Stockholm Pride Parade 2009: Photos

After an impromptu discussion with a girlfriend on Thursday, we decided to have a watch the Stockholm Pride Parade on Saturday. Over 15 friends showed up for Indian snacks, köttbullar (thanks Ningning!), nachos, lordags godis, and plenty of alcohol.

The police closed off Hornsgatan around 13.00 and by 14.00 the parade rounded to our area on Hornsgatan.

Pride Theme for 2009 was Hetero; which explained why a hetersexual couple was kissing on the opening float. But I didn’t see many other straight people, but hell everyone looked the same, as in: dressed up, wearing a lot of makeup, and looking crazy.

Opening of the Parade
Rainbow People

Marching for Those Who Can’t
Marching for those who Can't
This was the most disturbing float of the parade: a group carrying a coffin with the marchers wearing duct tape on their mouths. In a strange way, it was appropriate; we could never have a gay pride week if it wasn’t for the people who suffered to bring equality and civil rights to everyone. It reminded me of Matthew Shepard, a 19 year old boy, beaten and tied to a fence next to the highway for his “gayness.” And even the people of California who chose to repress the rights of gay citizens by barring marriage. Bizarre but a coffin opening the parade is a somber but appropriate way.
Somber Woman Posing
Swedish Political Parties Supports Gay Pride
All the major parties were out on the floats, except of course for Kristinademokrat (the Christian Party).
Center Party (Centerpartiet)
Moderate Party (nya Moderaterna)
Social Democrat (socialdemokratiska)
Folk Party (Folkpartiet liberalerna)
Center Party wavers

SL Stockholm City Transit Loves All
SL älskar all!
SL Bus Loves everyone

18th Century Fanfare
18th Century Fanfare

For an Open Workplace

För ett öppet arbetsliv från Unionen
For an Open Workplace

Trannies in Red
Trannies in Red
Thai Transvestites
The Thai Trannies at Pride
Military and the Police Represent
Rainbow People
Girls in the Crowd
Girls in the Crowd

Clearly, if you missed the parade, you missed out on the wildest day of the year.

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