Sweden Photo Mondays: Stockholm Tunnelbanan

I am beginning a new series of articles on Lost in Stockholm entitled Swedish Photos on Mondays (well maybe later I can find a more graceful title).

Today’s photos are ones I took two years ago when visiting Sweden for the first time.  They are both of the Stockholm’s tunnelbana (the metro line). I love taking photos on the metro, you learn a lot about a city while riding the train. When I get bored at home, I sometimes ride a line end to end, to see where people live and where IS that end of the line station going to.

The tunnelbana is empty.  Notice the blue and gold colors on the metro; same as the national colors of Sweden.

deja vu
Reflecting view from inside one of the train cars while traveling on the green line on the t-bana.

2 thoughts on “Sweden Photo Mondays: Stockholm Tunnelbanan”

  1. surprisingly, it was the afternoon. maybe around 2pm because i remember getting really wet from some crazy rain and then jumping back on the train.

    and it was the first week of september… so strange that the swedes disappeared.

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