i have to say, swedes become very happy when they see a tourist and are helpfull if they asked for help and the good point is they all speak English. Fly to Italy, Spain if you really want to see an anti-american attitude.

  255. @excalibur

    1 – It’s true that many homes (but far from all) looks kind of the same. If you know where I’m sure you will find many different spices, at least in Stockholm.

    2 – ??? My local hardware store has a lot of different colors, and I have NEVER heard anything about those colour representing social status. I don’t know where you got that from.

    3 – Many Swedes can be that way, but please note that this is because our culture are not the same as yours, and I’m that person never meant to be rude. It’s just that our culture is different then yours. Also, please take note that far from all Swedes are like that.

    6 – I’m not that well-informed in this matter, but I haven’t heard anything that Sweden have a high rate of people with Downs syndrome.

    7 – Stockholm have a quite good selection of international restaurants for it’s size. Remember that most cities in ain’t that big, and there might not be enough demand for a lot of international restaurants. Which city was he staying in?

    About that student staying at your house: You must have had very bad luck to have someone like that at your house. You should not think all swedes are like that.

    1 – I don’t really understand this question. Persons who are like that are hardly a local phenomena. There are people like that anywhere in the world, and I don’t think that’s common in any country.

    2 – I personally think most Swedish foods are boring, but I love Chinese food (not the westernized Chinese food, I mean something that can be found at my local restaurant in Beijing, where I lived for 3 years.) And there is a lovely Ethiopian restaurant in Stockholm that I like to visit.
    Don’t believe that all Swedes doesn’t like foreign food. Although, I’ll add that it might be more common at the countryside, where people might be more unfamiliar at the countryside, where people might seldom dine out, and therefore have little experience with foreign food.

    3 – As I said, you must have bad luck with that women! Most Swedish people say thank you.

    4 – I can’t belive that your son heard this from a number of young people in Sweden. I definitely hope that this isn’t as common as you described it. I have never something like that from any of my friends, but on the otherside, the reason that they are my friends is because I know they would never say something like that. I just want you to know that is from common, and I’m totally sure that more then 99% of young Swedes love their parents and they would defenitly not want their parents to die. Do you happen to know if that “number of other people” was a big number of people?

    5 – Well I can say that I would be surprised if this behaviour was common of touristing Swedes (I don’t know, as I don’t know how the rest of the Swedes do when outside Sweden.) I think you might just had bad luck here (I know I have been repeating that, I’m going to stop now)

    My conclusion is that I generally find Swedes to be friendly people, especially on the countryside ´where people aren’t as stressed. There are of course exceptions like that girl you met. We Swedes generally tend to be a bit shy, so some people might think we are being rude, although this is not the case.

    Have a good day everyone!

  256. About the beer thing, the americans beer suck not ours. Have been making the beer since we were VIKINGS so stfu ;)
    We are not dressed as we lived in the 80’s, well not most of us but in every country we have jackasses.

    Some things i hate about America ( sorry for the grammar )

    1. Every f***ing movie i see the f***ing flag all over the place. I know you are patriots of doom but come on?

    2. Most people are so disgusting fat.
    3. Healthcare sucks but most of you agree on that.

    4. It’s me me me all the time and not “we”

    5. rednecks and their family f****.

    6. Making justin bieber famous all over the world wtf?
    7. 16 to drive but 21 to drink :s almost forgot, 18 to have sex, holy shit.
    8. Going to war all the time, do not act like world-police so grow up and don’t think you decide everything.

    Wellwell, nuff hating, i love you for many things also (:

  257. @ Excalibur: Are you for real? Three house colors for social status? More people with Downs syndrome? I honestly don’t know what to say except you just confirmed every stereotype people might have about Americans, which is sad for the “sane” ones. Do you listen to Bill O’reilly at Fox as well? Cus according to him “Sweden, the country of 1 million people, went in to anarchy with people killing each other in the streets after gay marriage was accepted”.

    Plus, I’ve been to a lot of parties in the US with collage kids and I’ve never seen people drink (or smoke weed for that matter) as much as they did there. I mean beer pong with vodka and smoke a plastic bag full of weed, really? Oh and after that they got in to the car and drove. And I’m sure your son tells you he only has an “occasional beer” sometimes and he felt “obligated” to participate in those parties in Sweden. He would probably never lie to you since he has made a lot of “acute” observations about the country he lived in.

    And about the IKEA store, they are formed as a maze so it takes a lot longer for you to get to “the end” of the store and you will probably end up buying more stuff. Why do you think the dairy products in a grocery store is always placed in the back? Cus you always need it and you will have to go through the entire store and hopefully pick something up on the way that you don’t really need. Common logic that apparently passed you by. And hate all you want at IKEA, but it’s still the worlds largest furniture company so they must be doing something right.

    And the fact that you judge an entire population by a spoiled brat is pretty hilarious. It’s like saying that Paris Hilton (which btw together with the rest of the Hollywood population is experts at pouting their lips in front of a camera) is representative to the US population, or Bill O’reilly for that matter.

    If you have these many prejudices and questions about Sweden you should come here and visit. That’s why so many Swedes travel and study abroad. They want to know how it feels like and answer questions they might have. After that you have the ability to compare and judge. Before that you just draw conclusions from other peoples experiance.

    I had a lot of questions and prejudices about the US, so I hopped on a plane and went there. I now know that the US is not for me cus some of the prejudices I had about the US was confirmed, but I also met a lot of great people and there are a lot of things I miss as well after my visits there. All countries have pros and conds, it all depends on how those pros and cons suits you.

    (And really again, more people with Downs syndrome? Are you seriously asking that questions? That’s hilarious!)

  258. “You’re just damn lucky that millions of people aren’t running through the borders”

    Okay, I’m honestly confused. I’ve contributed a few choice words (that was sarcasm; I know I can be rather verbose) and feel like the metaphorical horse has been beaten to death so thoroughly that there’s nary a speck of dust left. I also generally take issue not so much with your original posts, which seem occasionally misguided but also appear to have been written with some degree of humor, but instead with some of the rabid commenters bashing Sweden like Swedes were personally responsible for the Holocaust, colonialism, the San Fransisco earthquake of 1906 as well as each and every natural disaster plaguing our world in recent times.

    The above quote, though, baffles me. I’m not going to go into why I disagree with you that immigration is an inherently abhorrent concept, but – correct me if I’m wrong on this – aren’t you, in fact, an immigrant yourself? If Swedes as a people are lucky because millions of people aren’t running through the borders as you so melodramatically phrase it, should we Swedes then count ourselves unlucky because you, for whatever reason, decided to up and move here? Are you confessing to some bizarre mode of self-hatred, or can you just not see how contradictory you’re being?

    It’s a good thing I’ve met such a lot of wonderful, intelligent, kind, rational and logical Americans. Had your blog posts been my initial introduction to that nation’s people, I’m not sure I could have restrained myself from giving into a range of pejorative stereotypes and assumptions about the people as a whole. This is where I’m going to pat myself on the back: even though your writing indicates that you lack any and all argumentative tactics, effective rhetorics, empathy for your fellow human beings no matter their nationality, open-mindedness and an understanding of any culture other than your own, I am not going to assume that all Americans are like this, or wonder whether all Americans are not “mentally okay in the head”, even if this post does leave me curious about your own psychological state. There’s my apparently trademark Swedish bitching and whining for you! I didn’t know that was part of our national identity, but now that you’ve informed me of this supposed right, you bet I’m going to exercise it.

  259. Okay, being the putz that runs the blog. I’m going to put my 11 cents into to mix.

    First, answering/countering @Excalibur

    1) There is truth to conformity in the way apartments look. You can see conformity in fashion and furniture. Much of Sweden is influenced by jantelag where people are expected to conform (not necessarily be equal but NOT be different from each other). Couple that with a small market to sell in, you have limited variety.

    You do really have to search around to get more than the 50 standard herbs/spices at the ICA. And finding more than Santa Maria to sell tortillas is near impossible.

    2) Today it doesn’t matter what color you paint your house but 100 years ago, it did matter. The famous Swedish red is called Falun Red because the color comes from Falun in Dalarna. The color results from mineralization of copper, iron, silica and other metals.

    When burned and ground up, a fine red powder was created. This could be mixed into paint, hence the red houses. The large deposits from the ores made the red paint cheap and affordable for lower class (peasants) people, especially those living in the countryside.

    As a result, the availability of cheap, red paint signified a lower class family while colors that were expensive to create (e.g. yellow and white) were for wealthier families.

    Obviously today, you can buy 50,000 different paint colors but 100 years ago, paint color was a sign of your social class.

    3) Good California wine (Ravenswood and Gnarley Head notwithstanding as good basic wines) and good American beer (Sierra Nevada, Liberty Ale notwithstanding) are impossible to find at Systemet. I blame Systemet for perpetuating the myth that America produces shitty beer and wine. Of course the country does if all you can buy at the store is Miller, Bud, Fetzer, and the garbage known as “California Wine.”

    However, several US states forbid the transportation of alcohol into and out of state border. Most notably, New York did not allow for private shipment of alcohol. You can however send wine to Sweden, it will be declared and taxed to death before reaching final destination.

    4) As Erik pointed out, there’s no shortage of beer drinking, alcohol consuming events at parties in college. And driving after drinking like that, tragedy. Going to college in the United States, I can attest to the amount of beer people consume – outrageous.

    Perhaps, what I find most striking is the need/want/pressure to drink and get smashed on the weekends as 30 year old people. Company parties revolve around a significant amount of alcohol and being wasted is for the most part, acceptable. There’s a reason at Swedish company parties you never bring your family: everyone is too drunk. (Think Julbord, Kräftskiva, Sommarfest…)

    The Christmas party in your office in America is far different. You bring your family, kids make little decorations, parents drink punch, wives/husbands mingle with the bosses, and then everyone goes home.

    Maybe this is what your son felt, the desire to “get wasted” on the weekends when one goes out.

    5) You don’t talk to strangers unless you’re crazy or they’re crazy.

    6) No idea about Down syndrome in Sweden. The epidemiology of Down’s Syndrome indicates it is on the rise in most countries, especially the United States. I do not know where Sweden factors into this.

    7) For a city the size of Stockholm, the selection of food is poor. You have Thai, Kebab, Pizza, Thai, Kebab, Italian, Pizza, and very expensive restaurants that I cannot dine at on a regular basis. I hate not being able to find a great restaurant at a reasonable price. And I hate even more not being able to find a “to-go” restaurant where you buy healthy but delicious food for cheap.

    Granted, small cities will have a very limited selection of foods but that’s the case anywhere in the world. For example, when I lived in North Carolina, I had friends who never had sushi until they went to college.

    8) I do hear a lot of “America is fat, America is stupid” but we are the world’s most powerful country and have a very big mouth. We are bound to take shit from everyone, even if hypocritical.

    It’s unfortunate that you had an asshole girl stay at your place. She seemed like an ungrateful bitch and that is her parents’ fault, not Sweden’s.

    Swedes may not tip in Sweden but it’s absolutely necessary to do so in the United States. One can consider the system unfair or wrong, but one cannot punish the waitress for this and not tip.

    Don’t ever invite that girl again to your home!

    @Marcus, I’ll say this for the nth time, but have you tasted real American beer? Can you please name five delicious Swedish beers that doesn’t taste like piss water?

    Please avoid using the F word. I have redacted your comment to remove the word.

    I don’t know where you get 18 to have sex, but that’s only true in a handful of states. Most ates it is 15 or 16. And you know what, I don’t think 14 year old girls or boys should be having sex.

    I have no idea where your ignorant statement of rednecks come from. You do know it is legal in Sweden to marry your cousin? You may also marry your half-sibling if you get approval from the government.

    In the meantime, enjoy the lovely day folks! Get some sun in your brains and then come back here. =)

  260. BTW @O’Green, you seemed to have missed the point of immigration. Sweden does not suffer the millions of illegal immigrants entering the country, the United States. Perhaps I should have written out “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” since you missed the point.

    @Erik – I know Ikea produces the world’s greatest stuff of short lived furniture but I disagree with their company structure. They are the worlds biggest charitable organization (on paper for tax reasons of course) valued at over $35 billion but give $30 million dollars in charity. There’s really no other company that has a more complicated and unethical way of managing company operations, apart from gambling/poker companies.

    But Ikea’s corporate structure sham is for a book and not my short comment.

    Ditto on the Down’s Syndrome statement. To be honest, I haven’t met a Swede on the street with it, so I wonder if they’re being hidden in the country?! :Gasp: (JK)

  261. PPS – This post is now closed for comments. Please continue the banter on the other I hate Sweden post.

    Thank you!

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