Iceland: Visiting the Island Up North

6 Aug

My two year anniversary visit to Iceland is coming up so there’s going to be a few articles about my travels and plenty of reminiscing.  What can I say, I love Iceland. =)

If you are off the loop and looking for something fun to read, take a look at these old posts about Iceland. Actually, they are the FIRST posts in this blog.  Pretty awesome stuff.  Wait wait.  I lie, there is one first post, nothing special to you but always important to this blog.

Tjoruhusid: Isafjordur’s Fish Restaurant

The Viking Alcohol: Icelandic Brennivin

Visiting Isafjordur, West Fjords

The First days living in Isafjordur

Say hello in Icelandic

Hope you guys enjoy and inspires you to travel and visit Iceland.

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