The Local’s Contradicting Coverage of the Day

The Local is the Swedish Newspaper in English. Basically, their journalists rip articles from Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladed, Expressen and other Swedish newspapers and translate them into English. While TheLocal Sweden doesn’t have real journalism, at least they provide a service of English translated news for those of us unable to read Swedish.

But I love The Local because they have the most ridiculous stories on the homepage; due to taking after Aftonbladet, the place for Swedish yellow journalism. Everyone once in a while I wonder if TheLocal editors read the home page story titles, because they can look silly.

I found a few days ago a story proclaiming the job situation getting better and then three stories right below that the economy is fairing worse. Talk about irony.

Contradicting Headlines from The Local Sweden
Contradicting Headlines from The Local Sweden

Here are the captions:
Early Signs of Recovery in Stockholm
Foreign investors thrive on the Stockholm Exchange

Rapid Rise in Unemployment Claims
250,000 Swedes Out of Work: Agency
Saab Sales in Sweden near Rock Bottom

Ohhh, Local, you make me laugh off my chair sometimes.

4 thoughts on “The Local’s Contradicting Coverage of the Day”

  1. haha, nice! Seeing translated stuff that just doesn’t make sense always cracks me up, like the case of these two randomly translated stories that just happen to contradict themselves. Maybe they should pay you to be the newspaper editor!

  2. @kyle – haha, yea! it’s just too funny to have articles that completely contradict themselves. it’s gonna rain! no, sunny today! no no, partly sunny, partly cloudy today.

  3. Takin’ on the Local!! Love it. As an (for now) ex-journalist, I have never figured out their blend of translations, off the cuff observations and the occasional really long travel story. Like, is this a professional site? Or something on the side?

    And why doesn’t Sweden have proper English-language news? Not like the British media is covering Scandinavia or anything …

  4. The Local can be such a joke at times. Horrible stuff. Agree with Nathan, there should be a proper English language newspaper in Scandinavia. I heard there is a blog that makes fun of the all The Local stories. True?

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