Why are Swedish People stupid at Norwegian?

That’s the current raging question of the day as TheLocal and some other news groups write. I don’t see the issue with a linguistics professor, Dr. Finn-Erik Vinje (retired by the way, which totally allows him for full on bashing), asking a rhetorical question: Kvifor er svenskane så dumme? : Why are Swedes so dumb?

I don’t care actually for either side, it’s the same damn language system. Okay Swedish is Eastern Norse while Norwegian is Western Norse. Turns out Danish is Eastern Norse and more linguistically similar to Swedish but Swedes do not understand a bloody word a Dane says. Maybe the Swedes are dumb in Norse languages? I mean only in Swedish do the skä, skj, sje sound exist. And they have an awesome name for it: voiceless dorso-palatal velar fricative, more info here. Say that phrase ten times. But going back, Swedes seem to have a hard time understanding anyone, even if its their own people in different parts of the country. Skåne, Norrland, whatever, Swedish people cannot comprehend themselves.

Maybe we should all revert back to Icelandic and Norse, get rid of all those horrible Swedish sounds, dump the apple stuffed Danish accents, and speak like true vikings.

If you want more fun, read the comments from the locallers: http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=21208

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  1. True, and that’s why the Swedes have invented the phrase “Vasadu?”, LOL! Can’t help but notice the ‘Finn’ in the name of the basher. That might explain why he isn’t bashing Finns but Swedes..?

  2. I love your blog! Also, shouldn’t the title of the blog be “Why are Swedish People Bad at Norwegian?”? It just seems that title would make more sense. :) Keep up the great work!

  3. Swedes not understanding a word of Danish is a myth that we (swedes) ourselves have perpetuated. It’s a part of the ongoing rivalry between the countries and not really true. Danish sounds ugly. Danes speak like they have porridge in their throats etc. To emphasise this we say that their language is totally unintelligible. This has gone on long enough that some Swedes even believe it. But like I said; it’s not true. All it takes is a bit of effort from both parties. Norwegian is easier to understand. But only because their accent is easier to understand, making it so that you can devote your full focus to understanding the words. Most of the words used in all three Dialects of Scandinavian exist in each of the other language. What differs is what synonyms are the most commonly in use. I.e. the fuller your vocabulary in one of the dialects, the better you will understand the other two dialects.

    The exception is when meanings of words change in one country but not the other though. And when words are shortened down differently. But if you’re good in Swedish you probably know the full version of the word. Same for Danes and Norwegians.

    Oh, and I did read that thread on the local. It’s kind of funny to see the Swede-haters glee at how our brother-people hate us. It’s not true though. If they were to read Finn-Erik Vinjes blog and the following comments I think they’d see a better representation of reality.

    As for reverting…

    I do think that we have in part intentionally drifted apart dialect vise. That is, that Danish and Swedish has. We fought so many wars. How do you work up a nationalistic frenzy against another people if it’s obvious that we’re really the same people? I wouldn’t mind it if we drifted closer again. But I wouldn’t want the regional dialects died out completely. It’s a difficult finding the balance there. More Swedish TV in Denmark and more Danish TV in Sweden would probably do the trick.

    Norwegian has been drifting closer to first Danish and later Swedish for a long time. Which is why Norwegians can understand Swedish but not Icelandic. This is also why everyones mouth dropped in Swedish class when our teacher in HS taught us about language history that Swedish and Danish were closer related than Swedish and Norwegian. We all objected because OBVIOUSLY this wasn’t true.

    Oh, and we were told that Danes studied Swedish words in school. This made us feel important. Looking back I could wish that we had reacted by wanting to learn more danish words instead. The whole subject was covered in less than an hour and all the we learned about Danish was the danish number system. I suspect few of my class-mates bothered to fix the number system to their memories. I didn’t. I did re-learn later though. And I still think it’s impractical. And somewhat impressive that they manage to hold on to it despite of that.

  4. Anonymous: Danish counts (partly) in twenties rather than tens, so 55 in Danish could be interpreted as something like “five plus half a twenty less than three times twenty”, or shorter “femoghalvtres” (with reservations for spelling).
    Swedish does similar to English: “femtiofem” (five tens (and) five).

  5. Well its true that Danish is more related to Swedish but lets not forget that there was first a Danish-Norwegian-Swedish union
    and then a Danish-Norwegian and when Sweden won helped Russia after losing Finland, Norway was forced into a union with Sweden because Denmark lost. So I think its easier for us Swedes to understand Norwegian because we have probably influenced them and been influenced by them over the 100 years we had an union together.
    No offence to the Danish people but the reason why I think Swedes dont understand the Danish language very well is because they talk like Swedes with like an apple stuck in their throat.
    When I was in Denmark I only understood a lil bit of what they said but when I went to Norway I could have a normal conversation. The Danish people on the other hand probably understands Swedish because its their own language without something stuck in their throat.

    MvH .. Kevin

  6. As you say Swedish and Danish are closer related to each other than to norwegian. It’s easier for a swedes to read written danish than to read written Norwegian (and I mean real Norwegian, nynorsk, not bokmål, bokmål is actually Danish)

    But when it comes to actully speak with danes we encounter a small problem, Danish people can’t speak, at all.
    Everything is just weird, IT’S NOT WORDS! YOUR’E JUST MUMBLING! It’s like they starts to actually say something but it’äs just dies out into a mumbling, I can’t really explain it the way I like due too tiredness? and too bad english, but my point is, the dnaihs doesn’t make sense.

    Norwegians on the other hand can pronounce words and therefore we can understand them, it’s a bit of a problem when they speaks nynorsk since it’s west nordic but it’s possible to understand them, Bokmål, which basically is danish spoken by Norwegians is easy to understand thats how the danish should sound like, although Norwegians sound very silly.

    I’ve heard from my brother that lives in Skåne (the land of the half danes) and works (or at least worked) in Köpenhamn, denmark (the capital) that the danes actually talked like normal persons sometim before the sixties but then started to mumble like they do today… ? :O maybe that was when they discovered the porridge?

    I can actually understand spoken danish to a degree, if you’re just to it it’s not that hard really, but it stills sound s like shit.

  7. And the counting is just plain retarded, two half three hundred five and a half what??? ARE YOU ALL FUCKING STUPID?

    But I still love you danes :)

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